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 Fallout 2 - Vault City

Courtyard Inner City Vault 15

Vault City

 Vault City courtyard

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Vault City - Courtyard

1. Exit Grid - to Map of the world

2. Exit grid - to Inner city

3. Joshua's wife - she'll ask you to free Joshua. He's in servant allocation center. Also in the tend is their child, Curtis, who lost his doll. Find it near the bar to the north and return it to find out where a wrench is hidden on this map.

4. Cassidy - NPC. he's good with rifles but small ammount of health points.

5. Just use your medic skill on this guy and/or one rad away (seperate XP for finding what's wrong with him and curing him)

6. Farmer that needs plow, will give you a desert eagle if you bring it

7. Trader - get a plow from him

8. The Doctor - you can fix his autodoc for some XP. He can also remove any extra toes you might have.

9. Brahmin trader - ask him about the water flask if you 've spoken with Vic about that


  • Just inhabitants of Vault city.

 Vault City Inner City

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Vault city - Downtown - Inner City

1. Exit Grid - to Courtyard

2. Wallace. There are 10 ways to get into Vault City with a day pass or otherwise via him or Skeev. Easiest one is to show wallace your vault suit by taking off any armor you're wearing.

3. Vault City main door - If you're not citizen, you'll be searched when you try to enter inside. Leave your drugs and collect them after that. Or even better, give drugs to your NPC. Mutants (Lenny and Marcus) are not allowed to pass unless you're a captain of the guard.

4. Val - Vic's daughter. get her wrench and tools and you'll get a super tool kit for Skeeter in Gecko. Talk to her with Vic near for some forced dialogue and a chance for some XP by talking to her afterwards and convincing her that her old man's not so bad.

5. Vault City's largest store - Trader. Pick Hydro Magneto soemthing part needed for Gecko reactor from him. You can't trade with him unless you're a citizen or have false citizenship papers.

6. Library - speak to this guy about real books disappearing for some free books.

7. Servant Allocation center - servant Joshua is here. you can either pay for him ($1000 if you're not citizen and $750 if you are) or if you have good speech you get him for free (say he's infected)

8.Detention center - speak with sergeant over there and he'll give you several quests. Scout Gecko area, Travel to NCR, destroy raiders....

9. Vault entrance

10. Exit grid - to Council area

11. I haven't done anything for this guy. He want's you to deliver a message to New Reno. he's against slavery in Vault City


  • Just inhabitants of Vault city.

 Vault City Council Area

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Vault City - Council Area

1. Exit Grid - to Courtyard

2. First citizen Lynette - arrogant bitch

3. Guy you need to speak to about the citizen test. Very hard to pass.

4. McClure - only normal here in Vault city. I would like to kill them all but I musn't, because that would mean mad McClure :) He'll give you several quests, but the most important things is to speak with him about the Gecko power plant.


  • Just inhabitants of Vault city.

 Vault City Vault Level 1

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Vault city - Vault level 1

1. Exit Grid - to Inner City

2. Vault City's Doc - if you smugle a jet for him, you can get a $1000 and jet antidote after a few weeks.

3. Phyllis - Doc's assistent. You can date her...

4. Medic computers - if your docktor skill is good, you can learn about implants, dermal and phenix which can enhance your resistances.

5. Elevator


  • Just inhabitants of Vault city.

 Vault City Vault Level 2

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Vault city - Vault level 2

1. Elevator

2. Location of memory module - use it on medic computer in Brotherhood base in San Francisco.

3. Wrench and tools - needed for Val at Vault City...


  • Martin, sometimes

 Vault City Vault Level 3

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Vault city - Vault level 3

1. Elevator

2. Computer - use science skill for some exp.

3. Some stimpaks...

4. Central Computer - needed for lots of things...


  • Martin, usually..