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 Fallout 2 - Sierra Army Depot


Sierra Army Depot

Sierra Army Depot is an old military base. No one entered it since it was abandoned, but hey, whomever escaped from there was in rush and left a few "goodies" in there. If you're up to weapons and armors, Levels 1 and 2 are for you. If you want an NPC, I suggest you go down to levels 3 and 4. But be aware, you need to be very skilled in there, it's full of traps, force fields, and other bugs.
Oh yes, Entrance is guarded by some gun turrets, but sniper character could take them down easily.

Another note: This is a secret location. You find out about it's existence when you get a second quest from Wright family in New Reno.

 Sierra Army Depot - Battlefield

To top

1. Exit Grid [ WorldMap ]

2. This is where you can find a howitzer shell.

3. Gun - this is a real artillery gun :) Load it with shell from #2 location, and then use it/fire it to gain access inside of base.

4. Manhole - this is where you can turn of the generators and reduce power in base.

5. Exit Grid [ Level 1 ]

 Sierra Army Depot - Level 1 Personnel

To top

1. Exit Grid [ Battlefield ]

2. Desk - you'll find inside password needed to turn off the force fields at terminal, location #4. Just read the password paper.

3. Desk - Evacuation Holodisk, 44 Desert Eagle, x20 44Magnum FMJ Ammo.

4. Computer terminal - this is where you need to enter the password to lower force fields.

5. Wall Lockers -

6. Lockers - Yellow Memory Module, Doctor's Bag, Tools, Crowbar, Medical Holodisk, Dixson's Eye.

7. Biomed Gel

8. Elevator - gives you access to all levels of this base.

9. Elevator - you can use it only if you first use an eye on that module right next to it.

10. Punching bags - use them and get x2 5% that is 10% to your unarmed skill.

11. Lockers - Combat Armor, x100 223 FMJ ammo, Assault rifle, x50 5mm JHP, x50 5mm AP, x2 Pulse grenade, Guns&Bullets book.

 Sierra Army Depot - Level 2 Storage Bay

To top

1. Elevator [ Level 1 ]

2. Computer terminal - turn off automated repair unit.

3. Ammo Crates - x2 Rocket Launcher, x3 Desert Eagle, Plasma Rifle, x100 Micro Fusion Cells, x10 Club, x2 Explosive Rocket, x2 Rocket AP, x100 .223FMJ ammo, x2 Combat Armor, x2 Assault Rifle, x2 Sniper Rifle, x2 10mm SMG, x2 Plasma Grenade, x5 Pulse Grenade, x5 Fragmentation Grenade, x3 Plastic Explosive.

4. Elevator - to Levels 1 and 3.

5. Desk - x69 Money, Tools

6. Computer Terminal

7. Desk - Cat's Paw, x2 Jimmy Hats, Booze, Combat Knife.

8. Computer terminal - you can lower the force fields here (although I couldn't make it) or disable the shock plates. If you read pan pal mail you'll make this terminal unoperational.

 Sierra Army Depot - Level 3 Robotics Lab

To top

1. Elevator [ Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]

2. Desk - Laser pistol, x40 Small Energy Cells

3. Computer Terminal - usage unknown for me

4. Desk - Laser Pistol, x40 Small Energy Cells

5. Lockers - x3 Assault Rifle, x50 5mm JHP, x50 5mm AP

6. Elevator

7. Elevator

8. Desk - x2 Big Book of Science, First Aid Book, Deans Electronics

9. Desk - Broadcast Holodisk

10. Wall locker - Clifton's Eye

11. Computer Console - this is where you meet Skynet. He seeks your help, you need to retrieve a brain from level 4, but after that it says downloading file corrupted. What then? You can just plug that brain in robot.

12. Desk - Food, Nuke Cola

13. Computer terminal - this is where you can check status of your robot and what is missing.

14. Desk - Deans Electronics

15. Unoperational Robot - it is up to you to fix it and robot can become one of your party members.

 Sierra Army Depot - Level 4 Bio Research Bay

To top

1. Elevator [ Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 ]

2. Computer Terminal - Usage unknown.

3. Lockers and Desk - Laser Pistol, x40 Small Energy Cells, x2 Plasma Grenades, x2 Pulse Grenades, Club, Assault Rifle, x50 5mm JHP, x50 5mm AP.

4. Elevator

5. Computer Terminal - this is where you can extract brains from your NPC's. Just move them to the next operation chamber, and use this computer. Select organ and.... well... you won't have that NPC in your party once again :)

6. Computer Terminal - this is where you can retrieve Private Dobbs and get his LE BB gun, and get brains for Skynet. Note that if you want a cybernetic brain, you need at least 120% science skill.