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Random Encounters

   During your travels, you can be intercepted somewhere on the world map. These "interceptions" are random, and so are then called random encounters (ha! I wrote something stupid too! ;) ). Most of these random encounters are just regular. Someone attacking you, slavers hunting slaves, one gang fighting against other gang, or even militia fighting against gangs, slaver and so. You can also find merchants, travelers, homeless people, farmers, rave parties (yes, I'm not kidding, they're full of jet), and who knows what else that I cannot recall at this moment. But, there are also "special random encounters", where you can find special stuff, and most of these encounters are Easter eggs (references from real world).
   I've listed some recommended luck number which should easily give you specific encounter. If your luck is 10, finding these encounters will be easy, but if your luck is 3, you wont ever find most of these. You'll get some bad encounters. Bad encounters? What is that? Well, my character never had luck below 6, so I never found pariah's dog, or bad luck dog. So, what, another NPC isn't bad, you'll say? Wait, this dog won't fight for you, he'll run away all the time, you'll get jinxed trait, and your luck goes to 1! You won't kill it that easy, dog has 750 HPs!
   So, here's another tip. Don't ever decrement your luck below 5.

Bridge Keeper - Reference to Monty Python's Quest for Holy Grail. Luck req. 5. Special item: BridgeKeeper's Robe

Guardian of Forever - Reference to Star Trek V and Fallout 1. Luck req. 8 or 9. Special item: Solar Scorcher

Crashed Whale - Reference to Hitchhikers guide. Luck req. 7. Special item: Daises

Federation Crash Site - reference to Star Trek. Luck req. 7 or 8. Special items: Hypos.

Tin Woodsman - Reference to the Wizard of Oz. Luck req. 7 or 8.

Cafe Of Broken Dreams - Reference to Fallout 1. Luck req. 8. Special NPC: DOGMEAT!

Unwashed Villagers fighting a spammer - Reference to the Internet. Luck req. 6.

Sacred head of the Vault Dweller - Luck req. 7. Special item: Rock (but special one :) )

Mad Brahmins - Luck req. Unknown.

Some Random Encounters That Are Not So Random

Frank Horrigan killing a scientist's family

 Bride Keeper

bridge_keeper_thumb.jpg (7342 bytes)Bridge Keeper is a reference to Monty Python's Quest for Holy grail. If you speak to him, he'll ask you series of questions, of which you answer correctly, you shall pass, otherwise, you shall die. I would suggest you to kill him (I took him down in 3 turns with 10 level character). When you kill him, award is 7.500 exp. and BridgeKeeper's robe (you'll get this robe also if you answer his questions correctly). Please note that when you attack him, he'll send mad exploding brahmins, so I would suggest you to first kill them fast, and then continue your "work" on BridgeKeeper.

 Guardian of Forever

   This special random encounter is a reference to Star Trek V and Fallout 1. This screenshot you see below, is a pic of portal. Walk inside and you'll be teleported in Vault 13, but Vault 13 before Fallout 1! When you go there, all you need to do is to find a computer which runs the water purification program, use it and you'll brake the water chip, leaving Vault 13 in serios trouble. You enabled the "future past" quests you had with Vault Dweller! Cool thing.
   Also, take a look at pip boy map, which will help you to find Solar Scorcher. It's a weapon, a very kewl weapon. Check it in here.

guardian.gif (1531 bytes)

1. Solar Scorcher, Shotgun

2. Computer with Water Chip

 Crashed whale and pot of daisies

This is a reference to the Hitchhikers guide to the Universe. You can find a daisy on this location, but the fact is it useful for something, remains unknown for now.

whale.gif (98408 bytes)

 Federation Crash Site

This is a reference to Star trek V. Search these dead bodies and get few hypos. These are medical item similar to super stimpaks, but I think somewhat better.

star_trek.jpg (30699 bytes)

 Tin Woodsman

This is a reference to the Wizard of Oz. Use oil can, that you can find near him, on him, and he'll give you x100 Micro Fusion Cells.

woodsman.jpg (13620 bytes)

 Cafe of Broken Dreams

This is a reference to Fallout 1. This location is actually the Maltese Falcon cafe from HUB location in Fallout 1 (In the basement is Decker talking head). What you can find here? I have added some images that characters comment over there. You can also find Seth the ghoul, young Tandy and Dogmeat over there! Yep, all you have to do is show your vault suit, and he'll join you! If you decide to kill him, you'll see another great thing. You'll see Mad Max, attacking you, and saying: "Heya mate, you screwin' with me dog?" (or something like that). Very cool random encounter.

cafe_1.jpg (9574 bytes)

cafe_2.jpg (3312 bytes)

 Unwashed Vilaggers fighting a spammer

   You can call this an Easter Egg. But this is a reference to real life. Well, here's the short story. Once upon a time, there was, err, and still is, Unwashed Message Board. There was a guy, who called himself a Grim Reaper, Ausie guy. He made his biggiest mistake in life, he started spamming this board, and as I recall, Interplay's message board. Well, because of a special feature of message boards that uses (tracks the user's ip adress), and in case of spamming, it is easy to contact users ISP, and terminate his account. This is what happend in this case :)
  So, Doombot and other Unwashed still chat on their message board, and whatever happened to Grim... no one knows :)

unwashed.jpg (33425 bytes)

 Sacred Head of the Vault Dweller

This is a giant stone head of Vault Dweller. If you argue with it for a while, it can give you a special rock, which you can use for some primary stat enhancement... Just temporary

 Mad Brahmins

This is somewhat strange encounter. Exploding brahmins! Get out of there quickly, or you and/or your NPCs finish the game here. Good thing is to go quickly into combat mode ;).

brahmin.gif (80247 bytes)

Some Random Encounters That Are Not So Random ;)

 Frank Horrigan killing a Scientist�s Family

Frank is an Enclave special agent. His job is take care of all the troubles, and chase scientists tat could be of help to Enclave. Frank is now, more a machine than a human. This random encounter is not a random encounter (as most of people thinks). You'll encounter this "scenario" at a certain moment, on world map. Don't worry, you're here just to watch, and as story unfolds, you'll see that Frank made a mistake leaving you alive (hmm.. or maybe not, since lot's of You can't kill him). You'll see Frank in action, I think, two more times. Killing Matt from BOS base in San Francisco and killing Deathclaws in Vault 13.

frank.gif (59222 bytes)

Thanx to Jake Buroker for sending picture of Guardian of Forever
Thanx to Jake Buroker and Daniel Halsey(Estragon) for Whale pics.
Thanx to Jeff Swindle for Start Trek shuttle.
Thanx to A-Team Captain for UV pic.
Thanx to NeuroSage and James for Sacred head pic
Thanx to Chris Condrat for mad brahmin pic