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 Fallout 2 - Den

Commercial Row 2nd Street East Side Virgin Street Chop Shop New Reno

New Reno

Reno's ruled by Four families: Mordinos, the Salvatores, the Wrights and the Bishops. Each of them controls something in Reno. There is no police, no military, no nothing. Families controls law. They like piece, and it suits them.

Mordinos controls the production of Jet. They're located in Virgin Street, but Myron, the guy who "invented" Jet is located in Stables, secret location. Big Jesus Mordino, head of the family, and his son, Lil' Jesus Mordino were just slaves a few years back. They own Desperado casino.

Salvatores are just small family. For now. No one touches them. Why? Old Salvatore got some connections... Guess where? Well, you'll have to find out about that.

Wrights are major distributor of alcohol. They reside on East Side, and their family is a real family :)

Bishop family controls nothing important in Reno. John Bishop, head of the family, is involved in raids on Vault City. He gets money from New California Republic. He also have a wife and young daughter. Well... This is not xxx rated page, so I'll skip that part. It's up to you to do what'ya want with them :)


 New Reno - Virgin Street

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1. Exit Grid [ Map of the World ]

2. Jules - drug dealer but can help with some pointers if you're first time in Reno.

3. Cody - Small kid that can increase or decrease your karma. If you give him something to eat or drink, your karma goes up. If not, and you talk with him, karma goes down.

4. Cat's Paw - Miss Kitty runs this place. You can take some "free time" here, or even hook up some of your friends. If you make a deal for Marcus, you'll learn something interesting about mutants. You can also bring ten copies of cat's paw magazine here and get a special 5th issue. When you read it you'll get some bonus to your energy weapons skill. And, you get some pointers on what Mrs. Bishop likes.

5. Lil' Jesus Mordino - Future head of the Mordino family. Son of Big Jesus. Ask him for some work, and he'll send you upstairs. He also have a Jesus combat knife, but you can get it only if you kill him.

6. Upstairs - to Big Jesus Mordino.
6. Downstairs - where you can find Lloyd, for Salvatore quest.

7. Exit Grid [ 2nd Street ]

 New Reno - East Side

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1. Exit Grid [ 2nd Street ]

2. Exit Grid [ Map of the World ]

3. Downstairs - this is where Wright family keeps their still.

4. One of Wright's Sons - you must first ask him before entering into pops room.

5. Pops Wright - Head of Wright family. Also have some quests for you. Second quest will reveal the location of Sierra Army Base.

6. Richard's room - Richard is also one of Wright sons and he was murdered. You'll find a clue behind the dresser.

7. Mom of Wright's family - their mother. She has no idea that Pops is in alcohol business, so you have to convince her. After you complete a quest for her, she'll give you the Slugger.

7.  Bunch of kids playing - they can take you to a secret rendezvous where Salvatore family deals with Enclave. You'll find that also if you do quests for Salvatore family. They can also help you assassinate their father creatively.

 New Reno - Commercial Row

To top

1. Exit Grid [ Map of the World ]

2. Exit Grid [ 2nd Street ]

3. Renesco - Salesman but also a drug dealer. You'll need to buy mine part from him when you get that quest from Marcus in Broken Hills..

4. Eldridge, Weapon Salesman - you can buy some pretty decent weapons from him. He also has a Voice Recognition Module for Vault 13.

5. Downstairs - you'll find a guy in here who will upgrade all your weapons for free!

6. Father Tully - After you finish the game, come here for a visit. You'll get a Fallout 2 HintBook. Until then this might be a good place for a divorce

 New Reno - Chop Shop

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You can get your car back here and upgrade it during the game and again after its finish. First time you come to Reno, your car will be stolen, you must speak to Jules, and he'll bring you here.

 New Reno - 2nd Street

To top

1. Exit Grid [ Virgin Street ]

2. Exit Grid [ Commercial Row ]

3. Exit Grid [ East Side ]

4. Exit Grid [ Map of the World ]

5. Stuart Little - Your boxing agent if you choose to accept a fight. You'll get 20% bonus to your unarmed skill, perk Champion (you are well known in Reno) and bunch of experience points. But be aware, last fight is versus Masticator (or Mike Tyson). If he hits you with a critical one, you can loose your ear and your charisma goes down by 1!

6. Upstairs - to Salvatore family quarters. You can also do several quests for them.

7. Golden Globe Porn studio - either collect money they own to Mordino family or become a star. Be famous in Reno!

8. Upstairs - to Bishop quarters.
8. Downstairs - boxing ring. Mike Tyson (Masticator) is down there, you also get some drugs and Plated Boxing Gloves.