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 Fallout 2 - New California Republic



If you played Fallout 1, you must remember small community near Vault 15, called Shady Sands. That group of people had a leader, Aradesh. His daughter, Tandy, took the leadership after the death of Aradesh, and formed rather strong community. Democracy is what they support, and the rebirth of long destroyed United States. It is really interesting that, as they support United States, they're doing the same as States does. They've launched a secret operation. Hiring a bandit family from New Reno, who btw. hired a group o bandits, they though they can disrupt normal life in Vault City and annex them. It is up to you to decide whether you'll help them in their cause, or let the people of Vault City decide what they want.


 NCR - Downtown

To top

1. Exit Grid [ Bazaar ]

2. Exit Grid [ Westin Ranch ]

3. Exit Grid [ Council Area ]

4. Duppo - merchant. You can also do some caravan runs for him.

5. Sheriff - he can give you some pointers on what's going on in NCR

6. Locker

  • Sharpened Spear
  • Magnum 44
  • Knife
  • Metal Armor

7. Lockers

  • x40 Small Energy Cells
  • x5 Fragmentation Grenade
  • Pulse Grenade
  • Plasma Grenade
  • Brass Knuckles>
  • x96 10mmAP
  • Desert Eagle
  • Sledge Hammer
  • x100 money
  • x4 Throwing Knife
  • x60 14mm AP
  • x50 5mm AP
  • x50 5mm JHP
  • x100 .223 FMJ
  • x40 Magnum JHP
  • Spear
  • x2 Fruit
  • Leather Jacket
  • Tools
  • Geiger
  • Antidote
  • Mentats
  • 10mm SMG
  • Club

8. Police officer - he'll say that Roger Westin is hiring

9. Doctor - he has RoboDog (NPC). You must test doc's mutant cure, but what are the requirements, I don't know. This happened to me only once.

10. Hubologist - you can kill him for bad guys, or he can give you +2 points bonus to your Luck (ask for enlighment)

11. Dorothy - she'll ask you to help her. Her ex has gone mad and wants to destroy this station. You must stop him. Or if you fail, you'll have to fix the station (beside plenty of exp. you'll get two books).

12. Elise - leader of NCR Rangers. Rangers are organization fighting against slavers. If you want to join, you'll have to free the slaves at Bazaar location.

13. BOS base - nothing to be done here

14. Tandy's guard - he'll ask you to fight, if you refuse your karma goes down. You can kill him, just don't let your NPC's (or you) shoot with guns!

15. Doctor - he can heal you....

16. Bookcase

  • Poison
  • x3 First Aid Kit
  • First Aid Book
  • x2 Antidote
  • Heart Pills

 NCR - Council Area

To top

1. Exit Grid [ Downtown ]

2. Feargus - traitor. You'll see what I mean once you scan data from Vault Vault 15 computer

3. Gunther - Tandy's assistant. He'll give you your reward for finishing quests for Tandy. 5.000exp and $6.000 for getting the computer parts from Vault 15, plus $4.000 and 4.000 exp. for finding out about Feargus. He also has a pass key to location #6

4. Tandy - President of NCR. Talking head.

5. Police officer - use pass key you stole from Gunther to lower the force fields.

6. If you're a good guy, you have no business here. otherwise, kill this guy.

 NCR - Bazaar

To top

1. Exit Grid [ Map of the World ]

2. Exit Grid [ Downtown ]

3. Car garage - if you have a car, this is where you can find it.

4. Buster - merchant. He sells good stuff. You can also steal from his shelves. Also, he has several guards outside. You can steal couple of Bozars from them.

5. Bob's Son Iguana Bits - remember Bob from Part One? he he, this one sells right stuff :p

6. NCR Officer - if you want into NCR at night, first ask here.

7. Lockers

  • x96 10mm JHP
  • 10mm SMG
  • x80 .44 Magnum JHP
  • Desert Eagle
  • x4 Fragmentation Grenade
  • Geiger
  • Big Book of Science
  • Deans Electronics

8. Super Mutant Larry - you can test Doc's cure on him

9. Uh, huh, forgot his name :) - ok, I don't know this guys name, but it doesn't matter. He'll come here only at night. If you have Myron, you can sell him unlimited times to this guy for $1000 each time. Talking about unlimited money... Also, you can do several quests for him.

10. Guy in Robes - he can add something to your car, so you'll waste less fuel on it

11. Slaver - He's the head of the slaver's in NCR. Kill him or work for him.

12. These are controlers for slave doors. use you repair skill to free slaves.

 NCR - Westin Ranch

To top

1. Exit Grid [ Downtown ]

2. Westin - you can do a job for him (really easy, 1.000 exp.) or you can kill him for Bishop family from New Reno. How? Use poison or super stimpak.