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 Fallout 2 - Navarro

Navarro base is an outpost, controlled by Enclave. They use it as a base for vertibirds, for refueling and other maintaince stuff. It is heavily guarded by enclave guards (combat armors and laser rifles, plasma rifles or H&K G11 smg's) and enclave soldiers (Advanced Power Armors and energy weapons). In addition, top level where hangars are located, has 5 or 7 seven turrets which fire 2 plasma beams. Lot's of gear and surely, plenty of experience. One NPC, K-9 also awaits you here.


 Navarro - Gas station

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Quick Jump: - Gas Station
- Vertibird Base
- Underground

There is really nothing here but us chickens :) Only Chris is here, Enclave guard. You need high speech skill (some 80%) to persuade him that you are new recruit, and he'll give you the password (1500 exp). Then you'll have access to entire Navarro base. On the other hand, You can kill him before he alarm guards (500 exp.)

 Navarro - Vertibird Base

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Quick Jump: - Gas Station
- Vertibird Base
- Underground

1. Exit Grid [ Gas Station ]

2. Guard - he'll ask you for your password. You need to find that from Chris at gas station, or be ready to fight :).

3. Drill Sarg - there is no need to talk to him, he's a talking head.

4. Cook - find some usefull things on what's going on in here..

5. Raul - You need to ask him for k-9 part. Just say that Doc needs that part, and he'll give it to you with no problems.

6. Lockers - K-9 part.

7. Scientist - you can find out where are Vertibird plans located.

8. Quincy - you need to ask him for vertibird plans. Either say that Raul needs them, or go to speak with Raul, say that Quincy said e's an asshole, and Raul will knock down Quincy, leaving you alone with Vertibird plans :).

9. Lockers and workbenches

  • Combat Armor

  • Laser Pistol

  • 1st Aid Book

  • Vertibird Plans

  • Big Book of Science

  • Super Sledge Hammer

  • Wrench

  • Electronic Locpick

  • x4 Plasma Grenade

10. Elevators - [ Underground ]

 Navarro - Underground

To top

Quick Jump: - Gas Station
- Vertibird Base
- Underground

1. Elevators [ Vertibird base ]

2. Ladders [ Gas Station ]

3. Lockers

  • x4 Plastic Explosive
  • x2 Pulse Grenade
  • x4 Plasma Grenade
  • Blue Memory Module
  • x240 Small Energy Cells
  • x250 Micro Fusion Cells
  • Buffout
  • x40 12ga. Shotgun shells
  • Combat shotgun
  • Advanced Power Armor
  • x24 10mm AP ammo
  • 10mm SMG
  • Plasma Rifle

4. Doctor - You are free to kill this SOB! 1000 exp. for kill. His room is sound proofed, so don't worry about alarming guards. You can first find out some interesting facts from him. Talk then kill... yea, that's it, talk and kill! :p

5. K-9 - Robotic dog NPC. Click here to see his stats. 3500 exp. upon fix.

6. Xarn the deathclaw - Xarn is an intelligent deathclaw imprisoned by Enclave. You can free him (1500 exp) or kill him (500 exp.) If you talk to him while alarm is on, he'll join you until you find a way out of Navarro! Xarn kicks some serious butt!

7. Scientist - you can ask him for "guest" access at Enclave mainframe.

8. Computer - find out some interesting stuff in here. ps. you can't cause damage, it's not running Windows 95 :)

9. Commander - you need to ask him to give you tanker FOB.

10. Bookcase and Lockers

  • Book of Science
  • Guns & Bullets
  • Tanker FOB
  • Plasma pistol
  • x160 Small Energy Cells