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 Fallout 2 - Modoc



 Main Street

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Modoc - Main Street

1. Exit grid (Map of the world)

2. Shopkeeper - speak with him and accept the quest to save the town of Modoc.

3. Balthas - his son Jonny is missing. You'll notice this if your perception is 6 or higher. Jonny is at Ghost Farm.

4. Balthas's wife - Jonny's mom :) or.. who knows... maybe :) Find $100 in a room behind her

5. Grisham - local trader. You can help him save his brahmins ($100 per saved brahmin, $1000 max)

6. Miria - Your wife. If you play right, she can become your wife, and your NPC.

7. Davin - Your... uhhh... husband. But he don't like female characters.

8. Wounded brahmin - use your doctor skill and this brahmin will follow you everywhere in Modoc.

9.Exit grid (Bed and Breakfast)


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 Bed and Breakfast

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Modoc - bed and Breakfast

1. Exit grid (Main Street)

2. Farrel - He'll ask you to kill foul beasts in his garden, and find a golden watch.

3. Safe - this is Farrel's safe.

4. Rose - I don't know her name. You can do a contest - broke down Modoc's recors in eating meat loafs.

5. Cornelius - lunatic that lost his watch.

6. Location where you can find a gold watch. Dig a little youself and find out. Tip: use explosives down there

7. Deathclaw


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