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 Fallout 2 - Klamath

Downtown Trapper Town Trapping Grounds Klamath Town Map



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downtown.jpg (3090 bytes)

Klamath - Downtown

1. Exit Grid - to World Map

2. Sulik - NPC. If you pay of his debts, he can join you. Specialist in Melee. Great with Super Sledge and Powered Armor.

3. Trader

4. Ardin Buckner - her beloved future husband Smiley has gone missing. She suspects in Toxic Caves location. And she's right.

5. Whiskey Bob - You can refuel still for him. 100 exp. and he'll tell you something about GECK :)

6. Smiley - Trapper gone missing. You'll see him here only after you save him from toxic caves. He can teach you some outdoorsman skills and give you the Gecko Skinning perk, which is a Special perk that allows you to skin geckos and sell them.

7. Thor - Help him guard his brahmins. 100 exp. Or alternatively go with him and help the Dunton brothers rustle the animals instead. Also somewhere around here is a dog with a key in its mouth, give it some jerky.

8. Trader Vic's house - you need to find him and ask him about your Water Flask Elder gave you. you can find pipe rifle at the back room. The radio in this shack is also very important.

9. Baths - take a bath. Special or bubble bath? your choice

10. Dunton Brothers - they're stealing brahmins. Killing them would be a favor for Klamath, though it's best done in a quiet field somewhere.

11. Golden Gecko Tavern - trader and Mr.Sullivan. Sullivan can teach you melee and unarmed skills. +10% bonus to your skills and 150 exp.

12. Exit Grid (Trapping grounds) - You can find lot's of Geckos and Whiskey Bob's destilery here (no map as it's just one shack).

13.Exit grid (Trapper Town)

14. Exit Grid (Canyon) - crashed Vertibird and crippled Mr.Handy, easy to beat if you keep running.


  • Just inhabitants of Klamath.

  • gecko's in Trapping grounds location

 Trapper Town

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mall.jpg (2640 bytes)

Klamath - Trapper Town

1. Exit Grid - to Downtown

2. Slim Picket - he'll give you the key to locked door at location #3.

3. Locked door.

4. Armos shop - search lockers for some ammo and boots that you'll need at toxic caves location.

5. Manhole to Rat Caves 1

6. Car with Fuel Cell Controler


  • Rats

 Rat Caves 1

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caves_1.jpg (2043 bytes)

1. Ladder - to Trapper Town

2. Desk - ammo inside

3. Manhole to Rat Caves 2

4. Dead body - crowbar


  • Rats, pig rats, Mole rats....

 Rat Caves 2

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caves_2.jpg (2080 bytes)

1. Ladder - to Rat Caves 1

2. Ladder - to Rat caves 3

3. Dead trapper - 10mm pistol

4. Keeng Ra'at - kill him to get rid of the rat problem in Trapper town. 300 exp. This rat has 60hps.


  • Rats, pig rats, Mole rats....

 Rat Caves 3

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caves_3.jpg (2040 bytes)

Klamath - Rat Caves 3

1. Ladder - to

Rat Caves 2

2. Locker - some stuff

3. Locked door - if you cant unlock them, use dynamite located near.

4. Ladder - to Trapping Town


  • Rats, pig rats, Mole rats....