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 Fallout 2 - Den

West East Den


 Den - West

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1. Exit grid (Map of the world)

2. Exit grid (East Side)

3. Trader

4. Lara - you can do a series of quests for her. I don't want to write them all here, instead you can take a look here.

5. Bookcase with book.

6. Rebecca - she owns this casino. You can do two things for her. First, you need to collect some money Fred owns her and then you'll need to find her book (which is btw located at the east side and at random location).

7. Trader

8. Fred - you'll have to collect $200 from him for Rebecca. He'll give you $100 but you can loan him $50. Do that and in a few months, he'll give you $2.000 and some energy cells. First pay is 200exp.

9. Woody - he's a ghoul in chest that you need to free. Take a quest from ghoul in Gecko.

10. Anna the ghost - you'll need to find her locket. 250exp for returning locket and 600exp. if you take Anna's bones and put them to rest (bury them).

11.Brotherhood of Steel outpost

12. Smithy - Car salesman. Find him several car parts and $2000 and you'll roll with your own car!

13. Street Gang - spoiler - tie leader has Anna's locket


  • Warning! Sometimes, I was attacked by drug addicts. Probably bug....

 Den - East

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1. Exit grid (West Side)

2. Exit grid (Map of the world)

3. Graveyard - place to bury Anna's bones for 600exp.

4. Old church - Metzger's warehouse. Guarded by a gang.

5. Mom - deliver a meal to Smitty for 150exp. Also, find out about Anna's locket.

6. Karl - lost guy from Ghost Farm that you need to find.

7. Metzger - leader of the slaver's guild. You can join them but then everyone will know that you're a slaver. If you go to slaver's run, you get plenty of cash and equipment, not to mention exp. points.

8. Vic - NPC. He can join you if you free him. Not very useful but has repair skill so he can be useful sometimes.

9. Bar


  • Regular people if attacked.