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Broken Hills


Broken Hills is a small community. Mutants, ghouls and humans are it's residents. They mine uranium, refine it, and then sell power to Gecko and some nearby towns for living. Mutant named Marcus and human named Jacob founded this town some years after the destrution of the Master's army. Now, only Marcus is alive and keeps the law in this small town.

Downtown Residential Broken Hills

 Broken Hills - Downtown

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1. Exit Grid [ Map of the World ]

2. Exit Grid [ Residential ]

3. Power Station - power generator is in there. Couple of quests. High science skill needed to operate this power generator terminal.

4. General Store - with not much useful items to buy. There is a manhole at the back room, but you can't get inside.

5. Jail - guarded by several super mutants. You'll find the guys responsible for civil killing inside.

6. Marcus - The Super Mutant Sherif. Also NPC. Finish two quest for him, and he'll join you. Check NPC page and Talking heads.

7. Francis - The Arm Wrestling Champion as he says. He is responsible for killing civils beneth the Broken Hills, so you can let him go (he'll acept his exile from Hills) or you can kill him (this way all super mutants attacks you). You can arm wrestle with him, but be aware - he's a strenghty person :)

8. Doc. Holliday - local doctor. Can heal you and your comrades, sell you healing injections and so on.

9. Bill - the caravan outfitter. You can choose several caravan routes. Or you can showel some brahmn crap for $100..

10. Jacob's Chemist Drugstore - buy drugs from him. Or if you hate mutants, you can agree to help Manson and Franc to break out of jail and strike the mutants. After that, you can blow the mines with mutants in it.

11. Mickey - treasure hunter of Broken Hills. You can find 10.000 caps if you work with him... Too bad that the currency in Fallout 2 is $, not caps like in Fallout 1....

12. Town Well - this is where the lost caps are.

13. Rubber Sex Doll - quest item.

 Broken Hills - Mines

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1. Exit Grid [ Residential ]

2. Chuck Stodgers - this is somewhat a secret location. He'll awake from his long sleep. 500 exp for nothing!

3. Mine Air Purifier - thing to either repair or to destroy (depends whether you're working with mutants or against.

 Broken Hills - Residential

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1. Exit Grid [ Downtown ]

2. Exit Grid [ Mines ]

3. Eric - ghoul in distress! Flyes are eating him :) and you must redirect more power to his house from Power Stantion at Downtown #3 location.

4. Profesor - trying to teach scorpion to do stuff like humans. You can test youself vs. this smart scorpion in several categories. Speak with Seymore the plant and he'll tell you how to beat this scorpion in chess.

5. Sewer entrance - to Underground.

6. Dan - he "lost" his wife, and it's up to you to find her. Check in the Underground location, you'll find her dead.

7. Seymour - plant that outsmarted the profesor and now lives... not so happily. You'll have to find a showel and replant her. Then, the plant will tell you how to beat the scorpion in chess match. Weird...

8. Sewer entrance - to Underground.

9. Typhon - ghoul. He'll ask you to bring him rubber sex doll and some rotgut and he'll help you finding a long lost treasure.

10. Zaius - One of the head guys in mines. He's the guy to speak about helping with the mine trouble.