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   Fallout Items - Food and Drinks  

1 3 A bottle of Nuka-Cola, the flavored softdrink of the post-nuclear world. Warm and flat.
1 10 A strange piece of fruit. No preservatives and no additional food coloring added.
Iguana-on-a-stick (small)
1 8 Some charred meat and vegetables on a cooking stick.
Iguana-on-a-stick (big)
1 20 A cooked iguana, roasted in it's own skin.
1 5 Some type of home brewed beer.
1 10 An ancient liquor, from the pre-War era.
Box Of Noodles
1 35 You have no idea what "Instant Spaghetti" means.
Small Dusty Box Of Some Sort
2 20 A television dinner. You're not sure, but it's definitely not edible. You're not quite sure if it ever was.
1 5 A very strong liquor or cleaning fluid, you decide.
Meat Jerky
1 5 These smoked and dried chunks of beast-flesh remain chewy-licious and even somewhat nutritious for years, and years, and years....
Cheezy Poofs
1 5 A box of cheese flavored puffs. They are extremely good.
Gamma Gulp Beer
1 5 A bottle of Gamma Gulp beer. It glows in the dark!
Roentgen Rum
1 10 A bottle of Roentgen rum. It glows in the dark!
1 ? A chocolate chip cookie. Yum!
Smitty's Meal
? ? It's some kind of salad and a sandwich made out of what you think is Brahmin meat covered in a thick dark yellow sauce. There is also a strange pickled green vegetable on the side.