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Many Easter Eggs are included as Random Encounters. Check the Random Encounters page for even more info!

Update: If you find easter eggs that are NOT on this page (please check before you submit any), please send them to us. We will update when we can, but if you send in a duplicate of something that is already here, we will send Myron over to your house to personally pimp-slap you senseless and do unspeakable things involving the ball-gag. How insulting.

On the main menu, hold shift and click on credits to get author quotes just like in Fallout 1. Spotted by Ebola and Marhall Harlan

vault tech logo

This is a Vault-Tech logo from the World Map. There are two sets of alpha-numeric code on the top left & top right of the logo.
The top left is: "L5-AA23". In Star Wars, where was Princess Leia held in the Death Star? Level 5, Detention Block AA23, of course!
The code in the top right of the logo is: "TK-421". In Star Wars, what was the Storm Trooper designation for the Storm Trooper whose outfit Luke stole? That's right, TK-421. "TK-421 why aren't you at your post? TK-421 do you copy?"
Spotted byJake Buroker
Image: Vault_Tech logo, added small ammount of brightness and sharpened two "Start Wars" numbers.

Reference to the movie "The Goonies"
When you go down into the well in the center of town in Modoc, you'll see several bags of coins lying around. If you pick one up, then your character will say a line almost identical to the line spoken by "Mouth" (played by Corey Feldman) in The Goonies when he and his friends find themselves at the bottom of a wishing well. Spotted by Jake Buroker, Hackerlad, Dano

Reference to Star Trek the New Generation - This is a Pip boy record from one log. Read the picture and see "Picard" (d is added to Start Trek's hero). Spotted by Will Robb

mike.jpg (2615 bytes)

Reference to Mike Tyson - In New Reno, in one basement, find him in a cage. If you click on him, he'll tell you this. Also in new Reno in Boxing ring, there are many References to Evan Holyfild and bunch of characters from Rocky (remember Drago?) Spotted by Lot's of them. 50 or 60!

cafe_thumb.gif (10010 bytes)

Reference to Fallout 1 - this is also a random encounter, called Cafe of broken dreams. You can find a bunch of people here talking about Fallout 1, and you can find Dogmeat, too. Feed him :)
Broken Dreams Bar (where all the Fallout 1 characters are) is a reference to a painting with James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Humphrey Bogart in it called Boulevard of Broken Dreams ( notice in the game it is the Maltese Falcon, an old Bogart Film) - by Drew

dave_hendee.jpg (13402 bytes)

Is this David Hendee? From Black Isle Studio Fallout 2 development team?

evan.jpg (7194 bytes)

This is from boxing ring in New Reno. When you beat Evan, you must fight Mastricator (Mike Tyson).

knights.jpg (19221 bytes)

This is Random Encounter. Picture tells everything. Reference to Monty Python

water_chip.jpg (5515 bytes)

Reference to Fallout 1- you were on a quest to find a water chip. This is a comment from one of the Enclave soldiers. Spotted by Tony Ladriere

lassie_thumb.gif (13429 bytes)

Reference to Television show, Lassie - Click on that image to get full animated picture. Spotted by Doombot

disturbance.jpg (9793 bytes)

Reference to Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi says something like this when the Death Star destroys the homeworld of Princess Leia.

skynet.jpg (4447 bytes)

Reference to Terminator - Skynet was the super duper computer that tried to enslave humanity in future.

Reference to the movie "Funny Farm" (it starred Chevy Chase) - In the town of Modoc when you go to Rose's Bed & Breakfast, you can enter into the Brahmin Fry Eating Contest. Right as you break the record, you learn the the Brahmin Fries are actually Brahmin testicles. In the movie "Funny Farm", Chevy Chase enters a Lamb Fry Eating Contest and his reaction (when he learns that they are sheep testicles) to it is identical to your character's in the game. Spotted by Jake Buroker

Reference to the movie "The Wizard of Oz" - In the Northern California Republic, you'll come across a girl and her robot standing outside of a building. The girl's name is Dorothy, and her trusty robot who follows her everywhere is Toto.
Soptted by Jake Buroker"

Reference to Fallout 1 (beyond the issue of a related storyline, etc.) - On level three of the Vault in Vault City, you come across a guy who doesn't get out much and has very poor people skills. He passes his time by singing to himself. What does he sing? Well, he sings the song "Maybe" by The Inkspots. Fallout players will recognize this as the song in the opening and ending credits of the original. Spotted by Jake Buroker, Archaon

Reference to Silence Of the Lambs - In Sierra Army Base, you can find the medical holodisc of Dr. H. Lector, who sends some liver and fava beans to some soldiers who played a joke on him. Spotted by Ravi Chandrasekaran

Reference to Magic the Gathering - In Gecko location, go to the bar and talk to the bartender. He will try to get you to buy a card game called 'Tragic: The Garnering'. Spotted by Robb Fisher

Reference to They Live - When you go to Redding and talk the sheriff, somewhere along the line your charchter will say "I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum" - Duke's famous words Spotted by Brent Mattis, Ryan A. Smith, Deon Beswick, Joe R., Xenon, SilverShadow, Timo Paananen

Reference to Star Wars - In Klamath, if you ask Whiskey Bob about the Den, he says "You will not find a greater hive of scum and villany." Obi-Wan said that in Star Wars when describing the Tatooine spaceport. Spotted by Kamchak

Reference to Fallout Team - When you are in New Reno, watch the graffiti for names like: T.Ray and other developer names. Also, when you're still in Arroyo or whatever, your nephew standing by the well, his name is Feargus. As Feargus Urquhart. Spotted by Jon Leonard

Reference to KFC - Talk to the Dunton Brothers. Ask them about their jerky, and they will say:
"It's made with eleven herds and spices, and it's finger-lickin good" Spotted by Doctor Jeep

Reference to the show South Park. - You can find boxes of Cheese Poofs at various points in the game. Spotted by Chris

Reference to two poems by Robert Service - The two head miners, Dangerous Dan McGrew and Marge, from Lake LeBarge, from The Ballad of Dan McGrew, and the Ballad of Sam McGee. Both of them died very grisly deaths. Spotted by Brian Kennedy

Reference to Short Circuit and 2001: A Space Oddyssey - a robot in canyon near Klamath says "number five is alive" while attacking. That was robot's "Number Five" favorite words. He also says "Dave, I wouldn't do that", and "I'm sorry Dave" That's what Hal says from 2001: A Apace Odyssey. "i'm merely a translator" - C3PO in Star Wars Spotted by Mikhail Veselov, Funky Lemon, Mirco Jakse

Reference to Wallstreet (movie) - In Gecko, when you talk to the mutant outside the old (at least non functioning) reactor up North he starts saying the speech from the movie Wallstreet. "Greed, for lack of a better term, is good". Also, his name is Gordon, Gordon of Gecko. Michael Douglas' character in the movie was Gordon Gecko. face="Arial" size="1">Spotted by Jon Childers

Reference to Punchout (Nintendo game) - In the boxing place in New Reno, when your agent asks you what you want your nickname to be there was stuff like: Glass Joe, Bald Bull, etc. Spotted by Ebola

Reference to As Good as it Gets - In Vault City, when you talk to the religious guy, you can end the conversation by saying "Go sell crazy somewere else - we're all stocked up here." This is a Reference to Jack Nicholson's charecter in 'As Good as it Gets'. face="Arial" size="1">Spotted by Will Robb

Reference to The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - In the raiders cave there are three sets of dog tags that match the three main characters from the movie. Angel Eyes, Tuco and Blondie. Spotted by Dervish, Vlad Sepish, Big Sexy and Christer Bj�rnevik

Reference to Monty Python's Holy Grail - You can encounter the Bridge Keeper during your journeys. He'll ask you three questions, and if you survive, you get his Robes. Spotted by lots of them, but no one sent me day screenhot :).

Reference to Monty Python - In Ma's kitchen she says she has rat-pie rat loaf rat... another Monty Python Reference "Can I have something without so much rat in it?" the skit is called "the church police" Spotted by Chris New

Reference to TV show "In Living Color" - In NCR the guy next to the car tent is a blues player. He says, "I wrote a song about, like to hear it, here it goes.". Spotted by Sammy Hagar

Reference to Start Trek : Borg - When you drop in on the Slags at the ghost farm, there is a veiled reference to the Borg when they ask, "...Are you resisting?" and one of your responses is "No, I know resistance is futile..." Spotted by Tim Srutt

Reference to Star Trek - The motion Picture - The leader of the Slags at the ghost farm is named 'Vegeir'. In Star Trek there is an alien intelligence that found an earth space explorer 'Voyager' that they referred to as V'ger (pronounced vegeir) because the letters 'oya' on it were covered over with dirt. Spotted by Tim Srutt and Dapearl

Reference to Mike Tyson - In the basement of Desperado in New Reno, there's a boxer who says his name is Mike and he likes ears Spotted by Korax

Reference to Back to the future - If you become a slaver somtimes the victims yell "run for it, Marty" Spotted by George Takei

Reference to Monty Python - In Mama's cafe in Den, there is a Monty Python Reference. It went something like this:
player: What kind of stuff you have to eat 'round here
Mama: well we've got Rat-potpie, rat pudding
player:[one of many answers] Have you got anything without so much rat in it?
Mama: Well, the spaghetti doesn't have that MUCH rat in it....
Spotted by Rhinosaur, Kongo

Reference to Logan's Run - In Gecko at the very nothern part, up by the junkyard, there is a hidden ladder going down that can only be found by walking around in the room, it is hidden by the wall. Anyway, if you go down, you will find what looks like part of the reactor with several Gouls talking about "Renewing". If you make your way south in this section it comes back out in to a cave. At the end of the cave you find a large rat that you can talk to. The rat has plans to take over the world, which is "Pinky and the Brain". If you talk to him and go along with him, he will give you an ank and his plan if for the gouls to renew. The Ank and Renew are from "Logan's Run". face="Arial" size="1">Spotted by Jeff Christopher, Pat, Squash, Krailor

Reference to Final Fantasy VII - In combat, Cassidy will say, "I wish I had a limit break." Spotted by Clayton S. Chan

Reference to Wing Commander Prophecy - Random enemies will sometimes say: "You want a piece of me? YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?!" It's one of Lt. Casey's taunts in the game. Spotted by Clayton S. Chan
Jake added: The phrase is actually from a movie "Army of Darkness" where the lead character, "Ash" says that (among other things) to various miscreants and ghouls

Reference to Big Touble in Little China - Sometimes while attacking, Sulik refers to his seven demon bag. This is a Reference to Egg Shen's bag of magic. Spotted by Clayton S. Chan

In Gecko there is a large intelligent Mole Rat called "The Brain" you can get to him through the man hole in the Junkyard. Reference to Pinky and the Brain - spotted by Cstand, Nathan Laughton

Reference to Interstate 76 - Skeeter, the guy in Gecko, Junkyard is the character from this game. Spotted by Cstand, Robert Steenkamp

Reference to Mortal Kombat, the game - everything in San Francisco is reminescent of Mortal Kombat. Spotted by Rugal, Opafaf, Charles Johnson

Reference to Big Trouble in Litle China the movie - Lo Pan from San Francisco is also the name of the bad guy in the movie. Also, Sulik's Reference to "seven deamon bag" can also be found in this movie. Spotted by Opafaf, Dave, Kristian Norqvist

Reference to From Dusk Till Dawn - guy near Cat's Paw in New Reno, starts talking References from this title. Spotted by Troy McDaniel, Squee, Don Boden, DaPhe, Terry, Michael Powell, Robby, Happy Hall, Doctor Smooth, Mirko Fontanji, Garou, Don Boden, Saito Miyamoto, DeathXWolf

Reference to The Blues Brothers - when you get Myron as your NPC, you get this like as a talk option: "It's 106 miles to Arroyo, we got a full fusion cell, half a pack of radaway...". It's a line from a movie (he, Arroyo is changed and other stuff ofcourse;) ). Spotted by Brett Mcarthy, Jeff Moore, Justin, Dan Jones, Michael Bey, Wackymofu, Travis Hamilton, Almighty Ruler, David Walleser, Shawn Lisk, Greg Regnier

Reference to Star Wars - in New Reno, the Golden Globe porn actress say "Aren't you a little short for StormTrooper?". This is the line in Star Wars - New hope that princess Leia say that to Luke in DeathStar prison chambers. Spotted by Flare, enclave

Reference to Fallout 2 Team - many tombstones mention names of guys in Fallout 2 team. Spotted by Adam Moede, The DuckMaster, Huuman

Reference to Fallout 1 - in some random encounters, you can see Iguana Bob's stand. Spotted by Justin

Reference to Red Dawn - If you have Cassidy in your team, sometimes he says this: "I wonder if Texas survived the war". Line from the Red Dawn movie. Spotted by Ray Holloway

Reference to Scarface the movie - some addicts in New Reno say "Say hello to my firend", a quote from the movie. Spotted by Charles Peterson

Reference to Little Shop of Horrors - In Broken Hills, there's a talking Spore Plant Named Seymour. The talking plant in the movie is also named Seymour. Spotted by Falchion
Addition from Henrik Kirkegaard and Freddie: This is a correctment to the easter eggs. The talking plant in Little Shop of Horrors isn�t called Seymour but Audrey II, Seymore is the guy feeding Audrey II.

Reference to Bill Clinton - When you reach the Enclave Oil Rig, go to presidents chambers. You'll find his secretary that speaks as Monica. About the dress and... well, you know what Spotted by Saxman, Fedya, Chris, Matt Pasquini, Andy S.

Reference to the song Come On Eileen by Dixi's Midnight Runner - In Broken Hill residential area, the human woman in the hotel(?) will say "Come on .. Aileen" Spotted by Alan Kwan

Reference to Star Wars - In the chop shop in New Reno, if you bluff T-Ray successfully, he'll mention this is a bump deal. One of the line you can say is "Perhaps you feel you are being treated ... unfairly". Reference to Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader said that to Lando when he decided to take Leia instead of leaving her in Cloud City. Spotted by Alan Kwan, Sid

Reference to Starship troopers - Soldiers at Enclave base sing some from Robert Heinlein "Starship troopers" "... shine forever ... the name of Rodger Jang". Spotted by Andrey, John Doppler, David Leong

Reference to Arroyo - Arroyo is the name of the town in Tennessee Williams post-apocalyptic one act "The Chalky White Substance" Spotted by Willie McDowell

Reference to John Sulivan - like the John Sulivan in Klamath, was the bare-knuckle boxing champion of the world. Spotted by Willie McDowell

Reference to Pulp Fiction - Francis' offer in Broken Hills: "If you lose, you'll be my gimp for the night." Spotted by Buccks, Jazzepi, Crusader, Mike Rogers

Reference to Grandpa Simpson from The Simpsons - One of the ghouls in the old ghouls home in Broken Hills says "I'm cold and wolves are after me", a direct quote of Grandpa Simpson Spotted by Edward Tsai, David Williams, Matt Pasquini, Mad Dweller, Adam Smith, Matt Pasquini, Shawn Lisk

Reference to Goodfellas - In the town of Den, Flick, the fellow that "takes care" of the kids in town will say a Joe Pesci speech. If you upset him (regarding his name), he'll reply with the "Do I amuse you? Am I here for your fucking amusement?" speech Spotted by Stopped Clock, Michael Askey, Delio

Reference to Preacher by Garth Ennis - Cassidy, your NPC, says his dad named him after a comic book character... That's Cassidy, the vampire... Spotted by Robert Heinig, Gaz Sweegy, Caesar, Tom Price, Martin Moretti

Reference to Rocky and Bullwinkle show - John Sullivan (the pugilist) is the name of the boxer Jules Verne fought during one of Peabody's human histories episodes. Spotted by Adelio Lei, Marty Maher

Reference to The Dune - The Mentats drug is a human computer that use drugs to mantain their abilities. Spotted by WarlordAlpha
Also, There is a another Reference to the Dune in fallout. When you shoot someone, and they are almost dead they begin to recite the Bene Gesserit litany against fear (Fear is the mind-killer, fear is the little-death...) Spotted by Alexis Lawrence, Hydro, Gil Blinov

Reference to Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - in the Den graveyard, the bottom left tombstone tells you that it's occupant was decapatiated by ill-tempered mutant sea bass, as was the guard in the easily escapable deathtrap scene. Spotted by Robert Pickering, Paul Hamar
Also, The same man having bathroom troubles in the Parlor Room says "Who does number two work for?", which is a reference to the line Austin Powers(Mike Myers) delivers as he is being strangled by a thug in a Las Vegas bathroom stall in the film. Spotted by Jerry Vathielil, Lord Ace I, Mykal Edens
Also, In a battle in the Enclave Oil Rig, somebody said "I've got a bag full of SH with your name on it!" Spotted by Beeman

Reference to X-Files - Talk to the migdet boxing promoter in New Reno and ask him if he's ever been in the circus. He'll go off on a tirade that is taken directly from the second-season X-Files episode called "Humbug" (the one with the Jim Rose Circus). Spotted by Jeff Gallo, Steven Thomas

Reference to Star Trek the next generation - Every so often Marcus says "I am not a merry mutant." That is a Reference to Worf from Star Trek the Next Generation, he said "I am not a merry man" in one episode. Spotted by Landshark, David Leong, Matthew Arcilla

Reference to Fallout 1 - When you park your car in Broken Hills the first time, you run over the ghoul that caused the 10,000 cap random encounter in Fallout 1. He comments on the injuries he sustained when he was "hit by a Nuke-a-Cola Truck...caps everywhere." Your Character says, "Wow, someone must've gotten RICH!". This was random encounter in Fallout 1. Spotted by Paul Bleiweis

Reference to Tombstone - In Broken Hills, there is a doctor. His name is Doc Holliday. Spotted by Rusty Golem, Soo Yaozhong, MIB_Shooter

Reference to Butcher from Diablo (game) - If you go to the slavers guild and talk to the slave master, his first words are: "Aaaaah, fresh meat!". Also, his name, "Metzger" is German for "butcher". Spotted by Stefan Ledolter, David Leong

Reference to The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - One Salvatore mission in New Reno, requires you to kill a man named Lloyd and get some money back, the money is in a grave marked Arch Stanton. In the movie The Good, The Bad & The Ugly the money at the end of the movie is in a unmarked grave next to the grave marked Arch Stanton. Also, When telling Pretty Boy LLoyd to dig up a grave and recover Boss Salvatore's money, you can say "You see, in this world there are two kinds of people, my friend...those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig." Blondie(Clint Eastwood) delivers this line to Tuco in the film. Spotted by Jerry Vathielil, Peder Sj�berg, Steve Dennis

Reference to Macbeth by William Shakespeare - In the Parlor Room in Vault City, there is a man in the bathroom that is having trouble urinating. He says "Out, out damn pee, out!", which is a reference to the line "Out, out damn spot, out!" spoken by Lady Macbeth in the tragic Shakespearean play. Spotted by Jerry Vathielil

Reference to Michael Jackson and Paul McCarteney song called "This girl is mine" - When you talk to Tyler in Den to prevent Lara's plan he will tell you to stay and fight with him, and you can answer: "But I am a lover, not a fighter" which is a sentence from the song. Spotted by BoA The Last Ninja

Reference to Wargames movie - The Medical computer in Vault city sometimes say "Strange game, only winning move is not to play." This is what the computer says in the movie Wargames when it realizes it can't win a nuclear war. Spotted by Hans, nukem85, Renwic, Vidar

Reference to Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise - When you try to join the Hubologists in San Francisco, you are told to go see Vikky Goldman, and Juan Cruise. The Reference is that hubology is really Scientology, and that Vikky Goldman and Juan Cruise are really Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, two of Scientology's staunchest supporters in Hollywood today. Spotted by Nicholas Ehlers

Reference to Wasteland and Christmas Story - This is what Michael Repperger said: The Easter Egg is I was shopping with the midget in NCR and he sold me a Red Ryder BB Gun. This is a reference to Fallout's ancient ancestor "Wasteland" I don't know if you have played "Wasteland" but it's a post-nuke game for the Apple II and IBM PC from around 1985ish. I played it on my Apple IIc. In that game there is a character called the Red Rider that will attack your party of Nevada Desert Rangers if you kill children. He is armed with a Red Ryder BB Gun that is VERY powerful. If you kill him you get this Red Ryder BB Gun. Spotted by Michael Repperger, Mike, Dwang

Reference to Windown 95 - In Vault City's Archive Computer says "It is now safe to turn your off your terminal" after it runs the auto diagnostic. Spotted by David Williams

Reference to Gen Con - The prostitutes of New Reno sometimes say "I wish Gen Con took place in some other town." (indeed!) This is the huge gaming convention held in Milwaukee every August. Spotted by David Williams

Reference to Poltergiest - In The Den when you get the locket back from the punk, and go to the ghost talk to her and give her back her locket and you will see what happens, "This house is clear". Spotted by Kurtis Hanson

Reference to Aliens - In the raider camp the soldiers say "How do I get out of this chicken shit outfit?". Spotted by Gil Blinov, unc_onnected. Also, some of the fully functional computers in vaults will say "You now have 30 minutes to reach minimun safe distance". This is from the end of Aliens. Spotted by Pilot esseJ

Reference to Pulp Fiction - Through out the game Marcus will say to Myron "Look at the big brain on Myron" This is a ripoff of when Samuel L. Jackson is about to shoot Brett and says "Check out the big brain on Brett". Spotted by Casey

Reference to Boogie Nights - After making a porn film, you "become a star. A big, bright shining star." These are the same words used by Dirk Diggler in the movie. Spotted by Gaz Sweegy

Reference to Dr. Who and K-9 - Cybernetic dog in Navarro is called K-9. Dr. Who's friend in that popular SF series. Also, there a hollywood movie called K9. About a police dog and a cop becoming friends. Spotted by Howard, Mait, Cory Thomson, StephenB, Trevor Baker

Reference to Princess Bride - In Klamath when talking to Sajag in the bar, after buying a round of beers, talking about local happensing he will talk about rodents of unusual size. Spotted by Oliver "MOSSey" Calderon, Trebor A. Rude, Yeti, Buddy Bowers

Reference to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time novels - Lady's kid in Vault 13 is named Rand. Spotted by Dapearl

Reference to The Corsican Brothers - from porn studio in new Reno, is the reference to the Cheech and Chong movie of the same name Spotted by Mark Kowaliszyn

Reference to the movie Full Metal Jacket - Some of the prostitutes in the Cat's Paw in New Reno say "Me so Horny" and "Love you long time", both of which are from the movie. Spotted by LT. H.

Reference to Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back - Bridge guard to arroyo is called Mynoc. A Mynoc is a winged creature that lives in the gut of a space slug, seen in 'The Empire Strikes Back' and which almost swallowed (the space slug, that is) the Millennium Falcon whole. Spotted by specterX

Reference to Dirty Harry - Quote from magnum's description: "being that this is the most powerful handgun in the world, and can blow your head clean-off, you've got to ask yourself one question, do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?" This is Clint Eastwood's famous line in Dirty Harry. Spotted by unc_onnected, yagman

Reference to Bugs Bunny - Sometimes, characters in Den will say: Be vewy, vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits. Spotted by Matt Pasquini

Reference to Tombstone - If you say to Marcus They Live Reference:I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, he responds: "well here's another one for ya `so are you just gone hold that smoke wagon or are you gonna draw it, or don't you have the balls". This is from the Movie "Tombstone" when Wyatt Earp runs the bully out of the Oriental bar and casino. Spotted by Dave

Reference to Lost in space - In addition to Mr.Handy in Klamath, computer in Vault City also says: Danger! Will Robinson!. Spotted by Cloaker

Reference to Buck Rogers - There is a hidden room in Broken Hills mine. There you can find a sleeping Mr. Stogers. Spotted by Evil Ray, Matt Benson

Reference to Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness - In Klamath, the robot that guards the crashed vertibird among other things, he says "Klaatu Berada Nictu". Spotted by David Skreiner
Addition: This phrase is actually from Reference to the black and white science fiction movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still". Spotted by Escher, Finster, Reed A. Cartwright, Steve Watkins, Shinma

Reference to William Blakes poem "The tyger" - The researcher that you convince to release the FEV toxin in the enclave quotes the English poem "The Tyger". Spotted by Emanuel

Reference to Simpson's - In Broken Hills, one of the townsfolk says: "My cat's breath smells like catfood", verbatum of what Ralph Wiggum says in a Simpson's episode. Spotted by Brian Patton

Reference to Street Fighter, the arcade game - When the two boxers are sparring on stage, occasionally one of them will scream "Hadooken!" as they throw out a punch. "Hadooken" is Ryu and Ken's fireball attack. Spotted by Jim Lee, Mongoose

Reference to Jerry Macguire - In Den, if you ask to see the mummy, you get on the dialogue box "show me the mummy!". A line adapted from Jerry Macguire "show me the money!" Spotted by JadedGamer, Simon

Reference to Bernard Cornwell's "Sharpe's" novels - In Redding, one of the quests that the Sheriff gives you is to find out who cut up one of the local whores. The person that you find is Obidiah Hawkesworth. This is a reference to the "Sharpe's Rifles" series of books by Bernard Cornwell. They have also been made into movies starring Sean Bean. Obidiah Hawkesworth is one of the main villains, and his "mum" is a picture that he stole and keeps in his hat. Spotted by Ian Robertson, Keith Jessup, Steve Beraldi, Matt Benson, Steve

Reference to Monthy Phyton "The Meaning of Life" - In the Vault medical bay in Vault City, every now and then, one of the machines will go "Ping". In MP, the doctors bring out the machine that goes "Ping" to impress the hospital administrator. Spotted by Ian Robertson

Reference to M*A*S*H - In the Sierra Army Dopot, level 2, you can access someone's email from a computer and one of the messages says: "This is Klinger from the 8063rd. Were in desperate need of part number 102-53B. I've got a case of Chateau Lafayette 2155 if you expedite the order. Get back to me ASAP." Spotted by Chris Clark

Reference to Republican Vice President Dan Quayle - In Enclave Oil Rig ,almost everything the VicePres says is a Dan Quayle quote. Even his mispelling of potato. Spotted by SkaBoy, Teoh Siang Swee, Dean Edwards, Dave Ford, Charlie Dreisbach

Reference to In the Line of Fire - Movie Reference: The name Frank Horrigan is from the movie "In the Line of Fire" with Clint Eastwood as Special Agent Frank Horrigan. Spotted by Valli

Reference to Clinton's Empeachment - on a holodisk you pick up and download to your PIPBOY it says "on Feb. 15 2075 the president was impeached after being convicted of JAYWALKING. Both houses stated that the President should be obeying the law like every other law abiding citizen. Spotted by Chris New, Matthew Arcilla

Reference to Monty Python�s "Dead Bishop Sketch" - In Redding Sheriff Earl Marion knows you have become a Ranger, because: "It�s tattooed on the back of your neck". Spotted by Henrik Kirkegaard

Reference to 3Drealms Shadow Warrior - In San Fransisco, one of the random messages is a quote "You move like pregnant yak". Although Yoni Banai, Jarrod Kailef, Bane, Mutt and Stravitch says that the line came from an old movie, called Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. Spotted by Jesse Martin

Reference to G.I. JANE - In Navarro, talk to the sarge and he'll say "I work for a living you moron!"A colonel says that to G.I. Jane in the film! Spotted by Sam

Reference to The Road Warrior - Broken Hills refers to Broken Hill, New South Wales, where 'The Road Warrior' was filmed in Australia. Spotted by John Gunston

Reference to The Planet of The Apes - In Broken Hills there is a mutant called Zaius, Dr. Zaius was the main science-ape in the movie. Spotted by Ville Puhakka

Reference to Some important days - This is not an easter egg, but a funny thing. Your pip boy will say Happy New Year on 1st January, and stuff like that on some important dates. Spotted by Lot's of people...

Reference to Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion - In New Reno in the Cat's Paw one of the hookers says "I am America, you are me". Spotted by dumpyfrog

Reference to Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - The animated film "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" (1993) features a crime boss named Salvatore who needs an oxygen tank, just like the Salvatore in New Reno. Spotted by Dan O'Dwyer

Reference to Stanford & Sons - When you run over the ghoul in Broken Hils, he says "I'm coming Elizabeth", this is what Fred Stanford on Stanford & Sons tv show from the 70's always said. Clutching his chest and referring to dying since she had already passed on to the hereafter. Spotted by Jannamarie