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I remember the excitement when Interplay released some screenshots of Fallout 2 and one of them showing a brand new feature lot's of us cried for - "the Car"! Yes, traveling through the wasteland was fun, but it would be most fun doing that with transport vehicles. Normally, you'd get a chance to choose which random encounter you can encounter and which not. That was a great idea... But let's start from the beginning...
   When you arrive in The Den, you'll be given a chance to buy this car. Wait! Not all is that easy as it looks like. Smity, owner of a local junk yard, has this Chrysalis Motors Highwayman, but there is a catch. It cannot work without the Fuel Cell Controller!

   This is a fuel cell controller. Where to get it? In Gecko. Skeeter has it, but as you might have guessed, he won't sell it but instead wants something for it. He needs a super tool kit. If you had some luck, Smity in the Den might be selling one, so be sure to grab it. If not... well, you'll have to do some quests for a certain women in Vault City (no spoilers here, sorry).
Note: if you haven't patched your game, you can steal this part from Skeeter.

Get back into Den and give this part to Smity. Along with $2000 :) The car is yours. Hopefully, you don't need a drivers license, and how come you already know to drive a car, even if you're a simple tribesman?! DOn't ask me... Tip: Smity might have some fuel with him, so be sure to grab it as you'll get the next chance to buy fuel in San Francisco.

It would be an excellent thing to go to Klamath, Trapper Town and find a Fuel Cell Regulator. It'll save your fuel up to 50%! (I think this is the number). It is located in a deserted car that looks like this:

Search it and get this part. Give it to Smity (he'll ask $750) and he'll install it for you. You are now ready to rock and roll!
And one other thing! You now have your trunk, in which you can store many more items. More than you'll ever need!
Special notes: If you haven't patched your game, you'll surely encounter bugs with car. I do not recommend playing without patch!


When you buy this car, it'll come with 100% full tank. However, it'll be spending fuel, so eventually, you'll have to re-fuel it. To do that, you'll need Micro-Fusion Cells or Small Energy Cells. Small Energy Cell takes up to 5% of your storage inside the fuel tank, but Micro-Fusion Cell juice it up for entire 50%!
How to refuel this car?
Get your cursor over the car, switch it to second mode with your other mouse button and select . Your inventory window appears. Click on the desired fuel and it'll be filled up. That's it!

Have fun driving this Highwayman auto!