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     Vault 13

  • Capture water thief
    After some time, someone will attack guard at the water storage room and start stealing Vault's water supplies. That is your quest. Stop the water thief. One of the easiest ones. Just hide in 'water room' (#3 on the map), wait until 00.00 or 24.00 :).Talk with that water dweller and the quest is solved. 1000XP for capturing him, 500XP for killing him!
  • Stop rebel faction
    • Peacfully - Talk with her and make her belive you that Overseer means only good for dwellers. 750 exp
    • Violently - Find out about secret meetengs held in Theresa's room. Attend one and kill them.
  • Get the water chip
    The Water chip is in >Necropolis, hidden vault beneath the town. Return it to Overseer. 7500 exp.
    Note: Try to finish other Vault 13 quests before returning this water chip.
  • Find and destroy the Military Base
    This is the next quest you'll receive from overseer. 10.000 exp.
  • Kill the Master of the Mutants
    End of the game after this (if you destroyed the military base before this. Otherwise, game continues).
  •  Shady Sands

  • Talk to Katrina
    Just ask here everything you can for 250 exp.
  • Recruit Ian
    You can hire him or if your speech is good enough, you can recruit him for free. 100 exp.
  • Remove RadScorpion's treat
    You can do this in two ways.
    • First one - destroy Radscorpion's cave. If you examine the wall at the cave entrance, you'll notice a weaker part. Plant the explosives there (nearest can be found in Vault 15). You'll get 300 exp. without any fighting and risk of being poisoned.
    • On the other hand, you can kill them all. This can be very easy or somewhat hard to do, depending on your approch here. If you had some luck and managed to steal a hunting rifle from carvan guards, and if you have Ian as an NPC, this mini quest can be placed in a very easy category. 500 exp.

        Ps. Don't forget to take a Scorpions tail!

  • Get antidote
    If you have a rad scorpions tail, get it to Razlo, healer at Shady Sands. 250 exp.
  • Cure Jarvis with antidote
    Simply use the antidote Razlo gave you and cure him for 400 exp. He's in the back room at Razlo's.
  • Help to improve agriculture
    Find Curtis and teach him cropt rotation. You must have average intelligence (maybe science). 500 exp.
  • Rescue Tandy
    Rescue her from Raiders. Get more info from Khans's Raiders location.
  •  Vault 15

  • Reach the command center
    It's on level 3. Get there for 500 exp.
  •  Khan's Raiders

  • Join raiders
    500 exp. This is bad for your karma since you have to kill two slaves.
  • Rescue Tandy
    If you get her peacfully, you'll get 500 exp (plus 400 when you get her back to Shady Sands). If you kill all raiders and rescue her, you'll get nothing (since you made a risky move, she could get killed). There's many ways to rescue her, find out!
  • Kill Garl in hand to hand combat
    250 exp. There is a way to kill him witout even punching him! How? Find that out in
    cheats page!
  • Rescue slaves
    Just kill Garl (not in hand to hand combat) and you'll get 200 exp. per slave.
  •  Junk Town

  • Recruit Tycho
    First talk to Killian and get a job (Gizmo campaign). Then ask him to join. 300 exp. note: he can teach you some outdoorsman skill first time you talk to him.
  • Help Killian stop assassin
    Go to Killian's store and talk with him or buy/sel something. As soon as you finish your conversation, assassin will enter. Kill him and Killian will that you for saving his life. 400 exp. Funny thing is that I made to steal assassin's hunting rifle by blocking the way in store. That way, he'll just stand and wait for you to move away from door. In the meantime, steal his rifle and let him in. He'll try to kill killian in hand to hand combat (to bad that Killlian and his guards don't fight hand to hand, but use their regular weapons) 400 exp.
  • Get Gizmo's confession
    When/if you save Killian, he'll offer you a job. You must get a confession from Gizmo's attemp on Killian's life. You can do this in two ways. You can plant a bug (use steal and give bug to Gizmo) or you can use a tape recorder to get a confession (you'll need speech skill of 60%, I think so). 500 exp.
  • Kill Gizmo
    After getting a conffession, your next mission, if you choose to accept, is to kill Gizmo. It's easy since Killian and Lars are your team mates for this job. 600 exp.
  • Kill Killian
    If you're playing as a bad guy, instead of going for Gizmo you can a job from him and assasinate Killian. Note that after that, every guard in Junk town will attack you. 600 exp.
  • Recruit Dogmeat
    100 exp. for just walking near him in leater jacket or giving him iguana-on-a-stick.
  • Crack Killian's personal safe
    500 exp. It's hard since you need a little higher lockpick skill.
  • Save Saul and Trish's relatioship
    You have to talk to Trish, Skum Pitt waitress after Neal blows away a ganger, then go to Saul (the boxer), and ask him about his family. 250 exp.
  • Join the Skulz Gang
    You must steal Neal's urn to get this done. If you hand it over to Vinnie, you'll lose 1 karma and get 400 exp.
  • Turn against Skultz
    When you handle the urn to Vinnie, he'll ask you if you'd like to join them in Neal's assassination. You can kill Neal and kill the Skultz then, or you can tell Vinnie that you'll meet them over there (must do something first). Go to Lars, report what you can and then bust the Skultz gang. In both ways you'll get 300 exp.
  • Get Sherry's confession
    First tell her to get out of the gang, and then ask her, will she testify against Skultz. This is very hard, since you need high intelligence and speech. I made this only once and got 500 exp.
  • Save Sinthia
    Spend a night in hotel. You'll see a raider in a room next to yours. You can finish this peacfully for 1000 exp. or by killing that poor raider for 400 exp.
  •  The Hub

  • Locate Missing Caravans
    Go to the Far-Go Traders building and ask for a job, you will be asked to find out what happened to the missing Caravans.Then go and talk to Beth at the Weapons shop, then to Harold, then to Slappy, Slappy will then take you to the Deathclaw cave. Take out the Deathclaw, talk to the Mutant and get Holodisc. A total of 1900 exp for this one (800 exp talk to Harold, 100 exp for reading Holodisc another 1000 exp for the mission.)
  • Blackmail Iguana Bob
    For this little quest, you've had to have talked to the little guy in the basement of the Doctor Mordor's house in Junktown. He will tell you that Iguana Bob uses human parts for his food, blackmail him for a max of 150 caps per 5 days and 500 exp.
  • Find Circle Of Thieves
    Go to the eastern section of the Hub, go to the 3 building (1 down from top) and down the basement. Here you will find the Circle of Thieves, watch out for traps, 900 exp.
  • Steal Necklace from Merchant
    The Circle of Thieves will give you a quest to steal the necklace from the merchant (he's located in the western section of the Hub), steal it without killing him and get 500 exp and 3000 caps and an Electronic Lockpick.
  • Kill Merchant and Wife
    Go to the Maltese Falcon and talk to ..., he'll take you to Decker who will in turn give you this quest. Kill the merchant and his wife for an easy 3000 caps and 1600 exp, but be aware you might get bad Karma because of this.
  • Kill High Priestess Jain
    Again go to Decker at the Maltese Falcon, kill the High Priestess (located in the south section of the Hub) and all witnesses for 5000 caps and 1300 exp. Again bad karma, especially if you take out the kid, talk to him first and scare him away.
  • Buy water
    Go to the Water Merchants (located in the south section of the Hub) and you can buy water supplies for Vault 13, and gain an extra 100 days on the time limit and 1000 exp.
  • Buy Holodisc from Mrs Stapleton
    One of the first shops in the middle section of the Hub contains Mrs Stapleton, talk to her and you can buy a Holodisc containing locations of several vaults. 100 exp
  • Help Irwin
    Talk to Irwin (located inside a destroyed building just beside Iguana Bob) and if you have enough experience, you will be able to help him clean out his farm. 600 exp + .223 Pistol.
  •  Necropolis

  • Repair Well/Pump
    Go all the way north in Necropolis and located the Mutants, the well is just inside the building they are guarding. Repair it with the junk parts for 1000 exp.
  • Take out the Mutants
    Talk to Set and get this quest from him, take out the Mutants for 1400 exp.
  • Free inprisoned Ghoul
    In the same building as the well you will find a ghoul who's inprisoned, unlock the door and gain 500 exp.
  • Get Waterchip
    Go down the ladder on the 3 prison room (same room as the well), and get to level 3 and get the Water Chip for 1000 exp.
  •  Brotherhood of Steel

  • Join the brotherhood
    EXP: 2000. Reward: Weapon of your choice, 3 boxes of ammuniten and combat armor. Received from: Cabbot. Location: The brotherhood, Outside.
  • Rescue Initiate
    EXP: 1500. Reward: Power armor. Received from: Talus. Location: The Brotherhood, First floor.
  • Find the military base
    EXP: 1500. Received from: General Maxson. Location: The Brotherhood, Fourth floor.
  • Gain the assitance of the brotherhood
    Gain the assitance of the brotherhood. EXP: 1500. Location: The brotherhood, Fourth floor.
  • Fix Power armor
    EXP: 500. Reward: Power armor. Received from: Brotherhood knight. Location: The brotherhood, Armory.
  •  LA Boneyard

  • Fix Adytum's hydroponic farm
    EXP: none. Received from: Myles. Location: Boneyard, Adytum.
  • Kill the deathclawes
    EXP: 1000. Reward: Equipment for yourself/for the blades. Received from: The gun runners. Location: Boneyard, Downtown.
  • End the Regulators reign
    EXP: 2000. Received from: Razor. Location: Boneyard, Razor's camp.
  • Upgrade Plasma rifle
    Received from: Smitty. Location: Boneyard, Adytum.
  • Upgrade Power armor
    Received from: Myles. Location: Boneyard, Adytum.
  • Recruit Katja
    EXP: 200. Received from: No one. Location: Boneyard, Followers of the apocalypse.
  •  Mariposa military base

  • Enter the base
    You gain 1,500 experience points for tricking the mutant guards. You gain 2,000 experience points for sneaking into the depths of the military base without getting caught
  • Hack into forcefield system
    EXP: 800. Location: Mariposa, First floor.
  • Kill the Lieutenant
    EXP: 7500. Location: Mariposa, last floor.
  • Destroy the Vats
    EXP: 10,000. Received from: The overseer. Location: Mariposa, last floor.
  •  The cathedral

  • Kill Morpheus
    EXP: 1000. Received from: No one. Location: the cathedral, last floor.
  • Discover Mariposa's location
    EXP: 1250. Received from: No one. Location: The master's vault, first floor.
  • Talk with Gideon
    EXP: 1000. Reward: nullifier. Received from: No one. Location: The master's vault, second floor.
  • Release prisoners
    EXP: 2000. Received from: No one. Location: The master's vault, second floor.
  • Stop the Master
    EXP: 10,000. Received from: The Overseer. Location: The Master's vault, third floor.