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Armor List

Here is a list of offsets for all of the different armor values that there are in Fallout 2 (for use with the armor pro files). Hex offset 124 (7C-hex) is what a male hero will look like in the armor. Hex offset 128 (80-hex) is what a female hero will look like in the armor.


Hex Value Armor Type Frame File
00 -Reserved reserv.frm
01 -Neutral power or hardened power hpowr.frm
02 -Neutral purple robes or bridge keeper harobe.frm
03 -Female combat, combat Mk II or brotherhood hfcmbt.frm
04 -Female vault 13 hfjmps.frm
05 -Female leather or leather Mk II hflthr.frm
06 -Female leather jacket or combat leather jacket hfmaxx.frm
07 -Female metal, tesla or metal Mk II hfmetl.frm
08 -Male, black vault 13 hmbjmp.frm
09 -Male, black metal armor hmbmet.frm
0A -Male combat, combat Mk II or brotherhood hmcmbt.frm
0B -Male v13 hero hmjmps.frm
0C -Leather or leather Mk II hmlthr.frm
0D -Leather jacket or combat leather jacket hmmaxx.frm
0E -Metal, tesla or metal Mk II hmmetl.frm
0F -Brahmin mabrom.frm
10 -Dog maddog.frm
11 -Mr. Handy mahand.frm
12 -Reserved reserv.frm
13 -Mole rat mamrat.frm
14 -Black leather mutant mamtn2.frm
15 -Green mutant mamtnt.frm
16 -Big rad-scorpion mascrp.frm
17 -Floater masphn.frm
18 -Rat masrat.frm
19 -Centaur mathng.frm
1A -Blue robe nablue.frm
1B -Child nachld.frm
1C -Ghoul (green) naghul.frm
1D -Glowing one naglow.frm
1E -Helmetless powerarmor napowr.frm
1F -Neutral monk (brown robe) narobe.frm
20 -Reserved reserv.frm
21 -Female blonde skirt nfbrlp.frm
22 -Female punk with mohawk nfmaxx.frm
23 -Female metal armor (yellow pants) nfmetl.frm
24 -Female traveller nfpeas.frm
25 -Female in rags (addict or prostitute) nftrmp.frm
26 -Female red head v13 nfvred.frm
27 -Black male peasant nmbpea.frm
28 -Male farmer nmbrlp.frm
29 -Bald male peasant nmbsnp.frm
2A -Male, red haired midget nmgrch.frm
2B -Bald male peasant (yellow clothes) nmlosr.frm
2C -Bald leather armor nmlthr.frm
2D -Male long hair leather jacket nmmaxx.frm
2E -Reserved reserv.frm
2F -Reserved reserv.frm
30 -Peasant with blue cap nmpeas.frm
31 -Reserved reserv.frm
32 -Reserved reserv.frm
33 -Deathclaw maclaw.frm
34 -Mantis mamant.frm
35 -Robo Brain marobo.frm
36 -Security robot mkI mafeye.frm
37 -Neutral pig rat mamurt.frm
38 -Neutral brown robes nabrwn.frm
39 -Male doctor (bloody shirt) nmdocc.frm
3A -Neutral death-claw egg madegg.frm
3B -Neutral small rad-scorpion mascp2.frm
3C -Neutral small death claw maclw2.frm
3D -Female tribeswoman (hero) hfprim.frm
3E -Male tribesman (hero) hmwarr.frm
3F -Female tribeswoman (long hair) nfprim.frm
40 -Male tribesman with black mohawk nmwarr.frm
41 -Neutral death plant maplnt.frm
42 -MKII Sentry Bot marobt.frm
43 -Neutral little gecko magko2.frm
44 -Neutral golden gecko nmgcko.frm
45 -Male vault suit (vault city) nmvault.frm
46 -Neutral cyber dog or k-9 macybr.frm
47 -Neutral adv. power or adv. power Mk II hanpwr.frm
48 -Male, black tux nmnice.frm
49 -Female dressed up nfnice.frm
4A -Female vault (vault city) nfvalt.frm
4B -Neutral cyber dog or k-9 macybr.frm
4C -Neutral god rat (red eyes) mabran.frm
4D -Neutral blue tux casino guard nmbonc.frm
4E -Neutral black tux casino guard nmbrsr.frm
4F -Neutral ghoul (like lenny) navgul.frm
50 -Neutral alien malien.frm
51 -Neutral fire gecko mafire.frm
52 -Shi male asian nmasia.frm
53 -Lynette nflynn.frm
54 -Neutral black robes nawhit.frm
55 -Frank horrigan maboss.frm
56 -Grey alien maquen.frm
57 -Police nmcopp.frm
58 -Myron nmmyrn.frm
59 -Doctor white labcoat nmlabb.frm
5A -Neutral double plasma turret magun2.frm
5B -Vic nmfatt.frm
5C -Red Shi guard nmrgng.frm
5D -Blue Shi guard nmgang.frm
5E -Female Shi peasant nfasia.frm
5F -Male, dark hit man nmmexi.frm
60 -Boxer nmboxx.frm
61 -Ant maantt.frm
62 -Old man nmoldd.frm
63 -Goris(robed) marobe.frm
64 -Goris(unrobed) madeth.frm
65 -Neutral auto-cannon turret magunn.frm
66 -Neutral dead top frank horrigan mabos2.frm


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Originally started by Grendelin
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