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Guide: Combat AI

This document describes data\ai.txt, which controls combat AI. The file format is straightforward, so I just explain each field and its possible values.

Field Description
aggression Aggressiveness. Value ranges from 0 to 100.
When attack begins, the game randomly picks a number between these two values, and shows the battle cry message corresponding to the number. Refer to text\english\game\combatai.msg.

Example: the values for "Arroyo Elder" are 2640 and 2651, and line #1511 - 1522 of text\english\game\combatai.msg are the corresponding battle cry messages.

The same as above, except this time the battle cries will be shown when the critter's eyes are hit.
The chance that the critter will shout battle cries. If 0, it remains silent during combat.
font Font used to show battle cries. Values can be 101, 102, 103, 104
area_attack_mode Burst. Refer to FO2 manual pp.74. Values can be always, sometimes, be_sure, be_careful be_absolutely_sure
attack_who Values can be whomever_attacking_me, strongest, weakest, whomever, closest
best_weapon Values can be random, no_pref, never, unarmed , melee, ranged, ranged_over_melee ,melee_over_ranged
distance Values can be charge, on_your_own, stay, stay_close , snipe
disposition Values can be coward, defensive, aggressive, berserk
run_away_mode Values can be none, coward, finger_hurts, bleeding, not_feeling_good, tourniquet, never

I've tried to modify some fields like disposition and aggression, but it seems of no effect.


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