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 Fallout - Vault 13

Vault 13

Caves - Vault Entrance Level 1 - Entrance Level 2 - Living Quarters Level 3 - Command Center Vault 13


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    This is the starting spot. There's nothing much here except one dead body you can search for some bullets and 500 exp. if you kill all the enemies.

  • 1. Entrance to Vault 13
  • 2. Ed, has some bullets and a knife.
  • 3. World map


    • Rats - nothing tough. Has about 5 hit points and less than 5 or 6 action points.

 Level 1 - Entrance

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    1. Vault Exit - Leave the safety of your Vault

    2. Elevator - use it to reach levels 2 and 3

    3. Vault Doctor - He can heal you.

    4. Wall locker - search for 2 flares

 Level 2 - Living Quarters

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    1. Elevator - Use it to move between levels in your Vault

    2. Stop the mutiny quest - Just talk. There's couple of options and you must choose the right ones. Good intelligence and speech needed to peacefully solve this one. On the other hand, waste them!

    3. Living quarters, get some info here

    4. Living quarters, get some info here

 Command Center

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    1. Elevator - Use it to move between levels in your Vault

    2. Information terminal - where you make reports about your travels.

    3. Science Computers
    Use your science skill to get some exp. (250) from these computers.

    4. Leisure room

    5. Lockers and chests

    Search and find:

    • First Aid kit
    • Mentatsmentats.gif (1019 bytes)
    • 2x Stimpak


    • 10mm Pistol
    • 96x 10mm JHP bullets
    • 4x Knife
    • Shotgun
    • 40x Shotgun bullets
    In front of this room you will find:

    Water Guard
    Catch the water thief quest - After some time, someone will attack him and start stealing Vault's water supplies. That is your quest. Stop the water thief. One of the easiest ones. Just hide in 'water room' (#3 on the map), wait until 00.00 or 24.00 :). Talk with that water thief and the quest is solved.Easy exp.

    6. Weapons locker guard. You can talk her into giving you access to some low-level weaponry.

    7. Main computer terminals, including the computer holding the water chip.

    8. Overseer
    Talk to him. He can help sometimes...