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 Fallout - Shady Sands

Shady Sands

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  • 1. World Map
  • 2. Entrance To Shady Sands
    Seth - Leader of the Guards. He'll take you to the RadScorpion cave and give you some info about Tandy.
    Katrina - Ask her all questions and get 250 exp.
  • 3. Ian - NPC
    He can give you locations of The Hub and Junktown. You'll get 100 exp. if he join you in your quests for saving the world.
    • x100 .223 FMJ ammo
    • x20 BB's ammo
  • 4. Razlo - Shady Sands doctor.
    -If you get him one tail from Stop the RadScorpions quest, you'll get exp. and one antidote. Use the antidote on Jarvis for another 400exp.
    -Razlo can heal you for a price. -Bookcase - sneak while searching this. Razlo can spot you!
    • Medi Kit
    • x5 Stimpaks
    • Doctor's bag
    • First Aid book
  • 5. Aradesh - He's the leader of the Shady Sands people. He gives you two quests:
    • Stop the Rad Scorpions - Talk to Seth and tell him to show you the way to the RadScorpions cave. There' you can either kill all of them or place explosives at the weakend wall near the entrance. I recommand you to kill them all. Take one tail (by searching body's of dead scorpions) and take it to Razlo (#7 location). Give him and you'll get 250 exp. Oh yes. Plus 500 exp. for solving this quest. Report back to Aradesh. Leave town and come back to get the next quest
    • Rescue Tandy - Raider clan near Shady Sands kiddnaped Tandy. Your mission is to save her. First talk to Seth and then click here to go to Raiders base. There you'll find all the info you need to rescue Tandy.
  • 6. To Garden
  • 7. Bookcase
    • Scout Handbook
  • 8. Armed guards.
  • 9. Bookcase
    • x5 rocks
    • Stimpak
    • Knife
  • 10. Cook - If you have high perception or charisma (I'm not sure which one), you can give her compliments about food she's making. Your karma will go up for 1.


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  • 1. To Shady Sands Entrance
  • 2. Curtis - Weater beaten farmer
    Quest to help improve the agriculture of Shady Sands - Just talk to him and tell him about crop rotation. You must have high intelligence (8+ I think). Small cheat: or you can press "Tell me about" and type in "crop rotation".
  • 3. Brahmin Pen
  • 4. BookCase
    • Scout Handbook - Use it and gain outdoorsmen skill
    • Rope - Use it in Vault 15

 RadScorpions Cave

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  • Kill all RadScorpions/Close the entrance!
  • 1. To Shady Sands