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 Fallout - Raiders Camp

Raiders Camp

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 Raiders Camp

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1. Garl - Leader of the Raiders clan. If you fight him in the early stages of the game, he's a tough opponent. If you can't take him out in HtH combat but want to kill him for his stuff (metal armor, Desert Eagle), you're in for a tough fight. Planting dynamite on him before you start helps (might hurt slaves!), or pumping a burst from an SMG into him.
Rescue Slaves quest - By killing Garl, you're solving this quest for 400 exp.

The Fridge
fridge.gif (2200 bytes)

  • Dynamite
  • x5 Shotgun Shells
  • Shotgun
  • Leather Jacket
  • Lockpicks
  • Bottle Caps


  • x40 Shotgun Shells
  • x80 .44 Magnum FMJ


  • x2 Molotov Coctai

2. Rescue Tandi - You can talk to Garl first and ask him to free Tandy by either threatening him or paying some caps (Note: If you pay them bottle caps or give something of equal value, Aradesh will pay you back, you're loosing nothing!). Or you can sneak from the back of the house to #5 location, lockpick doors and get away. If you take Tandy peacfully (no shooting) you'll get 500 exp. On the other hand I think you'll get nothing.
One more option is to fight Garl one on one. If you win, Tandy is yours. You'll also get Garls stuff but you loose 400 exp. for not freeing Garl's slaves! Garl can be defeated very easy in one on one combat with this bug: Just after you two find yourself one on one, press 'A'. You must do this before Garl attacks. So, you have this first strike. But no, do not hit that poor Garl. Just finish combat mode ('enter' key) and talk to him. That's it. He'll give you his weapons and his metal armor!!!!! Check more bugs/cheats here!
Return Tandy to Shady Sands - You'll get 400 exp. for escorting Tandy back to Shady Sands. There's a certan bug in this part. She become your follower if you don't get her back. Another NPC!

Note! There is also one great way to free Tandy. If you have highcharisma and a leather jacket, you can pretend to be Garl's father. Be tough with him and he'll free Tandy for free.

3. World Map


You'll encounter only man and women here. Most of them use Desert Eagles but you'll find that also many of them use spears. Ian can be very helpfull here if you give him SMG that can be found in Vault 15. Just stay out of his way. :)