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 Fallout - Junktown


Entrance Crash House Casino index.gif (82245 bytes)


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1. To world map.

2. Entrance to junk town. Closed at night and the guard doesn't like you carrying a drawn weapon.

3. Lars - chief of Junk Town's law forces. He'll give you the quest to Bust the Skulz Gang. How? Two ways.

  • Go to Casino location and go to the Skum pit bar. You must wait until one of the gang members hits Trish. Neal, the bar owner will shoot that ganger. Others will retreat. Now go to Crash House location. Go to hotel and speak with the leader of the Skulz gang. DO what he asks and then report to Lars (don't go to kill Neal) and help him get rid of that Skultz gang.
  • For this one you must have good intelligence, speak and average charisma. You'll have to talk to Sherry after that incident in the Skum pit. Come back after some amount of time (I don't know how much is necessary, I came back after a month but you sure don't need to wait that long...maybe a day). Then talk her into testifying against Skultz. That's it.

4. Guardhouse.

5. Prison, where they put the Skullz if you put them in jail. And where you might well end up if you don't watch it.

6. Dr. Morbid - he can fix you. Oh yes. He's in a 'sort' of a deal with Iguana Bob. He sells human body parts and Bob makes fake iguana-on-a-stick's. There's a certain bug here. You can't report that to either Hub's or Junktown's law enforcers. Everything you do is bad for your char. You either loose karma or you loose karma :)

Bookcase behind him contains:

  • x5 Rocks
  • x3 Fragmentation Grenades
  • Shaft goes down to Doc Morbid's "secret room" (#8).

7. To the Crash house location

8. Dr. Morbid's secret room. Watch when opening locker over there. It's trapped and the midget is watching it. This is in there:

  • Doctor's bag
  • x96 10mm JHP ammo
  • x72 10mm AP ammo
  • x800 caps

Ladder leads back up to Dr. Morbid's house.

9. Midget, Doc Morbid's assistant, cuts up dead bodies for Morbid. You can find out all about Morbid's practices from this guy.



  • Nuke cola
  • fruit
  • booze
  • beer

Ice Chest
icechest.gif (937 bytes)

  • x72 10mm JHP
  • x72 10mm AP

11. After 80 days, the inhabitant of this building will be displaced to make room for a member of the Children of the Cathedral, who can heal you if you're hurt or poisoned. There's nothing you can do to stop this from happening.


There's no one here except guards and brahmins.

 Crash House

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1. To Entrance

2. Killian Darkwater - mayor of Junk Town. He'll give you the quest to Secure Gizmo's confession. Generally, this can be ranked as very easy quest. Killian will give you one bug and tape recorder. You can either plant the bug (use steal on Gizmo and then give him the bug) or talk to him and make him confess why he want's Killian's head. Head back and report this to Killian. That's it. 500 easy exp. Now, Killian is gonna ask you to assist him and Lars for Help to defeat Gizmo. Kill Gizmo and get another 600 exp.
Note: It is possible to work for Gizmo and kill Killian. Click here for more info

The tables carry the following stuff, which can be found only if you kill Killian.

  • Shotgun
  • x20 Shotgun shells
  • x100 .44 Magnum JHP ammo
  • x44 10mm JHP ammo
  • x24 10mm JHP ammo
  • x200 .223 FMJ ammo
  • x2 Knife
  • x2 Dynamite

Other table:

  • Leather Jacket
  • Leather Armor

Other table:

  • x5 Stimpak
  • x8 Fruit
  • Geiger Counter
  • x2 First Aid kit
  • x2 Doctor's Bag
  • Key ring- I don't know the purpose of this item. If you know, please mail me.
  • Back pack
  • Rope
  • 2x Bags

The closed-off room can be entered by lock-picking it at night, opening the door and walking in during the daytime. Killian will not like it if you touch the door while he's there, but he doesn't mind your walking through it. The room contains: Bookcase

  • Hunting Rifle


  • Backpack
  • Rope


  • Mentats


  • Red Ryder BB Gun

Killian's personal safe - lockpick it and get 500 exp. (pretty tough lock)

  • Scout handbook
  • x4 Stimpak
  • x3 Knife
  • x900 caps
  • Desert Eagle .44

3. The Crash house hotel lobby - rent a room here. Go and rest until morning. This is where another quest shows up. Rescue Sinthia from mad raider and get 1000 exp. This is one very easy quest. All you need is to talk with the guy. However, to do it succesfully (i.e. everyone survives) you need high speech, which'll give you access to free sex with the prostitute Sinthia.

The fridge contains some food.

4. The Skulz gang including the leader - Check Lars for more details about this quest.

5. To Casino

6. Sherry - she's the key character if you want to bust the Skultz gang peacefully. Check Lars for more details.


There's no one here except guards and Skultz gangers. And they're very easy to handle with.


To top

1. To Crash House

2. Dogmeat - If you give him iguana-on-a-stick or just walk to him in leather jacket, he'll join you as the NPC. For recruiting this everyone's favorite NPC you'll get 100 exp. And a hell of a friend!

3. Gambling tables, if you're feeling lucky.

4. gizmo.gif (2699 bytes)Gizmo - owner of the casino. You'll have to kill him or take his mission to  Eliminate Killian Darkwater. You don't need to think much about this one. Intellectually, this is very easy, but Killian has 3 guards around him, and that is all the trouble you'll encounter on this quest. Well, just note that all Junktown's guards will attack you afterwards. 600 exp. for this one.

5. Neil's bar. Closed at night. Contains some semi-important NPCs during daytime, as well as one important item:

Ismarc the singer - ask him about Brotherhood and L.A. Boneyard locations.

Tycho - another NPC. He's the member of Desert Rangers and he'll join you only if you have Killian's quest to kill Gizmo. 300 exp. for recruiting him.
He can also teach you outdoorsman skill.

Trish - After the incident where she is knocked down by a Skullz member, talk to her to find out she is having trouble with her boyfriend, Saul (see #6)

Neil - an ally in killing the Skullz, you can also give him back his urn if you took it.

Neil's urn - steal to become a SKullz member. Best stolen during night hours, when you can enter through the side-door at the right. -1 karma

6. Boxing ring, you can make bets on matches here. At times you can find Saul near the ring:Saul the boxer - First talk to Trish the waitress at Skum pit after that incident (one of the gangers must hit her). Get back and speak with Saul and save Saul and Trish's relationship (talk about Trish, must have average intelligence and good speech skill).

7. To world map.


Gizmo's guard (has no weapons) if you're killing Gizmo or guards if you're up against Killian.
Or no one if you mind your own business.