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 Fallout - Vault 15

The Hub Trading Co.

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1. To world map.

2. Caravans - Nothing of note here, though you can gather some information. Mat will put multiple locations on your world map if you ask about carts.

3. Brahmin pens - a great source of food, not a very good source of info.

4. Dan - gather some info here.

5. Deputy Fry - gather some info here.

6. Gunther - gather some info here.

7. To Downtown.


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1. To Entrance.

2. Crimson caravan - the most dangerous and most highly-paid caravan company out there, and thus bound to be a favourite for adventurers looking for cash and XP. Work for them for 600 caps. Check the desk in their office. The boss'll give you some stuff if he likes you.

3. Far Go Traders office. Rutger can be found in the front room, report to him and then go to Butch Harris, the Head men of Far Go traders. He's gonna give you the Missing Caravans quest. Go and talk with Beth (#10). Find out about old Harold the mutant. Go to Old Town location and talk with Harold. Ask him about the Deathclaw. Then talk to that loony outside Harold's house and make him take you to the deathclaws cave. Search the body of super mutants and read the holodisk. Get that holodisk to Rutger. 1000exp.

4. To Old Town.

5. The Maltese Falcon - a non-descript, seedy kind of place.

6. Kane - Decker's guard. You'll have to fight against him if you choose to work with sheriff.
Tip: Barter with him before fight (first time you come here) and take his stimpaks.

7. Mitch's store - You can buy ropes, stimpaks, some books and other stuff here. Nothing special....

8. Library - This is the place where you can buy books for improving skills. You can also buy one holodisc (the Vault Locations holodisc) here, 100 experience when you read it.

9. Lorenzo Munificent - You can loan some caps here. My advice is to kill him. Police wont get into fight here cause it suits them to get rid of Lorenzo.
Lorenzo keeps his money in that safe. There is a way that You can get 3000 caps from him! How? If you talk to him and take out a loan he will only let you get 200 initially. He says he wants you to build up credit before he lets you have the max 1000 caps. But if you agree to take the 200 and then talk to him again you get the option to pay back your it since a day hasn't passed so you won't be charged any interest and you can then be able to get the next higher amount (400 caps). Keep doing this until you hit the 1000 caps limit. Progression is 200, 400, 600, 800, and then 1000 caps. After you get the 1000 caps don't pay it back. Instead kill him and then get his cash in the safe. It should still contain 2000 caps. In this way you get 3000 caps instead of 2000. Thanx to Gary Wolfe for this tip.

Lorenzo's safe (hard to pick) - 2000 caps. Search the bookshelf and get

  • x15 Flame-thrower fuel
  • x2 plasma grenade
  • x2 Grenade
  • First aid kit
  • Mentats
  • Tools
  • 3x Flare
  • Buffout

10. Beth's weapon shop - She can tell you about deathclaws, which'll lead you to Harold. She can tell you about lots else if you're curious. She also sells weapons, at a discount if you work for Far Go Traders (if you've taken Butch's quest). Beth also likes it if you killed Decker, she'll give you six stimpacks.

11. Sheriff Justin Greene - Talk to Kane (#6). Ask for a job. He'll take you to see Decker. Find out about the job but don't accept. Go and report that crime to sheriff. Assist him in Taking out Decker. 1400 exp. plus some caps...

12. To Heights.

13. Irvine - Get rid of the small raider group that took his farm under their control. You'll get one .223 gun as a reward. Call it unique item. Good weapon for Ian if you have no use for it.

14. Iguana Bob - is working with Dr.Morbid from JunkTown. Doc gives the meat, Bob sells it.
DeadTom's tip how to get unlimited cash from Iguana Bob:

First you need to make sure you've visited Doc Morbid's joint and learned that he is selling body parts to Bob, who in turn is making iguana-on-a-stick from them. Pressure Bob into paying you for not telling a soul about his secret (you know extortion, blackmail, etc. :]). Then you keep striking up a conversation with him to tell him that your expenses are high and you're going to have to ask for more cash. Progressivley, every time you talk to him he gives you money, not once a day, but EVERY TIME you talk to him. Even if your hitting him up for more. I've hit him up for as much as 5000 caps a payoff. I stopped there because I didn't want to push my luck. NOTE: DON"T ask Bob for all he's got, since he'll say no and start up a fight with you. This method of moneymaking puts a MAJOR hit on your karma. SECOND NOTE: the ability to constantly extort Bob is removed by the patch, and you'll only be able to do it every 5 days. No infinite money

15. To Water Merchants.

 Old Town

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1. To Down Town.

2. Jake's Weapons - This is your first stop to get better weapons and combat armor. Super sledge, sniper rifle and combat armor can all be gotten here. First time you talk to Jake, make sure you ask him about radiation drugs, else you won't be able to shop in the drug store (#3).

3. Drug store - This is the place where you can but Rad X, Rad away, stimpmak's and other drugs.

4. Entrance to the Thief's guild. Be warned that there's a few traps there and three locked doors. Once you get past all these obstacles, you'll find your self in the Thief's guild. Talk with Loxley and you'll get 900 exp. He'll give you the quest to Steal the Necklace from Darren Hightower. He's located in the heights location. Your reward is 500 experience points, 3000 bottle caps and electronic lockpick. That's not everything. You'll have the help of one lockpick and couple of flares. If you can call that help. For detailed tactic how to steal that necklace, go to the Heights page.

5. Captured brotherhood member - Set him free and you can get Powered armor from their base. You need more than 5 points in your charisma! Talk to Talus (BoS lvl1 #2 location).
There are four guards here. They can be pretty easy to kill with this tip. There's one guy walking in front of the door of that house. If you wait a minute or two, he'll try to get inside. Enter combat mode as soon as he stand and blocks the door so no one can get our. You'll have to stand by the window and throw bombs inside (or just shoot them). Be sure to move away from window at the end of your turn so you don't get a bullet in your head.

6. Slappy - this guy's gonna show you the deathclaw's cave so you can solve the Missing caravans quest. You need to talk to Harold (#7) first.

7. Harold the mutant - If you talk with him, you'll find some interesting stuff and a clue of who is the Master mutant. Also, he can tell you some stuff about Deathclaw's, but in order to get this option in your conversation, you need to speak with Bet from downtown location.


Four guys are here that can cause some trouble. But they're gonna attack you only if you enter the house at #5 location.

 Water Merchants

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1. To Downtown.

2. Jane - This is the person you'll have to eliminate if you take a quest from Decker. Don't kill the child because your karma will be lowered for one point.

Jane is the leader of the local Children of the Cathedral church. In the church you'll also find a doctor willing to heal you.

3. Water Merchants - You can work for them or buy water for your Vault. You'll get another 100 days to find the water chip and 1000 exp. In the old version, this will subtract 100 days of your time limit to find the Master.

4. Midget - gives you details on the caravan schedule.


Jane's two guards, followers. Easy


To top

1. To Downtown.

2. Guards house.

3. Hightower's house. Contains two quest goals:

Strong box - Trapped and locked strongbox in which you can find the necklace, item you need to bring to Loxley to join the Thief's guild. How to get it without engaging Darren's guards? Wait until it is night so two of the guards go in the guards house. So, there's just two of them here to cover more ground. Door guard at #3 location is going to patrol from time to time. So, that leaves the entrance to house unguarded. That is your chance to get in. Wait at the corner of the building and run inside. Get the necklace (don't worry, you don't need to disarm that trap, just activate it, guard wont be alarmed) and get out of there.

Darren Hightower - You'll need to assassinate him if you take that quest from Decker at downtown. Wait until it gets dark, sneak at back of the house and shoot him through the window.


Tough guards. Well, they are hard to kill if you visit this area early in the game. But with Powered Armor and an Alien Blaster, this one's a piece of cake.