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 Fallout - L.A. Boneyard

L.A. Boneyard

L.A. Boneyard maps created by Tim Strutt

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1. Zimmerman - Leader of Adytum. He is controled by Regulators, but you'll have to find out about that. One note about his quest: He cannot be saved. He always dies or attack

2. Caleb - leader of Regulators. I havent found out anything useful to with him

3. Smitty - He can upgrade your Plasma Rifle to Turbo Plasma rifle if you finish a quest for Miles.

4. Miles - Chemist in Adytum. He'll give you one quest. To find a piece of junk to repair his farms. Junk is located in Warehouse location. When you get this done, he can upgrade your powered armor to hardened powered armor.

5. Lorraine - scavenger

6. Sammael - scav

7. Chuck - farmer. Tarrot card reader. If you play this right, you get +1 to your luck.

8. Ladder to traders

9. Ladder to Zimmermans room

10. Ladder to mushroom farm

11. Exit grid - To Downtown

12. Exit grid - To world map.


  • Regulators - all sort of. With combat armor, and with metal armors...
  • Adytum inhabitants.

 Adytum Underground

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1. Tine - Trader.

2. Zimmerman's room - search the bookcase for some medic items

3. Mushroom farm


  • none


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1. Razor - Leader of the Blades.

2. MacRae - Door Guard. He can teach you some skills after you kill all the regulators.

3. Greg - paraniod guy. I havent found what do with him.

4. Exit Grid - Adytum

5. Exit Grid - Library

6. Exit Grid - Warehouse


  • Blades Members


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1. Gabriel - Leader of the Gunruners. You get the Kill the Deathclaws quest from him. Kill the mother deathclaw in Warehouse underground location. Come back for 1000 exp. Keep coming back for more!

2. Zack - trader. After you kill Mother deathclaw, ask for discount.

3. Gunrunner guard - ask him to move so you could get into Gunrunners house

4. Lockers - can only be accesed by killing all of the gunrunners or making them leave. Contains lots of weapons and ammo.

5. Exit Grid - Downtown


  • Gunnrunners - every one of them have combat armor and good rifles.


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1. Nicole - Leader of the Followers of the Apocalypse. She'll give you quest to kill Morpheus at the cathedral.

2. Katja - NPC. She's good with throwing knifes and submachine gun.

3. Christopher - bounty hunter.

4. Stairs down to Library Underground

5. Ice Chest - knifes, clubs

6. Robes

7. Ice chest - stimpacks, rad-x

8. Fridge - stimpacks, fruit, doctors bag

9. Exit Grid - Downtown

10. Exit grid - To world map.


  • Followers
  • Thugs

 Library Underground

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1. Talius - mutants. Previous Vault 13 waterchip quest person. Can give you flamethrower.

2. Stairs Up - to Library

3. Ice chest - knifes


  • Followers


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1. Stairs down - to Deathclaw lair

2. Death merchamt - junk part for Miles

3. Desk - shotgun shells, booze

4. Exit Grid - to Downtown

5. Exit grid - to Fortress


  • Deathclaws

 Warehouse Underground

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1. Mother Deathclaw

2. Deathclaw eggs

3. Stairs up - to Warehouse

4. Lockpicks


  • Mother Deathclaw

LA Boneyard maps created by Tim Strutt