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   Fallout Items - Books  

Big Book of Science
5 400 A set of books, containing information about different scientific fields.
Deans Electronics
1 130 A study book on the field of electronics. A note on the cover says that it is for the "budding young electrician in everyone!"
Scout Handbook
1 200 A book on the methods and ideals of Scouting. Very practical information regarding outdoor life.
First Aid Book
1 175 A study book on the concepts and practical use of first aid skills.
Guns and Bullets
1 425 A gun rag. A magazine devoted to the practical use of firearms, and the occasional biased review.
Chemistry Journals
10 1000 A random pile of literature regarding the field of Chemistry. The papers on Molecular Chemistry are particularly interesting. (Quest item. For getting your Powered Armor hardened.)
Technical Manual
1 200 A technical repair manual on the T-51b Power Armor.
Cat's Paw Magazine
1 50 No use. These will be very rare after 70 years.