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   Fallout Items - Armour  

Leather Jacket
A black, heavy leather jacket.
Leather Armour
Your basic all leather apparel. Finely crafted from tanned brahmin hide.
Metal Armour
Polished metal plates, crudely forming a suit of armor.
Combat Armour
High tech armor, made out of advanced defensive polymers.
Brotherhood of Steel Combat Armour
A superior version of Combat Armor. The Brotherhood of Steel have made many improvements over the standard version.
Power Armour
A self-contained suit of advanced technology armor. Powered by a micro-fusion reactor, with enough fuel to last a hundred years.
Hardened Power Armour
A suit of T-51b Power Armor. The hardening process has improved the defensive capability of this high-tech armor system.
Tesla Armour
This shining armor provides superior protection against energy attacks. The three Tesla Attraction Coil Rods disperse a large percentage of directed energy attacks.
Robes from the Children of the Cathedral.