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 Fallout 1 Talking Heads

Click on thumbnails to see full sized head images!

Over here is the list of all actors giving their voices to these talking heads

Overseer - leader of Vault 13

Aradesh - Leader of the Shady Sands people

Tandi - Daughter of Aradesh

Killian Darkwater - Mayor of JunkTown

Gizmo - Killian's counterpart

Butch of Far Go traders

Harold the mutant

Decker - H.U.B.'s bad guy

Loxley - leader of the Thiefs Circle

set - Ghoul leader

Harry - Super-mutant

Cabbot - GateKeeper in BoS base

Rhombus - Head BoS Paladin

General Maxson - High Elder for BoS

Nicole - Leader of the Followers






Master's lieutenant