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   Fallout Character - Karma  

These are the effects of the choices you make during the game.

Reputation (General)
This is a ranged stat that represents your general reputation. The higher the number, the better known and respected you are. If your rep is negative, you are hated by some for your evil actions.
You have killed a large number of people. This is generally not a good thing to get known for. People from the wrong side of the track will like you a little more, however.
Your actions have revealed you to be a champion of the people. You war against evil and villainy is widely known. Honorable people will respect you better.
You have killed children, the youth of the wasteland. This is considered to be a really bad thing. You evil, evil person.
Nuka Cola Craving
  You thoroughly enjoy Nuka-Cola, the cola of the post-nuclear world.
Buffout Craving
  You crave the chem Buffout. You must take this chem on an ongoing basis or suffer the effects of downtime.
Mentats Craving
  You are suffering from Mentat craving. You must take this particular chem or suffer downtime.
Psycho Craving
  You have a chem craving. If you do not take Psycho on a regular schedule, you will suffer. If you do, others will suffer.
RadAway Craving
  Your body craves Radaway. While not life threatening, you must take it regularly.
Alcohol Craving
  You have a problem with alcohol. Actually, you have many problems with your drinking habits.