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Fallout 1 walkthrough by Tom Jansen

This is a walkthrough. This means that this is the way that I solve the quests. It may be possible to solve quests in an other way. If I know of an other way I will state it.

General tips
Search every shelf, locker, desk, footlocker, dead person, etc. You will find useful items that way, if only for bartering purposes.
Steal, steal, steal. Steal from everybody. Certainly in the beginning of the game, items or few and far between. Remember to save before you steal from somebody. Besides it gives you some exp. points every time you steal from someone.
After a combat, it is recommended to reload. You don't wont to run out of ammo in the middle of a fight because it uses up valuable action points.
Also put your weapon away. In other words change your active item slot. People will not be pleased if you walk up to them with a weapon in your hand.
Try to use critical hits. To have a big chance of scoring a critical, up your weapons stats to 100% or more. It makes combat much easier.
Read books. They will improve a skill according to what book you are reading.
Stealing from an NPC that is in your party is not a hostile move. So, if you can't pick something up. Barter all the stuff that you have and are not using to an NPC. If you wont those items back, when you wont to sell them for example, steal it back from that NPC.
Save, save, save. A good thing is to save before entering an exit grid or after every combat. You will have hostile encounters and if you die it really sucks to have to start over from the beginning.

Vault 13
Search the bones that are in front of the vault door. You'll find some ammo and a knife.
Go to the south to the T-junction and go west to the exit grid.
When fighting the rats you can shoot them but you'll loose valuable ammo. I use a knife and the hit and run tactic. Wait until a rat attacks. Then go in close and hit the rat. You'll get an immediate second turn. Hit it again. If it isn't dead by then, move away. The rat has to follow you thus using up its action points so it can't hit you. Repeat until the rat is dead.
Go on the exit grid and click on vault 15.
While traveling on the world map you will see a circle. Click in that circle and you will be standing in

Shady sands
Talk to Seth, the guard standing at the gate. Ask about the raiders and radscorpions. Also barter for his rope. It will come in handy afterwards.
Talk to Katrina. she is also standing at the gate. Ask everything you can ask her. You'll get some info and some exp points.
Go to the building to the east of the gate. Talk to every guard in it. One of them is Ian. He can put two new locations on your world map. You can also ask him to join you. If your charisma (I think) is good he'll join you for free. Otherwise he'll wont to get some caps. Pay him. After he has joined you. Steal the caps back.
Go talk to Aradesh. He is in the building to the south of the guards building. Ask about radscorpions. Offer to destroy the radscorpions.
Go talk to Razlo. He's the doctor and is in the building to the west of Aradesh's building. Ask for radscorpions and radsorpion poison.
Take the east exit grid and talk to the farmer in the field. You'll get some exp. points when you tell him about crop rotation.
Go back and talk to Seth. Ask him to take you to the radscorpion caves. Kill the radscorpions and take the tails. Go back and talk to Aradesh and Razlo. Razlo will make an antidote for you. Go in the back room and use it on the sick person for some exp.
You can talk to Tandi and get some info.
Go back to the north exit grid and walk on it. Click on vault 15.

Vault 15
Take the manhole down and fight the rats. Use the rope on the elevator and climb down (use it).
Fight the rats on the second floor and use a rope (you can find one in a locker) on the second elevator and climb down.
Go south, fighting rats along the way, to the T-junction. Then go east. You'll see that the entrance to the room where the water chip is, was caved in and that you'll have to look elsewhere. You'll get some exp.
Go back up and go to the world map. Click on shady sands.

Shady sands again
Talk to Aradesh. He'll say his daughter, Tandi, has been kidnapped. He'll also give you a spear.
Take the north exit grid and click on raiders.

You can free Tandi a few different ways.
The first is to fight and kill all the raiders.
The second is that you can talk to Garl, the leader, and barter for her freedom.
You can also fight Garl one on one, If you defeat him, he'll let her go.
Also if you have a high speech skill, you can convince him that you are a threat the likes he hasn't seen before and he'll let her go for free.
Steal from Tandi. She has just become an NPC (if only temporary).
Walk on to the exit grid and click on Shady sands.

Shady sands yet again
Talk to Aradesh and receive a reward.
Walk on the north exit grid on click on Junktown.

Talk to Lars. The guard standing just behind the gate. Ask about the Skulz and offer to help him out.
Go to the white building in the north west corner. Go down the manhole and talk to the midgit. You'll find some discriminating evidence against doc Morbid. Go back up. You can either leave them alone or kill them. The guards wont come after you. If you kill them go back down and kill the midgit. Check the locker for traps because it is trapped. Disarm the trap and pick the lock.
Take the north exit grid.
Talk to Killian. He is in the general store. After conversation has ended a assassin enters. Help Killian kill the assassin. He'll ask for help with gizmo. Agree. Take the north exit grid and go in to the casino. Go to the back room. Put the tape in an active item slot and talk to Gizmo. Get him to say some incriminating things about his affairs with Killian. Or plant (steal skill) the bug on him. Go back to Killian and say you have the confession from Gizmo. Help him kill Gizmo.
Go back to the casino. Talk to Phil, he is to the west of the casino. He'll tell you that the dog isn't letting him in his house. Offer to help him. If you are wearing a leather jacket, walk up to the dog and he'll think you are his former owner. You can also give the dog some iguana-on-a-stick.
Go to the Skum pit, to the north west of the casino. Find Tycho talk to him. He can teach you some survival skills. Talk to him again and say that Killian asked for some help busting Gizmo. He'll join you.
Talk to the owner of the bar. After conversation has ended, a Skulz member will knock down the barmaid. Look at what she screams out. Neal will kill the guy. Talk to the barmaid and ask her about the name she just screamed out.
Go to the boxing ring and talk to Saul regarding his life in Junktown. You'll find out he is having some rough times with his girlfriend. Smooth things out for some exp.
Go to the crash house, north of the general store. Go to the back room and talk to Vinnie. Offer to become a member of the Skulz gang and he'll ask you to steal the bar owners urn. Go to the Skum pitt in the day and take the door in the side of the building. This door isn't locked. Take the urn and go back to Vinnie. He'll tell you that they will get retribution on Neal. Say you have some other things to do. Talk to Lars and help him.
Go to the crash house and talk to the women behind the counter. Rent a room for a day. Rest and you'll notice that a raider is threatening a girl. The owner will ask you to deal with this. Agree. One way of saving the girl is keep on talking. You can convince the guy to just walk away if you have a good enough speech skill. You can also barter for her freedom. Or you can kill the guy. The woman will not appreciate this though.
Go to the world map and click on the Hub.

When you enter the Hub, talk to deputy Fry. He is on the street. Just walk to the south and talk to him. You get some info on the Hub. Take the south exit grid.
Go to the south west corner and talk to the guy there. He'll ask for help with some raiders that have taken his house as a base. Offer to help him. If he wont talk to you about this, your karma is to low. Kill the raiders and return to the guy. He'll give you a .223 pistol as a reward. The best gun in the game at this time.
Talk to Iguana Bob in the south part of downtown. You can extort money if you talked to the midgit in doc Morbid's basement. It will lower your karma though.
Rob the friendly lending company. If you get caught. Kill the owner and his guards. The cops wont come after you if you do this.
Take the east exit grid. Find a ladder in the building to the east. Go down. Lockpick the doors and watch out for traps. Go to the south and talk to the guy in the most south room. Ask to join. He will ask to steal a necklace. Agree. Go back up and go to downtown. Take the south west exit grid. If you do this at night. Go south, around the house. Wait until the guard in front of the door leaves to check the front of the house. Go in and find the footlocker with the necklace. Check for traps and lockpick it. Wait until the guard leaves again and go out the same way you came in. Go back to the thieves circle. You'll get an electronic lockpick as a reward.
Go to the Maltese falcon in downtown. Talk to Kane and ask about a job. He'll introduce you to Decker. He'll ask you to kill Hightower. Decline. Decker wont get mad. Go to the police station and talk to the Sheriff and tell about Decker asking you to kill Hightower. Agree to help the Sheriff.
Read the billboard in south central downtown. Go to the Far go traders and talk about the job. Go to Beth, the owner of the gun shop. Ask about the missing caravans and about the deathclaw. Go to old town and talk to Harold about the deathclaw. He's the ghoul standing in a room in a building at the south side of old town. talk to Slappy. The crazy guy that is running in circles in front of the same house Harold is in. Let him take you to the deathclaw liar. Fight the deathclaw and talk to the mutant lying on the ground. He'll give you a holodisk. Go back to the Far go traders and give them the disk.
Talk to mrs Stapleton. She is the owner of the library. Ask about holodisks. She'll sell you one.
Go to old town. In the first house to the south of you are some people. If you go in they will try to kill you. I don't go in but I maneuver myself to a window. I enter combat and shoot trough the window. This makes the people come out. Resulting in the facr that your NPC's can pick 'em of one by one when they come out of the house. Free the prisoner in the back room. This is important later on.
Go to downtown and take the south exit grid. Talk to the leader of the water merchants. They will try to sell you a caravan trip with water to your vault. If you don't have many days left, you might as well let them go to your vault. Otherwise, decline. In any case, they'll tell you about Necropolis.

Find a manhole and enter the sewers. Go to the north west and walk on the exit grid.
Talk to the leader of the ghouls in the sewers and ask about Seth and the water. He'll ask you to repair the water pump. Go to the north and walk on the exit grid. Find a ladder and go up. Find a manhole and go down. The missing parts for the water pump are in the northeastern part of the sewers. They are called junk. Go back to the ghoul which gave you the quest and tell him you found the spare parts. He'll give you some repair manuals. read them. Go back up and enter the water shed. The mutant guard is very stupid so you can tell him you are a ghoul or you can sneak in and if he catches you tell him you are a ghoul or a robot. Just don't let the other mutants in the water shed see you. Find the water pump and "use" the junk on it.
Go back in the sewers to where the ghouls are. Find a ladder and go up. Talk to Seth. He'll ask you to kill the mutants in front of the water shed. If you feel up to it you can go and kill them. But they have some good weapons. I just kill Seth and his ghouls. This has no bad effect on your karma and because their are a lot of them gives you much exp. point.
Go back to the water shed and free the ghoul that is locked in the south part of the water shed. He'll tell you about the manhole in the next cell. Go all the way down. If the glowing ghouls attack, kill them. Snoop around the vault. You might find some useful items.
Go to the third level of the vault and go to the most south east room. Find the working water chip and go back to the world map and click on either raiders or vault 13.

Raiders again
If you haven't killed them when freeing Tandi, this is a good time to do it.

Vault 13
Talk to the unhappy citizen on level 2. He'll tell you about a meeting. Attend that meeting and talk to the leader of the rebel faction. Say it is to dangerous to go out of the vault. You can also kill them.
Talk to Lyle on level 2. He'll tell you that someone is stealing the water supplies. Go to level 3 and rest until midnight and hide in one of the rooms. You'll see that a person is in the supply room. Catch him red-handed or talk to him after he exits the supply room and search him.
Talk to the guard outside the ammo storage. Ask her about why there is a locked door in the vault. Ask who has access and tell her you are someone who has need for weapons. She'll open the door.
Go to the overseer and give him the water chip. He'll tell you to log a report in the library computer. Talk to the overseer again.
Also use the library computer. It has a computer study course from which you can learn (increase) certain skills.
Go to the world map and click on brotherhood.

Talk to both guards and ask to join up. They will send you to the glow. Make sure you have at least five Rad-X's with you. If you haven't go to the Hub and buy some.
Go to the world map and click on Glow.

When you enter the Glow, immediately take two rad-x's. This will give you a radiation resistance of 100%
"Use" a rope on the beam. Go down.
Search the bodies. One of them has got the holodisk you have to retrieve for the brotherhood. Another has a yellow pass key.
Use the pass key on the elevator and go to the second level.
Kill all the robots. They are deactivated as long as secondary power is on line and primary power isn't. Some of them have guns. Search all the bodies and find a red pass key.
Use the yellow pass key on the elevator and go to the third level. Go to the elevator in the north east part and use the red pass key. Go to the 4th level. Again kill all the robots.
Kill all the robots and go to the main computer in the middle east side of that level. Play a game of chess with it. Go back to the elevator. Use the red pass key and go the the 6th level.
Kill all the robots and find the generator. Repair it and turn primary power on. Search all the bodies and find a blue pass key. Go back to the elevator you came down with and use the red pass key. Go back to level 4.
Go back to the main computer and get as much information out of it as possible. Ask for mainframe mode and deactivate the robots and traps. Go to the elevator in the north west part and use the blue pass key. Go to level 5.
Kill the robots and search the lockers. You'll find some combat armor, a minigun, a plasma rifle and some holodisks with some info, among some other things.
Go all the way up. If you have taken a lot of radiation, use rad-away. You can find out how much radiation you took by using a geiger counter. You can find one on level 6.
Go to the world map and click on brotherhood.

Brotherhood again
Talk to Cabbot and give him the holodisk you found on level 1 of the Glow. He'll let you in.
Go to the first level and talk to Talus. If you have freed the initiate in the Hub, He'll give you a weapon or power armor. If you haven't he'll give you brotherhood armor and some ammo. You can get brotherhood armor and ammo always just by getting the holodisk from the Glow. To get it you have to talk to Michael. He stands just in front of the room where Talus is.
Take the elevator and go to level 2. See the doc. If you are radiated, poisoned or hurt. He can help you. He can also do operations to improve some of your stats.
Take the elevator and go to level 3. Find Vree's assistant and talk to her about Brotherhood history. She'll give you a holodisk. Talk to Vree and ask her about holodisks. she'll give you a computer course improving your science skill. Talk to her again about mutant science. She'll give you a holodisk with her autopsy report. It is a good thing to hold on to this one.
Go to the south east part of that level and find Kyle. He is doing repair work on a piece of power armor. He'll tell you he needs a systolic motivator to complete the armor and asks you to get him one. Agree. Go to level 1 and talk to Michael. If you have a high speech skill, he'll give you one. If not you can always try to sneak in Rhombus's quarters in the south west part of level 1 and steal it. This is not easy however. If you have the systolic motivator. Go back to level 3 and talk to Kyle. Use the motivator on the power armor. If you have fixed it, it is yours.
Go to level 4 and talk to Maxon. He'll give you a holodisk if you ask about Brotherhood history. Also he'll ask you to do some recon at a military base. Agree. Go all the way to the world map and click on military base.

Military base
As soon as you have entered this location, go back to the exit grid on the west side and walk on it to get back to the world map. Click on Brotherhood.

Brotherhood yet again.
Go in and take the elevator to level 4. Talk to Maxon and convince the elders to invade the military base.
Go back to the world map and click on Boneyard.

Go to Adytum and talk to Miles the chemist. He is in the south west part of the town. Agree to help him fix the hydroponics farm. Also talk to the leader of the scavs. He has some info on where to find the parts. Take the north exit grid. Then take the east exit grid. You'll come in an area with a abandoned theater. The guy with the parts is the dead guy in the middle east part. To get past the deathclaws. Kill them or sneak past them or just walk behind their backs to get the parts (junk). Return to miles and he'll tell you he can upgrade power armor if he gets some chemistry books from Mrs. Stapleton in the Hub. Agree to get them.
If you have a plasma rifle and you helped find the parts to fix the hydroponics farm, go talk to Smitty. He'll upgrade it to a turbo plasma rifle.
Also talk to the gipsy in the south east part. Let him tell you your fortune. If you let him do it 3 times, your luck will increase by 1.
Take the north exit grid. Take west exit grid in the next area and take the west exit grid in the following area to get to the world map. Click on Hub.

Hub again
Go to the downtown section and talk to Mrs. Stapleton about the chemistry journals. Go to the world map and click on Boneyard.

Boneyard again
Go to Miles and give him the chemistry journals. He'll upgrade your power armor.
Talk to Jan Zimmerman. He is in the middle west side of the area. Find out about the regulators/blades war.
Take to north exit grid and talk to Razor. She'll tell you the true story behind the regulators and how they killed Jan Zimmerman's son. Agree to help her. She'll ask you to contact the gun runners to get help in killing the regulators. If she starts offending you. Don't sweat it.
Take the east exit grid and sneak your way or fight your way past the deathclaws. Take the east exit grid. Talk to the guard and say you want to talk to the leader of the gun runners. Go in and talk to him. He'll tell you about the deathclaws and that they can't get away. Agree to kill all the deatchlaws and ask for a reward. You can then ask for help in killing the regulators or you can ask for guns and ammo.
Take the west exit gird and kill the deathclaws. Find a stairway down and go down. Kill the deathclaw mother and all the eggs. Go back up and take the east exit grid. Talk to the leader of the gun runners and ask for help in killing the regulators. This will bring you to adytum and put you in a combat situation. Kill all the regulators.
Also you can barter with the midgit at the gun runners. Ask for a discount.
If you haven't got the quest from Razor to go ask the gun runners for help then you can only ask the gun runners for ammo and guns. But then you have to kill the regulators yourself. This is not always hard. When you have a turbo plasma rifle and a good energy weapons skill, it is pretty easy. But kill them.
Take the north exit grid and talk to the guy standing in front of the Blades' building. Ask him if he would be able to train you and he will. This improves your unarmed and melee skill. Talk to Micheal in the first room. After you defeated the regulators. He'll give you some caps and stimpacks.
Take the west exit grid. Go into the building and find Nicole. Ask her about the Children of the cathedral and ask about help. She'll tell you that they have a spy there and she tells you how to contact her. She'll also offer help in creating a diversion.
Find Katja and talk to her. You'll find out that she is fed up about the boneyard and wants to leave. Offer to take her with you.
Take the west exit grid and click on military base.

Military base again
If you convinced the elders to invade the military base. You'll find that a few paladins of the Brotherhood are waiting for you.
If you have a radio, you can fake a distress call and the guards will leave. Only one will stay behind. Kill that last guard. You can also fight all of them. The last guard has a holodisk on him on which he has scratched the combination to open the door. You can also pick the door with an electronic lockpick. Enter the base. The Brotherhood paladins will not enter the base with you.
When you are inside the military base go to the east room and find a computer. There is a guard but you can con your way past him. Use a radio on this computer. this allows you to turn off or turn on force fields by remote control. You can also find a computer with which you can turn of security robots.
You can walk through red force fields, but you'll take a little bit of damage. You can turn down green force fields by using your repair skill, explosives or a radio when you hooked it up to the computer on level 1.
Take the elevator to level 3.
Fight mutants if they see you. Take the elevator in the south west part of that level and go to level 4.
Go to the north east corner and enter the vat control room. Use the vat control computer. If your science skill is high enough you can operate it. If not, steal a security card from one of the techs. You can hack in to the system and set it to self destruct. A few choices are available. If you have successfully hacked the system you can take the best one. Meaning you get the most time and the base will not be put on security alert.
Go all the way to the world map and the military base will blow up.
Click on Cathedral.

Go in. If you have talked to Nicole. then talk to Laura. She'll let you in the back room. Or steal a key from one of the people in the cathedral. Lasher has one.
There is a door behind the altar. If you are a good lockpick, you can pick it or you can get the key from Morpheus by either stealing it or killing him. He is on the top level of the cathedral. Explosives will open it too but then you have to fight everybody on that floor. If you wait until midnight you can also follow Morpheus in.
Go into the room and go to the basement. Check out the bookcases with your traps skill. One of them has a secret lever. If you find it you can "use" the bookcase to open a secret door. You can also wait until someone comes out the door but if he sees you, you'll have to talk your way past him or kill him. Walk through the secret door and enter the vault.
Take the elevator to the 2nd level. Talk to the prisoners in the north east room. Find out about a psychic nullifier and get one by either asking them, stealing one or killing them.
Take the elevator to the 3rd level. Go south to the T-junction and go east. fight the mutants and people there. Use the psychic nullifier and go through the corridor to the far east. Go to the master and talk to him. If you have Vree's holodisk with you, you may be able to convince the master to commit suicide or fight him and kill him.
Go all the way back to the world map before you run out of time. The cathedral will explode and you will have beaten the game.