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 Vault 13

  • There is just one cheat here. And this one is used by your opponent. So what is it? Overseer can't die! Despite the fact that you and your team mates hit him, he is invulnerable. My biggest wish is to kill the mutha before the end of the game.

 Shady Sands

  • How to get free scorpion anti-dote? Collect scorpion tails and give them one by one to doctor of Shady Sands. You'll get one per tail.

 Raiders camp

  • Ever wanted to defeat Garl without fight? Well, read this.
    After you accept mission to rescue Tandy, go and talk to Garl. Tell him that you came to free Tandy and that you'll fight one on one. Now, you'll have to be quick on this one. Just after you two find yourself one on one, press 'A'. You must do this before Garl attacks. So, you have this first strike. But no, do not hit that poor Garl. Just finish combat mode ('enter' key) and talk to him. That's it. He'll give you his weapons and his metal armor.

 The Hub

  • 3000 caps from Lorenzo!
    There is a way that You can get 3000 caps from him! How? If you talk to him and take out a loan he will only let you get 200 initially. He says he wants you to build up credit before he lets you have the max 1000 caps. But if you agree to take the 200 and then talk to him again you get the option to pay back your it since a day hasn't passed so you won't be charged any interest and you can then be able to get the next higher amount (400 caps). Keep doing this until you hit the 1000 caps limit. Progression is 200, 400, 600, 800, and then 1000 caps. After you get the 1000 caps don't pay it back. Instead kill him and then get his cash in the safe. It should still contain 2000 caps. In this way you get 3000 caps instead of 2000. Thanx to Gary Wolfe for this tip.
  • Missing Caravan quest:
    Talk to Harold and tell that loony guy to take you in caves. Come back without killing the DeathClaw. Ask him again to take you in caves for another 800 exp (I think this is the amount you'll get for that).
  • Accept a job for caravan. Come back to join them. But, do not accept. Say, that you have changed your mind and don't want to go with them. Go to the Hub's entrance and talk with caravan driver. Get your money!
  • Old town: Deathclaw's cave - how to get free exp?
    Just talk with that crazy guy (#6 location on Old town map)He'll take you to the Deathclaw's cave. Now, go back and ask him again and again to take you there. Every time you'll get 800 exp.


  • Do not kill Harry, the Super Mutant. Destroy Military base and come to talk with Harry. He'll take you to Military Base (not just once, repeat this), destroy it again for another load of exp! Only works in v1.0


  • At the warehouse location, do not kill mother DeathClaw. Just kill the regular ones. Go out of that location, rest for an hour and go back. DeathClaws keep coming back. 1000 exp for one kill!
  • When you dispose of Regulators in the Boneyard, go back and talk to Blades leader. He'll offer you cash and stimps. Say no, but he will give them anyway. Reapeat the process for free cash and stims.