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Posted by Brother None

This is a travellog of the FOnline open test, written by Grayswandir

Morpheus speaking, Praise the Master!

Unity Diary, day 1

I must say I had a great time tonight.
The Children of the Apocalypse were slowly gathering at the beginning of the evening. After some wandering, We decide to regroup and do something. Our first plan was to take over Modoc. (not many NPCs, some gun and supplies) So We preached the good word in the Den and make some recruits.
We departed from the Den and We went to Modoc. Nearly 8 guys to take control of the city!
We got wiped. I blame the invisible child and the brahmin.

Had to regroup, repair the stuff, etc, etc.
So We tried to eek out a living between the Den and Klamath, making some friend and losing some…
We had some personal vendetta…well, We ruled the place, in the name of Unity of course.

As We were heading for SAD for a secret plan of the Master, We made a halt at the Den. We met Scypio, who informed Us that some guys were giving away Power Armor for free. It seems the Enclave was recruiting. So We went there (6 of us) and talked to the Enclave patrol that was guarding the area. After some speeches, this Russian enclave soldier let Us penetrate slowly into the base… We follow them with an very uneasy feeling… surrounded by Enclave soldiers…What if… what if… An enclave guy entered some building… One Unity member enters too… And then We heard lasers firing!!!
Was it a trap? Are We dead meat?
After some talk, it appears it was just friendly fire… (NPC firing)
One of Us is down though…

We enter the sublevel and follow the guy to the Goris Prison cell..
The execution room? After taking his time the guy make a very moving speech about power, force, protection… Very good indeed, but not as good as the Unity.

Then We come to this. They provide power armor and weapons, We help them control the base. Deal? Of course!

Right after We got our power armor, an alarm rings. We ran to the front, some bluesuit was getting killed. We took our position to defend the base.

And now came the big question. What do We do now? Do We obey them? (They are pretty harsh in their order, and always shout). Do We take them out? But how many are they? What level are they? They must be very tough with high level weaponry… It was all about choice with consequence. We could lose everything if take the wrong decision..
We were at the same time openly talking and secretly radioing with each other. At the end, the Voice of Reason told Us to obey. Let's be part of the Enclave. We were then sent to control the Den (cause it is boring to control a base) under the survey of some Enclave sergeant. We travelled in a car!!! (Where the hell did they find it?)

There We preached the value of Unity again. For some reason, We were then sent to Navarro again, our squad got a car to get back.

Well wait! We have power armor, a car, weapons? So what the hell?
WE DESERTED! HA HA HA PRAISE THE HOLY FLAME!!! THE UNITY OWNED THE ENCLAVE! Will they hunt Us? Will they kill Us? will WE kill them?
For now, We have to sleep. Master be praised.

Unity Diary, day 2

Yesterday, We made some new Recruits.

One of them told Us the location of a small tribal village. We went there to claim the village in the name of the Master.

We proclaimed the Free Village of the Unity on all open channels. We tried to convert the locals, but they can be very stubborn. Maybe We will have to burn them…One day.
Nikipol took the tent with two women. I took the tent with one woman inside. She told me she has a son named Sulik. I think she is old…
Maybe I should kill Nikopol and take his tent?
Or even better! Send him to the Glow! I think the Master wants me too…
Thus We sent our new acolytes on a holy mission!
Sadly the goal of our mission wasn’t here. So We head for Navarro. The Master did well provide Us. Praise the Master.
We met the Enclave again. They were nice. They didn’t kill Us (which is nice).
We went to the Den together. Cornedbeef (Enclave Officer) and Scypior (Unity member) got killed in a fight. Life in the Wasteland.
We met with Catcher. Done some trade together. He joined Us for a while. Even if he didn’t seem to be interested praising the Master, We decided not to roast him. Together We took out the alcohol family in New Reno. But I am not sure the Master wants Us to moonshine.
Then We had to rest for some time…

Unity Diary, day 3

Yesterday was a day of relative success and of great misery for the Unity.
It began in the Den. The Den appeared to be under attack from 3 raiders, maybe more, one of them was equipped with power armor. I saw them slaughtering the whole population of the Den, killing guard, trader, bluesuits indiscriminately…
I don’t mind the thief who has to kill to escape, but this was too much of a butchery for me. Without any others of the Unity around me, I had to let them be. It seems the Brotherhood have some problem to take care of their outpost… It is really high time the Enclave or the Unity take over.
In the first part of our Journey, We won 4 recruits, Fresh, Shadow, Slaughter, Mr.TD. Praise the holy FLAME.
We went to Unity Village and made a ceremony to welcome them.

The Master provided them with armor and weapons. At this point the Unity forces were great, Praise the Master.
We headed off to Navarro to salvage the base. There We saw a Hummer at the entrance. We begin to search the base and found the two proprietors of the car. They attacked the eight of Us treacherously. (Hell I am the one writing the story!)
Against all odds, they managed to evade Us, and while I was pursuing one of them; he fired at me and killed me! But the master, praise on his name, took me off and resurrected me (a holy bug happened) at the entrance of the base. I heard the same thing happened to Brother Slaughter. But the holy bug made Us all reappear at different times. So when I resurrected I was alone. Some of Us were already long gone. I failed to see the man who shot me in the back (can’t read Cyrillic), and then I died. Some of Us died the same way, till our opponents escaped with their Hummer and my equipment…
This was the First Diaspora of the Unity.
It took Us a long time to reorganise, our brother Maniac died in San Francisco, our brother Nicopol was killed in the Den. Then We managed to contact all the survivors and decided to regroup in Navarro again. There those who had shared with those who hadn’t. We found a leather jacket and a gauss pistol on some guy who was roaming the area. (Navarro is a dangerous place.) The Unity was ready again!
As We headed out for the exit, We catch up with brother Nikopol. But also with Paven and “Vampire”. Apparently two of our enemies. Mysteriously, I passed out and woke up dead, the bodies of my brothers besides me. (Navarro is indeed a dangerous place.) We will find them, kill their wives and rape their dogs.
Then I passed out again. I took that for a sign that the Master knew I had to eat and do some work.

And this was the Second Diaspora of the Unity.
A great confusion was reigning when I came back a few hours later. I will just say that most of the Unity Army had disappeared or scattered, or was sacking the area. The Unity must have failed the Master in some way.
I took back the name of Morpheus again. (oh and my Power Armor too). We reassembled the remnant of the Master’s Army and thought about the meaning of Unity.

One Goal… One Race… Unity is peace when the rest is chaos, harmony when humanity is discord…if We serve the Master right, We will gain the great baptism of the FEV vats when HE returns… We shall make a new Unity, a Pure Unity!
The four elders, Maniac, Gordon, Psk02 and me We gave the title of High Priest, and Scypior became our Slasher. (It feels much better with some title, don't you think?).
We decided to ally ourselves with the Enclave in order to be the law in the Wasteland… Unity and Enclave together, there is nothing We couldn’t achieve…And when the time will come… they will all enter the Vats willingly…

Now let’s praise the Master.

Unity Diary, day 4

Saw a rad scorpion today, terrible creatures!

Unity Diary, day 5

Today I regained contact with another Elder of the Unity, who was in spiritual retreat till then.
He told me he heard of a big fight in Redding on some Russian radio. We went there and started scavenging the remaining corpses, in the name of the Unity. We made a prayer for the fallen ones, of course.
Made it to the Den. There We met a man who had heard of Us, and who wanted to join the Children of the Cathedral. As We were talking about the greatness of Unity, someone started shouting my name. I didn’t recognize the person, or at least not precisely, but I decided that it was better to take off, so We started running to the southern Gate. The guy followed Us, all the while shouting for me to stop, which I didn’t, of course.
The three of Us were also heading to Unity Village. On the way, something weird happened. We get separated brutally. Suddenly, I was alone, but my friends told me they saw me walking on the sea! The Master must have something in mind for me.
We regroup at Unity Village. There our applicant had to pass the Trials of Unity. We asked him three questions. Any false answer would have meant his sacrifice; We are very picky about that. Luckily, he succeeded and passed the Trial. We gave him some gear, because the Master said, “Help yourself!” and We are Unity, so Unity has to help itself.
After some travelling, We established a camp in SFcenter. After a while, Gordon - another Unity elder - arrived!
He told Us his adventure, he had been stripped of his Power Armor as he was resting at the Cat’s Paw, and had just woken up today in the Den…
We were then rejoined by a man named Dakhanavar. He was showing Us all his weapon, rocket launcher, sledgehammer… We were considering “borrowing” his stuff for Unity purpose, but because Unity is polite, We asked him first who he was.
It appears he was a person who had already travelled with Unity members and was considering joining. Unity is very much in “fashion” nowadays. Anyway, his repair skill being very useful, We went up to Unity village to perform the ceremony, but hadn’t the time too.

Ho, and something funny happened to me too. I was by Tubbie, to buy some stuff, and some weird guy was blocking the exit. As I was kindly asking him to move, some other guy told me he had an alien blaster, and that it would be a one shot. So he kept looking Us in the eye for some time, till he finally moved away. That was funny. He was brave enough to provoke Us, but not enough to shoot first. He would make a fine Supermutant thought.

Unity Elder out.