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  1. Furioso Flays Fallout Four
  2. Fallout 4 Locale
  3. 17 days to go
  4. Will there be any returning characters in Fallout 4?
  5. What BoS division do you speculate is in Boston?
  6. Fallout 4 Achievement list
  7. A little bit of new gameplay footage - "Big Leagues" Perk
  8. Where is F4 in the fallout series timeline
  9. They filmed a Fallout 4 promo very close to me
  10. the hell?
  11. Fallout 4 Engine looks to support a Chicago Typewriter 'Tommy Gun'
  12. Hate Newspapers Thread
  13. Popsicle or Android?
  14. Fallout 4 Review Embargo Countdown
  15. Fallout 4 leaked screenshots (SPOILERS)
  16. Fallout 4 E3
  17. First Impression of Fallout 4
  18. Supposed Spoilers from /v/
  19. Full perk list:
  20. The Tropes of Fallout 4
  21. New Leaked Gameplay Videos
  22. Fallout 4 Story (heavy Spoilers!)
  23. What have we learned from Fallout 4
  24. Anyone else playing the default character?
  25. Fallout 4 Violin Cosplay Cover
  26. Betheseda MIGHT be learning from there mistakes
  27. Fallout 4 Reviews
  28. Fallout 4 Bobbleheads
  29. A Lack of Skill?
  30. Fallout 4 Predictions Console Commands
  31. SPECIAL: Fallout animated series
  32. Why is Boston unhurt by the atomic bombs?
  33. Bethesda's Lore Recons
  34. Fallout 4 and 4Gb of RAM
  35. Frame rate = world speed?
  36. It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down.
  37. Will I enjoy Fallout 4?
  38. My character is only on a quest to complete his Grognak collection
  39. Main Questline: Better or worse than Fallout 3's?
  40. There is something 'wrong' with the style of Fallout 4
  41. Fallout 4 Bible: Gospel of Anon
  42. I... really, really like Fallout 4. Oh, god.
  43. FO4 so far (spoilers)
  44. Fallout 4 Bugs Thread
  45. Cabot House (SPOILERS)
  46. Fallout 4 Mod Wishlist
  47. The writing is beyond abysmal and the first hint of this is the introduction
  48. What could Obsidian do with FO4?
  49. As someone who started with Fallout 3, here are my thoughts on Fallout 4
  50. fps drops
  51. The General Atomics Galleria is awesome!
  52. Fallout 4's map versus Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas' ones (spoilers probably)
  53. "Your not allowed to have a opinion of Fallout 4 if you didn't finish the game!"
  54. Examples of Bad Writing in Fallout 4 [Spoilers]
  55. Just plain old boring
  56. Fallout 4 lamp
  57. The dev team thinks of everything
  58. Ridiculous moments in Fallout 4
  59. The facial overacting...
  60. The Car [Mod idea discussion]
  61. Don't know if you guys have seen this shocking interview with Bethsoft employee...
  62. Muties in Fallout 4
  63. How to kill the Deathclaw as a pacifist
  64. Did I miss something? (Spoilers!)
  65. Weapons and armors
  66. How about a swatter?
  67. Codsworth
  68. Re-used locations
  69. So, can we talk about what Fallout 4 does well?
  70. Weapons in Fallout 4?
  71. Gunners, Raiders, Mutants
  72. Anybody else hate the music?
  73. Settlement system causing RAGE
  74. "Why I'm tired of Fallout 4 encumbrance"
  75. The full dialogue mod is already created
  76. Useful basic mod / Visible choice of dialogues
  77. Silver Shroud (some spoilers)
  78. so they flat out lied about the graphics
  79. Much effort put in for this
  80. Mods you should install
  81. The most useless and stupid perks
  82. [POLL] Is Fallout 4 better than Fallout 3?
  83. I just love exploding 210-year-old atomic automobiles
  84. So the X01(APA) makes some NPC's automatically attack you?
  85. Can we all agree Bethesda did power armor right?
  86. A thought and a question...
  87. bethesda shill?
  88. Well THIS is eerily prophetic...
  89. In the future, will Bethesda be capable to...
  90. Wasted Potential
  91. Everything wrong with Fallout 4 as a Fallout game (Review)
  92. The 'MrMattyPlays' Fallout 4 Review "A Near Perfect Game"
  93. Old Guns - Quest Walkthrough/Tutorial HD
  94. How would you have done it?
  95. FO4 vs. Stalker?
  96. Anyone else in love with the fps mechanics?
  97. disappointing fun?
  98. A patch is out
  99. Fallout 4, All of my criticisms
  100. The Railroad
  101. Your thoughts on Dogmeat
  102. Good game. A caricature of the Fallout universe akin to how the Simpsons dumbed down
  103. who the hell is deacon??
  104. Bethesda is destroying the gay legacy of Fallout
  105. Raider Troubles at Sanctuary Hills
  106. The Love Of Bugs
  107. Companions in the game, and how they could've been so much better
  108. Found more alien activity
  109. 100 hours in impressions (Survival) positive negatives (and how to fix)
  110. The Covenant: Definitive Dialogue Wheel Failure
  111. Tremendous gain in FPS with new Nvidia drivers
  112. Fallout 4 is like?.....
  113. Pip-boy App
  114. Redstag Deer - Is this a joke?
  115. Why do the Institute need Gen 3 synths? (spoilers)
  116. Rare legendary albino deathclaw slaps the queen
  117. IMPORTANT: Forum rules
  118. whats the point of calling a vertibird
  119. Teddy Bears, and other lovely secrets
  120. Why do the Bobrov brothers have accents?
  121. Lamest Legendary Item?
  123. Why are so many people buying this game?
  124. Perks / special - am I the only who hated the new system?
  125. Obsidian has already proven they could do wonders with the Fallout 4 dialogue system
  126. Super Bunnyhop explains the value of having a Fallout 4 spin-off
  127. Mods On Console: What Do You Think?
  128. Oh boy I'm so happy.../sarcasm
  129. Philip K. Dick reference in Fallout 4
  130. Where to Find Aluminum in Fallout 4! (Mahkra Fishpacking)
  131. Companion Likes/Dislikes make no sense
  132. Need to make Rick Grimes and play on survival mode
  133. "Kid In The Fridge" Quest = the stupidest quest ever.
  134. do you support a mount system for F4?
  135. Hubris Comics: Fallout 4 is self aware?
  136. Need an item ID i can't seem to find.. Here There Be Monsters quest related.
  137. Everyone ready for the Fallout 4 awards?
  138. Bethesda fans want MORE aliens - surprised or not?
  139. Bethesda really should be ashamed of themselves with Fallout 4
  140. 91 hours in, my review.
  141. Errant Signal - Fallout 4 and Role Playing
  142. I miss you, Fallout
  143. Character faces
  144. Zero Punctuation Review: Fallout 4 (Hilarious and On Point)
  145. Interesting article in Kotaku
  146. Procedural Generation of Quests in Fallout 4
  147. How to summon Legendary Glowing Deathclaw!
  148. The Brotherhood of Steel are utterly useless
  149. "We want to answer 'yes' every time the player asks a question (...) " - Todd Howard
  150. More Godzillas!
  151. If you had to choose ONE thing Fallout 4 did wrong, what would it be?
  152. A Better Fallout 4 Intro - what do you think
  153. If you had to choose TWO things Fallout 4 did RIGHT, what would they be?
  154. If Fallout 4 had actual proper alternate endings.
  155. Noah Caldwell-Gervais review and analysis on Fallout 4
  156. Those moments when you wish you were in a Black Isle (or Obsidian) game... [Spoilers]
  157. The jet pack...
  158. SPOILERS: Hidden Brotherhood of Steel Ending Found
  159. Posted petition to give Fallout rights to Obsidian on reddit, Bethdrones sperge
  160. Fallout 4 is not "Skyrim with guns."
  161. A Thought About Some of the Radio Music
  162. Fallout 4 Mods You Want to See
  163. Why are battles so small?
  164. Mr. House vs. The Institute - who wins? spoilers
  165. *RUMOR* Fallout 4 sales in November
  166. When did XP come to this
  167. Lose the radio
  168. My Own Theory About Why F4 Is The Way It Is
  169. For all you oldschool fanboys.. Look what i found!
  170. Favourite quests in Fallout 4? *spoilers*
  171. Plot Holes of Fallout 4 - Spoilers
  172. An analogy for the "mods 'll fix it" argument
  173. Too Much Color?
  174. Power Armour changes.
  175. PC World mentions Fallout4 as game of the year even though they think it's a bad game
  176. Fallout 4 DLC "Rumors/Speculation/Thoughts"
  177. Yatzee on Fallout 4
  178. Razorfist on Fallout 4
  179. My Power Armor Change Proposal
  180. Finally uninstalled
  181. Let's talk about ambient music and atmosphere.
  182. Would you have supported renaming the Brahim if ..
  183. Is there a modifiable dog armor in the game?
  184. What builds do you have in Fallout 4?
  185. Best fallout game?
  186. Fallout 4>this outdated site
  187. [RANT] dead horse ahead...
  188. I like bethesda's view on the BoS.
  189. BoarderSimsCraft of Duty?
  190. Any memorable characters?
  191. Todd Howard and his inspiration video to gamers everywhere.
  192. New here, and may I just ask a stupid question for once?
  193. Fallout 4 Cheers
  194. Someone finally painstakingly beat Fallout 4 without killing anything
  195. I just don't get the hate on NMA
  196. Mods/GECK will fix it. Nope.
  197. Extremly hesitant on beths next game
  198. Can we honestly say Fallout 4 is better than Fallout 3?
  199. Giantbomb: FO4 is the third most disappointing game of 2015
  200. ING "Opinion; Fallout 4 should be the last Fallout"
  201. I thought Fallout 4 will be good
  202. The misunderstanding of fallout 4 & the effects of hype based marketing article
  203. Anyone like the soundtrack?
  204. Which is The worst quest in Fallout 4?
  205. Romance Help (Piper)
  206. Game developers and publishers not caring about quality control.
  207. Divide and conquer, my thoughts on console mods
  208. A couple of choice shares about Fallout 4 on Reddit