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  1. Playstation 2... upcoming game Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
  2. Fallout Brotherhood of Steel for X-Box and PS2
  3. FO:BOS Secret Renders
  4. Fallout: POS, the Real Quote:
  5. Romance is a must have
  6. What can we do?
  7. Irony
  8. cool new idea! must see!
  9. Screenshots question
  10. The FAQ
  11. graphics from 1997
  12. FOPoS forum back?
  13. Review of a Beta tester...
  14. Chucky speaks!
  15. The way F:BOS is handled
  16. No way!!!
  17. Observations (Don't Hurt Me If It's Not Liked)
  18. I'm atleast gonna rent it
  19. Doom vs FO:POS
  20. Is the game industry stupid?
  21. FO-POS renders...
  22. Bad evolution
  23. Ugh, you die hard, cult following fans kill me...
  24. WTF!!
  25. Agreement and Confusion; The new state of mind
  26. Bundle Fallout 1&2 with it!
  27. Arguements For And Against Playing
  28. Ahahaha read this shit now
  29. Mindless
  30. Any positive press?
  31. First Impressions
  32. What the fiznuck Chiznuck?
  33. why is BOS so bad?
  34. Why, god,why
  35. Fallout: Enforcer? . . . what?
  36. hahaha nice forum name
  37. Man, you guys are REEEEEEEALLY pissed...
  38. Thong not gone
  39. New FO: POS Trailer!
  40. I am so sad now!!!
  41. I'm Probably Dead for Saying This, But...
  42. "Highly anticipated," huh?
  43. Inconsistencies between FOBOS and FO1&2
  44. Throretical Situation: You get to make FO:BOS
  45. So, who's going to buy FO:PoS?
  46. POS: Pros and Cons
  47. Who has Fallout:POS
  48. So FO3 is being raped and FOPOS 2 is on.
  49. Let's refer to it as Fallout: BS...
  50. New BOS Media
  51. FBOS taken down.... By other fallout fans
  52. 27 Things about POS
  53. Now our new mission is........
  54. What if the WORST thing will happend...
  55. Fallout BOS suspended?
  56. You people embarass me...
  57. FBOS Spam
  58. Open Apology...
  59. Is anybody going to at least play it?
  60. Worth Playing FO:BoS preview
  61. Metacritic FO:BOS
  62. interplay is dying....
  63. Interplay says previews are reviews
  64. Excerpt from Interplay's bible, and why this game was made.
  65. new xbox.ign FO:BoS preview
  66. Flatlinedeath666+FOBOS+Army vs Navy vs Marines=?????
  67. Interplay signs metal bands for FO:BoS
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  69. Question, I can't quite get my head around this, need help.
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  76. Sean Reynolds - Joining the fun
  77. Amazon "folks" don't like it either.
  78. I just had to point this out - Well done, Dove.
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  80. Sean Reynolds Plays Let's Make A Deal
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  85. And for those who want some summaries:
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  88. HAHAHAHAHhahahahahahahHAHAHAHahahAHHAHA
  89. Secret FO:POS Characters
  90. BOS Cheatz!
  91. PSX Nation reviews FO:BoS
  92. Ding, ding, ding!! We have a loser!!
  93. POOPERSCOOPER Invades Interplay
  94. FO BOS sucking ass in Tucson Arizona
  95. Xbox.com site
  96. Oh for crying out loud...
  97. Gotta love 3MD PsychoSniper.
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  99. BOS: Well, at LEAST they let me...
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  101. Attn: Sarcasm may be bad for your health
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  103. Sounds Like...
  104. OmG spoilerzz!1!11
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  106. My rant about Interplays BS
  107. Don't BOO!!! me... I can't help it...
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  111. The way it SHOULD be...
  112. How does BOS story contradict the rest?
  113. What would you rather see...
  114. PC fallout is garbage compared to this priceless gem
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