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News for Saturday, April 30, 2011

Posted by Brother None - at 1:20

If the New Vegas patch has been causing save game issues for you, Matt Grandstaff notes a fix is incoming, and you might be able to work around in the meantime.

The update for English versions of the game should be going live later tonight. Exact time is TBA, but it'll probably be later in the night. For folks playing the game in other languages, the wait is going to be a little longer. When I have a better estimate of what that will be, I'll let you know.

For now, if your game save is working properly after getting the "missing content" notice, here's what we suggest. Load your game save after getting the message about missing content. Once you're in the game, make a new game save, and moving forward you shouldn't have any issues. Once the new title update is up, you can then go back to your older save files.

If your game is crashing after loading the "missing content" save, you'll want to wait until this new update goes live.

Again, I'll provide new details as I get them. Thanks for your patience.

News for Thursday, April 28, 2011

Posted by Briosafreak - at 20:51

The patch is up for PS3 users, but Bethesda points to savegame issues for Xbox 360 users.

We're aware some folks are having New Vegas save issues . We're working with Microsoft on this and should have more information soon.

In other news, the latest title update is available on PlayStation 3 in Europe.
Thanks Planet Fallout.

News for Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Posted by Brother None - at 23:53

Jason Bergman tweets the latest patch for New Vegas has passed certification and should hit Xbox Live tonight, meaning the patch will then be available on all three platforms.

News for Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Posted by Brother None - at 22:07

As the next DLC continues to be mired in vagueness, and despite New Vegas' success, Obsidian has been hit with yet another round of layoffs, VG247 reports. The complete number of layoffs is unknown, but VG247 lists several of New Vegas' developers: designer and Obsidian veteran Akil Hooper, junior designer Sydney Wolfram and associate producer Tess Treadwell. Only Akil Hooper and QA tester Ashley Betters are confirmed.

Posted by WorstUsernameEver - at 12:17

As a user on Reddit noted the PS3 version of Fallout: New Vegas has received new trophies for Honest Hearts with the last patch. They obviously contain spoilers, but you can find them all (including photos of the TV set on which the guy was playing, confirming they're legit) inside the link.

And yes, Honest Hearts hasn't been officially announced yet.

Update: The achievements are now out on Steam too.

Posted by Brother None - at 0:16

As announced earlier, the PC patch for New Vegas is up on Steam now, and will update automatically. Updates for Xbox 360 will come in later, as well as updates for PS3 whenever they fix PSN. The patch notes do not add anything to the earlier list, so the "optimizations and stability improvements" will remain unknown.

Addendum: For PS3 users, Jason Bergman adds.

I'm told game updates may be functional over PSN, despite the outage (system updates are). If so, the FNV patch will be live at 00:00 GMT.
Addendum 2: Ausir notes the PS3 version is up, at least in the SCEA area (North and South America).

News for Friday, April 22, 2011

Posted by WorstUsernameEver - at 10:36

Our friends at The Vault have spotted a promotional pic for Honest Hearts on the Xbox Live Marketplace, at this link, paired with the New Vegas teaser.

Still no release date or announcement as of now.

Talking about DLC, the Vault also noticed that the website The Sony Geniuses seems to have confirmed the already reported teaser for the next episode of Qore, Playstation 3's digital magazine, which teases (notice the recurring theme?) information about Old World Blues, which is almost certainly going to be the third DLC installment for the game.

Posted by WorstUsernameEver - at 10:25

Our friends of the team behind the upcoming mod, Mutants Rising, have issued another update on the development of the mod. Since it's relatively brief, here it is in its entirety:

Damn, it’s Easter, see how the time flies. Well, we’re here to say that we’re still alive and no, we’re not finished yet.

Actually, we have made several important decisions for the benefit of the game, but to the detriment of the release date. Most notably, we have restored an entire location that was already slated for the expansion pack, back into the vanilla game. The town was cut back when the team consisted of around 3 active members. Now we have more members and it is imperative that this town is brought back to life. Also, we have decided that despite the third makeover, the initial town of Elko wasn't up to our expectations and have scrapped it completely. Constant updating and adapting have ruined the nature of Elko, so it was easier to start from zero. Elko is now being remade with entirely new maps, new dialogue, new design and new scripts (as well as some shiny new art). We are proud to say that it is much truer to the spirit of Fallout than it has ever been (For the first time ever the whole team is happy with the town and we will NEVER touch it again). Finally, we are working extensively on Las Vegas’ design to make it shine in its own MR way, which will be much different from Obsidian’s New Vegas’ allure.

Of other news, we are very happy to share with you our take on the famous ‘War. War never changes.' line. The cutscene was made by our fellow modder, a full-time member of the EC: Paris TC mod, you know him, you love him, Aguirre. Voice over was provided by Brian Sfinas aka Cunningandvalor, who also did voice work on several of our Talking Head NPCs. We also have a new, stunning world map created by .Pixote. the Awesome and some cool ending screens.

Eyecandy aside, we would like to emphasise that our primary goal is to create a fun gaming experience faithful to the spirit of Fallout and that means we have also been working hard on our scripting and writing. To illustrate this, we’re presenting you with this less-known side of our project (yeah, we were late for April’s Fools).
And some screenshots from the dialogue editor:

News for Thursday, April 21, 2011

Posted by Starwars - at 23:46

Jason Bergman posted that the PC patch will arrive on Monday. Console gamers will get it "soon", depending on Sony/Microsoft's stamp of approval. He goes on to list the balance tweaks.


Automatic Guns - SMGs, the Assault Carbine, and the LMG are more accurate across the board. They're also more durable. 12.7mm SMG mag capacity increased to 21.
Shotguns - Buckshot has received a x1.2 inherent DAM mod. This slightly incentivizes using buckshot over slugs when enemy armor is not an issue. Magnum buckshot has a x1.3 DAM mod and a small amount of DT bypass. Spread for many shotguns has been lowered.
Hunting Rifle, Anti-Materiel Rifle - Hunting Rifle and AMR now have the lowest spread of all rifles. Hunting Rifle RoF increased, Crit Chance set to x2. Anti-Materiel Rifle's Crit DAM has been raised from 80 to 110 to make it more viable when compared to the Gobi.
Sniper Rifle, Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle - Sniper Rifle and Gobi now have a higher RoF and lower AP cost. Both have x2 Crit Chance. Gobi has increased DAM and much higher Crit DAM over the Sniper Rifle.
That Gun - That Gun is now a slow-firing hand cannon that does huge DAM firing 5.56mm out of a short barrel.
Hunting Revolver – Rate of Fire increased.
Service Rifle - DAM slightly lowered, firing animation changed to the one used by Marksman Carbine, RoF dramatically increased. Spread decreased.
Silenced .22 Pistol, SMG - Crit DAM and Crit Chance significantly increased.
5mm Ammo - Base ammo has 10 points of DT bypass. AP variants have 25 points of DT bypass. This affects the Assault Carbine, Minigun, and CZ57 Avenger.
.308 JSP - DAM mult reduced from x1.5 to x1.3. x2 CND degradation effect added.
Lever-Action Rifles - Cowboy Repeater, Trail Carbine, Brush Gun - RoF has been slightly reduced, AP costs have been significantly increased, and spread has been slightly increased. Cowboy Repeater Custom Action RoF increase has been reduced. La Longue Carabine spread has been significantly lowered.


Dynamite - Larger explosion radius.
Frag and Plasma Grenades – DAM increased.
25mm Grenades - Slightly increased DAM on the explosion.
40mm Grenades - Significantly higher DAM on the explosion.
Missile Launcher / Fat Man - Now have much better zoom FoV and good accuracy. Missile and Fat Man projectiles (not the explosion) have a large base DAM. Both are extremely effective on direct hits, but still potent even if a direct hit is not scored. N.B.: Listed DAM on weapons assumes a direct hit!

Energy Weapons:

Gatling Laser - Base DAM is higher. Against heavily armored targets, this is still a poor weapon. Against lightly armored targets, especially with Over Charge or Max Charge ECPs + Focus Optics + Laser Commander, it has extraordinary DPS.
Tesla Cannon, Tesla-Beaton Prototype - These now consume far less ammo per shot and can be fired several times before a reload. DAM is beefy with an additional 2 second DoT.
Pew-Pew - Lower ammo capacity, consumes far fewer ECs per shot. Still a two-shot weapon.

Melee and Unarmed:

Ripper, Chainsaw, Thermic Lance - DAM lowered, all ignore DR/DT.
Bladed Gauntlet, Mantis Gauntlet - Ignore DR/DT flags removed (were not supposed to be marked as such). Mantis Gauntlet animation/sound fixed.


Splash Damage – Functions properly.
The Professional - 10mm Pistol, SMG added to perk list.

News for Monday, April 18, 2011

Posted by Brother None - at 21:00

Vice President of Marketing and PR Pete Hines talks to on why Bethesda wins forever.

Q: Does it make it more challenging to convey that from a marketing perspective?

Pete Hines: Well, look at Oblivion. Everybody said 'there's no chance you're going to sell Oblivion into a console audience; it's too big, it's too complicated, it's too much of a PC thing. They won't get it. Console gamers don't like that kind of stuff.' And then they bought it by truckloads, and it was like 'well, there goes that theory. What other theories do you have?' And then they're 'you can't take an old-school PC isometric turn-based role-playing game and turn it into something that's relevant on next-generation consoles.'

So we did Fallout 3, and that won game of the year and sold a gazillion copies. It turns out that people just like good stuff, and if you market it well and you get people into what the game is about people like it. People want to play good stuff, they want to get value for they're paying for these games. So I think we do a pretty good job of delivering on that, making sure that when you buy a game from us that it's gonna be fun and different and unique from what you played last week, last month, last year.

Q: It must pretty heavily affect the budgets though...

Pete Hines: It does. But what affects the budget more than anything is just the nature of making a game on a 360 or a PS3 - you can't afford to have the same number of artists that you had eight years ago when you were making it for the Xbox, because it takes a lot more work, a lot more effort, a lot more time to put that level of detail in. It's more a function of that than how great do you want the game to be, if that makes any sense.

Posted by Brother None - at 20:46

The page has since been removed, but VG247 spotted a listing of Fallout: New Vegas GotY edition at, for a RRP of 30 GBP (a spot under 50 USD). No other details were given on the page.

It seems a bit early to even give it as a listing to retailer so perhaps Amazon simply slipped up. Regardless, this is no news, as it was pretty much guaranteed Bethesda would eventually release a GotY/Platinum/whatever edition with all DLCs, at some point after the last DLC is released.

Thanks PainlessD.

Posted by The Vault Dweller - at 9:30

Some of you may remember the ambitious mod that created Fallout multiplayer and its constant upgrades as the world was expanded and fixed. A member of this site took the chance to play and review it for fan recommendation. This review was done by and for No Mutants Allowed.

FOnline 2238 is a fan-made modification, based on its own engine and using Fallout assets, meant to take the franchise into multiplayer. It gives us a setting loyal to the universe and takes place a few years before the events of Fallout 2. Players can travel both the Fallout 1 and F2 maps with new locations, which are appropriate and necessary for gameplay. Lots of content has been added and changed to provide an experience both fair and realistic to the player. The project has been in beta for over a year as constant testing leads to tweaks and updates. This reviewer tried out the game for a few hours when it was new, then stopped, and has now returned after about a year, to play it through and see how far it's come along.

I had just gotten done picking up brahmin shit (with my bare hands unfortunately since the "cleaning" it up and for "picking" it up is more complicated than you would naturally assume) and went back to the pen owner. Since the shit wasn't actually cleaned up, but instead picked up as an item in my inventory I didn't get recognition for my services. No caps, no experience. Thinking the shit had some monetary value (an item is an item after all) I went to the nearest merchant. As I stood there, waiting for another PC to finish talking to the merchant, another guy walked up behind me. When I opened the barter screen, items began to dissappear as they were put up. At the same time the tell-tale "use on" animation was being activated by the PC behind me onto me. I was being robbed. I immediately exited the barter screen. He had already started running and I took off after him. We ran through to the end of the street, past the Maltese Falcon and turning at Bob's Iguana Bits. I saw that he was going to touch the exit grid well before me and escape with the goods so I figured to stop and let him leave with some cursing on my part. He reciprocated and stopped to speak as well. Or what passes for speech in online adolescent lingo. "i stole your shit bro" he mockingly said. For the first time ever the description fit the item perfectly and ironically. Furthermore he told me I could "take this crap" as he dropped the brahmin shit on the ground. I'm surprised he didn't keep it just to further spite me...or was he simply trying to mock my noob status? It wasn't hard to believe someone would be so cruel. I had passed by multiple corpses of PCs on my way into town. Maybe some of them had committed a crime and been killed by a vengeful player, right? No. I knew how they died. Either someone slightly higher level or better equipped killed them on the mere assumption they were carrying a few caps. Sometimes groups of powerful players would simply walk into town picking off "bluesuits" - the inventory empty, armorless, low-level new players. There had even been times I heard gunfire somewhere and continued my walk through town finding a fresh corpse. I wanted to go to someone and vent, but sadly and realistically my low-intelligence character had dialogue altered to fit his personality. "I am new here." became "me is new herr" and the only response was being ignored or laughed at by the other PCs. I had never felt so alone in a multiplayer game.

...and now that a year had passed I returned to give it another try.

As exciting as those first few steps sound into what was a barely tested world imagine the huge additions that have been created in more than a year since then. Maybe you can give it a try after you've read the review. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

News for Friday, April 15, 2011

Posted by Brother None - at 2:29

Here's a kind of neat fan-initiated website: Fallout: New Vegas tour. Over the past month, Chris Worth has been posting images and descriptions of places he visited around Las Vegas and matching them up to their New Vegas counterparts.

News for Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Posted by Brother None - at 22:09

We're all anxiously awaiting word of the next New Vegas DLC. It's been a while since Dead Money, and we certainly took our time reviewing it, but if you've been holding off on purchasing and your curiosity is up with the next one around the corner, read on.

Dead Money introduces two new enemy types that will stand in the player's path and progress during the Dead Money campaign;
The mysterious Ghost People, strange beings trapped in hazardous environment suits, that may be the descendants of some of the Pre War workers who were employed at the Sierra Madre during the time the bombs fell, and the Sierra Madre's own security system; holographic guards.

The first several times the player engages the Ghost People they can not be killed in the conventional way, just because the player has drained their health and thrown them on the ground does not mean that the Ghost People are dead. Given time they will regenerate and get back up to continue their assault. The only way to permanently kill them is to decapitate them or cut/shoot heir head, arm or leg off. After the player has met Dog/God he can teach the player how to kill Ghost People without having to decapitate them.

While most of the Sierra Madre's Villa structures and technologies have decayed over time, the security system is still functions well, built to last much longer than its surroundings. As the Sierra Madre is still on lock down some of the systems identify the player or anyone else it encounters as intruders that need to be dealt with.

Unlike the Ghost People, the holograms can not be destroyed by a direct attack (there are no pulse grenades), being made up of light after all, while they can cause severe damage once they have detected the player. The player needs to change their patrol paths through computer controls or find their emitter and shut it down to permanently disable the hologram.

Outside of these active threats the Sierra Madre Villa and casino also has a large number of other dangers the player needs to be careful for. Various traps that have been set up by the Ghost People or earlier visitors to the Sierra Madre who wanted to take out their competitors but which sometimes also ended up killing the people who placed them. The damaged intercom and communication grid as well as partly working radios are also a threat to the player and his/her companions, these systems in general have ceased working properly but still transmit waste noise on frequencies that interfere with the bomb collars the player and the companions have been forced to wear by Elder Elijah. Getting too close to a working speaker or radio can trigger the bomb prematurely and the player only has a small window of time in order to find the speaker or radio and shut it off or destroy it before the bomb detonates.

News for Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Posted by Brother None - at 19:52

With rumors swirling about, senior producer Jason Bergman steps up to officially announce that indeed, the next DLC will be announced soon, and before its release we should have a new patch.

Hi everyone,

On behalf of all of the hard-working teams at Bethesda and Obsidian, I’d like to give you an update what we’ve been working on these past few months.

Well, here’s what happened: our next DLC release (announcement coming very soon, we promise) has been complete while we worked on getting a patch ready for you all. We didn’t want to just release more DLC before we had a patch that would improve the overall New Vegas experience.

The good news, is that we do have such a patch and it’s been handed off to the necessary platform owners. It should be released in the next couple of weeks on 360, PS3 and PC (can’t be more specific than that, I’m afraid, although PC will almost certainly get it first).

So what’s in that patch? First and foremost, optimizations and stability improvements. While there are bug fixes, our core focus was on improving stability and performance. We worked directly with first party platform owners to identify issues, and we have fixed a great deal of the crashes and lockups that people were experiencing. In addition, we scoured the forums and this patch includes weapon balance tweaks and other requested fixes.

We know we’re not done yet. There’s still more work to do, and we’ll be monitoring the forums very carefully following the release of this patch, looking for more issues. We do have another update planned further down the line.

So I’d like to apologize for the radio silence. Hopefully you’ll be pleased with the enormous amount of work we’ve put into this update over the last few months, and will enjoy the rest of our DLC releases. We have some pretty cool stuff coming soon. Stay tuned!

Jason Bergman
Senior Producer, FNV

News for Monday, April 11, 2011

Posted by WorstUsernameEver - at 18:25

MTV Multiplayer, in their article about the Honest Hearts trailer Bethesda fiasco and the subsequent leak of screenshots we've already covered, noted that Bethesda is holding a media gathering in Utah and speculates that this may be connected to an imminent announcement.

It's worth noting that there's a Bethesda-sponsored media gathering happening this very week in the mountains of Utah. Between the prematurely posted trailer, the hints in "Dead Money" pointing to the next DLC pack and the Utah gathering, it seems logical to speculate that we'll be hearing something on "Honest Hearts" this week.
I'm not familiar enough with Bethesda marketing to know whether they'd do a media event just for a DLC, but at the very least, it sounds like the DLC announcement may be related to it.

Thanks Duck and Cover.

Update: In case anyone had any doubt about the veracity of this piece of info, here's what Pete Hines (Bethesda's PR Honcho) posted on his twitter page:
Have never been to Utah before. It's absolutely beautiful here.

News for Sunday, April 10, 2011

Posted by WorstUsernameEver - at 17:06

Duck and Cover have been able to grab some screenshot of the (supposedly) next Fallout New Vegas DLC, Honest Hearts, directly from the Youtube trailer.

The video has actually already been uploaded on Bethesda's Youtube channel, as spotted by a Bethesda forums user thanks to an email notification, except it's private for now. An announcement coming soon? You can find the link to the video (still private as of this writing) here.

Thanks The Vault.

Update: It looks like Bethesda deemed the private setting for the video not secure enough after the exposure it gained and removed it altogether.

News for Thursday, April 7, 2011

Posted by The Vault Dweller - at 6:54

The G4 website known for gaming TV have started a contest where fans can vote for their favorite franchise. Currently it's the second round and Fallout beat Civilization in the first now to go up against Gears of War. Which will win? Maybe if you're willing to register you can take part in the vote.

Best Franchises 2011 Competition.

Thanks to Jackie for sending this our way.

News for Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Posted by WorstUsernameEver - at 18:03

A user on the Bethesda forums reports that on the latest issue of the Playstation magazine is featured a preview on next month's "Qore", the online mag you can buy and download on PSN. The preview includes a teaser for Fallout: New Vegas' DLC "Old World Blues" with the subtitle mentioning "Are you the scientist or the guinea pig?".

As long as the information is correct, and considering the next "Qore" episode comes out on 3rd May, that would likely place the release date of the DLC sometimes next month.

It's unclear what this means about the DLC order at this point, and whether this means that Old World Blues will be the second DLC and not Honest Hearts as previously speculated.

Thanks The Vault.

News for Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Posted by Brother None - at 16:14

Following up on the last concept art batch, here's some more additions. There's four old pieces added to the gallery that dev pointed out. Ausir pointed to three more pieces Massive Black released, but by way of its flickr account.

Apropos to images, Chris Avellone's twitter account sports an avatar that I'm tempted to speculate is a sneaky teaser to the next New Vegas DLC. If only it weren't so tiny.

Posted by Brother None - at 15:55

Ian Miles Chong/Sol Invictus/whatever moniker he's using now editorializes over on GameRanx on the forgotten revolution of Fallout.

Armed with your companions Ian and Dogmeat by your side, you can kill him in broad daylight and offer the rest of the Khans a similar fate as you fight your way through the camp to rescue Tandi. Through force, you can raid their safes and loot their corpses as you emancipate Aradesh’s lost daughter.

The other option is to proceed alone through the camp at night, and open the cell in which Tandi is kept, freeing her. This provides a whole new subset of choices. Escaping the notice of the sleeping Khans, you can make it back to Shady Sands under the cover of darkness without spilling a single drop of blood. A more brutal approach would have you murdering each and every one of them in their sleep, slashing their throats as they remain unaware of your presence as the grim reaper. An even crueler option still would be to plant cooked grenades on their sleeping bodies, timed perfectly with your escape for an explosive and gory mix.

These choices already yield more options than anything Dragon Age has to offer, without even touching upon how the possible decisions affect the endgame. Interplay designed the Fallout in 1996, and released it in 1997 -- over a decade before Dragon Age saw the light of day.

Against the choices you had as a player a decade ago, RPGs today are miles away from offering the same freedom and lack of narrative restriction as the aforementioned Fallout. Of course, not every game was like this. Fallout was one of two games offering this much freedom. The other was Fallout 2.

News for Saturday, April 2, 2011

Posted by Brother None - at 20:29

Here's a deal you might want to jump on if you do not own New Vegas and have been waiting for it to hit the right price point: GameStop has Fallout: New Vegas at 66% off, which makes it $19.99 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. For just ten bucks more you can get the pretty swank Collector's Edition on PC, Xbox 360 or PS3.

This deal is mostly interesting for Americans as GameStop charges some pretty steep international shipping rates.

News for Friday, April 1, 2011

Posted by The Vault Dweller - at 6:06

The gaming website Joystick Division has posted an article written by Rich Shievener entitled Five Things We Learned From Fallout. It points out in short some of the unique aspects of Fallout that were groundbreaking and memorable.

Fallout subverts conventional RPG standards in several senses. Instead of the typical sword, shield and spells, you have machineguns and grenades. Instead of orcs and goblins, you face anarchists and irradiated scorpions. But maybe the biggest departure from the norms of past videogames is that Fallout doesn't have a mandatory final boss battle.

The article has five points in total and all are worth reading.