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News for Thursday, April 30, 2009

Posted by Tagaziel - at 12:23

Just a rumour, but some shopping sites (eStarland and msn Shopping) have entries for a Fallout 3 expansion: Broken Steel bundled with a mysterious thingamajig called Point Look or Point Lookout (it's not known which version is real). What is it? Who knows?

Link: eStarland: Fallout 3 Expansion Pack: Broken Steel & Point Look
Link: msn Shopping: Fallout 3 Expansion Pack: Broken Steel & Point Look for Microsoft Xbox 360 (Pre-Order)

Posted by Brother None - at 0:43

A Broken Steel dev diary. Hurray.

If we were to increase the level cap to 30, we first needed to figure out which factions we wanted to support the new cap. Super Mutants were one creature we knew we had to support. The decision was made to keep the Super Mutant Behemoth at the top, so we needed to fill the gap between the Behemoth and the Super Mutant Master. Thus was born the Super Mutant Overlord - a creature much stronger than a Super Mutant Master and one that is beginning to take on the shape and form of a Behemoth. Its posture is beginning to show signs of the Behemoth with its large, thick neck and slightly forward head. Given enough time, the Overlord would eventually grow to become a Behemoth.

To fill the gap for the Feral Ghouls we added the Feral Ghoul Reaver, which wears worn out armor, has special effects emitting from its body, and a new ranged attack, making it visually distinct from the normal Feral Ghouls as well as the Glowing One.

For the Rad Scorpion, we made the Albino Rad Scorpion - a formidable foe that roams the Wasteland, dealing out great amounts of damage, and is much more resistant to attacks than the Giant Rad Scorpion.

For the Enclave, we introduced a new elite fire-based ranged soldier who not only wears new fire-resistant armor, but also wields a new and powerful weapon, the Incinerator. The Incinerator is a powerful ranged fire attack that ignites its victims upon impact.

Posted by Brother None - at 0:29

Bethesda has issued patch 1.5 for Fallout 3, including some fixes and new achievements for Broken Steel.

The update is available for all language versions except Polish in the NMA Fallout 3 patches files section.

News for Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Posted by Brother None - at 18:14

Fallout 3 won best art design and best console game at the ELAN Awards (never heard of it, article doesn't explain what it is), losing out for GotY to Left 4 Dead, reports.

Thanks garlic.

Posted by Brother None - at 18:12

The Escapist confirms the soon-to-be retail version of Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt. And gets a quote on why no Broken Steel.

And where is Broken Steel in all this? The third and most anticipated Fallout 3 DLC release isn't out yet but it will be before the expansion pack hits the shelves. There are "several" reasons Broken Steel won't be included in the disc, according to Bethesda's Pete Hines. "The gist of it is that we wanted to go ahead and get the first two out there in a shorter period of time," he said.
Thanks Garlic.

News for Monday, April 27, 2009

Posted by Brother None - at 22:55

Sun Media goes in for another "what they should do" list.

So in lieu of more hard facts, we're rolling the dice and coming up with a lucky seven things we'd love to see in Fallout: New Vegas.

- Retro-Vegas chic: The world of Fallout is bathed in the culture and optimism of the 1950s (at least, until the atomic bombs dropped), and as such it would make no sense for Fallout: New Vegas to be full of ultra-modern skyscraper hotels. Hopefully the city of New Vegas will look like a nuked-out version of Rat Pack-era Sin City, with art deco sci-fi flourishes.

- References to New Reno: To truly gain favour with old-school Fallout fans, there should be references (or even a visit) to New Reno, a memorable location from Fallout 2. Interestingly, Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment is made up of some of the same people who worked on Fallout 2. So that one's likely a no-brainer.

Posted by Morbus - at 22:55

Once again, this is for the fans of airsoft games, and has been sent to us by Bob "BoBKiD" Oikonomou:

Hello again fellow wastelanders,

as some of you remember, in October 2008, a big Fallout based event took place in Athens, Greece, called "Wasteland 2 : Rise of the Mutants".

"Wasteland" is a post-apocalyptic airsoft scenario series, based on the Fallout universe. Unlike normal deathmatch style airsoft scenarios, Wasteland uses a non-linear mission system, just like the computer game.

The first "Wasteland" airsoft game took place in Athens, Greece, on December 2007. It featured three factions (Enclave, Vault Dwellers and Mutants) and four (4) missions. Its success led us to the second Wasteland airsoft game (Wasteland 2: Return of the Mutants), which took place in Athens on 26th October 2008 (just a few days before the 26 October 2077 "anniversary").

It featured:
- over 80 participants (excluding NPCs)
- four player factions (Enclave, Vault Dwellers, Mutants & Raiders)
- non-linear storyline
- NPCs like Set, Myron, Dick Richarsdon, Marcus and more.
- over 20 quests/missions

You can have a small taste by watching the youTube video here:

...and of course the Wasteland 2 weebsite at:

Hint: Check the pictures for a NMA reference Wink.

Take care all!

Posted by Brother None - at 22:46

Just a quick note to note that the Good Old Games Fallout week has brought us an expertly picked list of mods.

Posted by Brother None - at 15:49

We asked Fallout 1 Art Lead and Fallout 2 Art Director Gary Platner to do a Fallout Developers Profile a while back, and now (with the help of Ausir) he has, topping it up by providing some old renders from the original Fallout 2 production cycle (which can be found in the profile).

Tell us a little about your role in the making of Fallout 1/2/3(Van Buren)/Tactics/Brotherhood of Steel?

On Fallout 1, my main job was making ground tiles and wall sets, plus any other props needed to fill out the zones and maps. At first the team was just rendering props out from Lightwave and throwing ‘em in the game. I had never used Lightwave, so I wasn’t that good at texturing. So I would render out walls and other props and then painted on ‘em in Painter (like Photoshop, only better)! I would add more details like scratches and paint-chips, shading and color. That really worked out well, soon we were all doing that. I really loved making all those wall sets and doors and crap!

On Fallout 2 I found myself in the art director role, so I ended up doing a little bit of everything! Leon and Jason were gone, and I was the only one on the team left that actually knew how to do most of the work! Believe me, I’m not bragging here, I became art director because Leon and Jason did so much art, and I had worked so close with them on all the art assets. We only had about a year to do as much as we could. So I wanted Fallout 2 to feel familiar, but improved and new. I redid the interface, helped add more features and basically tried to improve how we made the zones. I did most of the intro cinematic at home, and Chad Moore and Michael McCarthy from Rock and Roll Racing made other cinematics. I grabbed anyone I could from other Black Isle projects to help finish this game. I even got 7 art interns and a couple contract artists to help make inventory items and wall sets.

What's your favourite Fallout memory?

The power armor helmet on the box of Fallout 2. Scott Rodenhizer got to design the box cover helmet. And he was very…’adamant’, about making a better power armor head then Leon! First off, Scott is an amazingly creative modeler, and his redesign of the helmet was astounding! But for a while, it remained uncolored and untextured. He kept adding and editing things, and just never got around to coloring it. I took a render of the helmet and just started painting over it. I had some ideas for color, and wanted to try ‘em out. I added some gold eyes, some rust and put in a foggy dark blue atmosphere with shadows falling over the helmet and shoulders. I showed it to Scott and said ‘what do ya think of these colors for the box cover?’ He looked at it, sat down, stood up, covered his hand over his mouth…he must have looked at it for 5 minutes without saying a word! Scotty was a tough little nut, and he was…let’s say, a tricky artist to work with. But we both knew something…that colored helmet looked f***ing hot! And I know, it took every part of his being to admit, that what I had done, looked pretty good. Hilarious!

I will never forget that. I was mostly just proud that I could actually do something that Scott, reluctantly, actually liked!
What is your hope for future Fallout games? Would you like to be a part of a future Fallout team?

One thing we could have done better with Fallout 1 and 2, was really convey the ‘50’s sci-fi look. The movie ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’ really did it right visually! So I had high hopes for Fallout 3. And I was hoping Bethesda would really push the art style! But, to me, it ended up looking like any other shooter game. And that’s a shame, ‘cause the best thing ‘bout Fallout, for an artist, is its genre. It has such visual potential! But, yeah, I would have loved to be on the Fallout 3 team!
As bonus material, Gary provided some extra shots of Fallout promotional material and tchotchkas.

And, as bonus bonus material, for Blizzard aficionados, a shot of his current place of work.

Hurray! Thanks again, Gary Platner and Ausir.

Link: Fallout Developers Profile - Gary Platner.

News for Sunday, April 26, 2009

Posted by Brother None - at 17:21

A very quick update on the Fallout 2 high resolution patch to switch the position of the resolution button on the main menu.

Link: Fallout 2 high resolution patch hits 2.0a.

News for Saturday, April 25, 2009

Posted by Brother None - at 18:58

Exploring A Devastated World: Emil Pagliarulo And Fallout 3.

You just won best game and best writing at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Emil Pagliarulo: Yeah! We did. The shock that people saw was legitimate. I'm actually really shocked at the writing award. I'm shocked at all these award shows where GTA IV hasn't won. I expected them to win. I think the writing in GTA IV is awesome. For us to win over GTA IV, I can't get a bigger honor than that.

And as far as game of the year, we were coming from the DICE awards a couple of months ago, and LittleBigPlanet swept all the awards including game of the year. We were expecting that. So yeah, it was great.
Indeed, there is no rational explanation for Fallout 3 beating out GTA IV on writing, dead on there mr Pagliarulo.
On the note of recognition, I recently spoke to Jason Anderson, who was one of the original Fallout designers and is making an RPG at inXile. He said he played Fallout 3 and really liked it, but what I found particularly interesting was that what he most appreciated is how Bethesda is to an extent proving the viability of the large-scale single-player Western RPG. It's not the most ubiquitous genre.

EP: Yeah, I couldn't be happier that he feels that way. We certainly do. The talk these days is that if it's not massively multiplayer, it's at least multiplayer. Some people have been really saying that single-player is dead. For us, winning that award, I hope it sends a message that's, "Guess what? Single-player isn't dead."

Obviously, we're doing something that people want and they like. I'm really psyched he said that. I totally agree. I'm glad we get to do what we get to do.
With the upcoming DLC, you guys are actually going to change the ending, right?

EP: It's the third DLC, Broken Steel. We haven't said exactly how, but the game doesn't end anymore. We looked at the ending cutscenes, we looked at the states of the characters, and we debated, "Should we do this?"

Todd Howard and I had a conversation, and [realized] it would be more seamless than we had first thought. We looked at it, and said, "You know what? It feels pretty natural. It almost feels like this is the way it should have ended to begin with."

So, the game doesn't end, and it raises the level cap to 30. It adds new perks, new weapons, and new quests, too. And obviously it's a new quest where you're dealing with the Enclave. You're working with the Brotherhood of Steel to wipe up the Enclave remnants once and for all.

That must be bizarre from a design standpoint; I doubt that kind of decision gets made in games often. There are new cuts of films released all the time where the ending is changed, but not so much in games. It's almost like a mea culpa here.

EP: "Mea culpa" is kind of the right phrase, actually. Because, you know what? We've said this before, but we ended the game because we thought it should end. Other games end. And we wanted to balance it to level 20.

And while we realized that people saw this game as a sequel to Fallout; they saw it just as much as a sequel to Oblivion, and Oblivion didn't end. People expected that from us. Even when they reached the level cap, they didn't really care -- to them that was was secondary to adventuring more in the world.

Posted by Brother None - at 18:54

Toss this one into the unconfirmed rumour mill, as Electronic Theatre reveals the cover, (British) pricing and (British) release date for a Fallout 3 Downloadable Content pack, which includes only Operation: Anchorage and the Pitt.

The two highly respectable Downloadable Content (DLC) packs for Electronic Theatre ImageBethesda Softworks’ Fallout 3 currently available for digital purchase are set to be released on a retail disc for both Xbox 360 and Games for Windows on May 29th, 2009, Electronic Theatre can today reveal.
Fallout 3 Downloadable Content: The Pitt and Operation Anchorage is set to launch in throughout Europe on May 29th, 2009, with a Recommended Retail Price of £14.99. The retail package has been rated 18+ by PEGI.
Spotted on GameBanshee.

Posted by Brother None - at 2:16

Moving forward on their Fallout week, looks back on the original Fallout teams leaving BIS, and the new guys who picked it up, in their Fallout 2 editorial.

Black Isle knew that the moral theme that had garnered so much praise for Fallout would be just as pivotal to Fallout 2. To expand the theme, Avellone and the team placed heavy emphasis on the narrative's scope. "We chose events that would be referenced between towns, and whenever possible, set up chains of towns that would respond to each other; Gecko and Vault City are the most prominent example," Avellone says. "Whenever possible, we also used perk scripting checks and tokenization of nicknames to create the illusion of popularity or infamy in some towns, such as New Reno."

Avellone was no stranger to the ripple effects made by every in-game decision. "I felt an intense desire to murder the kids in the Den when I realized they were stealing my stuff," he recalls from one early play session. "Then I realized that if I did that, I would be stigmatized in the game. This was a holdover from the original designers for Fallout 2, their souls be damned."
Fallout 2's development also contained its fair share of snafus that, despite the hectic pace of the schedule, made for fond recollections. "Ron Perlman threatened to kill me for how I wrote the end-game narrative text," Avellone says, grinning. "It had some pretty horrible lines for any voice actor to try and say. I wasn't there at the session, but the audio producer brought in mp3s of Ron Perlman threatening to kill me, my family, and I believe my dog, even though I don't have a dog. It was pretty scary.

"To conclude the tale, I had to sit in on a voice session with him for Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter, but he didn't know who I was. Then I had to explain he was going to be playing a transvestite dragon [in Heart of Winter], and I got that sinking feeling he would simply murder me for the hell of it."

Posted by Brother None - at 1:57

With the help of the ever-loving Ausir, we present the Fallout Developers Profile of Chris Jones, noting that this is not the lead programmer of Fallout 1, but the artist on Fallout 2.

Tell us a little about your role in the making of Fallout 1/2/3(Van Buren)/Tactics ?
I playtested Fallout 1 and was blessed with the chance to enter the industry artistically on Fallout 2. Most of what I did for F2 involved painting character death animations with DPaint and DAnimator frame by frame using the selected color palette. It was tedious work, but it was fun work, and it was good on the job training.

What’s your favourite Fallout memory?
I was pretty entertained by the storylines in Fallout, and the fact that playing the game was so open ended. I was so happy to be actually making art for games at the time it would be pretty hard to think of anything that WASN'T a great memory.
Link: Fallout Developers Profile - Chris Jones.

News for Friday, April 24, 2009

Posted by Brother None - at 13:46

A bit of Fallout Tactics bonus content and lots of contests is the word from Good Old Games today.

We're adding to additional materials an exe file that will unlock a bonus mission in Fallout: Tactics. The mission will be accessible after you complete missions 04, 05 and 06. And if you think you know all about Fallout take part in one of those contests:
# Find these items
# Who said that?
# Special encounters
# Fallout collection lottery - actually you don't have to know anything about Fallout to win it Smile

News for Thursday, April 23, 2009

Posted by Tagaziel - at 16:58

With the recent official announcement of Fallout: New Vegas, we are opening a separate forum board to discuss the upcoming Obsidian title.

Link: Here Be Dragons

Posted by Brother None - at 15:15

RPGWatch has reviewed Fallout 3's second DLC and isn't overly impressed, giving it a 3/5.

The flow of the overall game works much better than in Operation Anchorage - I have highlighted some annoyingly nonsensical moments, but most people won't get hung up on those. You get your quest, you move from task to task until you get to a fork in the road, make your choice, then proceed to the conclusion. Everything wraps around your central mission, and the pacing is set nicely to keep you on the edge of action at all times. The game design seems centered around providing enjoyable combat throughout at the expense of well thought out level design, so you get areas that are great in terms of pinch-points and vantage-points but fall apart badly when you turn around and look at how it is all laid out.

Of course, the whole point of it is that you aren't supposed to turn around and think about things. You are supposed to speed forward and just keep going. You aren't supposed to wonder about your early conversations with your initial contact; you aren't supposed to wonder why all of your equipment gets separated and put into a nice little container for you to retrieve later; you aren't supposed to wonder about the apparent cognitive dissonance inherent in the few facets of the slave leader's personality that are revealed to you. You are just supposed to accept it all at face value, look on your choice as some great 'moral decision' and be heartily impressed. Sadly, it is those sorts of things that you might be able to forgive and forget once but that will make a replay all but impossible.

Another thing that is hard to ignore is the bugginess. I have been impressed with the robustness of the original Fallout 3 and the Operation Anchorage add-on, but even though I waited a couple of days for the initial round of problems to settle down, I still ran into more slowdowns, freezes and crashes to desktop in this small module than in my entire time with Fallout 3.

Posted by Brother None - at 15:13 reports that Atari is the new local publisher for Bethesda in Australia (they have been handling distribution remotely from London for some time now), and also brings rumours of a quest pack.

Just as big, Bethesda Softworks also found the locks changed and the doors bolted shut on its Aussie home and had, to date, attempted to run their downunder operation remotely from the UK. While this has managed to have only a minor affect on the media – in fact our own Adam Mathew is currently in London checking out Rogue Warrior – to consumers it has proved a frustration. We went down to Bondi Junction’s huge JB Hi-Fi earlier in the week and discovered not a single Fallout 3 in stock. Obviously the distribution channels have run dry in the months since Red Ant’s demise.

Atari however may have scored the prize. A release schedule issued today by the company highlighted the fact by providing re-release dates for Fallout 3 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Expect your local retailer to be flooded again with copies of this incredibly popular game on the 21st of May. In addition, the Fallout 3: Quest Pack 1 – presumably a collection of the DLC released for the game – will also be released in box form on June 4th. Although that is only for Xbox 360 and PC – despite the fact that the Fallout 3 exclusivity arrangement – read Microsoft direct debit - extends only to downloadable content, even in box form it’s no dice for PS3 fans.
The quest pack seems a bit early to consider official word, but if it's true that it's not hitting PS3, then the platform is well and truly getting shanked. Again.

Posted by Tagaziel - at 11:38

The Feed brings us joy, kittens, puppies and a Broken Steel video feature:

Link: World Exclusive 'Fallout 3' "Broken Steel" X-Play Video Feature (Extended Edition)

News for Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Posted by Brother None - at 17:42

Not much interesting today, though, as they added some bonus material for owners of Fallout and Tactics.

The bonus content for Fallout 1 is expanding with the addition of another great soundtrack and the owners of Fallout: Tactics can now download Fallout: Warfare - a paper and pencil wargame set in the Fallout universe! The bonus materials are available, after you purchase the games, on the “My Account” page. So if you haven't bought the Fallout series on yet, now is the best time to do it as the 20% discount promo will only last until Monday, April 27 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.
Fallout: Warfare was originally released as bonus content for Tactics pre-orders, and has been available on NMA for years. Don't know about the soundtrack.

Link: Fallout promo.

Posted by Brother None - at 17:27

There's too many previews of Fallout 3's 3rd DLC, Broken Steel, hitting now to keep track of, but GameBanshee has been jogging alongside, bringing us about two dozen previews in total: WorthPlaying, GamePro, IncGamers, SPOnG, GameSpot, Game Informer, Giant Bomb, MTV Multiplayer, Joystiq, MSN, USA Today, UGO, G4, Games Radar, Edge Online, Shacknews,, PC Format, VideoGamer, TeamXbox, GameDaily, Eurogamer. Some randomly selected tidbits; GameDaily.

3. Ghouls aren't just low-level cannon fodder anymore

Broken Steel also brings more mutation madness with more challenging enemies like the Feral Ghoul Reaver -- a feral ghoul with armor and a tendency to toss grenades. Players will also run across Super Mutant Overlords, new Super Mutants with bigger guns and a bigger challenge to kill.

New, more powerful weapons, like a Tesla cannon that shoots a powerful laser, and armor will be available to combat these new, more powerful enemies.

4. Welcome to Adams Air Force Base

Broken Steel will unlock a new area called Adams Air Force base, where you start with a crate of supplies and your orders. The specific tasks weren't identified during the demo, but it will involve avoiding heavy incoming fire while strategically taking out soldiers, turrets and enemy helicopters. In another part of the expansion, players will also be able to check out the Presidential Metro Tunnel that runs underneath the White House.

5. There will be no more official Fallout endings.

This Xbox 360 and PC add-on promises to be a little longer than the previous two downloadable packs -- The Pitt and Operation Anchorage -- and, no, it will not add a new ending to the original story. Bethesda apparently plans to keep the doors wide open for many more add-on packs. Unless you own Fallout for PlayStation 3, that is. There is still no word whether Broken Steel or any other other additional content will come to Sony's gaming system anytime soon.
Edge Online.
With the water purification facility up and running, and a reservoir of Aqua Pura ready to moisten the world, your endgame heroics are a burden to the neophyte scribes with the logistical hell of distribution. And it's not like you've created world peace, or anything – The Brotherhood of Steel want to build a Tesla Cannon, which'll send you into such new areas as Adam's Air Base, accessible only through the ghoul-infested Presidential Metro. Meanwhile, new enemies include the Feral Ghoul Reaver, and the tri-laser wielding super mutant Overlords. The new beasts that start appearing at level 18 are promised to be extremely challenging. Good job you made that Tesla Cannon, then.
UGO (spoilers).

If you haven't finished Fallout 3's main story yet, you should probably stop reading now. If you have, you'll know that the game ends right when you enter that final room and activate that final thing (or don't activate it). Ron Perlman speaks, the end credits roll, and you're forced to load up an earlier save if you want to keep playing.

Broken Steel changes that. You'll actually have more choices in that final room, and you'll be able to send one of your other minions (Fawkes or Charon, for example) to activate the machine. Or you can still activate it yourself. Either way, you'll wake up 2 weeks later in the bowels of the Citadel.

Posted by Brother None - at 17:16

Mash has released a new version of his Fallout 2 high resolution patch, now with the option to set screen resolutions ingame.

Link: Fallout 2 High Resolution Patch 2.0.

Posted by Brother None - at 17:03

Fallout license or not, Chris Taylor noted on the Interplay forums that V13 is still in production.

We are still working on V13. The project is moving forward. We've hired more people recently. I wish I could tell you what Masthead has shown us, but I'm not allowed. Bummer, it's really cool.

I cannot comment on anything to do with anything. Almost literally. ^_^
Thanks ralexand and FalloutNow!

Posted by Tagaziel - at 12:08

Also known as Mister Chris Avellone, has been interviewed by the EDGE magazine about his experiences with the role-playing genre and creating computer games out of it. Fallout, of course, is mentioned, as is the end of his BIS career.

Unfortunately, Brian Fargo (then Interplay’s CEO) left during Fallout 3’s development, and things started looking grim. “The company culture changed once Brian Fargo left,” Avellone sighs. “Whatever people could say negatively about Interplay under his guidance, he had a strong vision for where he wanted the company to go and he really put effort and playtime into Interplay’s games. The new guard displayed none of these qualities, and the company climate changed in unpleasant ways. When I resigned, they were more concerned about digging up dirt on other companies recruiting me – and bringing lawsuits against them – rather than figuring out the reasons people were leaving. When I tried to explain the issues with Baldur’s Gate 3, the HR director didn’t even seem to know what Baldur’s Gate 3 was – talk about fucked up! Baldur’s Gate 3 got cancelled because of an accounting error, and we lost the rights to the licence entirely. Having a project cancelled because the dev team is doing a shitty job is one thing, but having another department not check their math is something else.”

Most important to Avellone, though, was that Feargus Urquhart had resigned to form a new company. Once his boss and friend had abandoned ship, Avellone no longer had any desire to remain at Interplay. Obsidian Entertainment was born.
Link: The Dark Knight Part 1.
Link: The Dark Knight Part 2.

Arigato, Daimyo-kun.

News for Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Posted by Tagaziel - at 20:55

And so should you. To celebrate the announcement of Fallout: New Vegas, decided for a Fallout retrospective, of the kind that's actually interesting. The very first editorial is about the original Fallout, featuring comments from two of its fathers:

[Tim Cain:]"I loved going to rescue Tandi from the raiders, but I never took her home to her father," says Cain. "Instead I gave her a weapon and dragged her all over the wasteland as an involuntary recruit. She was a pretty good shot too. I took her anywhere but back to Shady Sands, even though she complained a lot, and I think she died somewhere in the mutant base, trying to run through an electrified field. Good times, Tandi," he sighs, "good times."
More in the upcoming days. In the meantime, if you are (for some reason) still missing either of the classic games in your collection, has an offer for you.

Link: Fallout Editorial
Link: Fallout Collection at

Posted by Tagaziel - at 20:35

VG247 has even more screenshots from the upcoming Broken Steel DLC expansion, showing off the Presidential Tram beneath the White House (or, rather, what's left of it), Project Purity dumping fresh water into the irradiated ocean, the new Tesla cannons, mutants that finally don't resemble orcs and a number of generic "I've-seen-it-before" shots.

Interesting? You decide, as BS hits us on May 5th. For now, Kotaku has a few tidbits of information about the DLC, including proof that Bethesda's developers really understand the concept of consequences in RPGs:
Hines only detailed one of the perks though, called Puppies! If you pick the Puppies! Perk when Dogmeat dies he gets reincarnated automatically as a puppy, which you can go to certain areas to add back to your group.
Link: Fallout 3: Broken Steel - first screens, release date on
Link: Broken Steel Brings Puppies!

Posted by 13pm - at 18:46

Scott Everts, an Interplay veteran, who did all the maps for Fallout and some maps for Fallout 2 is also involved into development of Fallout: New Vegas.

His profile on BoardGameGeek says:

Stayed at Interplay for about 13 years where I worked on over 20 games. Some of the titles I worked on there were Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Star Trek: Judgment Rites, Stonekeep, Fallout, Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale 2, & Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2.
Currently I'm working on Fallout: New Vegas. It's great to be working on a new Fallout game after all these years.
It is great indeed.

Spotted on Planet Fallout.

Thanks vault_overseer and iii.

Posted by Silencer - at 15:52

Gamespot has a Fallout 3: Broken Steel DLC Q&A (minor spoilers) as well as some screens to go with it.

GS: How do you account for the variety of endings in the original game with this continuation? Are there decisions that players have made that have to be cast aside for the sake of storytelling?

AN: This was perhaps one of the toughest things for us to do when creating Broken Steel. We took great pains to make certain that the actions players made at the end of Fallout 3's original story are not completely invalidated. In fact, we took what players did into careful account and wove it into some of the quests. For example, if players decided to follow President Eden's advice and spiked the water with the Modified F.E.V., that decision will affect the Capital Wasteland and how the player interacts or perceives its inhabitants. We've also added some new decisions to the original storyline that players will be able to make to add some more variety and make the transition feel right.

GS: Can you describe the new geography? Will players access new locations from the original map or transport there by other means?

AN: Actually we have a little of both! In Broken Steel, players will be able to experience some new content in old locations as well as being transported to brand-new locations.
Screens depict Liberty Prime, a Runway (explaining all these aircraft-related Achievments in patch 1.5), a new and awkward-looking Enclave soldier. Thanks to our anonymous tippers.

Links: Broken Steel Q&A, Broken Steel screenshots @ Gamespot.

Posted by Brother None - at 1:49

Leave it to OXM to jump on the opportunity to write a stupid list, on ways in which Fallout:NV has to improve on Fallout 3.

3. Better Ending

Goes without saying but hey, let's say it anyway - New Vegas must have a better ending than Fallout 3 did. After battling your way through the wasteland, discovering what happened to your father and finally resolving the main plotline, you're rewarded with... some artwork slides. Huh?

It was a pretty poor reward for such a gargantuan effort and the ending was completely dwarfed by the scale of the final mission that proceeded it. It was a damp firework at the end of a rollercoaster experience and we're sure the ending will be given the justice it deserves for New Vegas.

Posted by Brother None - at 1:13

Using the always excellent internet research tools of LinkedIn and Twitter, Planet Fallout brings us two more names to put on Fallout: New Vegas.

Also the Lead Creative Designer will be John R. Gonzalez, and Akil Hooper will be one of the Designers. Exciting times for Bethesda, Obsidian and us! In the words of J.E. Sawyer:
John R. Gonzalez is a complete unknown to me, Akil Hooper is an EverQuest vet.

News for Monday, April 20, 2009

Posted by Brother None - at 23:49

J.E. Sawyer, who we last saw as the lead of BIS' last attempt at Fallout 3 (Van Buren), has confirmed he is lead on Fallout: New Vegas.

Yes. I'm the project director and lead designer. I can't complain.
Thanks Seymour the spore plant.

Posted by Brother None - at 23:30

Mutants Rising reminds us all they're still alive.

It has been some time since we released any information about the mod, so we thought it was time we brought the public up to date with everything.

Let's get the bad news over with first. Due to circumstances beyond our control (server catching fire) we have lost our development forum and some of our key background material. We are currently trying to recover the lost data and forum but this is likely to take some time. We do want to assure everyone that this will not hinder development in the long term and no actual game data from the current version was lost.

Secondly, our main (and only!) mapper has had to leave us temporarily to join the army. he has helped tremendously with the mod and has single handedly made maps for at least five towns in short time. We wish him well and eagerly await his return.

On the more positive side of things, work has been progressing well on the mod and now only three towns out of 11 need completing. Of these, two have their maps ready and one has a complete set of dialogues ready to be scripted (Oh the joy...) Once these towns are completed, the hard work of tidying up the game and checking for errors will begin.

Continuum and equilerex have been working hard making new artwork to shock the community with and we have ensured that each new town has something special to shock you all with.

On the scripting side, things have really slowed to a crawl unfortunately. I'm the only scripter and as such everything from scripting to installing new art, maps, sound etc is on my shoulders. I have been very busy at university this year and have pressing family commitments so little time to mod fallout. However, scripting is still infinitely quicker than completing all the dialogues so things will pick up at the end of term.

At this hard time, we also extend our sympathy to the late FMF team. It is such a shame to have lost our rival team and to show our appreciation for all the effort they put into fallout, the team has decided to put City on the Coast, a self contained area, into Mutants Rising to ensure all their work has not been in vain.

As always, we would welcome any new members to help with the final push on the mod. Anybody interested should contact myself or Dude101.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on. Until next time. Keep playing fallout.

Chris Parks

Posted by Brother None - at 23:19

ZAM interviews Tim Cain about his upcoming MMO with Carbine, but naturally Fallout and Fallout Online pop up.

ZAM: Speaking of your previous games, in 2006 Interplay announced that they were planning a Fallout MMO. How do you feel about your new game potentially competing with an MMO version of one of your classic games?

Tim: Well, I will admit that it feels odd that Fallout is being made into an MMO at all. The setting is supposed to be bleak and isolating. I am still trying to wrap my head around thousands of people running around the apocalyptic wastes shouting "LFG!!!" and fighting over rare spawns.

But really, I'm kind of proud that Fallout has had such a long life. In this industry, most games are forgotten a couple years after they are released, so it's nice to be associated with an enduring IP. And I don't think our current game will compete with Fallout head-on. They are different settings entirely.
Thanks Waddle 2120.

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Bethesda has put a new patch for Fallout 3 on the Xbox network, and it seems to be another "new achievements"-one. If you want a sniff of the achievements, the Vault is the place for you.

Posted by iii - at 21:28

Shacknews managed to nab Pete Hines to ask a set of questions about their cooperation with Obsidian on Fallout: New Vegas.

Shack: What has Bethesda's attitude been in terms of allowing Obsidian freedom to create their own Fallout game?

Pete Hines: I think we tried very hard not to put much in the way of parameters on them. To let them kind of come up with the idea. So we didn't go to them and say, we want a game that is set here, and--we didn't do that. We said, "What would you do with it? If we were going to do this, what would you guys like to do?"

Shack: So you asked them for a pitch, as opposed to pitching them a project.

Pete Hines: Correct, correct. And honestly, generally speaking, that's how it works best, which is: you've gotta have people who are really vested in the idea that it's their creation. "This is what makes us excited. If we could do this, this is what we would want to do."

You may help them mold or frame that, but if that's what they're excited about, then that's what you should do. As opposed to, I come up with something that would be cool, and you go to them and they go, "Oh, okay. Well, sure." You're just not necessarily going to get the same passion or excitement from the team. And those are the guys who need to be the most excited about it, because that's what they're going to go into the office and be creative on and make for the foreseeable future.

Posted by Silencer - at 16:45 passed the word that Bethesda announced the new title in the Fallout series in London:

We’re just heard that Bethesda’s announced a new Fallout game - titled Fallout: New Vegas - at its London showcase.

Apparently it’s the same style of title as Fallout 3.

We’re waiting on more detail.

Update: It’s releasing in 2010. Obsidian’s developing.

Which brings two interesting items:
1) A new game to buy instead of new DLC to buy? And we'll probably notice the difference, since...
2) Subcontracted Obsidian Entertainment - company responsible for such titles as Knights of the Old Republic 2, Neverwinter Nights 2 addons Storm of Zehir and Mask of the Betrayer and the upcoming Alpha Protocol - is going to develop it? Does that mean we're not getting what Bethsoft does best any more? ;)

We'll be sticking our ears out to confirm this...

Link: Fallout: New Vegas Announced In London on

Thanks Ausir!

Kotaku has this one too, with a bit more info:
Fallout New Vegas was announced moments ago during a Bethesda press conference in London.

The new game was revealed by Bethesda's Pete Hines who said that the publisher is working with Obsidian Entertainment on the title.

It will be coming out next year for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

"It is not a sequel to Fallout 3," Hines said. "It's simply another Fallout game in that universe."

It will be the same sort of role-playing game experience seen in Fallot 3, he said. The game's official reveal, with more details and a look at the game down the line.

Hines added that this title will have no impact on what Todd Howard and his team are working on.
So, who's spin-off now, eh? Whatever.

Link: New Fallout Announced on Kotaku

Thanks Forhekset!

And Destructoid:
If the Twitterverse is to be believed, Obsidian -- currently working on Sega's Alpha Protocol -- is currently developing a new, "non-sequel" to Fallout 3 title for Bethesda Softworks.

Link: Obsidian Developing Fallout: New Vegas For 2010 on Destructoid

News for Saturday, April 18, 2009

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You can find DLC-and-other-thing related interviews from Bethesda on, Voodoo 3D and Gamasutra.

With Oblivion, you obviously tried a number of different things. There was some backlash with the horse armor and all of that, which at this point I guess has been discussed to death, but you also went to the other extreme in terms of volume of content. Did you learn some big lessons from that experience?

PH: Definitely, because we did the entire spectrum for the most part. We did small things and then we did the really huge thing [with The Shivering Isles]. We did what I think was the first ever full expansion on a console for download. We looked at what we liked and what we didn't, and what the people liked.

What we discovered was that we want to be able to do stuff that doesn't take a year to come out.

All these people are out there playing our game by the hundreds of thousands on a daily basis and we want to be able to bring those folks something they could do in a much shorter time frame, rather than just saying, "See you next year." That instantly ruled out doing a big expansion because those things just take so damn long to do.

So we started looking at the biggest stuff we'd done that people really liked, but that we could do in smaller, digestible chunks.

That's where we came to the Knights of the Nine model -- it's substantive and it adds multiple hours of game play and new items, but we can do it in a time frame that allows us to get it out without waiting forever. That's what we've gone for with Fallout 3.

Posted by Brother None - at 17:18

Via Dwell On It.

Bethesda/Zenimax (you know those folks, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3, that sort of thing) registered some new trademarks just recently.

On 5 February 2009, Bethesda Softworks LLC applied for the Fallout trademark for "Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program" (s/n 77663853) and for "motion picture films about a post-nuclear apocalyptic world" (s/n 77663852). Obviously they already own all the other US trademarks to do with this game property at present.
This was, as Ausir and Biosafreak will no doubt remind us, already known, but this is the first time I've seen it confirmed.

Spotted on Joystiq.

News for Thursday, April 16, 2009

Posted by Per - at 4:24

We knew it was coming. Interplay has filed their 10-K for 2008, and among various optimistic estimations of the company's immaterial assets and a conspicuous lack of 30 million dollars there is this little passage under the "Legal proceedings" heading:

Interplay recently received notice that Bethesda Softworks, LLC ("Bethesda") intends to terminate the trademark license agreement between Bethesda and Interplay which was entered into April 4, 2007 for the development of FALLOUT MMOG. Despite the fact that no formal action is currently pending, Bethesda claims that Interplay is in breach of the trademark license agreement for failure to commence fill scale development of same by April 4, 2009 and to secure certain funding for the MMOG. Interplay adamantly disputes these claims. Although the potential damages are currently unknown, if Bethesda ultimately prevails and cancels the trademark license agreement, Interplay would lose its license back of the "Fallout" MMOG and any damages resulting therefrom are unknown at this time.
Whereas if the game gets done the damages will be pretty much apparent. Expect this to drag out for a while still.

News for Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Posted by Tagaziel - at 23:24

Posted on the frontpage of The Radiated Society is a rather unpleasant note: FMF is unoficially Dead Before Arrival:

I can say that unofficially this morning April 14th 2009 the Fan Made Fallout Project has been closed.

There has been no official announcement at this point and until it has been officially announced on the F.M.F. site it may not happen, however at this point I don't see this decision being overturned.

If you were wondering...I'm a mapper on F.M.F. and that's how I know, and we were not told to keep this information quite so that is why I say unofficial at this point however this is the second time this year already that we have almost closed the doors and I think they will stay closed this time.

There is no word yet on if or when the forums will be opened to the public, however I do hope so.

Thanks to everyone on and off the F.M.F. Team that has supported the project over the last seven years! I'm sorry that we couldn't see the dream come true but after seven years we got really close for a closed, fan made, not for profit project.

4too brought this sad news to us.

Link: The Radiated Society

Update: Project founder Dark Underlord posted on the FMF homepage to confirm that the mod is dead and elaborate on the reasons why.

News for Friday, April 10, 2009

Posted by Tagaziel - at 0:19

Quite irradiated green to be honest. Our forum regular, DoctorVivi, has returned from his trip to Pripyat, Ukraine and has been steadily submitting photographic material to our gallery for our viewing pleasure!

Dominus has also submitted a link to his photoshoot in Romania, with the obligatory postapocalyptic flair.

Link: Visions of the Apocalypse
Link: Dominus' Apocalyptic Romania

News for Monday, April 6, 2009

Posted by Silencer - at 14:43

I received a friendly reminder from Jesterka that the team making the "Fallout: Between Good and Evil" expansion/conversion are still in business, and have been reinforced by some talented graphic artists:

It’s true, dear friends… the project’s still alive. Sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes it’s a complete hiatus, but in the end it’s still moving. Since the last WINTER UPDATE we’ve progressed quite a bit with the English translation as well as with scripting, graphics and mapping. Texting isn’t really moving right now, but that’s not really important at this point.

To check out the new stuff, go to the gallery sections ARTWORKS, INGAME ART and SCREENSHOTS. There are about 11 new things. Though some of the dialogs are only available under in Czech and some only in English (see those little flags?), don’t ask why.


DIALOG SCRIPTER – for BGE to be released in a more or less reasonably close future, we need about 2-3 more programmers. Due to the communication/organization issues we’re primarily looking for Czech and Slovak programmers…

3D GRAPHIC ARTIST – Primarily for the purpose of creating Loading and Ending screens. Same conditions as last time apply.
MAPPER – …because we need to take some of the load off Zob’s shoulders.


BGE Teams has grown quite a bit since the last update. We were joined by a programmer MIHLON (which means that the last call for programmers was a success :-) ) and SETO – a very capable organizer of our translating minions.
In also came a translator LORD TEMPLAYER, a proof-reader JIM BAKER and a modeler of in-game objects TOMO. Moreover already since fall we’ve been getting quite a lot of help with our music and sounds from a relatively famous composed PIOTR KOCZEWSKI.

We received very valuable help from a sketch-artist FRED MAXIMUS and a modeler of Loading and Ending screens VLADO PAVLIK and MICHAL KIRCHNER, both from the heart of the Czech blender community. We would also like to thank all the creative people at the NMA forums, who are in any way responsible for the new animations and appearance modifications of the old critters.

Due to the time constrains a valuable modeler DONALD X is leaving our team, which is a sensitive loss in the area of Loading and Ending screens, although thankfully it won’t have any bigger impact on the overall development. Furthermore INHUMAN, KETLING and JAC8AWOL are now inactive.

P.S. We apologize for not-so-frequent updates, but there’s no time to spare – no kidding! :-) Next time we’ll hopefully be able to show you pictures from a brand new and (hopefully) tweaked out location and some new animated creatures made by SIRREN.
Or, for the new arts, you could visit the F:BGE Gallery at NMA.

Update at Tower of Creation website
Fallout: Between Good and Evil Gallery @ No Mutants Allowed
Fallout: Between Good and Evil thread @ No Mutants Allowed fora

News for Sunday, April 5, 2009

Posted by Brother None - at 23:03

Dutch Inside Gamer (translation courtesy The Dutch Ghost) 4/5.

The Pitt has a nice quest – chain, during which you are presented with a number of choices and enter exciting battles.
The most best part was for me the scene in which I in an arena had to win three fights in order to earn my freedom.
It reminded me of the arena from Oblivion, but in a short form.

I am also positive about the ending in which you with your reclaimed weapons get to deal with all enemies.
The former slaves will fight at your side and it feels really epic.

This DLC however doesn't get the full score.
For that the DLC with its two and a half hour just a little to short, doesn't offer real innovation over the other quests in the game (Fallout 3), and are the rewards somewhat disappointing over the great weapons that you got in Operation Anchorage.
GameZone, 8.
If you’re like me and experienced bugs that don’t cripple the gaming experience, what we have here in The Pitt is an experience that is two steps ahead of Operation Anchorage in terms of a downloadable add-on with a lot to offer. Unlike Fallout 3’s first add-on, The Pitt leaves a lasting impression and you can revisit the new areas after you’re finished with its main quest.
Gamepro Arcade, 4.5.
The Pitt’s best feature is its choose-your-own-adventure style ending. I’m not going to ruin it for you, but your mission isn’t exactly what it appears to be. You’ll be given a chance to choose how your time in mutation filled Pittsburgh concludes. The type of person you are will decide which side, slaves or raiders, you believe in more and what you’re willing to do, or not do, for that belief.
Feed Your Console, 10/10.
Without going into too much detail on what you encounter story wise, I will tell you that as in all the other quests within the game, you’re faced with a variety of moral choices and as the saying goes “Who will you become?”

It’s nice to see that the production value and standards from the rest of the game translate to the DLC. There’s plenty to do and see for such a small amount of money and in this day and age you want value for your dollar. This is truly an awesome addition to an already epic tale. I can’t wait to get into Operation Anchorage and the next chapter, Broken Steel, which is slated to come out sometime this April-May.

Posted by Brother None - at 21:53

So says Safety's Off.

This is one of the reasons why the presentation of Fallout 3 is so hit and miss. While the story is truly original and interesting, there are so many gameplay elements that serve to hinder that strength. For the first 5 or so hours (purely story-wise), you are following your dad from city to city, only to find that he’s moved on to somewhere you’ve either already been or a city that seems to be miles away. Bethesda intends for this element to increase the suspense and anticipation of finally finding your dad (whom Liam Neeson voices wonderfully I might add) but it only makes the experience feel contrived and forced. Rather than getting a new hint at every city, it would’ve been much more beneficial to have sprinkled these events much farther apart throughout the course of the story. What this results in is a fantastic concept dumbed down to make it painfully apparent what your next step needs to be. While a sense of direction and progress in an open-world, story-driven game is critical, it should be more of a nudge than a shove.

More than anything, Fallout 3 is a game that suffers from an identity crisis. While it alienates the hardcore Fallout fans for its sharp departure from typical Fallout games, it also attempts to appeal to those who enjoyed Oblivion. Some of those players might be enjoying the game right now, but many others who found Oblivion to be an engrossing game with a world that you could lose yourself for hours in have already tried their hand at Fallout 3 and moved on. Is Fallout 3 a disaster? Not by any means. Is it deserving of all the GOTY awards it received last year? Not by a long shot.
Spotted on GameBanshee.

Posted by Brother None - at 21:50

This was actually a few days ago but I could hardly be bothered to post it.

A new version of The Pitt is up on Xbox LIVE. If you’re experiencing crashes when trying to access content on The Pitt, delete the content off your hard drive and re-download. If you haven’t experienced any issues with freezing, there’s no need to re-download.
Link: Update on The Pitt.

News for Saturday, April 4, 2009

Posted by Per - at 18:19

Ausir posted and said that Interplay has finally opened a forum board for V13.

Link: Forum board for V13 (opened by Interplay (finally))

News for Friday, April 3, 2009

Posted by Per - at 1:51

With just a couple of days to go until their Fallout MMOG funding deadline, Interplay has entered into a deal with Masthead Studios as reported on EarthTimes:

Interplay Entertainment Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board: IPLY) announced today that the company has signed a binding letter of intent with Masthead Studios to fund the development of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG), code named "Project: V13."

Commenting on the announcement, Interplay Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Herve Caen said, "We are looking forward to turning the vision of our game designers into a compelling online gaming experience. The planning and design completed for Project: V13 thus far, combined with Masthead's resources, tools, and growing team of dedicated MMOG developers, will bring this unique game to reality."

Masthead Studios President Atanas Atanasov said, "This arrangement is ideal because it leverages the technology our professionals have specifically built for advanced Massively Multiplayer Online Games into what we expect will be a groundbreaking Interplay gaming title."
Since the details of the agreement are not known, it's too early to say whether this means the game is now sufficiently funded as stipulated in the licensing deal between Interplay and Bethesda. We should know in the next couple of days.

Spotted by Corith.

News for Thursday, April 2, 2009

Posted by Brother None - at 9:33

Just a few more reviews. GameBanshee 7.6 (they also offer a walkthrough and info).

But still, while The Pitt has some stuff that makes it fun to play, it suffers greatly from a “been there done that” kind of mentality. I mean, the main Fallout 3 campaign didn’t have all that many quests, but three of them involved slaves and slavers, so did we really need more? Why not give some quests to the super-mutants, who are largely just presented as dumb brutes? Wouldn’t it be better to learn something more about them? The DLC also features raiders (which I’ve seen more than enough of), trogs (which are only cosmetically different than feral ghouls), an arena challenge (which I wouldn’t mind never seeing again in an RPG), and combat that was no challenge at all for my level 20 character, even when he had his equipment stripped away. How about a DLC where I actually have to remember to reload my weapon after each fight, and take some meds to ensure that I survive? No such luck here.
IGN, 7.5.
And in that way, The Pitt feels more like a natural extension of the game than Operation Anchorage ever could. There's a new region, characters to meet and things to do, and it all feels organic and fitting in terms of visual style, presentation, and gameplay. Unfortunately, I ran into more bugs while playing The Pitt than I did in the entirety of my first play through of the main game (which was a relatively smooth experience). On Xbox 360, it crashed on me a couple of times. Numerous times characters got caught in audio glitches and kept repeating the same dialogue to me over and over. When I tried to reload a save and play through the end again making different choices, things slowly unraveled until the game became unplayable and my character was continuously attacking without me pushing any buttons. On PC, I had important NPCs disappearing into rocks, weapon models disappearing, and characters I was supposed to talk to deciding they would rather just attack.
WorthPlaying, 5.8.
However, the worst part was at the end of The Pitt. In my first playthrough, I chose to support the slaves in their revolt and ran through to the point where I make contact with the underground to deliver "The Cure." After I stole from their boss, a gang of raiders came after me with everything it had, but I kept running ahead in order to fulfill my mission as quickly as possible. What I didn't expect this to do was for it to break the logic of the game.

I made it back to where I was supposed to go and spoke with my contact when a horde of raiders — some of whom were important enough to have their own names — burst into the room and completely focused on killing me, never mind that the slaves were revolting and one of the slave leaders happened to be in the same room. After running away once again, I finished the rest of the plan and everything should have been at peace ... or so I thought. Those same raiders came after me again where I had left them outside and still tried to take a few more lucky shots. After speaking to Wehrner, which officially completed the mission, the raiders continued their chase while Wehrner calmly walked into the group and then past them as if he were invisible. I finally decided to solve the problem with my combat shotgun, but it was ridiculous., 9.
Of more concern is that The Pitt is too easy. If you're anywhere near the level cap you won't find any challenge it presents too difficult. I only died once, and that was because I fell off a Scrapyard pipe positioned hundreds of feet in the air. Sure, the Troggs are scary, and will make you jump out of your chair once or twice, but you never really feel as if you're genuinely under threat of death.

Posted by Brother None - at 9:29

A post on the Bethblog acknowledges that the Pitt is still broken and announces a fix to be made in a while.

Since The Pitt went back up on Xbox LIVE last Wednesday, we’ve received feedback that some folks were experiencing freezing issues while trying to access The Pitt. We’re working with Microsoft to get a version of The Pitt up that corrects the aforementioned freezing issue. Once the content is up and available, we’ll let you know.

We’d like to thank all our fans who generously and methodically reported what they were seeing on our official forums, via email and on this blog. This data was immensely helpful in tracking down these issues.
No word on actually fixing the main game, despite well-documented and identifiable problems with - amongst other things - VATS and HDR.

Posted by Brother None - at 9:07

Interplay is fast approaching the deadline of April 4th, when they will need 30 million in funding or lose the Fallout Online license. Newark MMO Examiner has a short piece on the deal but honestly it's not saying anything we don't know yet (thanks Corith).

There's not a lot to see on the financials side. They have filed a NT-10K to notify of inability to file a quarterly report in a timely matter (nothing new there) and a more interesting 8-K, which reveals Microprose (who you might remember as a game publisher and developer founded by Sid Meier and Bill Stealey, but the Microprose brand was purchased by I2G in 2007, you'll recall I2G from this deal) purchased common stock in the company for a total consideration of $327,298, and two private investors purchased common stock for a total consideration of $27,620. What is perhaps of more interest in that 8-K is that Interplay actually purchased three game licenses from I2G:

On March 24, 2009, the Company entered into an Intellectual Property Purchase and Sale Agreement with Interactive Game Group LLC (I2G) to acquire all rights title and interest owned by I2G in the following franchises: "Conquer Series", "M1 Tank Platoon Series" and "Subwar".
There's little more than a lot of silence coming from Interplay itself, though about a week after news broke of Jason D Anderson leaving Interplay for InXile, Chris Taylor posted this on the official Interplay forum.
We've been working on V13 for over a year. We'll be able to say more about the project when the time is right. Which will hopefully be soon! (But I don't know the exact date we'll be able to say more, suffice it to say, I'm as eager as any of you to start talking details.)

Posted by Silencer - at 8:36

Happy April Fools, y'all! While the "Sims" bit yesterday was obviously a prank based about slapping some interface graphics on a Van Buren screenie, the newsbit about a "Fallout" movie being in development - not much so.

Sure enough, the allegations that Uwe Boll's coworkers are involved with Bethsoft's blessing were fabricated, and "Das Films" sounded German, but indeed this will be a movie with a post-nuclear premise:

(thx for the screenshot, here's to hoping this picture constitutes allowed non-commercial republish of IMDB content... ;) Enjoy...)

The writers for the movie are indeed Andre Fonseca and Milton Hernandez, whom good Ausir traced back to Andre's LinkedIn page, which reads:
Our first screenplay, Fallout, is currently in pre-production at Das Films / Artfire.
So there you have it. No director was as of yet announced, and we have been unable to verify any connection between Beat Tangential, LLP and Zenimax. If you are interested in the title, you can verify by signing up for a trial at IMDB Pro, I guess.


News for Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Posted by April Fool - at 13:01

Interplay announced today that they are well into the process of making a Fallout-themed expansion to EA's game, using original Fallout as well as Van Buren assets:

This "Sims:Livin' Underground" mod will enable Fallout fans for the first time ever to create and simulate their own nuclear family in the comfortable, controlled environments of an underground Vault. Online play capability is of course included. We are aiming for a Summer 2009 release, and after that, look out for further downloadable expansions."

Is this what they got to show for Fallout Online before the April deadline expires?

Thanks Ozrat!

Posted by April Fool - at 12:46

This just in to our NMA box, courtesy of Mikael Grizzly:

Thanks to dauntless trooper Ausir and his sources, imdbPro has spilled it's guts - Fallout The Movie is slated to be released in Q1 2010. The director will be critically acclaimed Uwe Boll, described by Todd Howard as a director who "really captures the essence of the games he's basing movies on".
I'm afraid this is it... Just check IMDBPro, if you've access (it's paid) ... :( I checked the site, it says "Because this project is categorized as in development, the data is only available on IMDbPro and is subject to change. ".

Addendum: Ausir got us some additional research on the subject:
Well, it is in IMDb Pro (which is quite reliable, unlike regular IMDb). And we have info from people with Pro access. If you have a credit card, you can sign up for a 14-day trial, and then cancel for no fee.

Also, there is actually no director listed yet, only writer and producer. But the producers are Dan Clarke (who produced some of Boll's movies) and Sriram Das, and the writers are Guinevere Turner (who wrote Boll's BloodRayne) and Andre Fonseca (with no other credits). So it's reasonable to assume that Boll is making it.

And the release date is listed as December 2009, I only said it's likely to be a placeholder, since there's no way even Boll would make the movie so fast. The 2010 date is not official, just speculation. Grizzly got it wrong a bit.

Link: Fallout Movie @ IMDB

Posted by Per - at 4:12

You may have repressed it, but I did say I'd be back with one last round of reviews to bind them all, and it is this one.

CanardPC, 5/10.

At the time of posing a note, I flippe a little. I hesitate. On a side, the last play of Bethesda is filled of unbearable tricks which make me foam rage. Other, it badly guarantees to step world much of hours of discovered and relaxation. Without counting that a true fan of Fallout will perhaps find there a half-dozen of hours worthy of the love of his life. Only, that would hurt me to stick an high note: the good one or the excellent note, it will deserve it when it will be moddé within six months-a year. And it is to the moddeurs that it will be decreed, not with Bethesda.
Gamecritics never did review Fallout 3, like a bunch of other sites that said they would, although they did review Operation Anchorage...
Although players expecting a new cast of characters to interact with and another vast stretch of territory to explore may be disappointed, I found this focused revamp to be a welcome change of pace and a very interesting addition to a game already brimming with quality content.
... as well as The Pitt.
Honestly, I didn't feel as though the depth of choice so prevalent in many of the other quests was as fleshed-out as it could have been; up until the end, I kept waiting for more dialogue options and path branches that never appeared. Even worse, the adventure will likely be over in about two hours unless players decide to partake of the absolutely tedious fetch quest sending them off in search of 100 items scattered throughout a dark and confusingly laid-out segment of Pittsburgh. It's a terribly unimaginative and tedious way to add playtime, and I consider it quite beneath the standard of what I would expect in Fallout.
VG Chartz gave the game 8.3 in their PC review (compared to 8.2 in their console review), but the text is the same.
some quote that is the same
Maximum PC, 8.
The world is astounding, there are dozens of side quests, and the combat is fun. Unfortunately, Fallout 3 is far from perfect. This may sound a bit whiny, but the main quest just doesn’t feel special. Part of the problem is that the side quests are universally of a very high quality. Still, we expect the main quest to deliver the most drama, excitement, and wonder in the game, and it doesn’t.
PopMatters, second review, 9/10.
A mature RPG should possess the power to provoke us with thoughtful storytelling delivered through gameplay that amplifies or enriches that narrative and encourages discovery and self-directed play. For this to occur, the game world must feel alive and inviting to the player, suggesting possibilities that loom somewhere out there, waiting for you to discover them on your own. This is precisely where Fallout 3 shines brightest.

All things considered, Fallout 3 is probably the best game released in 2008. I don’t think it quite deserves the unqualified, hyperbolic praise heaped on it by the majority of the games press, but it ought to be acknowledged for the lofty achievement it represents. It would be hard to imagine a video game released with more skepticism and preconceived judgment aimed at it than the sequel to one of the most beloved and fiercely defended RPGs (Fallout 1&2) in history. That this game silenced almost all its skeptics (I was one of them) may be its most remarkable achievement of all.
Prime +, 96%.
Game play: It literally doesn’t get any better than this.

Fanboyism: While there are very minor setbacks, the entire package is remarkable. The things I don’t like are heavily outweighed by the sheer amount of content and depth. I feel Bethesda has gone to great lengths to make Fallout 3 a fun, profound, and rewarding experience. It really feels like the super RPG that Bethesda is known for. While I’ve never played an original Fallout game (and I sympathize for fans of previous installments) I highly recommend F3 to any RPG fan.
GamesBrasil, 7.6/10.
In short, the game if shows sufficiently competent and very amused. It is, in fact, an obligator heading in the bookshelf of that they are fans of the Fallout series, or same of other RPGs as Oblivion. The diversion is guaranteed, the least, until the fulfilment of great part of the game, which sufficiently offers to new features and interatividade during the day.
GameLemon, 9.2.
As if all the intense violence and depressing atmosphere weren't enough to lead most gamers to (A.) begin serious self-evaluation, or (B.) be sent to bed with no dinner, there is still the matter of graphics and sound. This isn't like the old Doom, where you could just turn a corner and watch a monster explode into various shades of red pixels; the guy you just blew up really does look, sound, scatter and bounce like a guy that just blew up... and he probably looks like someone you know.

Just about every screenshot you find of this game will tell you that Fallout 3 is a shooter, but there's more here for the RPG buffs if V.A.T.S. isn't enough. There is character customization to a ridiculous extent (e.g. amount of cleft in chin, etc.), as well as base stats, level ups, and a massive skill tree.
Gamertell, two thumbs up, 90, A- and 4/5.
The VATS system works like a charm showing you your attempts to kill enemies in slow motion. If you do enough damage, or have done enough already, you do get quite a beautiful execution scenes that may have limbs or a head flying off your target. The one complaint that can be made is that it might slow down gameplay, but due to the artistry and how helpful it can be, it’s worth a slight slowing of gameplay.

The game is a great and worth the money. Sure, it does have its rough spots. However, this is a shining example of what a “next-gen” RPG and FPS should be.