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News for Sunday, October 29, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 3:32

How's that for honesty in the subject line?

Fallout 3's apparent lead designer, Emil Pagliarulo has been answering questions on the Blood and Shadows (Oblivion fansite) forum. Some interesting picks on Fallout 3:

first off, something about Bethesda: when will you guys make something new? (...)

Lohan: Well, it's a pretty loaded question, Mr. Nobuddy. We do TES because Bethesda is the house that TES built; we'll always do TES. We're doing Fallout because, come on, it's Fallout! (...)

Second: what does your position mean, how much freedom do you have, on what can you make decisions?

Lohan: For the purposes of Fallout 3, Todd and I have worked really closely on design. To be honest, Todd and I work really well together creatively; we share most of the same philosophies, and want the player to have the same kinds of experiences. So the overall design (setting, combat, story, quests, etc.) is mine, with a healthy dose of input from Todd (most of which I agree with anyway). Ultimately, Todd could have vetoed my entire design -- but very little of my original idea has changed. And the other designers work with the stuff Todd and I have established, and run with it -- often putting their own touches on things, as is expected.

Third: when will you be able to answer fallout questions? (...)

Lohan: Not anytime soon, sorry.

Forth, and you SHOULD answer this: are there leveled hostiles & item lists in Fallout? (...)

Lohan: See question 3 (though I will say we are certainly aware of the concerns people have, and the places in Oblivion where the leveled stuff goes out of whack).
Link: Thread on Blood and Shadows forum

Thanks Briosafreak

News for Saturday, October 28, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 23:42

One Emil "Lohan" Pagliarulo has been posting at the Duck And Cover forums recently, boasting the signature text "Lead Designer -- Fallout 3". Now, what research on this brave soul indicates is that he worked on numerous titles of the Thief series (after the first game), and also on the *actually interesting* parts of Oblivion, among other things.

In his posts at DaC, Emil makes a short introduction which serves to yet again aggravate our hunger of Fallout 3 info bits:

I've been the lead designer on Fallout 3 for quite some time now. It's not exactly the type of offer you turn down, you know? And no, I really can't say anything about anything.
He also claims to sleep with a Fallout Bible under his pillow and stroll about in a set of Power Armor.

Spotted at Duck And Cover

Posted by Brother None - at 2:44

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s (now set for Q1 2007!) engine has been upgraded to DirectX 9 a while back and the German fansite managed to get a hold of some screenshots:

Link: New Screenshots newspost on

News for Friday, October 27, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 20:57

As news is slow lately, we'll go along with RPGWatch and catch up with an old friend, "Beam Me Up" ScottE, a Fallout guru of yore:

I ask Scottie about his Planescape poster and he decides to show us some artwork from old projects. The mix of concept art includes a picture of a PIP Boy from what would have been Fallout 3. It's sad that project went down in that form. I wonder what Bethsoft's PIP Boy will look like.
Don't we all, don't we all.

Link: Eight Hours with Obsidian on RPGWatch

Thanks Briosafreak

News for Thursday, October 26, 2006

Posted by deadr4tz - at 16:59

Iron Tower have released a new screenshot from Age of Decadence, showcasing improved lighting, redesigned interiors, overhead floating text and another biting Oblivion reference:

AoD revamped

Still no HDR, bloom, parallax occlusion mapping or rag-doll physics, though. Unbelievable. And what's with all the floating text? It's a total immersion breaker. Can't they, like, hire William Shatner and David Hasselhoff to say those lines?

Spotted on: Age of Decadence forum

News for Friday, October 20, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 1:01

pogostickpirate registered at the forum to share the news with us:


Thanks largely to all the excellent info and tutorials around here and over on Duck & Cover, I'm working on a new SP campaign and I thought I'd share that joyful news with you guys. Wink

The campaign is tenatively titled "The Reconquest", and I'm planning it to be around ten missions long. Relatively short, but achievable. I'm still working on the story details, but gameplay-wise, I don't want to stray from what made Tactics so much fun (for me, at least). Namely, shooting. Story and thematically, I want to create a more military, "part of a larger struggle" feeling, rather than the lone adventurers feel of Tactics.

As a teaser, here's the campaign map:

It's significantly smaller than the original campaign map, but the missions will be much more densely arranged.
Link: The Reckoning campaign thread at our forum

News for Thursday, October 19, 2006

Posted by Per - at 22:12

While everyone's been busy playing Wasteland, kgreene has assembled a museum of scans, the Wasteland Documentation Archive, which has now been fleshed out:

A large collection of Computer Gaming World magazines have been made available online at the CGW Archive due to the tremendous scanning effort of the CGW Museum.

The Wasteland Computer Gaming World Archive (6.6 MB pdf) contains excerpts from several of the magazines, ranging from a mention of a Mad Max-like game in production to a preview, review, hints, and it being named CGW adventure game of the year! Be sure to check out both the archive and the museum!

Personally I loved seeing the back of the box. For the crazy completists there's also a scanned review here from Zzap! 64, a British Commodore 64 magazine.

Thanks kgreene for the heads up!

Posted by Silencer - at 7:18

As they put it, Afterfall team's dark wild times with their web server are over, they are back on track to presenting their first tech-demo:

Intoxicate Interactive is back!
After a rough patch with the server, II comes back in full force! In the course of the last three months, the team was reinforced by over a dozen of very talented artists and programmers. You can see their work at the resurrected site of the main II product - Afterfall.

Today, you can find there a new batch of concept-arts, renders and screenshots. The latter come from the Tech-Demo, which is being finished as you read this. Fans will find information concerning future plans and a presentation, which will enable to move into a more advanced level of negotiations with potential publishers.

You are welcome to visit our site and keep track of our work. Another update is bound to happen soon!
Jakub Rokosz
Afterfall Marketing

And here are some new screenshots:

Thanks, Kilroy!

News for Sunday, October 15, 2006

Posted by deadr4tz - at 23:38

In his Alternate Lives column in a recent issue of PC Gamer, Desslock revelead new information about the upcoming sequel to everyone's favorite RPG. While wandering the gloomy halls of Bethesda headquarters, Desslock "accidentally" stumbled upon a wall covered in Fallout 3 concept art and discovered something interesting:

Judging by some of the landmarks I spied in the design art, Fallout 3 will not be set in Southern California like the first two games. Instead, it'll be set on the east coast of the US...

While many fans hoped to have an opportunity to revisit old locations and meet characters from previous games in Fallout 3, east coast may nonetheless be a sound choice on Bethesda's part, as it decreases potential for canon contradictions that plagued Fallout Tactics and occasionally occured in Fallout 2.

Links: PC Gamer

Thanks, Bradylama

News for Saturday, October 14, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 13:21

The team responsible for the Omega Syndrome project, a retro-pulp themed cRPG, have posted an update a few days ago on their website.

The Omega Syndrome Updated To Ver 3.1!

The Hard RPG!
The Hard RPG rule is a big change for The Omega Syndrome and you won't find it enforced in similar RPGs. In the Hard RPG you can save your game at any time by pressing F6. However you are only given one slot to save in, so there are no reloads or go backs if you make a mistake. Also if your character is killed your save game will be invalidated and you'll have to create a new character and start again.
So, play, but don't let those pesky aliens kill you. Or something. Read the whole update on their site.

Link: Omega Syndrome

News for Thursday, October 12, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 5:07

GoGamer is offering the Fallout Collection (1, 2 and Tactics) for USD 19.90 as a "48 hour madness" deal. 14 hours from this posting, it'll be 40 bucks, so take your chance.

Link: Order the Fallout Collection at GoGamer

News for Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 21:20

And the torch is carried by none other than the widely loved and admired Glutton Creeper Games. After our recent take on their handling of the Fallout rulesystem in d20 pnp form, Rosh carried over the debate to the GCG forums, where his mix of offensive language and constructive criticism met with murmurs of assent from the GC Forum visitors.

The next logical step of any professional business would be to take a careful look at the criticism and see what they're doing wrong so they can fix it. Did I say any professional business? Sorry, I meant any professional business that's not Interplay or its son-in-law Glutton Creeper. In good Interplay tradition, GCG has practically discontinued its DaC forums and opened its own forums where they can filter out and oppress any negative feedback no matter how true where they can keep messages "clean".

Thanks for pointing this out JC

Posted by Per - at 20:07

The Nearly Ultimate Wasteland Guide has been updated to version 1.2. What? you say. Didn't that use to be merely Pretty Good? It did, but due to explosive developments on the Wasteland hacking front in the last year, no more. This is also the primary reason for the delay in getting it finished: more than a year ago I was actually wrapping up an update which already had several of the most significant discoveries in it (but considerably less detail), when new information about the game's inner workings started to appear in the Snake Squeezins community, culminating this summer with the (almost) complete revelation of the map data. Work is still being done to uncover game mechanics and technical aspects, and there are intriguing moddability prospects.

If you've ever played and enjoyed Wasteland I'm sure you'll be thrilled to learn where the fourth Broken toaster was meant to be found, that Dan Citrine is strangely proof against electrocution and such, how to finally shut up the Junk Master and his wife, that you don't need four characters to win the game, or that it's possible to fight up to three Fusion Octotrons at once. If you haven't played this post-apocalyptic RPG you're in for a vintage treat; not to advocate piracy, but there's this site called The Belowhounds or something.

Finally some words on that which I suppose most people are ultimately more interested in, namely the coming Fallout 2 guide update. For the past year I've been telling people (most notably prospective translators) it'd probably be ready this summer, which obviously didn't happen. I'm not going to dive into it right away, and I'm not setting a date, but there's the possibility of a winter update unless my humongous backlog of notes and mails turns out to necessitate such a trunkload of testing that I feel I can't set aside the time (there are other things I ought to be doing).

The Nearly Ultimate Guide collection
Snake Squeezins group at Yahoo! Groups (must apply for membership)
Wasteland entry at Abode of the Belowhounds (no responsibility claimed for legality of further linkage)
Takmer Dokonalı Sprievodca Falloutom 2
Wasteland wiki at Wikispaces

News for Monday, October 9, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 21:36

Mikael Grizzly started work on a mod that will rid Fallout 2 of (most) real-life weapons once and for all, and replace them with ones fleshed anew:

Following my urge to replay Fallout 2, again, I decided to alter some of the in-game texts and protos to fit in better. The altered weapons are all those pesky real-life guns and the Bozar.
Finally, after all these years, a mean to have Fallout-themed weapons in Fallout 2. So drop by the Modding forum and tell us what you think.

Link: Fallout 2 Canonical Weapons Mod (early version), Fallout 2 Canon tuning Thread at the Forum

Posted by Bradylama - at 2:28

After Ratty's initial interview with Vince Weller on Iron Tower Studio's Age of Decadence I was able to score a few more questions concerning the game content. Enjoy it here!

Iron Tower Studio
AoD Follow-up

Posted by Silencer - at 0:27

MIB88 released an Update 6 for the Megamod, a handy-dandy compilation of various Fine Fallout 2 Mods. Download and install both and the earlier updates for the best experience.

You'll see this when it is posted in the readme file:

-Environmental Protection Agency version 1.01 by Chris Parks.
-A number of small fixes including:
No more random missed encounters on the worldmap
No more getting stuck in dialog with Myron
Being able to use the broken ladder in Klamath
No more problems seeing all of Slik's goods
A few other small map fixes

As for it being a standalone: no. You will need to install this over update 5. And previous saves will not work.

Update 7 will be a larger one. I will upload something so that only one download will be necessary, and the original Megamod and updates 1 through 6 can be retired.

Links: MIB88 Megamod, Update 6 for the Megamod, Other updates in the Fallout 2 Mods Section, MIB88 Megamod Thread @ NMA

News for Sunday, October 8, 2006

Posted by Roshambo - at 23:49

Finally, GluttonCreeper unveils something about the ruleset they've been cooking up. (PDF)

To stick with the quality standards they have established with their first two "samples", GluttonCreeper has decided to show the last remaining part after fiction newspaper clips and the planned cover art - Traits from actual ruleset itself.

Their approach to making the Traits, much like their approach to the cover art, is...interesting, to say the least. Many focus upon stat-swapping, mostly useless aside from giving stats outside of racial limitations, some outright ridiculous.

Here are some samples, starting with the Useless:

Sickly: The character was born with a weak immune system and suffers a -1 penalty to Constitution. However his body may be weak but his will to survive is great. The character receives a +1 bonus to Will saving throws.
Physically Fit: Years of toning and training has built up the character's stamina. The character gains +1 bonus to Strength and Constitution. However, during the years of training, he neglected the learning arts and suffers a -1 penalty to Intelligence and Wisdom.

Flexible almost qualifies for this category, but it has some other effect than switching around stats. It is, however, likely to prove beneficial.

Here's one for those who want to swap around stats and feel "fat" for doing so:

Large Body: The character is larger than the normal person. He gains a +1 Strength and Constitution bonus, but suffers a -2 penalty to Dexterity. Additionally, the character weight is increased by 50% (x 1.5) of base racial weight.

The obvious choices for anyone who wants to play a munchkin melee, or doesn't feel like moving stats around:

Big and Dumb: The character was born dim-witted and suffers a -1 penalty to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. However, nature granted him with increased Strength. The character gains a +3 bonus to Strength.
Ham Fisted (Super Mutants Only): Genetic engineering [sic] has endowed this mutant with huge hands. His unarmed attacks deal lethal damage (1d6 + STR), however he suffers a -1 penalty to all Dexterity-based skills the require the use of his hands.

A similar one exists for non-mutants, for a couple of points lesser damage. So to all the munchkins out there, GluttonCreeper is thinking of you. Traits were supposed to be an even hand-off of benefits and drawbacks.

Beautiful and Extreme Personality (Free +1 CHA to good guys) have interesting effects when put together. 2 CHA points for the extra attention, but it could also affect the amount of negative rep points given (up to 4x, if the bonus in Beautiful conveys over to EP's negative modifier), and taking both traits is munchkin mode, as it gives free CHA without much drawback - or it might just be how they were planning to play (evil, for negative rep in certain locations) so there's little to no drawback.

The obligatory urination upon canon and the effects of FEV:

Vat Skin (Super Mutant only): Other people find this mutant hideous to behold and vomitous to smell! The mutant gains +3 natural armor and a -2 penalty to all Charisma based skill (except Intimidation). Additionally, any friends or foes within 20 feet of this mutant must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 character level) or suffer a -2 penalty on all attack rolls, melee weapon damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks as they become sickened. If the save is successful, the character is immune to the Mutant Vat Skin effect for 24 hours. Vat Skin effects do not stack with other Vat Skin Mutants, and character that are protected from gas-based attack (such as wearing a environment armor or a gas mask) are not affected by the Vat Skin effect.

Super-mutants are not dopplegangers, kiddies. Research the FEV before you add anything further along this line to the core rules.

To traits GC changed for the hell of it and now don't have a reason to be picked by anyone with a brain:

Jinxed: The character has a large dose of bad mojo and receives a -1 Action Point. The good part is that everyone with 30 feet of the character also received this penalty when in the area of influence. Also when a critical failure is rolled on an attack roll (a natural 1 on a d20) by anyone in the influence area, the worst possible thing happens to that character. It is up to the overseer to determine the exact effect.

Hey, it doesn't sound so bad when you can only inflict that upon your enemies during their turn with Lucky.

And the outright moronic:

Clumsy: The character is extremely clumsy, but sometimes the clumsiness falls into that dumb luck category. She gains a -1 penalty to Dexterity, but gains a +1 Action Point.

Only *possibly* useful on even AGI/DEX scores, as otherwise you're dropping an entire point of DEX for one derived stat and gaining back the AP you just lost without anything else you get from that point of DEX. Even if taken when the character's agility is even, it sacrifices 1 point of DEX (2 DEX per AP) in order to get +1 AP, further lowering their overall DEX and ability to get a natural additional AP through raising DEX. The only way this would possibly be worth selecting would be if AP was 1 per 3 DEX, and even then it would be questionable.

Finally, for last, the one that puts question to how carefully GC is paying attention to both character systems:

Lucky: The character is lucky and gains a +1 Action Point. If the character expends all of his action points, he gains the Jinxed trait until he regains his action points.

So...if you use up all the APs you have on your turn, you can give the enemies bad luck during their attack turn, until you get APs again (from it being either your turn as per Fallout's rules, or being replenished at the end of a D&D combat round), the effect is over, and it's your turn again. Not only can you jinx your enemies' attacks when you have no APs, but you also get an additional AP!*

Welcome to Munchkinville!

Thanks to Grifka for the update!
Thanks to GluttonCreeper for expecting for people to pay for this garbage!

* - This is per Fallout's definition of APs. Now if we were to use d20's version of AP's, an alternate diagnosis may be seen here.

Posted by Brother None - at 0:20

CNet, maintaining a rather odd definition of vapourware, have put up the upcoming Fallout 3 in their top 11 (that's ridiculous. It's not even funny) of vapourware soft- and hardware:

Fallout 3
Interplay's beloved apocalyptic RPG franchise has been ripe for a sequel since Fallout 2 was released in 1998. Bethesda Softworks, creators of the Elder Scrolls RPG series, acquired the rights to Fallout in 2004 and are supposedly working on Fallout 3. Unfortunately, they still haven't released any details and the game was conspicuously absent from their E3 booth this year.
Announced: 2003
Vaporware status: Vaporware
Link: Vaporware's greatest hits on CNet
Link: Fallout 3 page on Vaporware's greatest hits

Spotted on RPGCodex

News for Saturday, October 7, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 3:27

The following rumour is sneaking around the internet:

At any rate, we're getting info on a game that'll be announced on November 1. So please look forward to that date, upon which you will be informed of everything. You'll find out, for example, how I got a thick layer of desert sand all over my white Old Navy shirt. Suspense!
Looks like Fallout 3 will finally be announced, which might see the dawning of some info.

Thanks Briosafreak

PS: no it isn't Fallout 3. How surprising. From Gavin 'Kathode' Carter:
It is. I don't want to get your hopes up though, so I'll go ahead and post (again) that it's not Fallout 3.
And there's an additional disaffirmation at DaC.

Posted by Brother None - at 3:25

In a recent feature that's a repeat of a similar feature done with FPSs, Gamasutra has made a list of cRPGs that advanced the genre (voted by users) in aptly named "quantum leaps". Number one (though I'm not sure if it's just a group of winners) is Fallout:

Fallout, because it proved that gameplay and story can make a financially successful RPG in the age of the dawn of obsession with 3d graphics, because it proved that brand new gameplay mechanics (i.e. the SPECIAL system) can be far superior to existing D&D systems slavishly adhered to by less adventurous developers. In short, because it innovated in all the areas that make a game different from its counterparts and sold enough copies to warrant a sequel!


Fallout - this rpg really has everything a great rpg needs: incredibly robust player character development, not just combat skills; great original story and setting, not just another rpg with elves and orcs; a great turn based combat system for people who like to think, but yet has some of the most rewarding critical death animations that rival any game, not just rpgs; a rich world full of interesting npc characters, enemies and places; functional UI, and great character dialogue system; because the game was open ended and the character development was really deep, it is actually replayable more than 3 times.
The list's honorable mentions include Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy IV, Everquest and the Ultima Series. Winners, other than Fallout, are Chrono Trigger, Deus Ex, Oblivion and, of course, Planescape: Torment.

Link: Quantum Leap RPG page: Fallout
Link: Quantum Leap RPG article

Thanks The Badge

News for Friday, October 6, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 0:16

Glutton Creeper Games had this to say today on their upcoming Fallout PnP game:

Wrapping up with the designers and artists, test play groups are under way picking apart character creation and addition rules. Will be heading to the editor within the week and print layout is being designed. We are looking for a December print date and a before X-mas release. Click the following link to view the front cover art - sorry it is a large file 3MB and a PDF (you'll need Adobe reader 6.0 or higher to view) - we'll work on getting a smaller file later in the week (enjoy this for now); our CPU is buggy and we are getting a 3rd system up and running to handle just these tasks.
Link: GCG Fallout PnP site

Thanks Grifka

EDIT by Rosh:

GluttonCreeper has decided to remove the link to the pdf and replace it with a low quality version, which looks like it has been darkened to try to make it look worse than it was already.

If you want to see the image at it's full craptacular splendor and detail, I converted the pdf as GC should have and have it available for inducing nausea whenever you need it.

News for Thursday, October 5, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 20:59

Thanks to a million-gajillion news reports dropped in our letterbox we've become very acutely aware of CBS' post-apocalyptic drama show Jericho, painfully acute. Also a grand coincidence of no important to anyone whatsoever is that the second episode was called Fallout. Fantastic, no?

But, to be serious, the show is getting good marks and probably worth checking out for post-apocalyptic fans.

Link: Jericho on CBS, includes full episodes (viewable only from the US)

News for Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 2:02

It had totally slipped my mind previously, but our reader Working's been, uh, toiling to re-create Fallout locations as Fallout Tactics maps and had sent us some screens of his work.

We anticipate the real deal, might prove useful for any Tactics campaign makers...

News for Monday, October 2, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 21:31

Well, it's my birthday, so I decided to do ourselves and you a favour by posting some pointers on what NOT to send through our Submit News system.

A Greek guy speculates on the happenings with the Fallout license:

I've heard that the company of "Neverwinter night" (bioware) has the rights for the fallout 4.
...even though a tiny bit of research would easily confirm that Bethesda Softworks has options to develop both Fallout 4 and 5. If you're going to send us something, make sure it's not utter bovine dung.

Speaking of cows, here's a nice one:
Also in one of the special encoutars (sic!) in Fallout 1, you find some brahmin saying "moo I say." This is a reference to the secret cow level in Diablo 2. After you finish the a difficulty of the game, you can to the secret cow level.
Yes, and Frank Horrigan is based off Uberdiablo, even though Diablo 2 was released some three years after Fallout 2. Get your facts and chronology straight.

The same goes for:
One of te random combat taunts that appears over peoples' heads is "I'm gonna smack you like a red-headed stepchild". This is a reference to Asuka in the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, and is a line from the fanmade parody Evangelion ReDeath.
Wow, now I'm a total layman when it comes to anime, but Google tells me this fan-made movie is from 2000 AD - two years after Fallout 2.

This one makes me shed a tear:
Is Fallout 3 ever going to be made cause I find it hard to understand all the information about it.
We can post them for you. We can't understand them for you.

Some are even more desperate:
Were can i buy it, i have looded every were. In shopes, on ebay and every dam web site on earth! Fallout 1 and 2 are the best and all i want to do is play fallout tacticts! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
I guess the Holy Flame hates you. I know I do, for not taking the effort to find a Stickied Thread in the forum, made specifically for the purpose of aiding you.

And some very to the point:
Random Encounters you forget the "Error"...
You forget the "brain"...

One of the readers came into caustic contact with a masculine piece of silica:
ok this actually hapend to me when i was playing one time in golgotha in fallout 2 one of the rocks turnd alive and came at me he was super strong and killd me it only happend once though and i couldnt figure out how to get it again
We're not really interested in your Jet trips, man.

If you spotted something unusual:
I dont know if this was from Bethesda or some time inbetween that version and Van Buren, or it it's even Fallout 3 at all, but I found this recently and was wondering if you could help identify it.
Yes, I can identify it. It's the same fake screen we've seen over and over again for the last five years because nobody bothers to search the site before reposting it.

And for Myron's love, if you get one of those from Bethesda:
We are in the preliminary stages of development on Fallout 3. It will be a LONG time before we start talking specifically about our plans and what we're up to. We'll let folks know when we have some information to share on the game and its development.
Thanks for your interest in Fallout 3.
- know it's their standard response for the time being and WE DON'T REALLY WANT TO be notified, thankyouverymuchforthat.

Oh, and a thank you goes to all readers who sent in actual valuable stuff in these few past years. We love you guys!

Link: Submit News for No Mutants Allowed

News for Sunday, October 1, 2006

Posted by deadr4tz - at 21:35

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new No Mutants Allowed main page feature - the first ever NMA web comic! Written and drawn by Alec, a famous Belgian writer, cartoonist, foot fetishist, sexual deviant and long-time member of our community, this comic is sure to enrapture any Fallout fan with its humor, colorful drawing style and mature themes.

Alec has agreed to draw a new panel every Wednesday and Saturday, though this schedule should be regarded as tentative, as Alec is constantly busy working on his latest book and having kinky sex with his girlfriend. A thumbnail of the latest panel will always be shown on the main page, squeezed between the Latest Article section and the NMA Poll. All panels will be archived here.

If you have any suggestions or criticisms, drop Alec a private message. If you *really* like the comic and want to show your appreciation, remember that Alec loves nothing better than beautiful female feet, especially when they are covered in bodily fluids; so get a digital camera and start snapping.