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News for Saturday, September 30, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 22:45

The game Defcon from Introversion Software's gone gold, and is now available for boxed purchase or direct download.

It's Global Thermonuclear War, and nobody wins.
But maybe - just maybe - you can lose the least.
So, why don't you fire a few dozen warheads at them Reds/Capitalist Pigs/Filthy Rogue States after work?

Of course, if you don't feel like spending money, there's always Flash Wargames1983 to play.


Thanks brandons1313 and Mikael Grizzly

Posted by Silencer - at 22:26

It looks like the Forlorn World site is now also available in French, thanks to Wiktor, their new translator.

Link: Forlorn World

News for Friday, September 29, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 13:59

News is slow, so look at this: A screenshot from Afterfall, picturing some interior.

After numerous changes to the engine, made by Sauroon & Riddlemaster, now it looks good. Now only work on the objects and we're ready.

Thanks to intoxicate, who tipped us about the screenie here.


News for Saturday, September 23, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 20:36

Tim Cain, one of the original Fallout's grandmasters and heads of the late great Troika Games, has given some thoughts on the original Fallout and the upcoming sequel made by Bethesda in this month's PC Powerplay. Some quotes as transcribed at RPGCodex (there's a lot more to be found there):

We set out to make a non-linear game, which today would be called a sandbox game. We wanted the player to make any kind of character and then go off into the wilderness in any direction and still be able to finish the game. Naturally, some characters would be harder to finish the game with than others, but that was our main goal.

We knew we were making a dark game, based on the horrors that 1950's science had predicted for a future apocalyptic world. So we balanced that with humour, by poking fun at those same predictions in a way that would amuse a modern player.

Once we had settled on a post-apocalyptic setting for our world, we debated over all the different types we could choose. I remember debating modern futurism, like alien invasion or cyber warfare, and even the possibillity that there had been no war at all and this was all an illusion or a facade, but in the end, we felt that the Cold War era had the most visceral appeal of all these settings, and most easily opened itself up for humour.


After Interplay picked up the D&D license, they almost cancelled Fallout right then so as not to be working on multiple products that would compete with one another. But I pointed out that the setting was so different from orcs and goblins that there would likely be no overlap in the target audience. Marketing believed me, and Fallout was saved from termination.


After playing Oblivion, I have high hopes for Fallout 3 being an awesome open-ended experience. Bethesda obviously has good people working there, so I don't want to insult them by offering any advice that might sound like a pronouncement. I just want to play the game like any other fan, which means I will be surprised and delighted by the plot twists and turns and also that I reserve the right to complain about any deviation from the Fallout canon.
Link: Transcription of article on RPGCodex

Thanks Briosafreak

News for Friday, September 22, 2006

Posted by The Vault Dweller - at 6:06

Recently its been brought to my attention that there exists online a rather good webcomic thats post-apocalyptic and makes good on incorporating that theme into the story.

The Wandering Ones

Its the story of a group of scouts who are part of a nation of survivors. They get involved with the other surviving groups after a plague kills most of humanity and whats left fights for survival.

I know how most feel about webcomics and I can say one thing that will dispel any doubt. I've read it 1/4 the way through already and like it very much!

I would have liked to post a story summary, but I couldnt find one on the site and I dont feel comfortable telling much more since it would really ruin it.

Special thanks to the valued member Monsharen for alerting NMA to this webcomic.

The Vault Dweller

News for Thursday, September 21, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 12:48

Bioshock's Ken Levine has taken a moment out of his time to post on the Through the Looking Glass Forum to explain how Bioshock is going to be made "more accessible", which to us more seasoned gamers (read; glittering gems of hatred) always sets off "dumbed down" warning lights:

1) Dynamic Training. This is the big investment we're making, and we believe it's a key element to bringing deeper games to non-core gamers. And for the rest of you, it's our stake to the heart to tutorial-itis. It's a system that watches how you play and dynamically genereates advice to point you towards game play options you might be missing ("hey, ever thought of hacking?"), systems you might be using wrong ("hey, how about some armor piercing rounds on that bot!", or even game systems you just don't get ("hey that's 12 security cameras you've been spotted by in a row. want to learn more about the security system?"). You can, of course, turn this system off if you don't like it.

2) It's going to be pretty! Guess what: Shock 2 having ugly character models and no translucency in our sprites was not a design choice!

3) People who play the game guns blazing will have a AAA experience as well. In Shock 2, we don't think we really were fair to the guns guys. Without compromising all of the systems I described above (hacking, crafting, research, etc), we're going to make things blow up nice.

4) Performance. I think a big barrier of entry on Shock 2 (for the mass market, not TTLGers) was the long load times and mediocre performance. One of our core goals with BioShock was making sure frame rates and load times were competitive.
Point 4 is of course a fair and predictable point, as is #2. #3 offers little new as plenty of classic cRPGs can generally be finished by fighting only (though to say this will not compromise other parts of the game is a bit spurious). #1 is a bit interesting and new and sounds like a good solution for stupid people. Thank Frith it can be switched off, though.

Link: Ken Levin post on TTLG forum

Spotted at RPGDot

Posted by Silencer - at 0:33

LooZ^ a.k.a. Szymon Janus has been interviewed by the gaming site on the topic of the frost-nuclear RPG in progress Forlorn World. Of course, you won't be able to get naught out of it unless you understoond Polish, so we got some modica translated for you:

Klecha ( Did the current political situation home and abroad somehow influence the happenings in the game world you're planning to show us?

Szymon Janus (Ground Zero): No. Recreating present time in games has no sense, in our opinion. We would rather show the past in a compelling atmosphere. Stacking Lepper (one controversial politician you're probably lucky not to have heard of - Silencer) or Iraq War with that might only have a destructive effect on the Forlorn World.
Good to know they're limiting contemporary references, n'est-ce pas?

And one more parcel of the whole:
Klecha ( Does the game possess some unique features, which you'd like to tell us something about now?

Szymon Janus (Ground Zero): We're particularly proud of the "gossip" system. If the player decides to "wipe out" a whole village, and lets at least one of the inhabitants run away, he can expect a cold welcome in the neighbouring settlements. The same will happen if he attacks members of an organisation. If he manages to kill off all their members he or she encounters in an ambush, he will still be able to work with them, unless... "stray soldiers" start to broadcast the news of his achievement. Gossip will be a powerful driving force. ;)
Link: Forlorn World Interview at

News for Thursday, September 14, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 1:49

Worthplaying has the English Software Development Kit for Hard Truck: Apocalypse.

Link: Hard Truck: Apocalypse SDK on Worthplaying

Spotted on RPGDot

News for Saturday, September 9, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 21:34

Undead Society have opened a forum where you can discuss their upcoming game New Dawn - also in English.

Meanwhile, they've released two new CAs by Przemysław Geremek. While the bloke is pretty mediocre, if medieval, I kind of find the merryman Raider lady... refreshing.


Posted by deadr4tz - at 21:27

In Part Two of his interview for Escape Radio, Todd Howard, the executive producer of Fallout 3, answered some questions about the upcoming CRPG. As usual, he said nothing concrete, but it can be surmised that many elements of the game are already done and a playable build may already exist. Here's a transcript for those who can't be bothered with downloading the entire podcast:

Host: Since you mentioned it first I don't feel bad about asking, but... what can you tell us about Fallout 3?

Todd: Uh... it's currently... full steam ahead and... um... so... that would be something that, yeah, we're definitely not ready to talk about yet... um... in terms of we're still... trying things out... but it's, it's going... it's going very well... there's a lot of... good stuff... in the game right now... well, at least we, we think it's good stuff right now... we... that may change before we... announce... really announce the game and show it off, so...

Host: You told... you told GameSpot about two years ago you guys were in the messing with stuff phase... What... what would you characterize it now, what phase would you consider the project to be at now?

Todd: Um... messing with different stuff... heh...

Host: (laughter) Awesome.

Todd: Um... yeah, we have very long... what we... what we describe as preproduction... Y'know, for us it's very, very, very long... At the end of preproduction for us we have... something you can play... this is... this is, this is what the game... this is a little (?) part of the game... and, uh... yeah, for better or worse we spend a while doing that.
Escape Radio
The full podcast (the interview starts at 21st minute)

Thanks, VDweller.

Posted by Silencer - at 17:20

Glutton Creeper games have posted a seven-page introduction to the history of Fallout's world on their Fallout website. The document details the Wastelands from several viewpoints, notably those of NCR and VC.

Link: Fallout d20 Intro @ Glutton Creeper

Spotted at Poltergeist

News for Friday, September 1, 2006

Posted by deadr4tz - at 3:03

Game Banshee captured Vince D. Weller, tied him up with some duct tape, shone a bright light in his face and asked him questions about his upcoming post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG while intermittently cudgeling his face with a lead pipe. Unable to take their merciless abuse anymore, Vince finally broke and spilled more information about Age of Decadence:

"The inventory system is weight-based, similar to Fallout’s inventory system. Space isn’t a factor, so as long as you can handle the weight, you can add an item to your inventory. There are no encumbrance levels and penalties. If you are overloaded, you can’t move until you drop something.

You will be offered quite a few “headquarters”, ranging from a simple room in an inn to more prestigious (it actually does bump up your Prestige rep) quarters in a palace. You can store all your junk there."
He also declassified four new screenshots:

Barracks #1 Barracks #1 Barracks #1 Barracks #1

Read the rest or die.

Posted by Brother None - at 0:55

To good people of Afterfall have given us some renders and screenshots to look at:

You can also view a WIP of level 3. They've given themselves 2 weeks to polish up level -1 (the one shown in the above screens) to show us.