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News for Sunday, April 30, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 17:18

To celebrate Afterfall's site launch, NMA has done an interview with Afterfall developer intoxicate. It is full of info on what they're planning to do and important facts on the demo they are working on;

What then will the Afterfall world offer to the player who decides to abandon the main storyline?

A whole galaxy of possibilities. For example, you will be able to join one of the organizations you meet along the way, and perform tasks for them. One of those are Scrappers, a midget-like race living in their fortress made of junk, who are suspicious of any normal human. If you win their trust, however, you will be able to perform contracts for them, giving you access to new parts of the world and unique objects. Another organization the player can join is the great and powerful Trade Federation. It maintains commerce in most regions of the Afterfall world, and gaining its gratitude will give one vast knowledge of farther territories. Additionally, there are numerous gangs and mobs. The Injector Gang, for instance, who illegally manufacture and distribute implants. On top of that there are more than a dozen tribes, a Mutant Liberation Front, religious sects – really, I could go on for a long time; there are so many possibilities the player will never be bored. Some of the organizations I just mentioned are described in more detail on our webpage.
Let's hope this'll catch the eye of financiers, publishers or wealthy excentric philantropist, these guys should get all the help they need.

Link: Afterfall interview on NMA

Posted by Brother None - at 16:23

NMA has long-since followed and supported the post-apocalyptic game project called Bourgeoisie, which has been fairly quiet for some time now. Well, they haven't been sitting still and just recently relaunched the site for their project, now renamed Afterfall.

The site is sadly suffering from being hosted on a pretty bad server. If you're lucky you might get a glance at it, but you'll probably have to wait for a week or two until the server moves, we shall keep you posted on this.

In the meantime, intoxicate has posted 6 new screenshots in our gallery;

Link: Afterfall gallery on NMA
Link: Afterfall website

News for Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 3:49

An anonymous informer (I suspect Monsharen) let us know of a post-apocalyptic title that is being made for the PS3. Of course, since it's got no release date posted might suggest it will never make it, and NMA has never been big about console games, but... Still, a bit interesting:

Players will assume the role of the mysterious WarDevil, traveling through what appears to be a post-apocalyptic world. The game designers said to expect levels in such places as ruined wastelands, desert strongholds, and military bases.

Not much is known yet on whether this game is first person or third person action. All that we know is that WarDevil looks to be a promising title and is highly anticipated for next gen consoles.
Links: WarDevil preview at, WarDevil website

News for Thursday, April 20, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 23:57

Clone made a newspost on their site with some updates regarding the future plans for the mod:

Development for Ashes of Apocalypse on Morrowind is still going strong. We have toned down some of our goals for it though. The size of the world will be a bit smaller then originally planned. The storyline will focus on playing as a wastelander and standing up against the United Barrier Nations. I will be completely finishing it with a couple of other people and then release it. There may be expansions released for it later on.

The development of Ashes of Apocalypse 2 for Oblivion has begun! We haven't decided on a official name yet but it will be set before the events of Ashes of Apocalypse for Morrowind. Expect more details soon.
For Oblivion, eh? Well, let's hope of the two they're the ones who screw up :D.

I kid, I hope the mod will be good. If you have TES3:Morrowind and some time to kill, you can grab Ashes of Apocalypse 1.0 and the AoA Patch 1.1 from our site.

Link: Ashes of Apocalypse

Posted by Brother None - at 14:59

Our "What would you really hate to see in Fallout 3?"-poll is done, with these results; a lack of the feel of the original games leads with 34.98%, followed by 1st person perspective at 27.21%. Next are Real-time combat (15.60%), Topical Dialogue (Morrowind-style) (11.75%), Turn-based combat (2.55%), Isometric perspective (2.34%), Real-time/turn-based hybrid (2.29%), Multi-player (2.28%), Branching dialogue (Fallout-style) (.99%).

To cut it down, 35% care most about the atmosphere and setting of the game rather than its mechanics, 60% are against destroying mechanics from the original games and replacing them with new things, 5% are against keeping the mechanics of the old games. The biggest surprise was the general acceptance of Multi-player, long since considered a foe of all things Fallout.

Our new poll is a copy of one that just closed at RPGDot; "Now that Bethesda's Oblivion is out, how do you feel about Fallout 3?" RPGDot itself had the following results:

It's hard to interpret the movement of the results (although the pattern might be different because I let it run too long). So, 32% are optimistic followed by 18% who think it will suck, 17% think it will rock, 16% unsure and 15% pessimistic. Breaking that down into broad groups, 50% are positive and around 34% negative (rest unsure).
I've added the options "Haven't played Oblivion" and "Oblivion and Fallout 3 are unrelated" for fairness' sake. I'm curious to see if our results will match those of RPGDot.

Posted by Silencer - at 10:03

Lisac2k sent us the Survivor Mod for Fallout 2, a complete mod that changes quite a lot ingame. From the author:

It's a weapons/npc/items/critters/maps/scripts/dialogues/fixes/car mod. All in one.

The main idea is: you can go through the whole game using only one class of weapons. If you want to use energy weapons only, now you can. If you want to go through the game with a melee character, just go ahead! The weapons and their parameters are changed, and you'll find more powerful weapons of every class as you go further and further through the game. The game is NOT so well balanced (it was hard to make it perfect), so you might find big guns very powerful, but don't forget they need many action points to be used. Melee weapons are not so strong, but they require less action points etc... There are some moments during the game, where scripts give you weapon/equipment/items etc. depending on your skills. Some shopkeepers will sell you nice equipment if you pass weapon class skill check (e.g. if you have 125% or more of energy weapons skill, a shopkeeper will sell you a big-bad-mo-fo energy weapon). The conclusion: choose your favourite weapon class and boost it through the game. That's the main idea of this mod. Other things in this mod (as bug fixes, dialogue changes etc.) you might find useful, too.
Download it along with an appropriate language pack for you - it won't work without one!

Links: Survivor Mod for Fallout 2, Survivor Mod English Language Pack, Survivor Mod French Language Pack, Survivor Mod Russian Language Pack, Survivor mod homepage

News for Sunday, April 16, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 0:56

There are a couple of new files at our downloads section.

MIB88 sent us an updated version of his Megamod, which now contains the Vertibird mod ver 1.3. If you had downloaded it earlier, there is also an Update 2, which you can conveniently apply. Older versions aren't available to avoid confusion.

Dude101 sent us design docs from the Fallout Bible for the unimplemented Fallout locations: Burrows from Fallout and Earth Protection Agency from Fallout 2.

Lastly, there is a Polish language addon for the Darkfall mod demo.

News for Thursday, April 13, 2006

Posted by Brother None - at 22:55

From the official Auto Assault website;

Game publisher further expands massively multiplayer role playing genre with post-apocalyptic combat, veteran rewards and destruction to the max

AUSTIN, Texas, April 13, 2006-NCsoft® North America announced today that Auto Assault® launched commercial service in North America, Europe and other select markets worldwide. Developed by Colorado-based developer, NetDevil®, LTD, Auto Assault is the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) game set in a post-apocalyptic world featuring vehicle combat on an epic scale and fully destructible environments.

Auto Assault is available at retailers in North America at an expected price of US$49.99. The Limited Edition, which includes a headset to utilize the game's voice chat system and a game soundtrack CD, will be available for an expected price of US$59.99. Both the standard and Limited editions of the game include the first month of online game play. After the first month, players will be charged a monthly subscription fee of US$14.99. Sixty-day game time cards will also be available at many North American retailers for an expected price of US$29.99.
Link: Auto Assault goes live, to the max!

News for Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 11:09

Sethergal tipped us off on another interview about the game, also there are new concept arts (vastly superior to the previous ones):

It's April now, so it's time for another interview for Reset Forever. You can read it on our Download/Press page and in the latest issue of the e-zine.

Check out the gallery, too. You will find some new images, as well as the artwork which accompanies the interview. Two of the images is just below.

Link: New Dawn Website

Posted by Brother None - at 5:18

Auto Assault, that zany car-chasing action-filled post-apocalyptic MMOG "with RPG elements", has had its first review by GameDaily, and they're pretty positive about it, giving it 4 out of 5 stars and a "buy it" tag:

To paraphrase the perpetually hot Tina Turner from her oh so sexy role as Aunty Entity in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, "Two cars enter. One car leaves." That best sums up the feeling you get when you drop into Auto Assault's vast, post-apocalyptic ravaged Wasteland and begin blasting everyone, and everything, in site. AA is an MMO where your cars, loaded with all manner of destructive goodies, as well as your selected character, truly shine. If you've ever wanted to be like ole Mel Gibson's Mad Max, or you just wanted to "blow sh*t up"... here's your chance!
It's a pretty lengthy and extensive review, so if you're interested in the game here's your chance to read up on it.

For those that missed it (including us), Auto Assault opened up its servers on the 9th of April and people that pre-ordered it could start playing. Read up on it here. Official release to the stores is set for the 13th of April.

Link: AA review on GameDaily
Link: Auto Assault servers go live!

News for Sunday, April 9, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 2:26

mvBarracuda sent us a press release regarding the development of FIFE, an open-source engine for isometric cRPGs resembling Fallout as closely as possible - but with many tweaks and features added.

Now that three months since our first public release have passed, it is time to bring you update on the current status of FIFE. As lacking transparency was surely one of the biggest problems of IanOut, our aim is to be as honest as possible about the progress we made but also about the problems we've encountered.

So we start with some bad news first: our old lead coder Chris has stepped down from his position as he felt burned out and wants to focus on real-life activities now. He stated himself that this might not be a final decision but however he won't return for the next months.

We recognized that heavily relying on a single person is no good long-term solution so we decided to replace the old lead coder position with several "engine core coders". The idea is to split up the pressure and the responsibility to three / four core coders instead of a single programmer. We were able to fill one is these engine coder positions with Phoku. He does a great job improving the engine, however we don't want to end up with the same situation as before. So we're still searching for advanced C++ coders who are interested in taking the challenge of participating in a large-scale Fallout project.

This project is in development for seven months so interested coders shouldn't be afraid that it would be as complicated as starting something from scratch. Our project organization structure encompasses bi-weekly IRC meetings, a development wiki, a public Subversion sourcecode repository and a quite active mailing list, so we are just lacking core developers to use this basis ;-)

If you're interested in FIFE we suggest to take a look at our developer guide. It contains all necessary information about the project e.g. how to get the sourcecode, how to compile FIFE and how to contact the development team:

However there are also of course some good news to report. Our coder Skybound worked on the GUI code of FIFE and was able to recreate a kind of Fallout 2 with FIFE. Here are two example screenshots:


And we are happy to welcome Cheesesucker to the team. He will be working on our upcoming editor suite for FIFE: FIFEdit. Here is a work in progress screenshot from the new zoom feature that allows you to view complete Fallout maps in a single window:


With the current lack of engine core developers we cannot announce a release date for the next public FIFE release. Although you can always get the most recent SVN code and compile it yourself.

If we are not able to attract new coders we won't let our baby die :-) It will just take some serious amount of time till the next release. So we would really appreciate any help in the coding department.


Posted by Silencer - at 1:25

Doomtrader dropped by our forum to let us know:

We would like to introduce you: "The Fallout Mod for Hearts of Iron 2"

Have you ever been thinking about reuniting USA as a human nation? Or maybe you would like to control whole factions from the back seat and decide who will get your energy? Have you been dreaming about defeating and conquer those weak humans and rotten ghouls when leading Mutants? Or maybe you want to take a leadership over the final cell of evolution and wipe out all biological trash?

All those paths are awaits you in new mod that we would like to create as a tribut for two best computer series ever. Dangerous and undiscovered world known from RPG series Fallout taken into best strategy game Hearts of Iron 2.
HOI2 is, as he put it, a combination of Civilization, Risk and Steel Panthers, a strategy game. In the mod you can play one of the factions to strive for a reunification of USA.

Links: Forum thread at NMA Modding Forum, HOI2 Fallout mod forum at CORE/VIP

News for Friday, April 7, 2006

Posted by Tannhauser - at 16:01

As part of a seven page, eye-bleeding interview with Total Video Games; Feargus Urquart brought up the impossible dream: Fallout Online.

Obsidian, and your own background, is all about RPGs; have you ever thought about taking the leap into MMOs?

Um, I don't think so. We [Black Isle] had an opportunity to make an MMO, and I said no. Brian Fargo who was running Interplay at the time was really on it; we 'had words'. My mother's a Cockney so she taught me a few words so when I get angry, I 'have words'. It was a good meeting.

The reason at the time, because I would have loved to have made a Fallout MMO, was that I believed that Interplay was just not in a situation where they had the resources to do it. When you go off to do an MMO it's going to cost $100 million before you get it on the shelf; you've gotta buy servers and you've gotta have service people, and you have to have Game Masters. It's an undertaking, and on top of that, it means that you do have to do all that stuff so what else are you going to focus on? What other games are you going to be able to make?
Fallout dodged a bullet there, not helped by Feargus' enthusiasm for a bad idea (we have his business acumen to thank).

Link: Feargus Urquart interview at TVG.

Spotted at RPG Codex.

News for Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 0:28

Struś sent us the promotional cover arts for his postapocalyptic author music album. As usual, he's relying on your opinions to decide for the final version of the cover, so...

Also, Piotr is advertising the album with the following blurb:
Death, decay, destruction, deadly radiation, uncertainty, madness, downfall... Than and much more is what I felt upon entering one of the cities laying in this many miles wide, seemingly endless radioactive desert. Towering ruins around me, which once were a beautiful, brimming with life postindustrial city. People in a state no better than their city dwelled in the moribund streets. I'm not only talking about their physical stature, apparel, but mor about their withered psyche. Downcast, they filled the city, a part of this world, and an important note for me. Only I can hearken to music in this universe of torment... the music, which comprises this album.

Promotional tracks from the upcoming album can be found here.

News for Saturday, April 1, 2006

Posted by Silencer - at 22:58

Although today's news posts have been bogus, the images below surely aren't. Our users published quite a bit of good works at the forum.

At the last minute we received the picture I'm showing you first,despite the risk you will not desire to see anything more. Defonten, a talented man who is the author of most of my wallpapers, sent us this painting, entitled "Cafe of Broken Dreams".

VSOP sent us renders of this V8 buggy.

Brog was experimenting with dark matter and rendering fallouty stuff in between.

Frissy stomped his hoofs and has drawn a meanie Raider.

Wooz has drawn for us a Sand Warrior.

MyLaw4U made those pictures using software the names of which I won't repeat for fear of the Great Old Ones.

Phomax, our Eastern Han Dynasty Fallout Artist has been particularly active.

Works on a 3D laser rifle commenced, producing those results from The_Chosen & Frissy:

A nuclear reactor picture from David O'Boyle.

Stormovka sent us a few Tactics-inspired scenes.

I'm running out of space quickly, but - please look also at pictures by Poroksy, Mantis, Deagle, Drachton and others.

Good work, you all!

Link: No Mutants Allowed Fan Art Forum

Posted by Silencer - at 12:40

At the Forlorn World Forum there are two first screenshots from the game, and because their art director owes me one, you can see them exclusively as our readers:

Screen 1
Screen 2

In addition, the FW fan site Forlorn Lorry has got another screenshot that was leaked. It's very fallouty!

Posted by Silencer - at 12:25

I just wanted to inform that there has been a slight change in polisy at our forum. We want to embrace more free speech, allow newcomers more freedom to express their ideas.

Unfortunately, one of our Admins was strongly opposed to that and we simply couldn't come to terms. He kept NMA from becoming the open -doors, user-friendly community we wanted it to be, the irate e-mails from our users, and also from Bethesda kept flowing in, and after much internal strife, we decided to relieve him of his Admiin power and also to ban him from the board in case he wanted to troll.

Thank you for all that you've done, Roshambo, but times change and life goes on. It is not with light heart that I write this, but then again, it had to be done.