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News for Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 3:14

MIB88 has been for some time now working on a Fallout 2 mod. A large one. A mod that combines the refinement of B-Team, viridity of New Vision, buoyancy of Vertibird Mod, family values of Miria Mod, and more!

Ok, so here is a project that I started many months ago. I just thought that there were so many cool mods out there that I wanted to put them together to see what the game would be like. Also, I just wanted to see if I could do it.

I am no master scripter or anything like that...not even close. I only put in the changes that others had come up with. So, there are some things that were left out. For example, Seraph has corrected Torr's script so that you can speak to him about bugmen. However, that was not part of the New Vision mod, so that is not included. There are a few examples like that, especially where Klamath and Arroyo are concerned.

If you don't like all the mods I included, well, you'll just have to get over it. I really just went with the mods I wanted to see. I think all the creators of these mods and patches did an awesome job. I am sure there are some things in it I missed. There are bound to be some errors.
The full list of mods included in this compilation: Abbey, B-Team, Cult of Personality, killap's patch, Lootable Armor, Miria, New Vision, Seraph's patch, Vertibird, and of course, the official 1.02 patch. Please download this 80MB megapack and get rrrrreadyyyy to playteeeest! :D

Link: MIB88 MegaMod for Fallout 2 at NMA Downloads

News for Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 2:26

A sad day for Fallout fandom. After two years of covering Fallout and post-apocalyptic stuff,, which we all remember well for its good coverage of The Fall back when TF was still interesting, has been closed forever.

Glowbewohner and the Supermutant staff, we salute you and will miss working alongside you.

Link: Goodbye message (in German)

News for Saturday, November 26, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 3:05

Hot off the presses:

Alright, here it is everyone my truly final Fallout 2 patch. This new release includes a good 100+ new fixes from the previous ones that are already included. I have fixed every single bug/glitch that I found or that were brought to my attention but that does not mean there are not others to be discovered. This is my final patch in that I will no longer be searching the game for bugs/glitches to fix. If anyone does find something that I have not discovered yet or found a bug in my work, please tell me and I will fix it. But this is all the more that I will do with this patch.

I still have aspirations to make an addon pack that unlocks all the unused characters, quests, etc and I will probably still follow through with it -- it will just take a long time.
An addon to unlock the numerous missing stuff would be great! Just skip any missing easter eggs, though, we might have enough of those.

Link: list of corrections
Link: Version A, US version only (includes 1.02 fixes)
Link: Version B, Non-US or 1.02 installed version only (doesn't include 1.02 fixes)
Link: thread on NMA forum

News for Friday, November 25, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 21:57

We here at NMA have once again gotten ahold of some more design docs, this time around we got the following areas:

Blackfoot & Hangdogs:
The Blackfoot tribe is a community of primitives who make slave raids on other tribals and pay tribute in slaves to Caesar's Legion. Within the tribe is a smaller group, the Hangdogs, who revere dogs and train them to help in hunting and guarding.
The distant community of Jericho is located near the shore of the Great Salt Lake. It was once the Jericho Water Plant and part of the larger town of New Canaan, but that town was destroyed seven years ago by rioting refugees from the war in the west.
Burham Springs:
Burham Springs is a horrible wreck of a pre-war mining community that has been burning for decades. Only a tiny handful of people continue to linger in the dreadful place.
New Canaan:
New Canaan is one of the more stable and tolerant communities in the wasteland. Set in the ruins of Ogden, Utah, on the Great Salt Lake, it is a Mormon community unaffiliated with any other government or power group.
And if that wasnt enough, we also obtained some docs about the CNPCs in the game.
And we also obtained the world map image:

So that sums it up, you now have all the design docs for Van Buren, happy reading!

Posted by Brother None - at 17:16

We got the following press release from Nuclear Nightmare:

We'd like to let everyone know about the development of our game Nuclear Nightmare: Rise of the Fallen.

It's a dark post-nuclear single-player horror game with RPG elements independently developed by Element115 Entertainment. We're using the Torque Game Engine and we’ll soon port it to the Shader version.

Great attention has been given to polishing the game's details in order to offer a great gaming experience. You, the game’s main character will start from the underground shelter on a mysterious journey to find clues as to why there have been many disappearances lately on the surface. The game's epic plot will then unfold unexpectedly with many twists and will immerse the player deeply into its world.

The game is set in five large distinctive but interconnected dark, creepy locations, all being carefully designed with our characteristic style. There will be many characters in Nuclear Nightmare which will be unique, disturbing, and intense.

The game's Artificial Intelligence includes a very powerful fuzzy logic system providing smoother gameplay in combination with more realism and varying gameplay combinations.

The music is 100% original and AAA quality. It’s dark and eerie with hard trance touches at times. The soundtrack will also be sold separately when the game is released.

We'd like to hear your thoughts, so feel free to sign up in our forums and discuss anything you wish about Nuclear Nightmare.
There's not much on the site yet, just a screenshot, two FAQs and the game's intro story, but take a look.

Link: Nuclear Nightmare Web Site

News for Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 12:22

Wasteland Ghost let us know at the forum that the English version of a brand new Fallout 1 mod is available at the TeamX website.

"Fallout Update Mod" v1.2.5 english version can be found in downloads section at TeamX site.

Short description:
This is the first and at this time only Fallout1 mod.
This mod restores quests and people that for some reason haven't been included in the final release of Fallout. The mod adds to Shady Sands, Junk Town, Hub, Adytum and the Brotherhood of Steel.
The mod includes 4 new quests and 27 new people.
This being the first mod that actually adds something to Fallout 1, other than a load of phat lewt in the Vault 13 Caves, I'm eager to install it.

Link: Fallout Update Mod v1.2.5 English version at NMA Downloads, Fallout Update Mod v1.2.5 at TeamX website

Posted by Silencer - at 12:10

Peter Sjöberg has created a site devoted to all S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-related media. There you can find maps of Chernobyl, music from trailers, flash games, animations, and more.


Spotted at Oblivion Lost

News for Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 20:36

We give you an interview with Szymon "LooZ^" Janus, PR for the Forlorn World project. Exclusively for you, here's a veritable cornucopia of answers regarding the project and the game it's going to produce.

- Will the game be set in the past or the future?

In near future.

- But it will be, as it was in Fallout, and as designs for PW intended, a future after an “alternative past”?

Yes, something like that. But it will be more tied to real events that happened in a different time and yielded different results. I wouldn’t want to say too much and spoil the surprise. ;)

- Both projects targeted Poland, this was where the action was to take place. I suppose it hasn’t changed. What can you tell us about this frigid Poland of yours?

In our world, the Cold War didn’t quite end as the books say it did. Frankly, it didn’t end at all. It turned into a hot Third World War. It wasn’t the beginning of the end, just a prelude to launching the nuclear warheads that turned the world into a graveyard.
And some more artworks from the site:

Let's wish this project godspeed!

Link: Forlorn World Interview @ No Mutants Allowed

Posted by Silencer - at 20:18

Seji posted a link at another forum, which I thought might be compelling: If you're interested in having your own Gauss pistol, you should visit William Harriss' site, who promises that he'll be selling "Make-Your-Own-Gauss-Pistol" kits soon:

A Gauss Pistol is a specific kind of "Coil Gun". The term "Gauss" is a unit of magnetic field strength (the magnetic field of the earth is around 1 Gauss), named for the great German mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss. "Pistol" refers to a gun that can be held and fired with one hand.
And this is what an assembled one looks like:


News for Sunday, November 20, 2005

Posted by Tagaziel - at 23:58

Well, instead of lenghty introductions, let's just serve the meal.

We inform you with pleasure, that this day, the official webpage of Forlorn World was launched. The game is a cRPG, set in post-nuclear Poland. Project Forlorn World, born from unifing Trinity and Polish Wasteland, is currently in tech demo assembly phase, and soon first screenshots will be presented to the Public.

"Our hero, in his journey through the ice wastelands, will visit the most bizarre locations: deserted fallout shelters, military installations, ruined cities, settlements erected after the War. Everywhere, where he arrives, he will see ruins - nothing survived the destruction. But Something or Someone decided to give humans another chance. Some of them took shelter in bunkers, others survived in ruined cities... The cynical, socialist nation of Poland, saturated with deviant ideals of communism, shrugged off the snow, crawled slowly from underneath the rubble, from the sea of crumbled buildings, skyscraper skeletons pointing into the sky, twisted supports and gratings, burned out cars, destroyed streets. It was a final fall of the communism on one hand, but also a renaissance of cunning, violence, deception, lie, moral decay, al the worst human traits. In this cruel world, shall the hero of our story lead his life."

We will offer gamers in particular:
- about 20 large locations in a fully three dimensional world
- unlinear, well developed plot
- a team, in which feelings and conflicts shall erupt
- advanced physics
- combat with "active pause" system, with emphasis put on realism
- day/night system, with dynamic lighting and shading
- dynamic world loading
- use of vehicles
- weapon modification
- and much more...

We invite you to visit the official site of our project:

Three graphics were attached to the message:

This concludes our report, thank you, have a nice day.

News for Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 16:24

GameBanshee, in honour of Planescape:Torment's upcoming 6th birthday, decided to revamp their PS:T subsite and launch two interviews with two PS:T developers we're also pretty familiar with; Chris Avellone and Dan Spitzley.

The interview is an interesting read on the details surrounding the early days of Black Isle Studio (and the naming of the studio) and the being pulled back and forth between PS:T and Fallout (2). Spitzley reveals he was responsible for the infamous Short Round treasure hunter from Broken Hills (as well as unspecified other characters).

Link: MCA interview on PS:T on Gamebanshee
Link: Dan Spitzley interview on PS:T on Gamebanshee

News for Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 12:50

The Bourgeoisie: Pearl of the Wastes website has been updated. The authors divulged a large dose of info, regarding their team. A new name has been coined, which is Intoxicate Interactive. Thus a new website was launched, and everybody's invited.

The project is getting closer and closer to the next stage of the design and finalisation of the game world creation process. In a related story, new location descriptions are available (Germany, Bourgeoisie Zone of influence and the Eastern Wastes). Furthermore, a number of music tracks and graphic arts have been released for the fans to evaluate. The ones anticipating the demo may fuel their curiosity by reading up on a few details about its plot.

Link: Bourgeoisie

News for Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 16:13

We just wanted to let you know that the forum will be down tonight at 03:00 (+1 GMT), this is due to some maintenance we need to do on our forums.

Expect it to be unavailable for atleast 2 hours.

Edit: Tomorrow night

Posted by Silencer - at 13:26

Ashes of Apocalypse mod for Morrowind has been updated, they have some new screens to show, some of them you may see here:

They've been mentioned in a French gaming magazine, and also the site has had a move within GameSpy's hosting, so you had best update your bookmarks to point to

Link: Ashes of Apocalypse

Posted by Silencer - at 5:45

The Abaddon project has been updated with an important bit of info, here it is:

Basically I have come to the conclusion that the isometric engine was too buggy and primitive in this era of 3D bells and whistles, and although I am still going to use the isometric viewpoint and interaction of my favourite RPGs I should really be doing it in 3D.

So I dusted off my Torque engine, something I purchased a while ago, and dove into it again. Surprisingly, this time I was able to make a lot more sense of the whole thing (probably because of all the 3D work I have been doing recently).

So to make a long story short Abaddon 3D is born (although it will still be called Abaddon: Fallen Angel, the iso verison will now be called Abaddon iso)
Torque is the acclaimed 3D engine, it's also used by the Bourgeoisie project.

Link: Abaddon: Fallen Angel

Posted by Silencer - at 5:34

Piotr 'Struś' Koczewski gave us another piece from the album he's preparing, it's called "Dead City", it's a bit necropolis, and a bit ambient. You can also listen to his previous track, "Radioactive Dust".

Should you want to be helpful, vote for the album cover at our forum.

Links: "Dead City", "Radioactive Dust", Album cover poll.

News for Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Posted by Tannhauser - at 6:31

Some interesting information plucked from comments by Lead Designer Carsten Strehse on the Silver Style forums. A few days ago, when a fan indicated that he was growing impatient with the wait for an English version of The Fall, Carsten responded with this:

I would strongly recommend to wait. The US version includes so many enhancements (like more quests, more weapons, completly new characters, trunks for vehicles, engine updates and dozens of other things) that it's worth waiting Smile
It is amazing the amount of work they have put in after the game was released.

Link: Carsten Strehse's post.

Spotted at RPGDot.

Posted by Tannhauser - at 5:09

Do you want a very special t-shirt, one that will give dedicated Fallout fans a good chuckle? Do you have 5145 Yen (37 Euros or 44 US Dollars) to spend on it? Can you read Japanese?

Then look no further, because brings us several different Cat's Paw t-shirts. Perfect for the most hardcore fan.

You can also find Cat's Paw sweaters for colder climes. All providing that you can arrange for international shipping.

Link:'s t-shirt selection (the Cat's Paw shirts are near the bottom of the list).

Thanks Per!

News for Saturday, November 5, 2005

Posted by Tannhauser - at 21:03

Fan Made Fallout once again has posted an update. There is an example of the project’s writing, an introduction to a new team structure that has been adopted, and another call for people to join the FMF team.

So as people leave the project, we need more to replace them. Whether you're an insanely active ideas guy who's got some decent ideas, whether you're a slow-moving writer who likes to work at his own pace, whether you've just got some decent artistic skills or maybe you're a bit of the programming type and you're looking for something new to play with, we've got a use for all of you. If you've been watching this project for a while or even if you've only found out about it, if you reckon you've got some skills and the willingness to help out, just drop by our public forums.

We've got a long way to go and we need all the help we can get.
They are looking for plenty of help, so if you want to participate, go ahead.

News for Friday, November 4, 2005

Posted by Tannhauser - at 23:59

Those with a good memory might remember that about a year ago, we reported a The Fall mobile game was under development by Elkware. The game was released some time ago, though that fact slipped by unnoticed. Mobile Gamer Midet Review has a review of the game, and have given it the Mobile Games Award.

The Fall by Elkware Studios is a mobile port of the yet unreleased PC game of the same name. After playing the game, I have to describe it as a mobile version of Fallout Tactics. Unlike Fallout Tactics though, The Fall Mobile Edition is a pretty enjoyable game as it is both technically sound and well balanced.
If you want to play The Fall in English, it looks like this is your best bet.

Link: The Fall mobile game review.

Thanks to Octotron for informing us.

News for Thursday, November 3, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 21:34

Word reached us a few days back that Interplay is planning to start its forums back up again and indeed you can now see a "coming soon" image for the forums on the Interplay website.