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News for Saturday, July 30, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 13:11

So you wanted more Design Docs, couldn't have enough of the ones we released earlier.. Well look no further, we at NMA are graced with yet some more docs, this time around a whooping 3 in total.
We've got Maxson Bunker:

Maxson Bunker was a pre-war fallout shelter built by a senator for his family and himself. Unfortunately, the war caught him unawares and the bunker was never used. All but forgotten, the bunker location was passed down as a family secret from one generation to the next. Eventually a family member passed the secret on to Roger Maxson, who claimed it for the Brotherhood of Steel.
The Ouroboros:
The Ouroboros is home to a raider clan known as the Hounds of Hecate (formerly the Vipers) and a religious organization known as the Daughters of Hecate. Both groups are run by a mysterious woman who claims to be the goddess Hecate herself incarnate.
And finally Twin Mothers:
The Twin Mothers is one of many tribes in the Fallout world. The thing that will set them apart from the other tribes is their culture and architecture. Culturally the Twin Mothers are a matriarchal tribe who worship a Goddess, the moon, and a God, her consort the sun. Women rule the tribe and make all governing decisions.
Happy reading!
Download Links: Maxson Bunker, Ouroboros, Twin Mothers

Posted by Brother None - at 12:43

Hellgate, the hack-n-slash 1st person Diablo with guns? Apparently so:

How does the Quest System work and how will it provide players with an immersive roleplaying feeling in contrast with the mindless hack-and-slash of other games? What makes Hellgate: London different in the RPG department?

Bill Roper: More than many RPGs, Hellgate: London revels in its hack-and-slash nature. This is not, however, and excuse for us to ignore story. To push this element of the game, we specifically divide the overarching storyline of the game (Quests) from directed opportunities (Missions, Tasks, Chance Events) so that when people are on a Quest, they know it is an important part of the storyline. We’re using devices such as voice and in-game cinematic sequences to differentiate these sections of the game from the less epic things that NPCs are interested in you doing for them.
Can't say I mind. A well-done hack-n-slash with guns (aim-n-shoot?) is better than a shooter "with RPG elements"

Link: interview with Bill Roper on HellgatePlanet

Spotted on RPGDot

News for Monday, July 25, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 12:02

Another kick in the face of RA; GameSpy, who were positive about the game in their preview, shredded it to bits in their final judgement:

Restricted Area could have nicely filled the underused niche of the sci-fi action-RPG, but the bugs, boring level design, and tedious pathfinding combine to make the game a miserable chore. Sadly, the game's official online forums were taken down after being flooded with complaints, about as sad an indictment as you can get. Even if you see Restricted Area in a $10 bargain bin months from now, think twice; I didn't pay anything for my copy and I still feel ripped off.
Compare the "Meet the love child of Fallout and Diablo!" from the preview with "If it removes titles like this from the planet, maybe an apocalypse wouldn't be so bad." from the review.

Link: Restricted Are Review on GameSpy

Thanks Ratty

Posted by Brother None - at 11:58

Fallout ranks 55th in IGN's top games of all times list:

The sequel allowed you to put armor on your party members and order them to stay or follow, but it's the original that's warmest in our gaming hearts. It offered a huge spectrum of actual role playing, problems that had no clear answers, an enormous environment, a dignified and mature grittiness, hilarious dialog, and a fully realized world that managed to breathe life into the otherwise fading post-apocalypse cultural awareness, with a retro 50s twist. You were a true anti-hero who just wanted to do his own thing -- a loner by nature who just wanted security and peace but had to go through hell to get there.
Personally, I'd just like to see the big gaming site stop making those lists.

Link: IGN top 100 games #51-60

Thanks brandons1313

News for Saturday, July 23, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 1:53

It is with hope that I inform you of a fusion that has just been offcially announced. Pursuant to a series of rumours surfacing in the Polish Fallout community, it is now confirmed that Polish Wasteland (formerly Wasted) and Trinity are hereby united into a new, grand, post-apocalyptic cRPG project. Here is an official statement we've gotten from LooZ^, PW's PR:

I'm pleased that I can finally officially inform all the fans of Polish Wasteland and Trinity about the fusion, which came to pass with the intention of creating a game even better, than what we could create working in separate projects. Our new project inherited its precedessors' vision of the world, its setting, and its atmosphere. For the time being, our work on forging a common vision is completed, and we're working hard to present you with fruits of our labor. More info about the project, its name and its progress will soon be available at our new website.
This can only mean that the resources of both teams are going to be pooled, and that the best of both game worlds will be extracted! And, what's important, we'll probably see the completed product much quicker.

And here's a wallpaper advertising the new project:

For the time being neither the web address nor the name of the new project had been given... Follow the projects' websites and of course No Mutants Allowed for more info.

News for Thursday, July 21, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 21:53

Igor Uritskiy made a really cool render of Fallout 3's Chrysalis Motors Highwayman and also placed it in a Fallout 2 screenshot for comparison:

Link: post on CGTalk forum showing the image

Thanks KruddMan

News for Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 14:13

You might remember us posting about a post-apoc story "It's Only Temporary", well, Jacob dropped by our forum to share the latest news about Eric Shapiro's work:

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to update you that Eric Shapiro's apocalyptic tale It's Only Temporary is now available in most online book stores and has been a top 10 bestseller at Shocklines for the last 2 weeks! IOT has even garnered the coveted Shocklines New Voices Guarantee: if you read it and don't enjoy it, you can return it within 30 days for store credit, no questions asked!

If you're a reader who likes to check out reviews before you buy be sure to take a look at our continually growing positive and negative (mostly positive!) reviews page on the official site:
IOT Reviews

To purchase a trade paperback or eBook copy of IOT check out our list of some of the many stores (,, etc.) where it is now available:
Buy IOT Online

Finally, author Eric Shapiro would love to hear your feedback after you've read IOT. Drop by the contact page at the official site if you'd like to send him a few words:
Contact Eric
Link: It's Only Temporary

Posted by Brother None - at 6:54

Phauxe Kitsune sent us a note that the Radiated Society is holding its second annual Fallout trivia contest, with questions about Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics. There are 30 multiple choice questions and some bonus questions, the contest will run until August 1.

Be there...or be square.

Link: The Radiated Society (click "Contest" on the left-hand toolbar to compete)

News for Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 22:13

Congratulations go out to everyone who's worked on DaC's Fallout wiki The Vault as it has recently reached the magic number of 1000 articles on everything Fallout.

Link: The Vault Fallout wiki

Posted by Brother None - at 18:56

In a rather unusual move, SSE has released English modding documentation for The Fall before its English release. Well, at least fanatic modders can dig into it already:

For those who want to take a look at the modding options of The Fall before release of the game there's a Modding Documentation available now. Have fun with it!
Link: discussion thread on SSE forum

Posted by Silencer - at 3:24

RPGDot informs that The Fall patch, numbered 1.9, is in tests. With only one tenth of a version number to go, no wonder Carsten Strehse is talking of a sequel.

Link: Thread at the German Silver Style Forum

Posted by Silencer - at 1:45

Clone sent us seven exclusive screens from the Morrowind mod, Ashes of Apocalypse, which I'm about to unveil.

I especially like the one with the gun store, personally.

There's also a new FAQ at their site, read up on it if you're charmed by the artworks.

Link: Ashes of Apocalypse Homepage, AoA Gallery at No Mutants Allowed

News for Monday, July 18, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 22:29

After re-opening their website, it appears Interplay is expanding and has registered the domain, which is the name of their announced online gaming service. The website contains only a placeholder "under construction". According to the WhoIs, the name was originally registered on 18-Jan-1996 and updated last on 20-Apr-2005, to expire on 19-Jan-2006.

Spotted on DaC

Posted by Brother None - at 21:01

Copied with permission from Duck and Cover's latest poll, it seemed a pretty good question to ask where the Fallout fans would like to see the next episode of the saga take place. Go and vote.

The last poll, "How would you feel if Bethesda would hire Tim, Leonard and Jason of Fallout and Troika fame?", ended unsurprisingly in a huge victory in favour of Bethesda hiring these developers. 3723 people (86%) voted in favour, roughly split 50/50 over fanatically in favour or just in favour. Let's hope Bethesda is watching

Posted by Brother None - at 20:33

Lich has given us some updates on the progress of the storyline of Black Steel:

Black Steel- wasteland organization of heavy troopers like Brotherhood of Steel but more inspired by Sardaukars from "Dune" Emperor's personal hi-trained elite guards

This will be add-on to normal Fallout2 game that brings other way to get trough. Jou can join when got minimal endurance=9

Probably will be placed in Deep cave, its good idea because highly safety and secret place. And something new that you find in game but this not change world that you known when play before.

I got concepts to make new power armour for everyone but only commander will got some specific and others just Hanpwrxx armours.

They will be fanatic warriors command by brain hidden somewhere underground and his representatives who known his language. Brain will be some ugly not human mutant. This brain will be highly addicted from some drugs (next inspiration from Dune- guild navigator) He got visions about future and tell that second nuclear war is comming. So assemble hard man, soldiers who will survive (and help him to survive)

Your quests from there will be accumulate equipment and evetything that may be usefull and build (from this cave) big shelter. Or some other things to be done. In higher ranks you will be more close to this brain and his wisdom. This will be very powerfull knowledge taken from some books about arcana, philosophy.

Plus to join is that you will gain some equipment, experience, skills so easy way to finish game.

similaries: rat brain under gecko, enclave, brotherhood, hubologists, dune book/movie

First time i thinking about change all game but i dont want broke it so this add-on will be just something new that you can find in, and fit to all story and background.
Link: storyline concept thread
Link: Chaos armor/Sardaukar armor screenshot
Link: Sardaukar trooper concept thread and screenshot
Link: the Brain concept thread and screenshot

Posted by Silencer - at 20:13

mvBarracuda posted at our forum that the IanOut Fallout 2 emulator was successfully ported to Linux, with help of new coders that had joined the team, particularly Chris. Here's something to hang your eyes on:

Links: IanOut homepage, thread at our forum

Posted by Silencer - at 19:58

Visnarel tipped us that there's a Neverwinter Nights mod in the making that is Fallout-themed, called Nuclear Winter Nights, right now there are only a few early screens, their page is ugly, but this whole thing has got a bit of potential.

Link: Nuclear Winter Nights

Posted by Silencer - at 19:48

Kefir reminded me that there's a second Sigonyth Dev Jornal at, this time you'll learn how the team was assembled and some tips on how the project is managed:

On our website you can find the early screenshots from our engine. Recently we have gone through the stage of alpha tests on our net engine. For the time being, we are finishing a technical demo version for potential investors. To be frank, without their support maintaining the highest game standards is impossible. Of course, all of us are MMORPG players. It gave us the opportunity to track all pros and cons of contemporary games and allowed us to gather our thoughts on their innovations and improving most of their disadvantages.
Link: Sigonyth Developer Journale #2 at

Posted by Silencer - at 19:43

It seems that there's something strange going on with the Polish Wasteland project website... Uh, technical difficulties? ;)

News for Thursday, July 14, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 21:49

JE Sawyer, former Fallout dev best known for his work on the Van Buren project, is now going to work at Obsidian alongside other former Fallout devs like MCA:

Friday is actually my last day at Midway.
So is gaunlet done then Sawyer?
I am going to work for Obsidian, starting Monday.

Can you tell us what you'll be working on, or is it a MYSTARY (sry, couldn't resist)?
Neverwinter Nights 2.
NWN 2, huh? Well...uhm...great? Nah

Link: thread quoted from on Mistress' Lair

Spotted at RPGCodex via DaC, plus thanks to Briosafreak

Posted by Odin - at 20:24

We here at NMA have been graced with yet another Van Buren design doc, without further ado I give you The Reservation:

The Reservation, formerly known as the Los Alamos Nuclear Testing Facility, was a top secret military & nuclear research facility before the bombs dropped. It was tasked with developing and building the nuclear missiles that went into the B.O.M.B. satellites.
Happy reading.
Download link: The Reservation

Posted by Silencer - at 16:17

Xavierblazer posted an update at our forum about his Project: Black and White Fallout 2 mod, the mapping for the demo version is complete in 96%, and the scripting in 25%, the demo is coming soon (this weekend?), good work, Xavierblazer! Check out the thread for a list of changes and a description of the mod's story.

Posted by Brother None - at 6:38

RPGDot has done some snooping on Metalheart's American release:

With the release date accompanying the recent announcements that Dreamcatcher would distribute Numlock's 'Metal Heart: Replicants Rampage' (DC seems to have inserted a space in "Metalheart") having passed, we dropped DC a line to find out some more information. According to the brief reply, this turn-based post-apoc title should now be released on July 26th.
Link: newspost on RPGDot

News for Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 18:38

Carsten Strehse has made a few more comments regarding the future releases of the Fall:

Carsten: Releases in Russia and Poland will be in August. Czech and Hungary will follow a month later.
Deggers: so will the english relese be before or after the russian/polish release ??
Carsten: After. The release in US and UK will be together with the one in Asia.
Poot: Will the USA/UK release be before or after the Czech & Hungary release?
Carsten: Later.
Link: thread on SSE forum

Posted by Brother None - at 0:03

While we're still waiting for the English version, SSE's Carsten Strehse is openly discussing the considered next project for his studio; either a the Fall add-on or sequel. According to him, the Fall so far is doing very well, the extended version especially recieving very good reviews and European sales so far being 150,000 (and counting on more than 300,000 copies to be sold internationally). What is feasible and what's not:

more tactical possibilities and optimized opponent behavior in the fights - yes
Turn Based combat - no
More freedom of action and interaction with the environment - yes
More focus on the game world and less on the story - no
UI optimizations - yes
New controls - no
More humor - yes
"Slapstick comedy" like FO2 - no
Link: thread on SSE forum

News for Sunday, July 10, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 5:14

Remember Haris, one of the more productive and infamous modders of Fallout? His Wasteland Merc mod was finished and released some time ago and he has been working hard at the Wasteland Merc 2 mod, which is now 80% complete. From his description, the mod will include new unique features, such as crafting items, fishing on the coast, hunting and eating animals and mining for raw materials. To balance this out, he's disabled stores restocking and enemies dropping loot in the game. This all combines to add more importance to the skills repair, science, doctor, traps and lockpick.

Link: thread on DaC forums

Spotted at DaC

News for Saturday, July 9, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 14:20

DreamCatcher Games, the US division of the company that got dibs on Metalheart's European distribution, has set up a product description page on their US website, indicating that they'll be shipping to US as well.

Links: Metalheart description page at, Metalheart: Replicants' Rampage home page

Spotted at

Posted by Silencer - at 14:06

Intoxicate posted that the Bourgeoisie website has been updated with new screens, this time showing a location under the open skies:

At the moment, we're working on perfecting our 'Oi'Bużuj™' game mechanics to increase its realism levels. The world design is proceeding better than we had initially expected, and for the while we're at the stage of advanced location design for the West and nearly in mid-work on the East. The Techdemo which we're preparing for you for the end of this summer will be set in the mountain range. Here you can see the preliminary looks of the location, in which you'll live through your first adventures in the world of Bourgeoisie. Check out also the Gallery, in which we've posted some hitherto unpublished concept art.
Good work!

Link: Bourgeoisie: Pearl of the Wastes website, Bourgeoisie Gallery at No Mutants Allowed

News for Friday, July 8, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 23:02

We've been tipped off that DriveThruRPG is selling Twilight 2000, a post-apocalyptic RPG for $0.00 as a downloadable PDF.

Twilight: 2000 is a complete role-playing system for survival in a devastated post-holcaust world. Rules cover character generation, living off the land, encounters, combat, skills and skill improvement, medicine, vehicles, ammunition, trade and much more.
Hell, why not?

Link: Twilight 2000 game at DriveThruRPG

Posted by Brother None - at 18:43

A summary of an IRC chat with one of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. devs, Anton Bolshakov:

when the plot is fully implemented (it is being completed), the simulation will be finally tuned. This is what the team is doing right now.

The game will certainly not come out this year.

Look for the beginning of the wide advertising campaign, as it will mean half a year until the release.
Link: thread on (Russian)

Spotted on

Posted by Silencer - at 16:27

Gamer Girl posted the continuation of the interview with Chris Avellone, not much is said about Fallout, more about Planescape: Torment, but also there are some tips for those seeking their fortune with the game design industry.

First off, if you're interested in story and world creation, I would recommend trying to get established in the pen-and-paper game industry or in books or novels - game design requires a love of game mechanics, lists, and tons upon tons of rule sets.
Link: Chris Avellone Interview part 2 at Gamer Girl

Spotted at

Posted by Silencer - at 16:21

Carsten Strehse had posted an official "When will The Fall be released in English?" thread at the Silver Style fora:

OK, here is the status:

- Yes, TF will be released in US, UK, Australia and all other English speaking territories. The game will also reach most parts of Asia.
- Yes, we already have partners for those territories.
- Yes, the English version will differ from the German one regarding some features. It will be the latest version (an advancement of the Extended Version if you want so).
- Yes, the release will be nearly simultaniously in the English speaking territories.
- No, we don't now the exact date, because it isn't that easy to coordinate the release on different continents. We are not EA (mercifully Wink).
- No, the English master isn't finished yet.
- What's the reason for the long waiting time? We simply want to release a perfect polished game, that's it.

One thing we really want to say: Thank you for your patience! :)
Link: "When will The Fall be released in English?" thread at the Silver Style fora

Spotted at RPGDot

News for Thursday, July 7, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 1:07

Glowbewohner informed us that you can now find some new screenshots of the Fallout-clone called Fallout Zero on

In related news, is looking for some help:

Hi folks.

We're looking for a compepetend Admin-Team for our english part of . Currently the page is in offline-mode. We want to reaktivate it. Nearly all contend is available.
Conditions are:
-HTML or PHP knowledge
-interest in Fallout and The Fall
-German-knowledge (optional)
-much time

Do you interessted in that?
Write to:
Link: Fallout Zero screenshots on

News for Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 3:02

Mutants Rising have posted some screens and their July update:

Another month, and another press release. Work has been progressing quickly recently, and the demo is getting closer every week, but as always we won't be setting a specific deadline. The team has been doing a lot of work getting our demo town finished, and everything has been going well, but we could always use some more help.

We have a whole hoard of new members, and a returning member. So welcome to Smary, Riyuo, Mikey, Finesse, Holodog, and welcome back to DemoStrike (AKA GameShark). If you are interested in joining check out our public forums

Link: Mutants Rising July Press Release

Thanks for the heads up Wild_qwerty!

News for Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 13:23

mvBarracuda posted in the IanOut forum, that they've launched a new version of the site, and want to have the team reinforced substantially:

The whole point that beta 5 won't be here in next months led me to the decision that we need to build a strong team NOW so that after the release we got a good crew to bring IanOut forward.

The page isn't fully finished and the cms will be upgraded the next days but feel free to register, make some nice posts in the forums and start a "We want Beta 5"-demonstration ;)

To refresh your memory, IanOut will be an open source engine that will resemble Fallout 2 as accurately as possible, have strong modding support and be portable to Linux. Please drop by at to show your support and perhaps help the project develop.

Link: IanOut home page

News for Monday, July 4, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 19:58

Clone from the project Ashes of Apocalypse was nice enough to agree for an interview, along with NukeouT they give some exhaustive information about the Morrwind mod they're making:

Silencer: How *true* is the mod to Fallout and the Fallout setting? You know, the
retrofuturistic 50's feel, the foreboding postnuclear world...

Clone: It is similar to the post nuclear world setting but different from the 50's feel. Since AoA takes place in the year 2092 there is futuristic stuff in the game, just not widely available in the wastelands. We did base some of the look off Fallout, but in no way did we copy any of the game series. AoA is its own setting and not based off any other games. I didn't want to copy anything and give AoA it's own unique feel of gameplay and look.

NukeouT: This is a really good often-asked question. It has to do with several facts. For the start I am a devoted Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics fan. So ever since I started an unfinished comic book production “NukeouT” I have looked for other ways of showing my appreciation to Interplay’s historic Fallout franchise. However there are two other important facts to consider. One is Bethesda with the Fallout license developing Vault 13 adventure number three. Like the Stargate officials making that SG-1 shooter also very liable to sue any modders who might step on their toes into submission. So it’s set in a much farther future away from Fallout. This, however, does not exclude Fallout events from having happened just like “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” does not exclude the existence of Earth in the future. The other one was me looking into 60.000 dollars it would cost to purchase rights to the Morrowind gaming engine, let alone rights to also be able to then publish expansion to the Fallout franchise. So this is an independent post apocalyptic mod made by likeminded fans.

I encourage you to read the entire interview, as well as to look at some screens Clone sent us:

Links: Ashes of Apocalypse dev interview at No Mutants Allowed, Ashes of Apocalypse website.

Thanks go to Mikael Grizzly for his help, have fun on vacation, son! :)

Posted by Brother None - at 19:48

Bethesda is currently looking for a quest designer for Fallout and TES:

QUEST DESIGNER -- Rockville, Maryland

Design and script quests for future Elder Scrolls and Fallout products. Includes working in our proprietary toolset to design and script quests.

* Excellent writing skills.
* Strong problem solving skills.
* Strong knowledge of gameplay mechanics and quest flow in an RPG.
* Programming or scripting language experience a plus.
* Knowledge of The Elder Scrolls Construction Set a plus.
* Knowledge of role playing games and The Elder Scrolls or Fallout a plus.
* Game industry experience a plus.
* Strong desire to be part of a passionate TEAM, making great games.

Applicant must send a written quest design doc with gameplay mechanics, dialogue, walkthrough, and implementation criteria. We will not review Morrowind Plugins themselves, so do not send them. Keep the background story in your design to a minimum; we are interested in seeing your dialogue writing, logical thinking, overall quest flow, and implementation ability.
Per our poll I could think of a few people I'd like to see apply.

Link: job opportunities on BethSoft website

Spotted on DaC

News for Sunday, July 3, 2005

Posted by Silencer - at 23:28

Lich informed that it's most likely that Black Steel will follow the theme of Diablo:

Probably the first official demo of Black Steel will be a large location , which is going to be a remake of Diablo in the world of Fallout. It will be a skirmish game in deep labirynths. The whole game will mainly consist of such locations, and their names will be derived from famous games in this genre, like: Dungeon Master, Black Crypt, etc.
Spotted at SHAMO Fora

Posted by Silencer - at 18:42

Intoxicate found info about a new project - a mmorpg in the postnuclear genre, called Derelict

Our team numbers a few hot-heads: two programmers, project leader and webmaster (in one person), 3D artist and a sound artist. From the technical standpoint we're working on the basics - engine and network controls.

The team is currently looking for 2D/3D Graphic Artists mail if you'd like to help out.

Competition for Sigonyth ? Wink We're awaiting more info on the webpage

Posted by Brother None - at 17:00

Vance from the Strategy Core is working on a post-apocalyptic mod for Silent Storm. This is what he had to say:

Right now it is called ‘Sandy Wastes’ and takes place in a post apocalyptic 1978- where all is desert and what remaining technology is horded a select few- The open sands are plagued by raiders who pray off the scavengers who are trying to rebuild a life for themselves.

The game play will have much more Roll playing elements: Dialogs where your choices matter, factions to join or fight, and a real outcome to your decisions. The party will also be kept small and the fights less-hi powered (as in no panzerkins, less heavy weapons and grenades, less ammo all around).

The baggiest influences to this mod would be: movies: 'a boy and his dog', 'blood of heroes', 'hardware', 'mad max' (no cars though, but fighting over gas) games: 'wasteland' 'fallout'; It's not faithful to any of them, I'm working on a back story and overarching plot still... I'll post some picks soon) –Nothing too faithful to any of them, but small inspirations and hints at.
Link: post on Strategy Core forum, including screenshots

Thanks, Slaughter and Montez