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News for Sunday, February 27, 2005

Posted by Tannhauser - at 22:53

Per has sent an announcement on the update of his Fallout Guide.

I've updated my Fallout guide to version 1.1, growing from 227 to 274 kB. It's now about as ultimate as the Fallout 2 guide, relatively speaking; this is the first time I've made use of scripts made by Noid's decompiler as opposed to the earlier one by TeamX, which has helped clear up a lot of things. As an additional piece of news there is a new set of HTML help file presentations of the guides available at, made by Pasi Ruokola.
Per's Guides are an excellent resource, which anyone needing game help should take a look at.

Link: Per's Fallout Guides.

Posted by Tannhauser - at 7:44

PC Gamer Magazine, in their latest edition, has included a feature on "The 50 Best Games of All Time." Fallout ranked at number ten, a fall from position four from PC Gamer's last list. The blurb recounts the atmosphere of Fallout, and makes mention of Fallout 3.

There is a thread on the PC Gamer forums about this list, the general reaction seems rather negative.

Thanks Edge386, for both the news and the image.

News for Saturday, February 26, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 21:30

I'll be doing some upgrading of the NMA Gallery section, so you might notice some errors or that it's unavailable at times this evening.

I'll be done as quickly as I can.

Posted by Silencer - at 19:39

A new graphic artist - RojoV13 - has joined the team working on the Vault21-POLAND project. Now for some concept art::

According to sources, the project is advancing rapidly.

Link: Vault21-POLAND project website

Posted by Silencer - at 19:25

Following another few months of intense labor, the New Desert team again present us with the newest shots from Sigonyth Desert Eternity, an incoming MMORPG.

The screens shown are from an early aplha version of Ambra engine, but already they correspond to the climate of the small cities on the planet of "Eternal Desert".

Also the website now has a flash animation showing the location and nearest surroundings of Sigonyth.
Go Poland! Smile

Links: Sigonyth Desert Eternity, Engine screenshots, Forum New Desert

Posted by Odin - at 19:15

Mike was kind enough to send me a translation of some Metalheart info which was recently released, evidently Sergey Lakhtin posted these answers:

1. We cannot announce any exact release dates until the publisher gives us the green light. We can only give an approximate estimation: it’s something like early spring 2005

2. The main reason for the delays is that we have to work remotely with the main developing team situated in Germany. So we’re both vulnerable to many things including the connection problems that can interfere our plans

3. We’re not planning to publish any demo-version. The release is inevitably coming, so please be patient and wait for it Wink
Right, just don't go Stalker on us.
Thanks Mike!

Posted by Brother None - at 0:49

IGN posted an interview with Auto Assault design director Ryan Seabury as well as some s reenshots. The interview has some interesting questions:

IGNPC: Post-apocalyptic settings generally emphasize shattered economies. Are you making special allowances for this? Will there be any crafting options? Can players make or tune items for their cars?

Ryan Seabury: Yes we have some pretty apocalypse-appropriate notions of currency denominations in the game that we had some fun thinking up. There is also an intricate crafting system that allows for either experimentation or reliable output depending on how much risk you want to take. Generally speaking, any piece of vehicle equipment that drops as loot in the world is eligible for both reverse engineering and for crafting.
Link: interview on IGN PC

Link: Auto Assault screenshots on IGN PC

News for Friday, February 25, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 20:17

Gamespy also decided to interview Leonard Boyarsky regarding the recent Troika announcement, here's a tidbit:

GameSpy: Troika has been around for several years, and had three good titles under its belt. Why do you think you weren't able to secure funding for your next project?
Boyarsky: I'm not sure, you'd have to ask the publishers. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because triple A titles are costing more and more to make, and people are looking for titles that will appeal to a more mainstream audience than ours have traditionally. In plain English, our games just didn't sell enough units.

GameSpy: What's next for you?
Boyarsky: I have absolutely no idea. Any suggestions?
I have one, Bethesda buy Troika and use it as a sub division!
Link: Leon interview@Gamespy

Posted by Tannhauser - at 18:58

Gareth Von Kallenbach has an interview with Ryan Seabury, who is the Design Director for Auto Assault. The interview contains some information about classes and the graphics engine, but basically recaps the basic themes of Auto Assualt.

We want to provide shelter to the poor, huddled masses of gamers who just want to blow shit up and have no online home to do it in. A place where nukes and biological weapons are free to express themselves; a place where road rage is openly embraced with loving and often dismembered arms; a place where freedom rings from the ricochet of every bullet fired...

Auto Assault for President!

(sorry I get carried away sometimes...)
Gamehelper PC/Mac also has the same interview, though they call it a preview.

In addition, Computer Games Magazine has interviewed Scott Brown, another developer of Auto Assault. Though mostly it has the same information found elsewhere, there are some questions on Player verse Player combat and how combat actually works.
Computer Games - How is the combat itself handled in the game and what kinds of exotic wheels and weapons will be available?

Scott Brown - Combat is a combination of the players’ reactions and their characters’ attributes and items. Each weapon equipped on the vehicle has a TacArc, a small pie shaped area on the screen, which represents the weapons’ area of fire. Players must keep enemies in these arcs in order to have a chance to hit them, the more arcs they can overlap, the more damage will be done. Once the player pulls the trigger the RPG system takes over and there is a dice roll which determines if the player hits and for how much damage. Items have a variety of statistics like range, re-fire rate, damage and maximum number of simultaneous targets that can all vary from weapon to weapon. Players also have skills that can affect a variety of the aspects of combat.
It seems like Auto Assault has replaced S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with constant news coverage.

Auto Assault interview by Gareth Von Kallenbach.
The same interview on Gamehelper PC/Mac.
Auto Assault interview (a different one) on Computer Games Magazine.

All found on Blue's News.

Posted by Tannhauser - at 18:30

Computer Games Magazine has interviewed Leonard Boyarsky, who along with Jason Anderson and Tim Cain founded Troika, on the closing of their development studio. The interview has some very interesting information, definately worth a read by any Troika fan.

Computer Games - Before closing down, Troika was reportedly working on a post-apocalypse themed RPG. What can you tell us about this project?

Leonard Boyarsky - Not much, we didn’t get further than a tech demo and pitch doc. We also had a forest level running in the engine to show for more of a fantasy setting that looked fantastic.

Computer Games - In your letter to No Mutants Allowed, you hinted that this may not be quite the end for Troika. Is it possible that you and other members of the team might start a new developer with the Troika name attached?

Leonard Boyarsky - Tim, Jason and myself are trying to decide what we’re going to do next and at the moment, none of us really has any idea what we want to do. While I’d like to believe Troika will come back, I doubt it will actually happen.

Computer Games - As you know Bethesda Softworks is now working on the next official Fallout game. Have you or any of the other Troika team members been contacted by BethSoft to work on the game and if not would you be interested in such an offer?

Leonard Boyarsky - As far as I know, none of my team members has been contacted by Bethesda. Tim, Jason, and I have definitely not been contacted. We’d be very interested in working with Bethesda on Fallout…
The possibilities... at least in the mind of a Fallout fan.

Link: Leonard Boyarsky interview at Computer Games Magazine.

Spotted at Blue's News.

Posted by Odin - at 11:01

ComputerGames Magazine recently interviewed Konstantin Kapustin (Horns & Hoofs) about Phase: Exodus, here's a bit from that interview:

Computer Games - First, how did the idea for Phase Exodus come about?

Konstantin Kapustin - It was not at once actually. The most part of our development team played Fallout series a lot, and we were really impressed by these games. As it often the case, we’ve decided to make our own project in similar course to Fallout. That was the moment of Phase: Exodus’s idea appearing. Later we made some changes in our plans, but we still try to save the general line of best Fallout genre features in Phase: Exodus.
Sounds like a good plan, here are some screenshots too:

Thanks to whoever sent the newsbit in to us, remember to include your nick/name next time.
Link: Phase Exodus interview@CGM

News for Thursday, February 24, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 16:53

Leonard Boyarsky of Troika Games have emailed me this official statement regarding the latest rumours of their "demise":

As many of you may have already heard, Troika has laid off all of its employees and is closing its doors due to our inability to secure funding for future projects.

We have not yet made the decision as to whether Troika Games as an entity will regroup and pursue future projects or simply cease to exist.

We want to thank all of our fans for their support these past seven years, it has really meant a lot to us that there were people out there who enjoyed our games enough to create fan-sites and follow our progress as a company. But we especially want to thank all of our employees - we had the pleasure of working with the some of the most dedicated, hard working, creative people in the industry, and we really appreciate all that they did for Troika.

Thanks for everything, Tim, Leonard, and Jason
I'm really out of words on this one, it's a shame to the gaming industry that not a single publisher can have the balls to go with this talented developing house...

Posted by Brother None - at 3:33

Former Interplay staff member Corith revealed some interesting tidbits in this NMA thread:

[on MMORPGDot's comments that Interplay has no money in the bank or developers working for them] It seems that the above it no longer completely true. He plunked down $675,000 to help Ballerium along.

From reading the French investor's site, it looks like herve used his position as liquidator of Titus to funnel money into Interplay's coffers instead of Titus' creditors - which have really pisssed Titus investors.

I am still waiting on my unused vacation payout . . . I've given up all hope of seeing the money from Herve's stealth switch from salary to wage. Even though it is against the law, no body in corporate law enforcement cares.
Earlier he noted on the Raging Bull Investor Forum that a grand total of 79 Interplay staff members are still waiting for "accrued vaction pay, not to mention back wages".

He is speaking, of course, of this Ballerium.

The question stands; will it ever end? The answer is: 42.

News for Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 23:38

Gamespot did an interview with Auto Assault design director Ryan Seabury. It is mostly about the detail of Auto Assault's MMOG aspects. A snippet (or rather, the conclusion):

GS: Finally, is there anything else you'd like to add about Auto Assault?

RS: This may be cliché to say, but you've never seen anything like this game, especially in an massively multiplayer game. It was apparent at last E3 when people would actually giggle and laugh while trying it out, something you just don't see very often anymore. You also know you have a fun game when you have trouble testing things because you're always getting distracted by catching air and blowing up everything you see. This still happens to me after playing and testing for hundreds and hundreds of hours, so I think we're on to something really great.
Link: Updated Q&A - Solo and Group Play, Clans, and Character Development on GameSpot

Posted by Brother None - at 23:30

In another grand display of reversed sexism (sorry girls, couldn't resits), Killer Betties follows up their interview with Auto Assault project lead Scott Brown with coordinator, Valerie Massey, in the grandslam Killer Women series. I could find only one question that mentions Auto Assault more than in passing:

If you can talk about it, can you tell us some about the project you are currently working on?

The game I'm working on now, Auto Assault, is a vehicular combat game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Through the clever use of the Havok™ physics engine, players can smash into things, jump over stuff and pretty much blow up anything they see on the screen, so there's lots of action. It's unlike anything else in the growing list of MMOs and we're very excited about it.
Maybe they should do Krazikatt next.

Link: interview on Killer Betties

Spotted on Blue's News

Posted by Brother None - at 23:18

MMORPGDot, a daughter site of the venerable RPGDot, announced the dream games of 2004. The award is given to a kind of "if only it could be"-game and voted by the users of MMORPGDot. The winner was none other than Fallout Online, known colloquially by Fallout fans as FOOL. However, the staff of MMORPG seems to disagree itself and added this note:

When Interplay announced the licensing of Fallout to Bethesda they also revealed that they were keeping the right for a MMORPG based on this post-apocalyptic universe. For someone not aware of the past actions of this compagny this can sound good but for those who know how Interplay failed to make a good use of Fallout (Van Buren's cancellation, F:BoS) this is not a dream but a nightmare. Hopefully, with no money left in the bank, no developers in the house we have some big chance to not see it made by Interplay.
Very true, very true. The list goes on to name such imaginative titles as "Gothic Online" and "The Elder Scrolls Online". Let us all hope none of these will ever see the light of day.

Link: MMORPG Dream Game on MMORPGDot

Posted by Brother None - at 14:57

brm130 uploaded the Fallout: Warfare files to our files section.

Fallout: Warfare is a table-top wargame that was originally included in Fallout:Tactics pre-orders as promotional material. It was later available directly from the F:T site and now from ours. A short explanation:

Basically, you print everything out, cut the counters out and tape them together (The counters are pictures of the front and backs for various wasteland residents and wildlife), and then have a battle with one of your friends and some 10-sided dice. There's a few vehicles, some templates you use to measure how far grenades explode, and other odds-and-ends. I noticed that this would translate extremely well into 1:72 scale model battles, and I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to convert existing models into wasteland-appropriate miniatures. (Ie: Using 1:72 toy indians for tribals, etc.)
Link: Fallout: Warfare on NMA

Thanks brm130

News for Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 22:03

The Wasteland Half-Life 2 mod have also had an update, here's some info:

Hello again from the wastes! Worry not, we're far from dead, just working vigilantly behind the scenes. The first few builds have been run, and a number of components are coming together nicely. Today I bring to you a treat for the eyes-- behold the fun that the half-life 2 source engine allows for our post-apocalyptic marauding!

We are currently seeking world and character modellers to join our ranks. If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail with some goodies to look through, and we'll see about bringing you onto the battlewagon of the wasteland!

The concept locales section has been updated with even more goodies for the background work that we've been pumping out. As should be quite visible from these pieces, we're taking great lengths and care to make sure that every environment and tidbit of immersion is top notch.
Also look at this:

Link: Wasteland HL2

Posted by Odin - at 21:56

The guys working on the post apocalyptic mod for UT2004 called Roadkill Warriors have just posted the first playable version of their mod:

Aaaaah, the time has come, for all you folks out there, who may have been waiting, after much last minute tweakage and a week of 5.00am bedtimes for most of our team, we bring you our first release of "RoadKill Warriors".

Not 100% how we'de liked to have released it, but we will be following up with a patch to address some of the issues with some of our features. Hopefully it will still be an enjoyable, playable and fun experience.

So go get the download eh, what are you waiting for. See you online.
The download is a wooping 200MB+ (Currently download it for the NMA server).
Link: Roadkill Warriors

Posted by Odin - at 21:31

Evidently the beta testing of Auto Assault has gone global now, so all you non US/Canadians can now apply to test this post apocalyptic game:

Due to the amazing number of requests and feedback we received when we announced the US sign-up last week for our upcoming beta test, the Auto Assault beta registration has now been expanded to allow sign-ups from around the world. A free PlayNC account is needed for registration, so visit and create an account or sign in with your existing one. Once you’ve logged in to PlayNC, you can follow the link provided to sign up for the Auto Assault beta.

There will be both US and European betas for Auto Assault, though exact dates have not yet been released. Watch the official Auto Assault website for more details as they’re available:

Posted by Odin - at 11:37

1Up posted an article on the 50 most important games made and they managed not to put Fallout in that list, in their afterword they claim the following:

Still, we realize we've overlooked many games.....
(Other games to suffer this dire fate include The Legend of Zelda in favor of its more recent successor, Ocarina of Time, and Fallout, which we love more than Ultima Online but humbly accept hasn't been as influential.)
Not influential ?? What?
Link: The 50 most important games made@1Up, Afterword

News for Monday, February 21, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 17:49

Killer Betties has done an interview with Scott Brown, the project leader of Auto Assault. Skipping the woman-specific questions and retarded questions like "Will there be any type of "magic" system in the game? How will this work?", I'll just quote the bit that the people at Blue's News deemed appropriate to quote:

How did this game come about? Who was involved in the creation of the idea and bringing it to this stage?

NetDevil has had a few titles in mind that we have desperately wanted to play and are making them now. The idea of an online car game has been something we have been kicking around for a long time. Once we finished our last game, Jumpgate, we took some of the ideas we had learned from that and put it together in a pitch to NCsoft, who, being a leader in publishing games that are both really fun and totally new, really liked the idea and the rest is history. We had some very specific design goals that the team now runs with and is fleshing out, truly amazing maps and missions. The art team creates their own concepts and brings them to life, bringing the game from our initial ideas to reality.
Link: Auto Assault interview on Killer Betties

Spotted at Blue's News

Posted by Brother None - at 17:42

GSC brought forth another trailer of the upcoming S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game to keep us busy as we wait after many delays. This time it's a "realism" trailer.

Link: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trailers on WorthPlaying

Spotted on WorthPlaying

News for Sunday, February 20, 2005

Posted by Tannhauser - at 23:12

GameMethod has posted an interview with Scott Brown, project lead of Auto Assault. This interview doesn't reveal anything new about the game, reiterating information found elsewhere.

GM: What’s one cool aspect of Auto Assault that people probably don’t know about?

The role of your character in the game. You start out creating a customized look and choosing your race and class. Then as you level up in the game, you get points to spend on both your attributes and your skills. These determine what types of equipment you can use and additional abilities you might have. This follows you from car to car as you will own many during your life in Auto Assault.
Link: Auto Assault interview at GameMethod.

Thanks Odin!

News for Saturday, February 19, 2005

Posted by Brother None - at 20:22

Haris and Miran have started a new Fallout 2 mod. This time it's a total game conversion. Haris:

Well difference between this mod and our other mods is that we are actually taking our time to make it. And it's not supposed to be time waster like others were. In this one we are actually making custom missions, custom maps, custom weapons and bunch of other stuff.

We can also thank teamX for showing us how to compile fallout scripts with watcom and how to make scripts actually work. Plus we managed to remove all movies that were not making any sense with the mods story thanks to Andy´s exe patcher tool.

We also are gonna implement bottlecaps instead of money.
Link: screenshots on DaC

Spotted on Duck and Cover

Posted by Tannhauser - at 3:17

Auto Assault, the Post-Apocalyptic Vehicular MMOG, has started accepting applications for their beta test. At this time, they are only looking for testers from the Continental United States, and the tests are slated to begin in Spring 2005.

Beta testers will need a PlayNC Master Account before they can fill out the beta test application.

Spotted at Blue's News.

News for Friday, February 18, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 22:19

The online comic called Penny Arcade have of course talked about the recent gaming happenings and commented on Troika's "demise":

It sounds as though Troika is no more, or at any rate they are liquidating everything in their offices, so if they are still coherent as a developer presumably their next game involves sitting in a bare room. Troika (for those of you with a concussion) is the little company that couldn't, producing games of marvelous, unprecedented promise coupled with epic lapses in technical execution. The company was a hole that great ideas crawled half-way out of, so I hope you'll pardon me if I don't dab the corner of my eye with a handkerchief and try to look strong. There were undeniably talented people there. Hopefully they'll end up someplace where that kind of thing matters.
I'll shead a tear then..
Link: Penny Arcade

Posted by Odin - at 20:47

It is both on a sad and happy note that I post this exclusive video clip, we were able to obtain a video clip showing off Troika's new Post Apocalyptic title/Engine, here are some shots (which we've showed earlier). Notice the elegant day cycle lighting in this video clip:

Sigh, this might have been or still might be (so any publishers out there, WAKE UP!).
Link: Troika's RPG video clip (49MB)

Posted by Montez - at 3:03

Gamespot has posted an article on the rumors surrounding Troika of their imminent closing. While most of the info in the article will be familiar to the posters at NMA, they do have more to add:

When presented with the Mandrew posts, Boyarsky did not deny their authenticity. "We wish that [post] hadn't gotten out," he told GameSpot. "We're not ready to talk about it now. I'll answer questions at another time." As to when exactly that time will be, Boyarsky would only say, "We're working on a post [to be sent out] by the end of February." So until company officials say otherwise, Troika is officially open for business.

So still not official, but it seems pretty clear what's going on.

Link: Troika closure rumors article @ Gamespot
Thanks to Briosafreak for catching this one.

News for Thursday, February 17, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 19:32

Andrew Meggs former Lead Programmer for Bloodlines posted this statement in our forums:

Everyone's talking about what the ex-Troika people are going to do. The reality is that for the past several months Troika has been on a skeleton crew. The real layoffs happened in two waves at the start and end of November, and a lot of people have already moved on. I know of ex-Troika people working for all of these companies:

Day One Studios
Mythic Entertainment
Obsidian Entertainment
Point of View (2)
Seven Studios (2)
Sony (2)
Supervillains (2)
Swinging Ape
Tiger Hare (2+)
Turtle Rock
This is sad news indeed, what's going on at Troika now is anyone's guess. One theory is that Troika might not have been paid for the last milestone (and final build) of the title's development, which could explain things.

Posted by Odin - at 17:55

Claw-UA informed us that the Fallout: Raiders Menace (Jagged Alliance Fallout mod) have been updated, here's some bits that Claw-UA told us:

The main word about the guns in this mod is lots of them, of course we have granades & explosives too.There are 125 guns that are common, others are unique.

We are now working on serveral other weapons, more hand to hand weapons (knifes, knuckledusters, clubs and axes).

Weapon types.
Now (almost final) we have 14 weapon classes.

1. Pistols&one-handed SMG.
2. Revolvers.
3. Two-handed SMG.
4. Shotguns.
5. Short(ed) and sawn-off shotguns.
6. Rifles.
7. Assault rifles\automatic rifles.
8. Sniper rifles.
9. Machine-guns.
10. Heavy weapons.
11. Energy weapons.
12. Exotic.
13. Cold weapons.
14. Throwing weapons.
Right, that's too many guns for my taste but...
Link: Fallout Raider Menace

Posted by Odin - at 1:55

There has surfaced some more Van Buren/Fallout 3 concept art images, grab a looksie at these:

Sigh, fine work indeed. Really brings out that 50ies feeling..

News for Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 0:16

Yay there is a new interview with Oleg regarding S.T.A.L.K.E.R, here's a bit from the interview:

HCG: When will the game be released and on how many discs?

OY: Release date - May 2005. We expect about 3 CDs or so. Keep an eye on updates from THQ.
Right, for real this time?
Link: HC.Gamer Stalker interview

News for Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 23:49

An anonymous source sent us word of an email circulating, which says that Troika is selling off it's stuff. Here's more:


After 7 exciting years, and 3 published games, Troika Games is closing its doors forever!

* Computers - P3 & up
* Monitors 13" - 21"
* Desks
* Chairs
* Conference Tables
* Filing Cabinets
* Cubicle System
* Canon Copier
* and much more!

Saturday, Feb. 19th 9am - 1pm only 17991 Cowan in Irvine (Cash & Carry)
Let our loss be your gain.
Please feel free to forward this email to anyone that may be interested in the sale.
Ouch, I really hope that this isn't true..

Posted by Odin - at 21:50

Yeah I know lots of you guys have wanted this and found out that ours were not working, since it made too many connections to our database I decided to make an own RSS script which are more static.

So without further ado: NMA RSS
Note that this feed isn't a valid RSS feed just yet, but I know it works because I've checked it using various rss readers (I will fix it later).

Posted by Odin - at 8:32

That's right, the Game Developers Choice Awards have nominated Mr. Chris Avellone for his writing of KOTOR 2:


* Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Rockstar North / Rockstar Games)
- Dan Houser, James Worrall
* Half-Life 2 (Valve Software / Vivendi Universal Games)
- Marc Laidlaw
* Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (High Voltage Software / Vivendi Universal Games)
- Matt Entin, Ed Kuehnel, Eric Nofsinger
* Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Intelligent Systems / Nintendo)
- Nate Bihldorff, Ryota Kawade
* Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Obsidian Entertainment / LucasArts Entertainment)
- Chris Avellone
Both Obsidian (Chris Avellone, Chris Jones, Darren Monahan, Chris Parker, Feargus Urquhart) and InXile (Brian Fargo) was nominated for Best New Studio. Congrats guys!
Link: GDC Awards Nominations
Thanks goes out to Briosafreak for informing us.

News for Monday, February 14, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 18:57

Josan of Winterwind Productions that they had posted an interview with non other then Krazikatt (former webmonkey for IPLY). Here's a bit:

WW: In the summer of 2003, Interplay closed the community forums (leaving only the game specific fora) allegedly because management feared action from the US Government when a forum member made a joke about a presidential assassination. This alienated a large number of members/customers. You fought very hard to save those fora on behalf of the fan base. [Note: IPLY closed not only the political discussion forum but the Arts and Sports fora as well.] Can you now tell us anything about the reasoning behind IPLY's decision and how did management's seeming disregard for the fans/customers affect your morale as the web designer and forum administrator?

SM: Actually someone did make a comment about a presidential assassination but you could tell that they were obviously just kidding around. I personally didn’t think much of it and probably just would have warned the guy and deleted the post. But they freaked out and actually wanted to shut down the forums completely. I fought them and they finally agreed to only shut down the community forums. I told them this was a mistake and we would alienate our fan base, but I seemed to be the only one who thought that way. They seemed to think that the forums were just a waste of time and money, and that they were one big liability (hello! That’s why we have a disclaimer!!) I personally think that a community surrounding your company and games is a very good thing! I really couldn’t understand why they would want to get rid of it. It did affect my moral. It was just the beginning of my journey to hating the company so much that I finally quit.
There's more where that came from.
Link: Krazikatt interview

News for Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Posted by Odin - at 22:15

RPGDot is reporting that GamingNexus also decided to look at Restricted Area, without furhter ado:

Overall, the demo played quickly and smoothly, and was quite a bit of fun. Whether or not Restricted Area can avoid the common action-RPG pitfall of tedious repetition remains to be seen, but things are looking good so far. I’m certainly looking forward to having more time with this title later this year.
It's official, it's a Diablo clone.
Link: RA Preview@GamingNexus

Posted by Odin - at 22:11

PCGameWorld also decided to grab a look at Restricted Area, here's a snibblet from their preview:

Gameplay is focused on action, and moves at a much faster pace than your traditional RPG. You’ll be doing a lot of running as well as fighting in order to complete missions. Taking on five giants with just a shotgun is not really the kind of war you want to wage.
Sounds more and more like a Diablo clone eh?
Link: RA preview@PCGameworld

Posted by Odin - at 22:06

BluesNews is reporting that Gamespy have posted a preview of Restricted Area, the upcoming Post Apocalyptic RPG in progress, here's a bit:

Much like Diablo, Restricted Area also generates some of its "dungeons" randomly, which should ensure some re-playability. (I played the original Diablo in its entirety at least five times because of its "random" feature.) The game also includes a "collect all" button, so you don't have to hunt around for things you might have overlooked after mowing down half a dozen or so mutated monsters.
Ack, sounds boring.
Link: Restricted Area preview@Gamespy

Posted by Odin - at 21:58

Mangler was kind enough to inform us in our forums that the dilligent TeamX group (Russian Fallout modders) have released the source codes for their New Vision mod, more specificly it's the scripts AFAIK. Excellent stuff!
Link: New Vision Mod Sourcecode

Posted by Odin - at 21:33

The upcoming post apocalyptic project called Desert Law have posted a couple more wallpapers since I last check their official site.
Link: Desert Law

Posted by Odin - at 21:18

The Shattered Oasis project has also had an update:

Right now we're focusing our resources on finishing up the next version of Shattered Oasis. We, at the moment, have 3 mappers, 1 skinner and 2 modellers active and need a coder to help in creating a new gametype with some of our new assets and will have free reign on whatever else they want to change . We could also use the help of an animator if someone just wants a few quick jobs. So please, if you're interested, contact Jotun at as soon as possible.
Good to hear.
Link: Shattered Oasis

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The Roadkill Warrior project has also had an update:

As you all may have noticed we missed our planned release of our First Public Alpha. We are very sorry about that.

Some major bugs have surfaced and our talented coders are working like crazy to solve them. But dont fret, we are only moving the release two weeks from now. SuperDre and Capone need this time to get the game up to a respectable level, we dont want to release some crappy mod with unfinished features to the masses.

So don't lose faith in us, the new definitive date is 15th february.
They also posted a new screenshot to look at.

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I did my monthly post apocalyptic round-up and found out that the guys doing the Fallout Yurop project has gotten some help according to this thread in the Fallout Yurop Forums, here's what Shigor said:

Right now it seems we will have a lot of help from one Slovakian game group, so... soon maybe?
It's good to hear they are still "alive".
Link: Fallout Yurop

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DJ Slamák has closed the more than 4 years old Fallout fansite Vault of the Future. He left a big-ass rant on the front page, go and read or if you're too lazy, here's the conclusion:

So, on February 8, 2005, Vault of the Future became one hell of a misnomer. Teatime said it's okay to keep the site online, so all the content will still be available to you. It was a great time, and that time is over. I'm not leaving you forever, I'll still be here to hear you boo me out (deservedly) for not delivering on all the promises I made; but all good things must come to an end.


Congrats to NMA and DAC - they're the two oldest big English-language Fallout sites, and now they're the last remaining two as well.
And a good run it was. Vault of the Future, we salute you! Though you may be dead and expelled from the Vault, your Real Stories will be remembered forever, locked up in a cave, guarded by giant ants and radscorpions.

On a lighter note, Duck and Cover started a FalloutWiki a few days ago. Go over and contribute.

Link: Vault of the Future
Link: DaC FalloutWiki

All spotted at DaC

News for Tuesday, February 8, 2005

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RPGCodex posted another concept art image from Van Buren/Fallout 3, here's the entrance to the reservation (according to a source of mine):

Looks familiar.

News for Monday, February 7, 2005

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Since it was recently my 30th birthday an anonymous source decided to give me some gifts, without further ado:

We also got a avi file of the power armour for you guys to see, so get on over and download it here.
Thanks! Wink

News for Sunday, February 6, 2005

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According to a newspost at the Bourgeoisie website a large update looms right around the corner:

A storm is coming to the wastelands. Soon the winds shall reveal what awaits you in the world of Bourgeoisie. We'll bury you under a hail of new graphic art and screens, a full description of the world and the plot and additional information about the engine we're using. We're preparing some new sections that will help you delve into the game's climate and also a few surprises. Update coming soon, stay tuned.
There are also some concept sketches:

Source: Bourgeoisie

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IGN has a character bio from the upcoming ( at least to none-German audiences) German action-RPG Restricted Area. It's rather short, emphasizing the point that the character featured, Johnson, is a no-nonsense warrior.


Johnson was a member of the Global Government Special Forces, a unit created to oversee the government's control over the companies. As the political influence of the companies grew, the Special Forces were dissolved, leaving Johnson without a job. Through his previous work, Johnson has made a number of enemies, making his job prospects slim. Instead of working for a former enemy, Johnson has become a thug for hire; doing small jobs like stealing prototypes of new Cyberware while assassinating important individuals.


Johnson is a hitman for hire but don't expect him to be the strong, silent type. Subtlety isn't a word in his dictionary. He prefers to wield lumbering weapons that his enemies can see from a mile awhile. No worry though, they'll be dead a split second later.
So the rather typical warrior type, with guns.

Link: Restricted Area Character Bio at IGN.
Spotted at RPGDot.

News for Saturday, February 5, 2005

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GamerGod hosted a developer chat with members of the Auto Assault team on the 3rd of this month, as reported before the event. The transcript of that chat has been posted, though it makes for a somewhat lengthy read.

MMORPGDOT.COM: Mixing vehicle combat and RPG elements seems like a pretty innovative concept. Could you please elaborate on the RPG aspects of Auto Assault? Is there more RPG to the game than just the customization of vehicles?

[ND]Scorch: When I think of RPG elements we mean statistical based combat and loot. Your character has 4 attributes that affect your combat abilities. You also have skills that you learn to help as well. When you fire all of this and your current vehicles equipment as well as any modifiers of your target determine if you hit and for how much damage.
So rather minimalistic RPG tendencies, that is nothing new.

Link: Auto Assault developer chat log at GamerGod.

Thanks Commissar Lauren!

News for Friday, February 4, 2005

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Josan of Winterwind Productions informed me that he had posted the part 2 of his interviews with Damien 'Puuk' Foletto (former Bis employee), here's a bit about Van Buren/Fallout 3 from that interview:

WW: As every Fallout fan knows, the story of Van Buren has the player falling asleep in one prison cell and awaking in another, not knowing how or why they're there, and managing to escape into the desert being pursued by robots. There was also a mad goddess with a cult of worshippers. Can you tell us any more of the story line?

DF: I’m sure I’ll miss a lot, but I’ll try. The overall story involves the player discovering he is a carrier of a nasty virus that if it does not kill you, it makes you sterile. After “escaping” the prison because of a strange assault by what looks like NCR soldiers, the player immediately has the freedom to go where they want. During the course of his adventures, the player discovers that in order to get the prison robots to cease their pursuit, the player must hunt down and retrieve several escaped prisoners and return them to their cell, where the prison computer checks off the prisoners from its list. The player later discovers that returning the prisoners conveys to the computer where the prisoners went to and how far the virus has been spread throughout the wasteland. Once enough prisoners have been tallied, the computer unlocks an orbiting nuclear missile station and begins a countdown to “cleansing” the land. As it turns out, this is the situation the main bad guy wants, because he wants to “cleanse” the earth’s surface (at least the American portion) so he can start the human race anew. The player is then tasked with finding a way to the orbiting station to stop the bad guy – or help him, if he so chooses. I’m sure I forgot quite a few things. Oh, and the orbiting station looks like the round, spinning 50’s conception of orbiting stations and the rocket that takes the player there looks like a cone-shaped rocket with fins; very 50’s as well. In fact, the concept art was based on 50’s illustrations from pulp sci-fi publications from the time. No space shuttles, to quell the sceptics.
There are some more goodies in that interview, so get on over and read it.
Link: Damien Foletto interview part 2

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Imperium Gier WP has got an interview with Dawid "Zolthar" Makowski, coordinator for the team responsible for the MMORPG Sigonyth.

IG: What possibilities are you going to give to the player? Who will they be able to become, what will they be able to occupy themselves with in the Sigonyth world? How much freedom will be given?

DM: We want the player to decide who is he/she going to be. Some prefer sword fighting or marksmanship, others collecting technical data for items, creating new ones, and vending them. Some try to buy cheap and sell pricy... We want to give players as much possibilities as we can, not constraining them from the beginning. Of course, there are some rules and prohibitions, like city guards, but this doesn't mean that there won't be PvP fights, which many players want to see.

IG: The game is powered by your own 3D engine. What are its features? Does it allow for creation of variant landscapes, or will there only be dunes, dunes, dunes?

DM: Yes, it's true - we're writing our own 3D engine, as well as server software. To say the truth the 3D engine is just a fraction of the effort, the servers are the most work-consuming. Ambra 3D takes advantage of DirectX 9 and all its boons, but we haven't forsaken the capability of handling OpenGL as well. As for the terrains: Of course having only dunes would be extremely boring. I can guarantee you there will be places to go sightseeing. Sigonyth is vast and contains deserts as well as underground and rolling areas.
Link: Sigonyth - interview with Dawid Makowski @ WP

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Mr. Teatime, of Duck and Cover had an interview with Todd Howard, of Bethesda, featuring several questions regarding the status of Fallout 3, their vision of development, as well as thoughts on the fan base.

Hi Todd. Firstly, can you elaborate at all on the status of Fallout 3?

It's currently in pre-production, which includes design, concept art, and prototyping various systems. We'll be in that phase for a long time until we have something running we feel is fun and works well.

Would you say you plan to work on Fallout 3 alongside Oblivion, or wait until Oblivion is nearly ready to ship before really getting into work on Fallout? I noticed you're looking to hire new people who preferably have experience with the Fallout series...

We stagger projects, so while one is in full production, another is in pre-production. They're very different modes of developing. Pre-production is a lot looser, trying ideas, doing concepts, and really getting a small version of the game up to try all the risky ideas and see what works and what doesn't. Pre-production is done with a smaller team. Once we have a good nugget of the game pinned down, we move a lot of staff on the game and start "production," where we are really churning out content. So you don't really want to throw lots of people on a project until that pre-production version is really tight, or you end up with a lot of people doing a lot of work that ultimately you may redo, which only frustrates everyone and lengthens the development time.
See the full interview and editorial by DarkUnderlord here

Good stuff!

News for Wednesday, February 2, 2005

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The German THQ news page is reporting that STALKER is once again delayed. It cites PR-manager Oleg Yavorsky as stating:

We are pleased that THQ has granted us more time for development. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl is a complex game, that will create new standards in its genre. We wish to be sure that we release the game only when it fulfils our high expectations, which we ourselves and the fans place against it, and not before then.
Alrighty then.

Spotted at and translation (with some edits where I felt another translation was in order) taken from DaC

News for Tuesday, February 1, 2005

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The French gaming site Gamatomic posted a Metalheart:RR interview. Thankfully they kept the original English version of the interview on their website:

Considering that many of the players waiting for the game are Fallout fans, what are the similarities between your game and Fallout, apart from the combat system?

First of all, it’s the post-apocalyptic entourage and dark cyberpunk atmosphere. But, abstracting from subtleties and stylistics of both projects, the main global similarity between Fallout and Metalheart is the extremely advanced system of characters’ generation and development. We certainly don’t understand how some RPG developers dare present the players with ready-generated characters based on a primitive system of role-playing. The avatar is like a gamer’s reflection in the game world. The players often project themselves into the avatar. Even if the character initially adheres to a plot (as it is in Lanthan’s and Cheris’s case), the gamer should have an opportunity to customize him according to his own gaming style - for example, to make him a robust fellow-expert on heavy arms, or a swift and nimble scout.


Did you have any feedback from Tim Cain or Troika Games, considering the similarities between Metalheart and Fallout?

No, we didn’t have any.
Hmmmm, bold claims indeed. Apart from calling Fallout "cyberpunk", I wonder how much of the indepth character customization they took over.

Link: English Metalheart interview on Gamatomic

Thanks tHe_MaN

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Leonard Boyarsky (CEO of Troika) talked to HomeLAN Fed regarding the latest rumor about Troika, here's what he said:

However, HomeLAN contacted Trokia's CEO Leonard Boyarsky over the phone and he repeated to us what he told GameSpot; that the developer is still in business, although he told us that Trokia is currently "pursuing other options" for the company. A statement on Trokia's future will be made sometime next month although Boyarsky told us that the announcement will likely not come this coming week as the GameSpot rumor story hinted.
Leonard also told me that they're still here, so they're not dead or closing doors.
Link: HomeLAN Fed talks to Leonard