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News for Thursday, September 30, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 22:38

The second part of the Twilight War interview at RPGVault is online, for those that don't remember Twilight War is a post apocalyptic MMORPG or should I say extreeeeeme online role-playing Game. Here's a snibblet:

Jonric: Regarding the player vs. player combat element in Twilight War, how does it function, and how important will it be within the overall gameplay?

Kingsley Montgomery: We are taking a totally different view of PvP. Like the real world, and again for genre immersion reasons, anyone can attack anyone else at any time, with few exceptions. To curb griefing, we have many consequences for PvP action. If you attack someone that is not an enemy of your designated faction, then you will take major hits to faction(s) you may not want to irritate. Harm enough player characters and you can eventually be marked as an outlaw, to be hunted down by player bounty hunters. Near some cities, you can be imprisoned by the guards for even brandishing a weapon in public.

Because the first-person shooter-style combat system allows for lower-level characters to have a fighting chance against higher-level ones, there is also the possibility of being defeated by whomever you are attacking - the game is much more deadly than your average MMORPG (though not as deadly as an FPS)....
Probably why it's called an extreeeeeemeee online role-playing Game (why isn't it XORPG?!).
Link: Twilight War interview part 2@RPGVault

Posted by Odin - at 22:15

Glowbewohner informed me that he has posted a 21MB version of the Fall trailer, you can all download it here.

The 96MB trailer is now available at several other sites around the net, Worthplaying have posted it and this site doesn't demand registration.
Download Links: The Fall trailer@Worthplaying, The Fall trailer@Fileshack

Posted by Odin - at 10:59

Wouldn't you know it, there's a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. interview on the net and this time it's GamingGroove who's put the Q&A to Oleg. Here's a snibblet:

GG: Can you tell us a bit about the AI in STALKER, both human and otherwise?
Oleg: AI is one of the big game features in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. which makes it stand out. For the game we created a system we call "life simulation". The task of that system is to make every monster and NPC in the game behave naturally, in accordance with their character type and follow his instincts, rather than scripts. Life simulation means monsters go hunting, feed, take rest, i.e. have a full life cycle. Monsters and stalkers evaluate their victory probabilities and make decisions whether to attack you or not, whether to run away in the middle of the battle etc, and they make these decisions basing on loads of factors. There are mean monsters (like Flesh), who won't be attacking you, unless you run out of ammunition or get injured. There are monsters who avoid physical contact preferring to stay in hideout and make use of their mind power or telekinesis. Stalkers can use group intellect, outflank you or lay ambush. An interesting thing to mention is that when a stalker or monster loses sight of you, instead of cheating and knowing where you are, he will try to guess where you could go hiding from that last spot he saw you. You will discover lots of interesting things about AI in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. as you play.
Sounds like something which would solve the rats problem in Fallout..
Link: Stalker interview at GamingGroove

News for Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 23:27

I just wanted to let everyone know that I've got a little surprise for everyone this weekend, make sure you don't miss checking our site this weekend (it will be worth it) 8)

Posted by Odin - at 23:17

Glowbewohner informed us of a trailer from The Fall: Last days of Gaia, the movie weighs in at 98MB and can be downloaded from (you have to register).

Silverstyle also posted which band is going to supply the music for The Fall:

Darkseed and The Fall We are proud to present the band Darkseed as our partner for the music creation of The Fall. Visit their website here and catch some of their dark and moody music:
And they also posted this little snibblet:
Silver Style Entertainment signed a co-publishing agreement with Deep Silver for the territories Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The release of The Fall in the named territories will be in the middle of November.
Link: The Fall trailer

Posted by Tannhauser - at 6:44

The German post-apocolyptic RPG The Fall has switched publishers. According to the RPGDot translation of a German article in, Bigben Interactive has dropped The Fall because they want to "concentrate its efforts on the console peripheral and budget market." The German release of The Fall will now be handled by Deep Silver (a Koch Media label). The release date remains fixed to be released on November 5.

RPGDot's Translation (on the mainpage).'s Article
Spotted at Duck and Cover.

News for Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Posted by Montez - at 19:18

RPGDot posted a preview of the upcoming sci-fi/post-apocalypse RPG Restricted Area yesterday. While the article is pretty short, it's a worthwhile read if you're looking forward to the game. Here's their impression of the gameplay:

So how does it feel ?

After all the theory let´s talk about a few impressions collected in the short playing session.
The action was clearly faster than in other action RPGs. Sometimes the game threw a dozen enemies at once on the main char. Very direct gameplay without unnecessary sentimentality. All the action and effects had no performance impact whatsoever, it was always fluid.
The interface was very good, apart from the few problems mentioned above, which is normal in an alpha version. It´s hard to say anything definitive about the technical aspects because dungeon graphics and music were still work in progress. The part of the old sound track I heard - I guess this is the one which will be the bonus on the DVD- sounded a bit like Quake.
To summarize it, Restricted Area felt like sci-fi Diablo meets Crusader.

There are rumors of the game being released already in Germany, though no reliable sources have been found yet .
Link: RA Preview @ RPGDot
Spotted at Blue's News

Posted by Odin - at 10:22

I have been following the latest postings of the investors over at Raging Bull forums and earlier on they were having problems contacting Luke Haas, but they knew where IPLY had put up office:

The offices they are now in at 1682 Langley is an executive suite office building. There are many small offices in that building that are rented out monthly to many different businesses. There will be lots of people there working, but you won't easily know just which company they are working at, unless you talk to the receptionist.
Last night frymuchan got a reply from Luke:
Interplay does have a staff at their new offices working in a variety of functions, including management, financial/legal, programming and more. Hope and expect earnings to be announced very soon. It has been delayed considerably due to the amount of work that needs to be done to compile and prepare these reports. What was previously being handled by a full staff is now being handled by a much smaller core group of people. The company remains in business and hard at work finalizing earnings, working on the litigation front and pursuing options to improve cashflow, but still faces significant legal and financial hurdles. Earnings report will provide more detail on these issues.
Corith (former IPLY employee) followed up with this:
Don't belive it.

I suspect that it is typical corporate spin, since I know better. I suspect they have 4 people. Herve (CEO), Phil (pres), an HR person to function as secretary/receptionist, and an accounting person. None of their former I.T. personal have been called in, other than the director to set up the accounting software so they can pay back payroll.
Meh, haven't everyone given up already? And why hasn't Herve been put in jail yet?
Link: Raging Bull IPLY Thread

Posted by Odin - at 9:33

RPGVault have posted part 1 of an interview with the Smiling Gator Productions, who is making the new post apocalyptic MMORPG called Twilight War: After The Fall. Here's a snibblet:

Jonric: As a brief introduction for our readers, what kind of online world will Twilight War: After the Fall be?

Kingsley Montgomery: Well, I could spend a day talking about this question. Wink Let me see... Twilight War: After the Fall is a-post apocalyptic massive multiplayer online role-playing game with a first-person style interface for combat. I will let Matthew talk about the term we are using to describe it, since neither MMORPG nor FPS does the job, and MMORPG/FPS is just too cumbersome.

Matthew Simmons: As Kingsley alluded to, we've coined a new term to describe Twilight War, XORG, which stands for Extreme Online Role-playing Game. Why? Because we hate acronyms that you can't easily pronounce. Smile Also, because we think the combination of AI, graphics, storyline and adrenaline will truly be something that's never been achieved before.
Ok, what the hell.. Extreeeeeeme online crap, it's like they're trying to sell toys to kids eh?
Link: Twilight War interview part 1@RPGVault
Spotted at HomeLan Fed.

Posted by Odin - at 9:22

It's been a couple of slow news days eh? Well now you can gasp at a new Fallout Developers Profile, this time it's another Fallout Tactics developer that joins the ranks of the other Fallout devs, it's Lakin Shoobridge to the rescue:

What’s your favourite Fallout memory?
After a week of animating deaths, I rather gleefully turned to the senior in charge of me to show him the ghoul explode death. Look on his face was a mix of mostly shock and fear. He immediately took me off violent animations and had me do walk cycles for a week.
Again to all you other Fallout developers that haven't signed up, do so today and win a grand prize of..err... a hug from Rosh?! (Come on, you know you want it)
Link: Fallout Developers Profile - Larkin Shoobridge

News for Sunday, September 26, 2004

Posted by Tannhauser - at 5:18

In case the recent rash of previews was not enough, there is a new translated interview on Oblivion Lost. The interview is with Oleg Yavorsky, and the original Russian version can be read here.

Q: Will the scale of distance on the sniper rifle work correctly? If I shot with a Dragunov from a far distance, could I use the scale on the scope so that I could assess different distances?

A: The physics of bullets are very realistic. Therefore, you have to consider the distance to the target, the trajectory of the bullet and the wind forces while shooting.
Read the full translated interview here.
Found at Duck and Cover.

News for Friday, September 24, 2004

Posted by Tannhauser - at 16:45

Those of you who have signed up for the Fallen Earth newsletter should have received their second edition on Tuesday. There isn't much new information contained in this newsletter, if you have been keeping up with the previews and interviews.

Dear Friends of Fallen Earth™,

Thank you for your continued interest in our game.

As we told you earlier, we prefer to be quiet and focus on developing our game. We are building the MMOG that we think you will want to play and we are building it piece by piece, until we think we are ready to release the game for testing. If it seems like we’re being stingy with our information updates, it’s because we’re focusing our energy on building the game.

So… where are we?

First, let us start by saying that 90% of the technology used in Fallen Earth™ has been developed in-house over the last few years.

At the start of the project, we evaluated many technology solutions and we felt that none of these solutions offered us the degree of control that suited the type of game we set out to develop. Consequently, we have devoted a large portion of our development cycle to creating the technology to run the game. Creating the tools that will enable us to implement the amount of content that we will need in a game as complex as ours has also been a challenge, but we are far into that process currently.

We have now reached a stage in the production schedule where we have nearly all of our tools and technology completed. Our engine is currently achieving great results even without being fully optimized...; the environment and terrain you will discover will set a new standard in ultra-realistic online games.

Content creation is well underway… the rough and tumble world of Fallen Earth™ is unfolding and taking form. Missions are being developed to satisfy the styles of many different players… from perilous exploration across vast expanses, to recon and clear and sweep missions.

We are currently concentrating much of our effort in the area of Artificial Intelligence for the creatures and characters that players will encounter in the game. We’ve felt that creature and NPC AI have been an area lacking in many current MMOG designs. The characters are the heart of an MMOG, and we want creature and NPC AI to be a major distinguishing feature of the game.

The world we’re producing is a game with a unique feel and atmosphere, and as we pointed out in our first newsletter, a game with a message. We are thankful to all of you, as you take our vision and message and make it your own.

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." -- Albert Einstein
My friend the giant trash-can hermit crab makes another appearance in this newsletter.
This newsletter also has a link to a new Fallen Earth video.

Posted by Odin - at 9:41

Wipeout of Shattered Oasis informed me that they have now released a build they consider the final one, here's what the man said:

We have released what should be a final release, at least for the present, and would like it very much if you could point your readers towards our website.

We're going to sit on this release for a time and its our Final Phase entry. We're going to recharge the batteries and start the Single Player Saga...
For those that don't remember, Shattered Oasis is a post apocalyptic UT2004 mod.
Link: Shattered Oasis

News for Thursday, September 23, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 22:04

Josh E. Sawyer spoke out on the Obsidian forums, he talked about Fbos/VB and also about fan feedback, here's some snibblets:

Actually, I'm pretty sure that if Brotherhood of Steel had sold much better than it had, Interplay might have had enough money to continue paying the Black Isle employees who were working on Van Buren. While Van Buren certainly wouldn't have appeased all Fallout fans (because, in reality, I do not believe that any sequel to any game is really capable of appeasing all of the fans), it was a hell of a lot closer to F1 and F2 than BoS......
Next onto the fan feedback:
.....The bottom line is that if a lot of fans are hostile towards developers, what they are going to get is another game that they won't like at all. If you are firm and debate things to the point where you feel like you've made as much progress as you can, you're likely to get a game that you'll like more. And if you think it's a lost cause, then why waste your time on it at all?
His post is really lenghty so I won't post it all, but you have to read it all here.
I must agree with lots of the things JES says, it's good to voice your opinion and speak early like we've had, but remember to keep it civil and to the point. Now that doesn't mean you can't be harsh, still there are obvious sellout arguments which we do not like.

Posted by Odin - at 21:41

Thanks alot of the nice folks at Something Awefull, who have links to all the Gameinformer - Elder Scrolls pictures, we now have a screenshot of the famous Gameinformer Fallout snibblet:

I don't believe there will be any copyrights issues, because we've already posted what the article says.
Now remember to visit the Something Awefull forums for all those Oblivion pictures! Laughing

Posted by Odin - at 10:13

Our beloved Fallout Developers Profile has now gotten it's 15th Fallout Developer, this time it's Gareth 'Section8' Davies who worked on Fallout Tactics at Micro-Forté. Here's a snibblet:

What's your favourite Fallout memory?

Probably just random moments of mania induced by the game dev experience. I'd try to relive them, but most of them are "had to be there" kind of moments. If you stay awake for a couple of days, drink lots of sugar and caffeine and then think about your workmates acting out portions of the game with sock puppets you might get a bit of a chuckle, but to me it was hilarious in the true sense of the word.
Sock puppets are {"Kewl"? My native language is retard.}!
Link:Fallout Developers Profile - Gareth Davies

Posted by Tannhauser - at 5:17

Dark Horizons Lore, an online post-apocalyptic mech game, has reached version 1.12.

If you have not heard of this game previously, this is an excerpt from their website.

Created by independent game developers, Max Gaming Technologies, Dark Horizons: Lore is set in the Dark Horizons Universe in the mid 22nd century. Lore throws you in control of the worlds most advanced weapon system during the conflicts between the Federated States and Eastern Confederation. Remote pilot vehicles like the AR-16b Hunter mechanized assault vehicle or the ECM-74 Juggernaut tank in explosive multiplayer action.

Crammed with fast-paced, extreme action, Dark Horizons: Lore puts you in command of the 22nd century’s finest achievement, the Mechanized Assault Vehicle, or MAV. Remotely piloted from control pods located halfway around the globe these giant war machines are bristling with the latest plasma rifles, cannons and missiles. Pilot a single MAV or gain experience and take command of a MAV group or even an entire battalion and fight with your friends as a unit.

In 2160, a conglomerate of free nations, the Federated States, born out of a nuclear strike on the eastern United States in 2010 is thrown into a pitched battle against the Eastern Confederation over No Man’s Land, the resource rich east coast left after the attacks in 2010. When the invasion of Finland by the Eastern Confederation doesn’t go as well as planned, the reborn soviet block turns its attention to the riches of the eastern United States hoping to catch the Federation off guard. Only the men and women piloting these machines of war will decide the fate of the Federation’s holdings in the west.
The Dark Horizons Lore Website
Thank you Commissar Lauren.

News for Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Posted by Tannhauser - at 20:02

Pete Hines has contacted Mr. Teatime at Duck and Cover as to Game Informer's quote about Fallout 3 being a survival horrer game.

There's a very big difference between direct quotes from us, and assumptions on the part of a game magazine or web site. Fallout 3 will not be a survival horror game. Call of Cthulhu will be a survival horror game.
So that's the official word from Bethesda. Only the second major community outcry arising from a misquote.

Posted by Tannhauser - at 18:54

Yet again, we have another S.T.A.L.K.E.R. multiplayer preview, this time from, who seem to be a bit behind the pack in releasing this.

The weaponry was pretty much your standard FPS collection, pistols, rifles, etc. But there was one interesting feature – you can mod your weapons as long as you have enough money (money is gained through killing people). There’s a fairly intuitive ‘Buy’ menu that you can bring up when you respawn that allows you to purchase guns and ammo, as well as armour. Weapon mods come in the form of silencers, scopes and others of that ilk. The developer that was standing next to me throughout my time with the game mentioned that his favourite is an AK47 with a scope and silencer. Soon it became clear to me why this was his preferred choice. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.
Nothing new to see here, move along.

Link: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. multiplayer preview at
Spotted at Blue's News

Posted by Tannhauser - at 18:42 has interviewed Hames Hettinger, the CEO of Icarus Studios, about their upcoming post-apocalyptic MMORPG, Fallen Earth. It's a long and informative interview, worth reading if you are interested in Fallen Earth.

GamerGod - You are boasting some impressive stats (zone-free environments, unlimited players, worldwide servers). Can you tell us a bit more about the nuts and bolts of the game?

J. Hettinger - ...As far as players go, a class-based system restricts them to a specific character type. Our goal is for players to define their characters by their actions - what they have and what they want to pursue, rather than a pre-defined template.

The result is that players develop their characters themselves, and make them as individual as they, themselves, are. Their characters' skills and abilities will be developed naturally within the game itself. The only thing the players define for their characters is initial appearance - actual character definition comes from game-play (the appearance of characters can later be altered over the course of their lives).

Our ambition led us to feel that unconstrained characters deserved an unconstrained world. Fallen Earth is zone-free because, bounded play areas are not only highly artificial but they artificially constrain game-play and game-flow. We wanted, and we created, a large world that was open and seamless. And huge: Fallen Earth takes place across an 83 kilometer by 83 kilometer area in real-world terms. Such a region naturally encompasses all manner of terrain, towns, underground complexes, the ruins of the world, and so on.
I'm left wondering about the technical aspects of the game...

Link: Fallen Earth intervew at
Found at Blue's News

Posted by Montez - at 15:34

We've recieved word of a new post-apocalypse game in the making named Twilight War. So what's it about? According to their website:

Twilight War is an Extreme Online Roleplaying Game (XORG) that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in the year 2296, two hundred years after the Doomsday War between mankind and alien invaders rendered much of the Earth uninhabitable and destroyed Human civilization.

So what exactly is a XORG?
MMORPGFPS? FPSMMORPG? Screw it, those are too hard to pronounce! It's a new game concept, so it deserves a new acronym! "XORG" stands for Extreme Online Roleplaying Game, a hybrid between MMORPGs and FPSs. An XORG has depth, persistence, expansiveness, adrenaline pumping action, graphics detail, and realism all at the same time Smile

The game is being made with Valve's Source engine so most likely it will look pretty, but honestly the "XORG" thing kinda scares me.
Apparently the game isn't new news, rather their licensing of the Source engine is. Here's the press release: Twilight War @ Blue's News.
Link: Twilight War
Thanks for the heads up, Star, and thanks to Duck And Cover for the rest of the story.

Posted by Odin - at 9:22

Briosafreak informed me that Troika is looking for people, here's what they need:

  • Senior Rendering & Tools Programmer
  • Designer/Writer
  • Character Modeler
  • Concept Artist
Could this mean that they have found a publisher for that PA game?
Link: Jobs@Troika

Posted by Odin - at 1:06

The Fallout 3D project has updated their pages with several new concept art, screenshots and images from this upcoming UT2003 mod. So remember to check out their site for some more info on the project.
Link: Fallout3D

Posted by Odin - at 1:04

There is a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. interview out and this time it's a site called who's doing an interview with Oleg Yavorsky. Here's a snibblet:

Q: Are item prices dynamic? Is it possible to flood the market with certain items, therefore making them worthless?
A: The prices will depend on the attitude of the vendor towards you, i.e. friendly characters will offer better prices. As for the artefacts, some of them can be very common, while others are rare, so this defines their price in the market too. Unique items will cost high, unlike very common ones.

Q: Is it possible to refuel and repair vehicles?
A: There’s no longer a need to repair vehicles. We are deciding on the fuel now, and probably simplify that too – afterall we are an FPS, not an F1 sim!
Sounds about right..
Link: Stalker interview@Jaded-Gamer
Spotted at HomeLAN Fed

News for Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 21:31

This isn't exactly Fallout news or PA news, but it's kinda got a 50ies feeling over it. There is a new upcoming FPS Sci-Fi mod in the works, evidently they aim to use the UT2004 engine to fuel this one and here are some info:

In the far reaches of space, a lone prison station lingers among fields of asteroids. This is the Deep Space Authority Penal Colony K4N545, reserved for the most violent and hardened criminals. As part of their punishment the prisoners endure forced labor working in all aspects of mining, processing, and storing the asteroids around them. With the resources obtained from their labor, the station is able to sustain itself without any government support.
There are more info here and I just uploaded some images to our gallery.
Link: Wimp webpage

Posted by Odin - at 21:21

Well since it's a slow news day I might as well pimp someone, we got this in our little inbox:

Hi, I would just like to let you guys know that a new website is being built right now dedicated completely to Fallout: Tactics, and maybe a few pages for the others. It is going to have every map (for every game type), every character, every guide (to help everyone with just about everything in FoT including the editor), and just about anything else you can imagine......
P.S. We are trying to come up with a nifty name for the site and need some help. If anyone can send some names to it would be appreciated.
So remember to drop them a visit..
Link: The Apocalyptic Warzone

Posted by Odin - at 19:28

RPGDot have posted some pictures of Silver Style at the Leipzig Games Convention, here's what they said:

What does a game developer do on the weekend when they're not madly coding away? Why, they head to a gaming convention to spend some time with the fans! Silver Style sent us some shots from the recent Leipzig Games Convention where 'The Fall' was displayed publically for the first time.
You can see Carsten in those pictures, doing what he do best.
Link: Silver Style@Leipzig GC

News for Monday, September 20, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 18:53

It seems I've forgotten to look at our post apocalyptic mods lately and missed that the guys over at Shattered Oasis has released a new version of their UT2004 mod, here are some info:

Shattered Oasis is live and ready for download! This release hallmarks a new dawn for SO. It's a brand new world, a brand new game, a brand new era for this mod.

The list of changes and new features is too extensive too list so we'll let the screenshots speak for themselves. Everything, EVERYTHING, has been tweaked in some way. There have been vast weapons changes, the addition of the rocket launcher, a new vehicle that's an SO style-ized dune buggy, and a brand new feature, stationary turrets has been implemented. You really have to experience this mod to fully appreciate it as words simply cannot describe the new feel it brings to the Unreal world. You can download the mod at our downloads page.
Good job guys! Spotted at DAC.
Link: Shattered Oasis

Posted by Odin - at 18:37

The Fallout downloads are raining in these days aren't they, next up in our batch of new files are these:

  • Awaken mod ENG installer (140MB) - This monster mod is now fixed by Dukester, who made an installer for the english version.
  • Critters Pack (16 MB) - Wild_Qwerty ripped 8 of the critters from FOT and imported them into Fallout 1/2 format.
  • Fallout Poster - Vault Dweller walking into the sunset
And of course the latest modding tools which Abel of TeamX showed us, great stuff guys!

Posted by Odin - at 18:30

Yay! We've gotten a new Fallout Developers Profile on our hands, this time around it's none other then the man we love to hate/love mr. Feargus Urquhart. Here's a little snibblet:

What specifically inspired Fallout for you? What were the biggest influences?

I would have to say some sort of weird mix of 50's/60's Sci-Fi, Mad Max and Cyberpunk. It's possible that my view of Fallout was a little darker than others, which is why Fallout 2 turned out a little darker.
If I were to do further Fallouts - I would probably make the games lighter.
Lighter?! Now to all you former Fallout devs out there that haven't answered these questions, get with the program and sign up today!
Link: Fallout Developers Profile - Feargus Urquhart

News for Sunday, September 19, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 18:24

Scott Everts (ex Bis developer, now at Obsidian) earlier gave us the high resolution Fallout wallpapers has now yet again come through for us, this time he sent me the huge Fallout - Vault Dweller walking into the sunset "poster". It's a whooping 2994x3600 and weighing in at 2,3MB, so now's your chance to print this as a poster.
Link: Fallout - Vault Dweller walking into the sunset

Posted by Odin - at 18:16

Mr. Teatime of DAC informed us that he had gotten ahold of the full Fallout 3 article that was featured in the latest Gameinformer magazine, so here it is:

Last month it was announced that Bethesda had acquried the Fallout license from Interplay, and the company has confirmed that that Fallout 3 will follow The Elder Scrolls IV as a new next-generation title. While only in preproduction stages at the moment, the game will use the same technology as Oblivion, and is planned as another open-ended roleplaying game. This game however, will be decidedly darker. Imagine a survival horror-esque version of the Fallout world, with all the things you expect out of the series still intact, but with deeper, more immersive gameplay. The post-apoc theme (with tongue in cheek humor) of the series is still present, with your character having spent the first 20 years of his life living underground. Because of this, his eyes are unaccustomed to the light of day, thus players will have to train their eyes away from light sensitivity by using a special pair of goggles. Todd Howard claims that Fallout 3 will be one of the most original and violent titles ever and will be set in a familiar US city.
So there you have the full article, remember what I wrote earlier and what Pete Hines said about this article.

Posted by Odin - at 13:52

Good old Pete Hines (PR) of Bethesda dropped by our forums to explain the recent computer magazine snibblets about Fallout 3, here's what the man said:

No, like I said, there are no devs for Fallout 3. Todd is the executive producer for both Oblivion and Fallout 3. Knowing who it is that will be in charge of the project is a bit different than having developers on the team to talk about things they've decided to do, or not to do. Again, those people still don't exist.

The stuff hitting the magazines now was all done at the same time as the online interviews that appeared back when we announced we obtained the rights to Fallout 3, except for the Game Informer bit, which was done a few weeks afterwards.
Well that explains somethings.. Thanks Pete.

News for Saturday, September 18, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 16:54

Just so no one starts to pull their hair out and the likes, I have been informed that alot of the stuff that was featured in the Gameinformer "article" about Fallout 3 was alot of speculation. I would also assume that the recent Todd statements can also be viewed as this, but when a computer magazine writes a quote the developer should read it before it's published. So Todd, next time check your facts..

I'll just leave you with this:

There are no devs to be open to interviews because currently there are no devs for Fallout 3. As we've said several times, we're in pre-production and in the process of hiring people to work on the game. When there are devs, and they are ready to talk about the game, and we have something to talk about, we'll talk about the game.
Guess you need to take out that leash Pete, eh?!

Posted by Odin - at 4:00

I was informed earlier that the Oblivion article in Gameinformer would include a side"article" about Fallout 3, now it seems that Lady E from the Elder Scrolls forums have read this and given her (I assume) points on it:

So the they have been thinking about Fallout! Following the Oblivion feature in Game Informer is an inset: Beyond Oblivion: the Fallout franchise goes next-gen. The mag is so console-oriented that I'm not sure how to interpret what they say about gameplay, but it sounds to me as though the mood will be much darker than what I've seen in Fallout 1, although they intend to preserve the "tongue-in-cheek humor" of the original. "Imagine a survival horror-esque version of the Fallout world." Apparantly your character has been living underground and will have to train his eyes not to be light sensitive. The game will be extremely violent.

Posted by Odin - at 3:56

Next up Todd Howard (Bethesda) decided to talk to PC Gamer, in their November issue he again talks about Fallout 3. Here's the snibblet stolen from DAC:

While Bethesda is still evaluating different designs and features, Fallout 3 will undoubtedly introduce some changes to the series. Executive Producer Todd Howard wouldn’t confirm whether the franchise’s traditional isometric view and turn-based combat will be abandoned, but he did point out that the strategy spin-off Fallout Tactics retained those elements and still didn’t resonate with series fans. In Howard’s view: “There was so much more to Fallout than the angle you viewed it at, or how combat was resolved. You need to look at what Fallout did for RPG’s when it came out in 1997, and create a game that has the same effect for the next generation.”

Howard thinks the vital, mandatory elements that define Fallout games are “the overall tone and character choices. You could play Fallout in many different ways with different results. And the first game did a brilliant job of putting you in a harsh, unknown wasteland that was full of people who [hoped] humanity would survive. At it’s core, it’s a survival game.” That’s already a fitting characterization for Fallout 3 given that it’s survived considerable adversity and now the follow-up’s back in experienced RPG-making hands.
Todd, let's all chant: THAT'S NOT WHY FOT FAILED!

Posted by Odin - at 3:47

Mr. Teatime of DAC informed me of a Fallout quote from the October issue of Computer Games, it's none other then Todd Howard talking about Fallout 3, here's what the man said:

"We always talked about doing another RPG, something different then The Elder Scrolls, that held the same things true that we love - player choice, open-endedness, great characters and such. So we would always talk about doing something like Fallout because we liked it so much"

The game is being developed alongside the next Elder Scrolls game, and will be available on PCs and consoles as well. There is not much to reveal yet about the game's storyline, but its SPECIAL character system, and it's gritty drug-and-prostitute-speckled irreverence is still at the core: "I don't plan on tempering it. I think we're looking at a hard M (rating). The biggest challenge is "to create something for today's market that has the same impact that Fallout had on gaming in 1997."

"I'd say the impact the original had in its day was about so much more then the angle you viewed it at, or how combat was executed"
Ack, Todd get it straight.. Let's not go where Chucky went, m'kay..

News for Friday, September 17, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 11:27

A old time member of the DAC boards have made a post apocalyptic animated series, he recently posted a teaser for the series and here's what he said:

Hey everyone. It's me, RobsH66, back from the days of yore before the DaC server crash and subsequent administration switch. For those of you who were around back then and don't remember me, I posted a message a long time ago asking for help on a post-apocalyptic animated series I was working on, Fallen Angel.

Anyways, I'm posting to let everyone know that I have released a Teaser episode for the series. This teaser was originally going to be the first episode of Fallen Angel, but due to some changes in planning I've decided to just release it now as a preview for the future episodes, which will be of a much higher quality.

The movie is receiving an unprecedented response on Newgrounds (the leading webpage for non-professional Flash animations), and is currently ranked #1 on the site. Here's the link for anyone who's interested in checking it out:
I haven't see it yet, but it's supposed to be good stuff..
Spotted at DAC

Posted by Odin - at 9:41

Abel of TeamX was kind enough to inform us of some new Fallout 1 modding tools available, here's what he said in our forums:

As you might know, there was a game made by Interplay on the same engine as Fallout, I'm talking of Klingon Academy. Something interesting was noticed on the site of Klingon Academy fan commutity recently. Take a look at this page.

Some necessary comments.
  • Compile.exe Source Code - contains some opcode and constant definitions for system part of game engine, which are valid for FO2 compiler from BIS.
  • MVE Tools - DOS version of TGA to MVE converter and very useful MUTIL utility for MVE manipulations.
  • Palette Tools - creates the KA's palette file. KA's PAL format is almost the same as FO's one, it simply contains extra trailer, that can be cut to make FO palette (it is possible, that FO can work with KA palette without any change, but this was not tested yet). This package includes Image Alchemy, version 1.6.
  • Database (DAT) File Packer and Database (DAT) File Extractor - Klingon Academy uses the same DAT format that was used in Fallout 1. So now we have orininal FO1 DAT packer. At last Smile
Now that is good news!! Thanks Abel and Wild Qwerty for informing me!
Files uploaded to NMA, so grab'em while they're hot.

Posted by Odin - at 0:17

Evidently our own little ex-Bis'er Feargus Urquhart (CEO Obsidian) has been interviewed by 1up, he talks a little about his hard times at Bis and about the RPG scene. Here's a snibblet:

FUrquhart: Well my hell lasted from about June of 1996 until September of 2000. That was pretty much one straight crunch time - Fallout 1 to Fallout 2 to Baldur's Gate to Torment to Icewind Dale to Baldur's Gate 2. It pretty much sucked.

FUrquhart: Not to whine, but I got one vacation in there to get married.
Aww only one vacation?
Link: Feargus Urquhart interview@1up
Spotted at RPGCodex.

News for Thursday, September 16, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 18:46

I asked Pete Hines (PR Bethesda) about the new Elder Scrolls - Oblivion engine, my question was of course would this engine be used on Fallout 3 and here's what the man said:

There is certainly some technology from TES4 that will be used on Fallout3, but nothing is decided yet because there's no team to make that decision yet.
So that's a yes and a no, man he's good at this..

Posted by Odin - at 9:24

Pete Hines (PR Bethesda) was kind enough to drop into our forums and post a little snibblet about why the Developers at Bethesda cannot talk about Fallout 3 yet, and without furter ado:

There are no devs to be open to interviews because currently there are no devs for Fallout 3. As we've said several times, we're in pre-production and in the process of hiring people to work on the game. When there are devs, and they are ready to talk about the game, and we have something to talk about, we'll talk about the game.
So there, we just have to wait it out...Like we never done that before.

Posted by Odin - at 0:41

Boomtown have posted some info regarding the upcoming S.T.A.L.K.E.R beta test. Here's some info:

THQ announced an open beta for the multiplayer portion of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in early September. However, apart from the fact that 5,000 gamers would be chosen for the test, the company didn’t reveal any specifics. Now we are able to tell you exactly what’s going to happen, though.

The beta test will take place like this:

1) A registration website will be launched for people to go and apply. This will last for approximately 2 weeks (although it is subject to change)...
There's more where that came from.
Link: Stalker Beta Test info

Posted by Odin - at 0:13

As you probably have noticed we have gotten quite a few new Fallout files lately, more specificly we have:

  1. Realistic Arroyo - Fallout 2 setting improvements v2 - by Human Shield
  2. Red Viewer - now up to version by Red!
  3. Vault-Boy mod - play as the vault boy by Wild_Qwerty
  4. PwNaGeToWn2 - a new Fot Assault map by Lazerus
  5. PipBoy2000 skin for Winamp - by Gerko
  6. Variable Command Line Processor - by J. Douglas Good
  7. LIP Editor - by Team-X
  8. Fallout Bible (all in one) - By MCA and Cykke.
Great stuff, thanks to all the guys making these mods/programs and for uploading them to NMA.

News for Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 23:38

Briosafreak was kind enough to scan a small article regarding Bethesda and IPLY in the French magazine called Joystick. Here's a rough translation on what they said:

Now it`s Bethesda who owns the Fallout license and that left many in perplexity. Not that we want to put down their games, no. The atmosphere and freedom in the Elder Scrolls series are excellent, but it's hard to imagine them doing a Falloutish post apocalyptical.
Bethesda has never proved that they could create interesting and fun dialogues, for instance. Also their FPS combat is chaotic and [bourrin], thank you very much.
Yes we understand that their adaptation will be something more than a radiated Morrowind.Maybe our concerns aren't legitimate. The developers could do some interviews to reassure us, we'll wait until we see something working to give a more sincere opinion.

On their side the Interplay zombies kept the multiplayer games rights. They are moving slowly and clumsly towards us, their arms stretched while mumbling something like <<Fallout onlineeee>>. I believe we're just going to keep them at bay discretly.
Hehe, I especially liked the zombie bit..
Link: Scan of the Article
Thanks Briosafreak!

Posted by Odin - at 23:32

Scott Everts (former Black Isle dev, now at Obsidian)was kind enough to grant us some well known Fallout wallpaper images in high resolutions, ranging from 1280x960 -> 1600x1200. Here they are:

Nice eh? Thanks alot Scott!

Posted by Tannhauser - at 19:49

The post-apocalyptic action-RPG Restricted Area has gone gold in Germany, and should appear in German stores starting the first of October. Nothing about the English version at this time.

The offical Restricted Area website.
Found at RPGDot.

News for Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 15:29

King of Creation of DAC informed me of some info regarding the new engine that Elder Scrolls, evidently Serban of sent over some info to RPGDot regarding the engine:

  • first-person and third-person perspective
  • combat will be bloody and visceral
  • The outcome of combat will not be decided by virtual "dice roll"
  • it takes place in the world of Tamriel, specifically in the Imperial
    Province of Cyrodiil
  • the most amazing graphics that the console gaming world has ever seen
  • either on foot or on horseback, players can explore a huge exterior world
  • the dev. tools randomly populate areas, according to input parameters
    (area type - e.g. forest, types of trees, bushes, soil etc.)
Well who would make an engine that only served one viewpoint now-a-days..
Thanks King!

Posted by Odin - at 14:49

Wooz informed me that our hosted site/game Bourgeoisie has had an update, here's what they said:

Welcome all.
The English section has been a little quiet for some time. So to make up to all of You, for no news I wrote this article.

First of all, some time ago we told You that we’re gathering opinions on a new layout for this site. Today I am most pleased to tell You that we’re almost finished making the new layout and that You’ll see it soon.

In the newest, 23rd issue of on a net zine “SS-NG”, there’s na interview with Kolos (aka. Intoxicate) our leader. In this interview You’ll find information about: creating and developing a character, the game engine, our current progress in development and the planned looks of “Bourgeoisie”. We invite all who are interested to read the interview on our website in the interview section(View interview). The original (Polish) version is located at: We also welcome anyone interested in the zine “SS-NG” itself:
And there's more where that came from, so remember to check their website.
Link: Bourgeoisie

Posted by Odin - at 14:43

Next up in the ever spreading S.T.A.L.K.E.R. previews on the net is Worthplayings preview of Stalker, here's a snibblet of their preview:

STALKER strikes me as a sort of thinking man’s deathmatch game. Your characters run at a realistic speed, none of the weapons function as a win button, and the maps are enormous. Old-fashioned run’n’gun tactics don’t seem to really work very well. This is a game that’s all about waiting in the dark for some poor schmuck to wander in so you can ventilate him, or sneaking up on an unsuspecting opponent.

Of course, that’s just a first impression, but it’s also a good one. The multiplayer mode on STALKER isn’t easy, especially if you’re a newbie coming into an existing game, but it’s rewarding and satisfying in ways that most online multiplayer games aren’t.
So realistic eh, this could be fun...or not..
Link: Worthplaying preview of Stalker

Posted by Odin - at 12:47

The guys working hard on the Fallout Yurop mod has had some setbacks, but they're working hard now (according to last update) and Shigor (Project Leader) also posted a couple of answers on their boards:

Q: When's the release date?
A: There is no estimate I am afraid, this millenium.

But I do hope we will release first part of the game as a preview... hopefully soon enough
This is a free project and all team members having their own work etc it's next to impossible to say exactly - I never thought we will have such a big setback as in the beginning of this year. I hope next year some of the game should be in a shape where we coult publish at least some preview version. Hopefully.

Q: How far have you come in the construction of the mod?
A: Not enough.
I hope it will kick in more with final version of the dialog editor, which would take care of damn scripts
Aww, well keep up the good work guys!
Link: Fallout Yurop

Posted by Odin - at 9:23

Mr. S Meister (MrSmileyFaceDude) of Bethesda cleared up the Turn based reference that DAC read into his statements, here's what he said:

Don't read too much into it, guys -- I just meant to let folks know that we are aware that the TES and Fallout series are totally different kinds of games. This wasn't a hint about any possible features of Fallout 3.
Shocker tho..
Link: Forum thread@DAC
Thanks to Briosafreak for informing us.

News for Monday, September 13, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 16:43

Yup, you guessed it..There's a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. preview around and this time it's none other than Tom's Hardware guide who's previewing it. Here's a snibblet:

Another exciting, but incomplete feature, was that of a broken gun. While playing, occasionally my gun would "break." One of the themes of STALKER's single player campaign is upkeep. Vehicles and equipment get damaged over time and repairing them is one of the elements that is planned to fuel the in-game economy. The demonstrator did not know to what degree this would be incorporated into the multiplayer, but it hints at new unique gameplay possibilities in a multiplayer environment. However, the feature wasn't functioning so he would clear the damage with a console command whenever the problem presented itself.
Link: Tom's Hardware guide previews Stalker

Posted by Odin - at 13:33

Glowbewohner sent word that the site is now one year old, congrats guys! Here's what the man said:

Today celebrates as their it knows its one year's anniversary. Exactly one year ago we go with the new side online one and to have for you always the newest pieces of news around fallout and also The Fall collected for some time approximately.
Who brought the cake ?

Posted by Odin - at 12:54

Briosafreak informed the DAC guys about a thread (Original thread)on the Elder Scrolls forum which kinda hinted at Fallout 3 being turn based:

I would like to see a elder scrolls game that is large and open ended like morrowind but has a turn based battle system put in it. You would play it just like morrowind and be able to customize your character like you want but when you see an enemy and come in contact with it you go into a battle where you have option like attack, magic, items and maybe something else.

MrSmileyFaceDude (Bethesda Dev):
An Elder Scrolls RPG with turn-based combat would be an Elder Scrolls RPG "in name only." Very Happy

That was for all the Fallout fans out there.

MrSmileyFaceDude (Bethesda Dev):
Who rule, by the way. Just my way of saying "TES isn't Fallout, Fallout isn't TES" Smile
Well take this with a bucket of salt untill Bethesda confirm or deny it..
Spotted at DAC

Posted by Odin - at 11:17

AS you guys and gals might remember the guys over at Bethesda said that Fallout 3 would use the same engine as the new Elder Scrolls game, and they just released some screenshots of the new Elder Scrolls game in the Gameinformer magazine. Evidently Worthplaying has scanned these screenshots and posted them for all to see.
Link: Elder Scrolls IV screenshots
Thanks to Alien_77 for informing us!

News for Sunday, September 12, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 18:45

Chromosome 25 was good enough to post some images of the Fallout press items earlier sent out to game editors and such, here are some:

Snazzy, just wish someone would SELL me these!!
Link: NMA forum thread

News for Saturday, September 11, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 16:31

We here at NMA decided it was time to start gathering what info we could find on Fallout 3 by Bethesda and make a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), so without further ado.....

The NMA - Fallout 3 FAQ is now online..

If you have some statements or info that's not featured on the FAQ, we would appriciate a little message about it.

News for Friday, September 10, 2004

Posted by Montez - at 18:50

The next issue of Game Informer magazine features an in-depth look at Bethesda's upcoming game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and features a very impressive in-game shot on the cover. Why should Fallout fans care, you ask? Well, because it's very likely that the same engine will be used to make Fallout 3 and therefore makes a nice preview of what the graphical quality of that game will be. Give it a look-see.

Link: Game Informer October Cover

Thanks to Briosafreak for the heads up and the link!

Posted by Odin - at 1:32

Ratman informed me of an update on the Fallout 2 project/mod in works called Fallout 1.5 Resurrection, here's what they posted in their update:

It’s been a while, but we decided to please all you Fallout fans with an update. Firstly, we want to assure you that we continue to work on the project and we are devoted to it, never fear. We can attest to this by the addition of a few screenshots which we hope speak louder than words. We have added two new shots, the first is a dialog screen, and the second shot is of the Talisman, a very important part of the Resurrection history as you will see in time. And finally our team left mapper Foman.
Remember to check out their screenshots as well.
Link: Fallout 1.5 Resurrection

News for Thursday, September 9, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 0:57

Yet another Stalker preview has hit the internet, this time around it's CVG that have taken a look at Stalker. Here's a snibblet:

Although we weren't expecting huge things of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. multiplayer, in action, it has to be said it offers a very decent, if at the moment not very robust, experience. Sure, it's still fairly early days for the team, so there were more than a fair few crashes and delays, but in between, during the actual brief but extremely violent in-game sessions, it plays like a very satisfying and slightly more sophisticated version of Counter-Strike.

At the moment only Deathmatch is on offer, but the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. team is promising at least the addition of Team Deathmatch plus a few other possible variations in the final game. Launching into our first level, we were soon tooled-up and tearing about with eight other stalkers on the outskirts of a shattered town and abandoned railway yard in the shadow of the power plant.
There's also some new screenshots to look at, so remember to check out those too.
Link: [url=]CVG previews Stalker[/url]

News for Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Posted by Tannhauser - at 19:55

Do you remember that post-apocalyptic MMORPG Fallen Earth? There is a new preview of the game at GameMethod, who seem to be impressed by the game. They also harp on the point that Fallen Earth is likely a game people have never heard of before.

Fallen Earth has quietly slipped under the radar like none before it. Having been in development for almost three years already, the game has muted its existence to establish distance from its competitors. For a game you’ve never heard, Fallen Earth is very well put together. Surprisingly, there are already several stable test servers, solid graphics, a wealth of content, voice acting and much more that we were able to look at.

The premise behind Fallen Earth involves a world that is attempting to recover from the collapse of civilization. A post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer game, it puts you in the role of a character of your own creation as he/she uncovers lost technologies, new scientific advancements, and exploration of the world which you live. Christophe Watkins, Icarus Studios’ Vice President Business Development, explained the role of technology in Fallen Earth will be central. Fallen Earth combines factual science with science fiction overtones to project the course of technology and biology in the distant, post-apocalyptic future. Naturally, humans toyed around with biotechnology, creating their own demise. Now, you’ll have to deal with a conflicted world, abhorrent of the technology that destroyed civilization, but yearning for revival.
Have to say that I love the giant trash-can hermit crab.

Link: Fallen Earth preview at GameMethod
Spotted at Blue's News

Posted by Tannhauser - at 18:39

RPG Vault has posted The Fall Diary #8 from Sebastian Tusk, this one focusing on the mod possibilities for The Fall.

What can be modded? Almost everything! The more complicated things naturally require some experience on your part; however, as you will see, it will not be overly difficult to achieve lesser changes.

I should also mention the map editor we're going to release along with the game. You will get your hands on the very same tool set we've been using to design the levels. It's quite accessible and doesn't really require any prior experience with other editors.
Sounds promising.

Link: The Fall - Last Days of Gaia Diary #8 at RPG Vault
Found at: Duck and Cover

Posted by Odin - at 0:08

The translations of russian Stalker interviews is Stalker - Oblivion Lost's specialty, this time around they translated an interview by, here's a snibblet:

Q: If a 10-ton container falls onto a rat, will the rat get flattened? Or will the corpse be rigid as a rock and the container ballance on it?
A: Small fish will get dismembered, larger creatures and people - not. This is the result of censure of many countries' governments. There will only be dismemberment of people in anomalies. Censure forbids the player from doing bad things with models of characters, which makes this kind of action normal in people's minds. But if an AI stalker gets into anomaly, this should not cause the player to go into the streets with an axe, right? :)
Oh right...well..
Link: Translated Stalker interview@Oblivion Lost

News for Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 23:10

Ze germans are coming, well...Stalker - Oblivion Lost (stalker fansite) have posted a little videobit from the British Gamestars Live exhibition, here's what they said:

Huge thanks go to our community member FatboY for providing us with two exclusive videos from the British Gamestars Live exhibition that ended yesterday. You need to download 16 MB in total in order to watch a multi-player session that lasts for two minutes (one minute per video). The quality is OK as you can recognize most of the things.
Link: Stalker video (14MB)

Posted by Odin - at 23:01

Yet another open beta chance for you guys to explore, this one is for the sequel to the MMORPG called Neocron, the new one is called Neocron 2 - Beyond: Dome of York". Here's some background for the game:

Global pollution, excessive wars and a perforated atmosphere have turned the planet into an almost lifeless sphere of toxic mud. Radiation is everywhere and most animals have either gone extinct or have mutated into bizarre monstrous creatures.

The remnants of mankind seek protection from the desolate, scorched world and gathered behind the protective walls of giant cities. These few mega cities became the last lights of hope, in the darkness of Earth′s final dusk...
And here's the info for the open beta:
The eagerly awaited open beta test for Neocron 2 starts today! Explore this postapocalytpic world together with other testers from all over the world. All you have to do to join is download the beta client and create a free beta account (follow the instructions in the Neocron 2 Launcher). Enjoy!
Any takers?

News for Sunday, September 5, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 0:54

BluesNews is reporting that there are some new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. shots out, these are some awesome shots so remember to check them out.
Link: Stalker shots@GSC Game World

News for Saturday, September 4, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 19:32

Briosafreak also informed me of a new retro-futuristic/Sci-Fi/Punk movie to look out for, this one is called "Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow", here's some of the story:

In 1930's Manhattan, reporter Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) has noted the disappearances of many of the world's most famous scientists. After the city falls under attack of giant flying robots, she decides to team up with her old flame/aviation officer Joseph "Sky Captain" Sullivan (Jude Law) and fly to Nepal in search of Dr. Totenkopf, whose plan is to destroy the world.
There's also a trailer to look at, so remember to check it out.

Posted by Odin - at 19:29

Briosafreak informed me that Bethesda have updated their forums and also put up some new rules which means all messages will be deleted if they're not active within 30 days, here's the rule:

Also, messages will now only remain on the server for 30 days based on activity, except for pinned threads. So if nobody posts in a thread for 30 days, it'll be deleted. Again, we're trying to improve the performance by keeping the size of the database reasonable.
Link:Elder Scrolls/Bethesda forums

Posted by Odin - at 19:20

Worthplaying is reporting that THQ has confirmed the open beta testing of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., here's what they reported:

THQ Germany has confirmed that they will be having an open multiplayer beta test for GSC World's upcoming FPS 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl.' As a "stalker" exploring the vast "Exclusion Zone" to procure artifacts for the black market, players must survive mutant creatures, dangerous anomalous areas, competing "stalkers" and a military charged with quarantining the 30 square kilometer area. A specific start date has not been announced although THQ does mention that it will be open up the MP beta to 5.000 people before its official Q1 2005 release date.
Everyone ready to apply?

News for Friday, September 3, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 16:48

Apparently there is going to be an open beta testing of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., here's what Evil Avatar said:

THQ have announced an open beta test of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.’s multiplayer portion. 5000 gamers will get the chance to test the game’s multiplayer action. Check here for details (although still scarce).
Well now, anyone up for some beta testing?

Posted by Pope Viper - at 14:54

It appears that Interplay is still alive, with most of the employees (both of them), working on their SEC filing.

I expect the company’s quarterly report to be forthcoming in a matter of days. Several people within the company working hard on delivery of this report, as well as on other fronts to get Interplay back to a sense of normal operations. Several hurdles remain of course. Lots of factors at play here, including cash and debt, new offices, litigation on Airborne and other matters, relationship with Vivendi and distribution plans, impact of Titus situation if any, Fallout Online, and several other items
Amazing, who would have thought the corpse would continue to twitch after so long?
Seen at Raging Bull

Posted by Odin - at 9:55

Evidently THQ Inc. has decided to make an optimized version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, they are working together with AMD to make this version. Here's more info:

AMD has been working closely with THQ to help bring games, like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., that really show the benefits of 64-bit gaming to the market," said Monica Behncke, director, AMD Customer-Centric Marketing. "With the powerful AMD Athlon 64 processor offering the best performance and the only 64-bit choice in the desktop processor market today, we are confident that the upcoming 64-bit version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. will deliver unprecedented realism and mind-blowing performance."

Roger Carpenter, Director, Project Development of THQ UK Ltd said, "We are very excited to be able to take advantage of the latest AMD Athlon 64 processors. This opportunity could present a quantum leap in gameplay and gaming technology which simply translates into more excitement for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. players."
Niice... Now I just have to buy one of those CPUs, or....
Spotted at Worthplaying

News for Thursday, September 2, 2004

Posted by Tannhauser - at 4:27

The fine folks over at Mutants Rising have released their August press release.

Well here we are at the end of another month, and once again we are scrambling at the last minute to put together a press release.

This month has been very groundbreaking for us, while we have still been churning out the new content at a good rate despite half the guys playing Doom 3, the primary aceivement this month was the introduction of a new organisational structure (now that sounds flash!). Basicaly we are getting a lot more orgainsed and professional as to how we run and manage the mod. We even have a new tool under development to improve this further.

No word on the demo yet, as Doom has eaten into the game testing time, some of the guys haven't played any games for more than 6 months as they have been hard at work on MR, so it's a good oportunaty for some much needed R&R.

We have also come up with a quite a few new additions to FO2 that will push the engine to the limits. These features that were previously unheard of in FO2, will be a real treat for the player.

In the near future we will be asking for voice actors; more info will follow at a later date so stay tuned.

SNorth has purchased a Titanium Keyboard, while Dack is running a voice recognition unit as the writting shapes up nicely.

The movies are coming to together at an amazzing rate with the help of two new 3D guys.

New art is also progressing and will be implmented as soon as Wild_Qwerty gets something better than a 56kbps modem to upload it!

All in all, we have good momentum and the team is very excited!
Sounds good, though what does a titanium keyboard have to do with anything?

News for Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 22:19

The crafty critters over at Shattered Oasis is in need of some help, here's what they said:

We're looking for a PR Webpage person to update news and screenshot sections HTML knowledge required.

If this is you... email me
There's also a wallpaper content going on over there so remember to check that out..
Link: Shattered Oasis

Posted by Odin - at 22:16

The post apocalyptic Half-Life 2/UT2004 mod called Roadkill Warriors have had a major update on their webpage, featuring several images both of characters, cars and maps. Here's also a snibblet about their status:

Its been more than a month since the last update!
Well, we've been all very busy working on RKW and other personal agendas. The troubles with working on such a big project like RKW is that it requires a lot of time and focus. This has been the main problem within the RKW team for the last 6 months or so. Some members have been inactive or too busy with their real lives while others have been working more than 5-6 days/week, this is a balance that is not easily maintained.
But the hard work still continues and we have some fine news for you this time.
The bad news is that they've lost their coder and needs a new one, so get on over and apply if you're interested.
Link: Roadkill Warriors

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Just a friendly warning, I'm redoing the Fallout 2 maps section so you might get some errors on those. I'm also working on some new sections to come, but those will stay a secret for now.

If you have some Fallout 2 content that isn't featured on NMA, please do send them to me and we can host them on NMA. Full credit will be given of course!

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Another preview of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s multiplayer, handled this time by IGN. Nothing new to say, they simply reiterate all the previous previews.

The stripped down multiplayer time we got with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. left us impressed with the game's graphics and realistic feel. The straight up deathmatch we ran let us get familiar with the weapons and design of the abandoned city/industrial map we were on. Since the game is set at the site of a fictitious second nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl, the weaponry in the game is decidedly Russian. The default pistol is incredibly wimpy, as it is in most shooters, but we got a kick out of the assault rifle, literally. Laying down a constant stream of fire will cause your aim to become more wild so that you end up spraying in a general area. That's great if you're laying down cover fire, but not so good if you need to pop some opponents who are looking to do the same to you. You're compelled to fire in controlled bursts, just like they train soldiers to do in the real world.
Link: IGN's S.T.A.L.K.E.R preview
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