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News for Monday, August 30, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 23:51

The crafty critters at Oblivion Lost have translated a russian S.T.A.L.K.E.R. interview done by Gameinator, here's a snibblet:

GM: Is it possible to die from alcohol overdose, or will the stalker automatically fall asleep after the n-th bottle?
GSC: Our stalker is a man of true Slavic origin, and therefore cannot die from alcohol overdose. No such dose has been invented (except if he drowns). What will happen if he drinks too much? As in real life - fall asleep.

GM: Will there be a research facility for scientists studying the Zone? If so, will we be able to legally work for it, and come to uncover the mystery of the Zone's creation this way?
GSC: There will be scientists' camps. It will be possible to acquire various devices and ammunition there, trade carried junk, and also get some mission.
So we just fall to sleep of too much alcohol, good to know!
Link: Stalker interview translation@Oblivion Lost

News for Sunday, August 29, 2004

Posted by Tannhauser - at 19:09

Yet another preview of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s multiplay has been posted at 1Up. They have played the same deathmatch multiplayer demo as all the other previews, and have put their own spin on it. It's short, only five paragraphs long, but it has a few interesting tidbits of information.

It's a cliche to say this for every new first-person shooter that comes out, we know, but S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s got some killer graphics. The game runs on a custom engine devised by GSC Game World, a group of developers from the Ukraine, and our first impression is that it's at least Doom 3's equal when it comes to pretty, atmospheric effects. The abandoned city we played in was filled with neat little details, from the rotting roofs of buildings to a sky that very gradually shifted from day to dusk.
I think it's safe to say that they were impressed by the graphics.

Link: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. preview at 1Up
Picked up on from Blue's News

News for Friday, August 27, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 21:04

Mr. Teatime informed me that he have interviewed none other then Leonard Boyarsky of Troika, here's a snibblet:

Q: On the subject of Fallout 3, how do you feel about Bethesda getting the license, and what direction do you see them taking the series?

A: To be perfectly honest, I was extremely disappointed that we did not get the chance to make the next Fallout game. This has nothing to do with Bethesda, it’s just that we’ve always felt that Fallout was ours and it was just a technicality that Interplay happened to own it. It sort of felt as if our child had been sold to the highest bidder, and we had to just sit by and watch. As far as where they will take it, you’d have to ask them that. Since I have absolutely no idea what their plans are, I can’t comment on whether I think they’re going in the right direction with it or not.
Too bad they did loose the bidding round..
Link: Leonard Boyarsky interview@DAC

Posted by Odin - at 18:29 have put up a Stalker gameplay video clip from the Games Convention 2004, it shows 12 minutes of gameplay.
Link: Stalker gameplay clip (127MB)
Spotted at VoodooExtreme.

Posted by Tannhauser - at 16:47

Now GameSpy has tried out S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s four-person deathmatch mode.

The map on which the demo was set was relatively compact, given the scope of the world from which it was drawn. But even given that, the number of details packed into it were almost countless. Crawlspaces abound, some taking the form of large, strategically placed tubes, while others were actual access ways built into the ground. Sniping points were almost innumerable, including easily accessible rooftops; crumbling, elevated pathways; and portable structures tucked away in shadows -- even the open ground (or what passes for it, in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) was replete with features that encouraged cover. Basically, the environments in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. feel both organic and intricately designed, however contradictory that might sound. Not an inch of space is wasted.
Link: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. multiplayer preview on GameSpy
Picked up at Blue's News

Posted by Odin - at 1:16

VoodooExtreme is reporting that there won't be any co-op in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. afterall, here's what Oblivion Lost wrote:

Senior PR Manager Oleg Yavorsky from GSC Game World responded to our community member ryan dunn, saying: "as for co-op, we haven't made any definite plans yet, so I'm not sure when it will be released, if at all. a patch-released co-op is wrong." I was told the same thing.
Ack, I guess they needed to save time eh?

News for Thursday, August 26, 2004

Posted by Tannhauser - at 1:22

Herve Caen, now Interplay's Chief Executive Officer and Interim Chief Financial Officer, has filed a new report with the SEC. The section reproduced here is Herve's reason for not filing with the SEC on time.


State below in reasonable detail the reasons why the Form 10-K, 20-F, 11-K, 10-Q, N-SAR, or the transition report portion thereof, could not be filed within the prescribed time period. (Attach extra sheets if needed.)

The Registrant's Form 10-Q for the period ended June 30, 2004, could not be filed within the prescribed time period because certain information and data relating to and necessary for the accurate completion of the Registrant's financial statements and management's discussion and analysis of financial condition and results of operation could not be obtained by Registrant within such time period without unreasonable effort or expense.
It would be interesting to see what Herve constitutes as "unreasonable effort or expense."

Link: Interplay's Notification of Late Filing
Found at Duck and Cover

News for Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 22:09

Next in line to try out S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is Gamespot, they played a four-person deathmatch game and here's a quote:

We came away very impressed with how S.T.A.L.K.E.R. looked and felt, but we'd certainly like to learn more about the new multiplayer modes in the game. We also didn't get a chance to see any of the single-player game, though we're told that at this point the developers have completed all of the levels and are now balancing and polishing the game. As it stands right now, THQ is looking to start its second beta test in September, and there's talk of a public beta in November. If all goes according to plan, we should expect to see S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ship in the early part of 2005.
Link: Gamespot Stalker preview

Posted by Odin - at 16:46

IGN is the latest to put their hands on the latest S.T.A.L.K.E.R. build, or the build that they showed at the German Games Convention 2004. And they of course wrote a hands-on preview after playing around with it, here's a quote:

Even though S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a first-person shooter, it contains a lot of role-playing elements similar to Deus Ex. In addition to the aforementioned dialogue trees, you can also expect a few basic stats such as health, radioactivity, food and endurance. Health is pretty understandable since it's in every shooter. Get shot, lose health. Radioactivity is similar. If you absorb too much radiation in affected areas, you'll get sick and eventually die. Food and endurance are a little bit different. You'll have to rest and eat occasionally in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and if you don't find a safe place to bed down, expect to be attacked in the middle of your slumber.
They've also posted some screenshots for you to see.
Link:Stalker hands-on@IGN

Posted by Odin - at 2:28

I've gotten some more reports on the ongoing drama of Interplay, evidently Herve Caen has decided/elected to change all employee salaries that he ows the employees to hourly (ie the "backpay"). The main reason for this seems to be that he then has "some" records, contrary to his statements to state officials that he has no records.

The employees have never been notified of this change, either now, or during the payperiod(s) in question. They have no means of verify these records, their accuracy, or the means upon which they accrued.

Wow, there's no end to the evilness of this snake is there..

News for Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 18:04

Another site who caught the screenshots of Troika's post apocalyptic RPG in the works was Hardwired and they decided to ask Leonard Boyarsky of Troika some questions about it:

Q: There is a significant gap amongst these type of games nowadays, and the adorers of the theme are just starving for an excellent, cunning post-apocalyptic RPG. What are the publishers point of view in this matter and how hard is to breathe life into a genre so close to your hearts, but mostly neglected due to current market trends? Did you have success finding a publisher so far?

A: Most of the publishers we approached with this idea weren't interested in a post apocalyptic RPG because they "don't sell". We did have some interest when we were trying to get a publisher to license Fallout for us, but that never panned out, as you know. It's very difficult in these license driven times to convince a publisher a great post apocalyptic RPG would be a good investment. As I said above we haven't got a deal with any yet, but we're talking to a few that seem really interested in making the game and share our views on what would be a great RPG in this genre.
And the sad part is of course this:
Q: Do you have a turn-based or real-time game in mind?

A: We'd love to do another turn based game, but that's an even more difficult sell than a post apocalyptic RPG. If you put those two things together, publishers run screaming from you. We've been talking about some sort of variation on a real time system with a pause option.
When will the publishers realize that a TB games doesn't mean less sales figures..Thanks to Andraz Izsof (Editor in Chief @ for informing us.
Link: Hardwire Leonard Q&A

Posted by Odin - at 16:23

Myrthos of RPGDot had the chance to play around with the Fall and wrote up a preview for it, here's the final verdict:

The release date of The Fall is set for October in the German-speaking countries. There is no set date for an English release, because a publishing deal has yet to be finalised for the US and UK. Silver Style does not plan on releasing a demo, as the resources are required to complete and polish the game. The build I saw looked rather finished, which is a good thing with October not too far away.

Like many party-based RPGs, playing The Fall takes some tactics and planning - not only during combat but also when building your character and party to make sure they are balanced with a combination of skills and abilities. I was able to spend around two hours playing the game, which gave me a good overview but I haven’t seen the entire game by any means. From what I have seen, this RPG offers a lot of promise. I can only hope that The Fall is published in other countries without too much delay so I can play the game in English.
Remember to read the whole preview of course.
Link: The Fall Hands on Preview@RPGDot

Posted by Odin - at 16:14 have conducted a quick interview with Oleg at the 2004 Games Convention, and here's what VoodooExtreme is reporting on the matter:

There's a quick interview on Planet STALKER (in German) which chats with GSC from the 2004 Games Convention that reveals that co-op will likely be added in a patch after the game hits stores. In addition, there's word that they are uncertain about a demo, but if they do make one it will be after the game's release. Lastly, a beta test is scheduled to begin within the next 2 months.
Righto, didn't the demos come out before the game earlier ? talks to Oleg (German)

Posted by Tannhauser - at 5:19

Human Shield has created a mod to make Arroyo better fit the Fallout Universe. He has further plans to revamp all of Fallout 2, and would like to hear your advice.

I made this simple mod for Fallout 2. Download and extract to Fallout 2 folder.

It replaces the temple of trails with a short path, provides a reason for the crops failing, changes most of the dialogue. The village knows about technology (they have been trading), only the Elder and Shaman talk of holy quests and Chosen Ones. The GECK will save the village and that is what matters. Arroyo is a small, isolated shady sands type place now; not a group of primitives then filled a temple with traps and has a town full of guns close by.

I'd like you guys to try it out. I would've liked Fallout 2 being remade to solidify the setting, but I guess I'd have to do it myself. It will mostly be rewriting dialogue, I would spent a lot of time looking up functions and working the mapper to create new things is annoying, so help would be nice.

Future plans:
Limit Easter Eggs.
Reduce talking Death Claws to primitive group with only one leader, few able to parrot words and point to things.
Remove Hublogists.
Fix New Reno to trading center with rival groups, not prohibition-gangster/"OMG drugz and whorez" town.
Overhaul San Francisco, no more Kung-Fu town with scientists and advanced weapons; probably the most changes.
Remove force fields and advanced tech from NCR.
Take out easy loot from Navarro base, try to improve balance.
Do something with Redding.
Change real-world weapons.
Would like to find a way to replace gold coins with caps (have HUB influence).
Maybe change Vault City, and make it the only advanced place.
You can download the mod here and comment on this thread.

Good luck on your full project Human Shield, for the present, the Realistic Arroyo mod sounds good.

News for Monday, August 23, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 21:12

1up have previewed S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadow of Chernobyl and here's a snibblet:

The key to this is a unique life-simulation system that drives every creature in the game. The best example of this comes in the form of the other treasure hunters prowling the badlands. These aren't just traditional scripted A.I. enemies. These stalkers actively compete with you, trying to beat you to the artifacts and technology you pursue, reacting to you based on your previous behavior and reputation, and setting their own objectives with the same degree of freedom that you enjoy. You can approach them as hostiles, or you can cooperate with them and even trade goods, weapons, and equipment. Motivated by greed, cowardice, perceived advantages, and more, and occasionally operating in clans, stalkers will be the deadliest adversaries in the game.
Link: Stalker Preview@1up

Posted by Odin - at 21:01

Worthplaying have posted 7 new screenshots of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl, so remember to check out those shots.
Link: Stalker shots at Worthplaying

Posted by Montez - at 17:38

Former Black Isle/Fallout 3 developer J.E. Sawyer recently posted some helpful hints to mod makers at the Obsidian forums, mainly dealing with the issue of managing the process:

It’s not common for projects to be successful in spite of mismanagement. You can certainly develop a game or mod without tight management, but you might as well wish, click your heels together, and hope that things will come together. Management takes time and is neither fun nor glamorous, but it is of vital importance to the success of a team endeavor. I’d like to suggest a process and some general tips on how to organize a mod project. These suggestions aren’t necessarily the best in the world. You may even think they are bad ideas, but they seem to work from my perspective. These suggestions assume that you, the initiator of the mod-making process, are the team leader/producer/god emperor. Don’t get too caught up on titles; only ego-tripping retards really give a damn anyway. If you’re the one coordinating things and getting the ball rolling, this post’s for you.

Not exactly Fallout related, but there's a lot of good advice for anyone modding or planning to mod Fallout 2. Hint Hint.

Link:J.E. at Obsidian
Spotted at GameBanshee

Thanks to Odin, we now have the full article here at NMA:
Link: J.E. on Mod Management

News for Saturday, August 21, 2004

Posted by Tannhauser - at 18:11

GameBanshee interviewed Leonard Boyarsky, Joint CEO and Art Director for Troika about the upcoming game Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. However, the very last question deals with Troika's future games.

GB: Once Bloodlines has shipped, what is next on Troika's plate? Do you intend on expanding the game if it does well commercially, or do you think you'll move on to other titles? And I have to ask - what were those post-apocalyptic game screenshots all about that recently surfaced on the web?

Leonard: We have a lot of different ideas for what we’d like to pursue next, but right now we’re pretty focused on Bloodlines. As for the post apocalyptic screens that have surfaced, those were from a tech demo for another project we’ve been showing to publishers, which we’re keeping pretty quiet about right now.
You might remember the screenshots mentioned, which can be seen here and here.

Link: GameBanshee's Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Interview
Spotted at Duck and Cover

Posted by Tannhauser - at 2:07

The Post-Apocalyptic MMORPG Twilight War's official website has been launched. Though much of the website serves only as a placeholder at this time, there is some information on the game and it's setting, as well as some concept art.

Twilight War: After the Fall (ATF) is an Extreme Online Roleplaying Game (XORG): a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) with an integrated First Person Shooter (FPS) style combat system, where thousands of online players come together in an expansive and immersive three dimensional world. After the Fall takes place on Earth, in one possible future where the planet has been reformed following two great catastrophes – the Terror War and the Doomsday War.
Extreme Online Roleplaying Game? No comment...

Link: Offical Twilight War: After the Fall Website
Spotted at Blue's News

News for Friday, August 20, 2004

Posted by Tannhauser - at 17:52

Feargus really has been making the rounds these last few days. The latest piece being an interview at 1Up. No specific questions on Fallout 3, this feature covers Neverwinter Nights 2, Feargus' history, and Obsidian's future.

Urquhart: I'd kind of like to do something set in the near future, too; a hardcore RPG set in the near future.

1UP: There haven't been many lately.

Urquhart: Not at all. I think that's part of the reason why people want a new Fallout. Of course, we have to convince publishers that it's a good idea. We pitched an idea a little while back, and maybe it was a little too nutty, but I'd still like to make it. I think it'd be fun to play -- a small group fighting aliens, or zombies, or Barneys, or whatever.

Link: 1Up's Talking: Feargus Urquhart
Spotted at RPGDot

Posted by Pope Viper - at 2:16

Over at Gamepro, ole Feargie talks about Neverwinter Nights 2, and answers a question or two regarding Fallout 3, including his thoughts on Bethesda being able to pull it off.

GP: Changing the subject, since you headed both Fallout 1 and 2, do you have any thoughts on Bethesda taking on Fallout 3?

FU: I'm cool with it. I mean that's why I didn't want to leave Black Isle for so long because I wanted to make the next Fallout, and knew if I left that I couldn't make Fallout. It's one of those things that I want to wish them the best of luck--Fallout fans are the worst fans there are. I'd still like to make another Fallout, but something that worries me is whether or not making another Fallout makes sense. It was cool and a lot of fun seven years ago, but is it pertinent anymore?
Check out the full interview at Game Pro.
Ouch. Where's the love, Feargie?
Thanks to Funky Zealot for the heads up.

News for Thursday, August 19, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 18:12

We have gotten ahold of a couple of new concept art images from Van Buren/Fallout 3, these feature Vault 69 and a couple of vehicles, have a looksie:

Nice eh..

Posted by Tannhauser - at 1:01

RPG Vault has posted a new development diary by Carsten Strehse, Lead Designer of The Fall. Carsten goes over music, sound effects, and voiced dialogue in this edition.

On The Fall's music:

Many of the compositions you'll get to hear while exploring the gameworld are ambient, supporting the mood a location communicates. If music that's supposed to be running in the background constantly is too dominant, players will consider it repetitive quite soon and ultimately annoying. The music you hear with the menu or on the map screen are more dominant and dynamic - supporting the impression of a group being on a journey.
On The Fall's Voice Acting:
And while 84 is notably less than some hundreds, it still means quite an effort for us. We're in the last stages of the preparation of the voice recordings as I'm writing this, and I estimate that it will take about three more weeks - including working on the weekends - to get the complete script of more than 180,000 words voiced.
Sounds like Silver Style is hard at work, hope the localization to English doesn't make all this effort for naught.

Link: The Fall - Last Days of Gaia Diary #7
Spotted by Mr. Teatime on Duck and Cover

News for Monday, August 16, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 21:52

Next up in our beloved Fallout Developers Profile feature is Ferret Baudoin, who worked on Van Buren/Fallout 3. Here's a clip:

What’s your favourite Fallout memory?

I’m going to cheat and say two of them – the opening movie and music for Fallout 1 had me hooked from the get go. There was such a clear theme to the game and a unique style. A more meaningful Fallout memory is the first time you get to meet the Brotherhood of Steel. I found it a very powerful image of the white knights trying to keep civilization alive despite civilization’s best efforts.
Naice, I must agree...
Link: Fallout Developers Profile - Ferret Baudoin

Posted by Odin - at 21:43

Jona was kind enough to send me his latest MAC mods, well they're mods converted to the MAC version of Fallout 2. This time around he's made these two mods available:

Good stuff Jona! The MACers should be glad to see these two mods...
Next up is a image of the real life Cat's Paw magazine, which Neal was kind enough to grab for us:
Nice to see the real deal..

Posted by Pope Viper - at 17:16

The Fall: Last Days of Gaia gets an all new look.

Extended Info: Updated by Kotario
Along with the interesting new visual direction of the website and new screenshots, information has been released on the battle system and Living World Architecture (LWA).

After having worked on the LWA for more than one and a half year it is now possible to establish almost any kind of dependency between arbitrary objects in the game, no matter if it's characters, map objects, buildings, items or tools. The LWA also manages the general behaviour of the NPCs and the enemies of the player. Every single character has a set of activities he will follow depending on certain circumstances. Time plays an important role as an NPC has several tasks he can address during the day. And depending on their preferences characters will go to sleep in their bed or whatever resting place they have at night.

All these activities and behaviour patterns can be assigned individually, of course. One could create any imaginable setup, however, it is crucial that the tasks fit to the NPCs since they're extensively commenting on whatever challenge they're currently facing and their living conditions in general. And through aforementioned dependencies we can establish relationships between characters (love, hate, envy etc.) or model the preference for certain objects or hobbies - tech expert, gun fanatic or survival specialist to name a few.

To sum it up, the Living World Architecture is a powerful, efficient and flexible tool, enabling us to construct credible and dynamic worlds for all types of Role-Playing Games.
Hope LWA lives up to Silver Style's description of it.

Check it out: The Fall

Thanks to Glowbewohner for the heads up.

News for Saturday, August 14, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 0:41

Alot of various sites usually post the release date for a game long before it's set, but here's the first one for Fallout by Bethesda. According to Meristation the release date for Fallout 3 is 10 of November 2005..'s probably in the right ballpark..but...
Thanks to Briosafreak/Bateman_P for informing us.

Posted by Odin - at 0:36

The guys working on the Unreal Tournament mod called Shattered Oasis is looking for some Beta testers and they've also released some new wallpapers, here are some info:

The SO team is hard at work behind the scenes putting out new versions, squashing bugs and implementing new features guaranteed to rock your socks. Now we're asking YOU, our adoring fans, for your help.

We are opening our beta tester slots to 10 lucky people. If you are interested email me:
Head on over to their homepage for more info and the wallpapers
Link: Shattered Oasis

News for Friday, August 13, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 12:18

So you guys might wonder what IPLY is really up to, well I've done some asking around and one of my sources explained some of the bits to me.

Evidently IPLY has paid the employees their 5/1 payroll, but in the 5/15 payroll they converted all salary to hourly and thus no one was paid for overtime, just hours. They are still getting deducted for medical, dental and optical but only medical is getting paid..

Here are some more:

I understand they are going to pay the 6/1 and 6/15, but as before it will be on work hours. Vivendi was, and still is, involved in several lawsuits for paying salary employees for each hour worked with out truly converting to a hourly system where people get paid extra for more than 40 hours in a week or 8 hours in a day. It must be a French thing.

As a result, Herve now several more lawsuits on his hands for not paying overtime or shorting people since inaccurate records were kept regarding work hours for salary employees, and continuing to not pay for dental and optical. You'd think he'd learn to stop cutting corners. Saving a nickel to spend a dime is the hallmark of an 80's corporate officer and only continues to perpetuate the image of an arrogant executive will thinks he knows what he doing, but doesn't.

I also heard from several sources that he is opening up a very small office space in Newport Beach for the sole purpose of meeting clients. From my conversations, Herve has no plans to ever produce new products again. No more tech support, no more hints, no more message boards, nothing. The Interplay we all knew is gone, never to return. Interplay is going to be just a shell for "Herve Cean presents Fallout: Online" project.
So there you have it, Hervie is still running the "corporation" into the ground..

Posted by Pope Viper - at 5:30

Those lovable lugs at the Raging Bull Forums ponder the latest missive from Luke Haase, Interplay's PR whore:

Yes, Interplay Entertainment will be posting a quarterly report. Should be within a week or so but yes, it could always be delayed. The company does have somewhere between 40 and 70 employees. The company remains behind on payroll. Senior management still very hard at work on a few significant fronts.
But this appears to go against information old Luke released within the past two weeks.
Most of what you're asking about is hypothetical, and nothing I can really officially comment on. You're right...things are strange with no offices or employees or web site...and clearly things cannot go on like this indefinitely. However, the two recent announcements, along with management's work underway now, provide at least some reason to believe things will
change somewhat soon. The definition of "soon" is what is debatable
Well, which is Luke? Are there no employees, or are there 40-70? How are they working, without pay, office space, and who knows what else?

May we live in interesting times...

News for Thursday, August 12, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 23:27

Jona emailed me his latest version of the notorious JonaMod, we're now up to version 1.00a, here's what's updated:

1.00a (Alpha) - (Almost) Final
  • Bug-Fix in upleveling of NPCs
  • New Davin-Mod
  • New(better) KAGA-Mod
  • New: Some critters now give more xp
  • Fix for missing Line in Slim Pickets dialog
  • Fix for Joey-Problem
Remember that this mod is for the MAC version of Fallout 2 only, for now...
Link: JonaMod v1.00a

Posted by Pope Viper - at 16:00

Dear Huggies, Puuk and Kumquat3 continue to offer snibblets of Van Buren NPC's and locations:

Fort Abandon:
a rundown NCR fort and a central location in the game. The railway has a crossroads here, and if the player so chooses, he can slowly upgrade the fort into a center of prosperity.

Formerly the Jericho Desalination Plant of New Canaan, Jericho is all that is left of the Mormon city. The town's prosperity revolves around the fresh water the still-working plant produces. However, the plant is old and inefficient, and Jericho is a long way from being the economic powerhouse it wants to be.
And there's more where that came from. And the replacement for Dogmeat:
Nope, not mechanical. It was a Rottweiler which was exposed to "something" that made it a little bigger, a little tougher, and a little meaner than the average rotty-rot (I love Rottweilers, btw). You had to do a few things before the dog would befriend you, though. Also, we wanted to make a dog companion that would be a great fighting ally as well.
Good stuff!!!
Link: Read more here

Posted by Tannhauser - at 4:44

Tor Thorsen from GameSpot has interviewed Feargus about a number of different topics, speaking about Bioware & Obsidian, Neverwinter Nights 2, PC vs. Console RPGs, and Fallout 3.

GS: What was your reaction to hearing that the Fallout license was picked up by Bethesda?

FU: Good Luck! That's probably somewhat horrible to say, but I think the team at Bethesda has their work cut out for them. This is mostly because there is almost nothing that they can do that will make the Fallout fans happy.

GS: What direction do you think they will take it in? Some people have expressed concerns that it will be "Morrowind with mutants."

FU: Not having talked with anyone from Bethesda, that would be my assumption. I actually think playing a game like that in the Fallout world would be fun. Would it be Fallout 3? No. But that doesn't mean it couldn't be a viable game.

Feargus seems to like playing devil's advocate. Thanks to Briosafreak for pointing this interview out.
Link: Feargus interview at GameSpot

Posted by Odin - at 2:25

Well the votes are in.... *drumroll*..

We've today added a couple more members to the NMA family, right now Montez and Kotario has been added as NMA News posters and should be able to bring you the latest news here on NMA.

We've also added a couple of more moderators to our family of moderators, both Kotario and King of Creation has been added as new Moderators on the NMA boards.

I'd like to welcome you all to NMA and hope you enjoy your stay, I also want to thank all the people that applied for the jobs and must say that it was a hard choice. Thanks for your support guys and gals!

News for Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 11:18

Role Player informed me of the press release of the Fanout project, here's some of the bits he wrote in a thread:

Howdy, and welcome to Fanout's first ever monthly press release. While I intended to have a scheduled flow on information to the public, I suppose I can credit Mutants Rising nonetheless for the idea of a monthly press release. It is a good idea. A project like this lives and dies on community support. We are all volunteers, whose efforts, ideas and hours come from the community. If it were not for the Fallout community, it all its strength, this project would not be possible. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am for the support we have received already.

Every month I plan to keep the community filled in on where we're at, and what we're planning. The project is not yet a month old, and yet I feel like we've gone through so much already. A friend of mine working on an Ultima project said that no project has really started until you hit your first problems. We've come across our first road-bumps, and overcome them. Working with a volunteer project presents unique challenges, but I am aware of these challenges and I feel that we are capable of handling them....
It goes on so get on over and read it.

News for Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Posted by Montez - at 20:35

PsychoSniper of Duck And Cover is on an interviewing spree this week, adding former BIS developer Sean K. Reynolds to his tally. Here's a sample:

6. What parts of the country does the player get to explore first hand in Van Buren? Also, would there be any references to other part's of the country, both those seen in FO/FO2 and other unseen parts?

It takes place in the American southwest (Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah) ... the westernmost sites on the game map are the easternmost borders of NCR, and problems with NCR have a lot to do with what's going on in the game. There are references to the midwest (for a while there was a significant faction from the midwest in the game, but when we realized the size and story had gotten too big we cut them out but left some links in to make an easier transition to FO4). In fact, one of the links is there because of the radioactive twisters Cassidy mentions in FO2.

Check it out.
Link: Sean Reynolds interview at DAC
Thanks, PsychoSniper!

News for Monday, August 9, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 11:30

Finally the wait is over, we have a new Fallout Developers Profile for you guys to read. This time around it's the talented Ed Orman (Fallout Tactics) who puts down his thoughts and dreams..err..well.. Here's snibblet:

In your opinion, what are the key ingredients that every RPG should have?

Fishing. And baking. I don't know. It depends. There are different styles of RPGs. The key ingredient of Fallout 1 (for me) was the ability to have your choices in character creation and actions in the game affect the end outcome. A good RPG can present the player with a believable world, but it then has to allow the player to have an impact on that world.
There are also some sekrets in there, so get on over and read it.
Link: Fallout Developers Profile - Ed Orman

Posted by Odin - at 11:20

PsychoSniper of DAC informed me that Celestial, who has made the various fanmade patches for Fallout 2, is closing down his efforts:

Sad news.
With my old hdd fried because of a power jump I think that I won't be able to release 1.06. There weren't any back-up copies of this so I'm afraid that the project is... dead.

Sorry everyone.
Thanks goes to all of you who helped me with it and waited for it's release.
There might be some hope tho, since it seems some of the people still have the old version of the patch but are missing the Abbey and EPA maps.
Link: Fanpatches Thread@NMA

Posted by Montez - at 2:41

Mr. Teatime of Duck And Cover interviewed Trinity member Kaczor over the weekend about the game and his involvement in it. Here's a sample:

Are there multiple solutions to quests? One of the things that made Fallout stand out was the ability to solve a quest by force, by stealth, diplomacy, or other means....

Of course. It's our main goal. There will be also several endings. We also want to allow players to play good and bad character on same rules. As example: there will be one priest and also a group of thieves. They want one item and the priest have it. So one of your quests is to get this item (if you agree to help them, of course). To get it, you can steal this item, convince the priest that he doesn't need it (in many sophisticated ways), take him out of the building and lead to a place where the thieves can take care of him by themselves, or just kill him and take that item alone. You can be also a good one and tell the priest, that thieves are hunting on his item. It's only one quest, but we are trying to make all quests like this way.

Multiple solutions to quests are always a good thing.
Link: Kaczor Interview @ DAC

Thanks to Briosafreak for the heads up!

News for Friday, August 6, 2004

Posted by Pope Viper - at 19:23

Our eternally optimistic band of Interplay investors continues to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Too bad it's a very large train that has BANKRUPTCY painted on the side.

Don't get me wrong I hope IPLY makes a recovery, but it will have to be the comeback of the century. Maybe the legal case with battleborne will end up with IPLY publishing the the WWII title after all, it's ends up a huge hit and so forth (lol).

To be honest right now I'd just settle for seeing the IPLY website again.
Keep the dream alive, guys!
Seen at Raging Bull Forum

Posted by Odin - at 12:55

The project called Fanout have put up a spanking new design, which looks great! Here's some info about the project:

Welcome to the official site for "Fanout," a project attempting to create a deep and vibrant isometric CRPG using tools developed by the original Fallout team. We are aiming to create a faithful rendition of the Fallout gameworld, remaining true to the successful and award-winning atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic setting, whilst still adding new features such as item creation and expanding on the original series' distinguished characteristics.
Snazzy, they've also put up a new spiced up forum so get on over and check..
Link: Fanout

Posted by Odin - at 12:51

Kaczor informed me of another update on the Fallout Yurop project, which have looked like it's been dead for some time now:

For quite a long time Yurop was in the "undead" status. Not quite alive, not quite dead - some stuff was still done, some people still working and hoping. Now the undead was ressurected. It stumbles, mumbles, but walks forward and hopefully one day will reach the end.

Right now we have just few more concept arts in the gallery, but I hope we will soon move to the next stage of the development and give you something more :o)

Thanks for all those who still believe in us :o)
Puh, good to hear! I uploaded the concept art images to our Fallout Yurop gallery.
Link: Fallout Yurop

Posted by Odin - at 11:08

Well now is your chance to shine people, we here at NMA are looking for some crew members. Since Kharn has gone away and I've got quite alot of work to do elsewhere we could use the help in posting news. Here's the requirements:

  • Interest in Fallout (doh)
  • Uberwriting skillz (nah..)
  • Preferably a known member of the Fo Community
  • Time to spend surfing and scouring the
  • Basic HTML knowledge
So if you want to help out, post a comment in this thread or PM me and I'll consider it. Psst..bribery always works Razz

News for Thursday, August 5, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 22:42

Psychosniper of Duck And Cover decided to boldly go where all others have, err.. well he asked Pete Hines (PR Bethesda) the usual question:

PS: Hello Mr Hines, I'm known as PsychoSniper on the fa fansites NMA and dag.

I have a simple yes no question.

Does Bethesda intend to keep to the canon storyline as established on
fa 1/2 and the fa bible ?

Pete Hines: We'll let folks know what we're up to when we've done a little more work on the game. Right now we're working on putting together the team. It'll be a while before we're ready to start talking about the game.
So more I Can Not Talk About That Now from Pete, the latest buzz I've heard is that it will probably take a year before something emerges.
Link: Pete Hines - News Post@DAC

Posted by Odin - at 9:59

There is a new interview with Feargus Urquhart at E-Boredom, where he talks about different things here are some quotes:

E-BOREDOM: How much of an influence was Wasteland on Fallout?

FEARGUS URQUHART: Well I think Brian Fargo always wanted to do another post-apocalyptic RPG, but EA owned the rights and Interplay was no longer developer. Plus, doing games in that genre attracts most game developers. It gives you the feeling of the old west, but a lot more lethal. That adds not just what you can do with weapons, but it creates a lot more tension in that there are things that are a hell of a lot more dangerous than you out there and you have to respect the wasteland. As for how much of direct influence, the guys thought about it, but more so they wanted to make their own game in that world. Plus they came up with a future-50's twist that really brought the look and feel of the world together.

E-BOREDOM: How is the gameplay in a console RPG different from a CRPG?

FEARGUS URQUHART: I think it depends on what you are looking for in a game. Some people find fast action more immersive, while others find a more tactical approach to gameplay to be their thing. So, I think the answer is that it really depends on the game, its execution and the gameplayer as to whether a game is more immersive than another.

As for gameplay, I'll go with the easy answer here in that in console RPGs you generally control the character directly, while on a PC you often click and the character goes where you click. It seems minor in some ways, but it changes a lot of how you design the game and what expectations people have. An example here is that in direct control, players expect more that when they press the Attack button that they will swing or fire their weapon right away and if there is an enemy in front of them or in their line of fire then they will hit them. With non-direct control, there is more an expectation that the character will move to where they can attack the enemy, either running up to them or moving to where they have a shot and that when the attack occurs and when it is successful is dependent more on the game system, i.e. rolling of dice. Now those distinctions are not so true with KOTOR and KOTOR2 and this is maybe why both console and PC players loved it.
Now Fargo owns Wasteland tho, that could be interesting. Thanks goes out to Matt for informing me..
Link: Feargus interview@E-Boredom

Posted by Odin - at 8:58

RPGVault.ign have posted their part 2 of the RPG Roundtable 5, as you might recall the question for nr 5 is multi-platform development. Here's a quote from Josh E Sawyer:

Also, the console RPG market is an interesting one. I'll go out on a limb and say that BioWare effectively dragged PC RPGers and PC-style RPGs into the console world. In overall style and presentation, Knights of the Old Republic is not like Final Fantasy X, Tales of Symphonia or the "typical" console RPG. The amount of player choice involved in many PC RPGs like Fallout and the Baldur's Gate games simply isn't found in a significant number of console titles. Before KotOR, I would have guessed that a PC-style RPG on console would crash and burn. Now, who knows what gamers might accept or even start to expect?

Simplification is not always bad, and explicit complexity is not always beneficial for a game. In my opinion, anything that engages a player and forces him or her to think and solve problems in the course of the game is great. You don't need 101+ keys to do this, and you certainly don't need 800x600 resolution. If we can keep what I believe is the heart of PC-style RPGs, player choice that has a meaningful effect on the state of the world, it shouldn't matter if the game is PC-only, Xbox-only, or ported to everything under the sun.
So KOTOR is the turning point?!
Spotted at VoodooExtreme.

Posted by Odin - at 8:45

I've forgotten to post about these projects, so I'll just do them now. There is a new Fallout mod in the works, this one is for Battlefield: Vietnam. Here are some info:

A couple of prople I know and I are currently working on a Battlefield: Vietnam Mod based around Fallout 2. It's in the concept page right now, and your feedback is greatly accepted. Our site is

The forums shall be up shortly, but there are some rendersthat you all should look at.

We currently need:
  • Another mapper.
  • Some coders.
  • and a couple of skinners.
Sounds good.. Next up is a freeware game inspired by Fallout called Aftermath:
I recently released as freeware a game inspired by Fallout called Aftermath. It features a single player campaign mode, online multiplayer play with several modes, and a built in map editor.

Download it and give it a try.
Sounds good to me!

Also the Wasteland Rangers site have changed adresse too, they have now .So remember to update your bookmarks!

Posted by Odin - at 8:24

JES posted a couple of more Van Buren vehicle renders, this time around we got to see the notorious cop car and the dune buggy. Here are some info too:

All of those vehicles ran on SECs or MFCs, both of which are/were a limited commodity. Considering the power generated by one SEC or MFC in a few of the Fallout weapons, it's conceivable that a vehicle powered by either source could go many a' mile on one charge.

Dune Buggy: This ramshackle welded steel frame holds a 133hp small energy cell engine. Its makeshift seats and "holding bars" allow it to carry a total of six passengers. It was manufactured sometime after the war and was apparently abandoned in the desert after a tribal attack. It has no room for baggage.

Cop car: Detroit Motor Cars Ibex Police Interceptor - "It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. It's a model made after the Anchorage Reclamation so it'll run good on small energy cells."

Motorcycle: The Boudicca-78/S was a reliable modern motorcycle used by the British Royal Armored Corps, Arabia Division. The U.S. National Guard used several such motorcycles during the time of quarantine right before the war. The bike's 78hp engine runs off of small energy cells and has a small amount of storage space on the back of the sidecar.

Great stuff!

Posted by Odin - at 3:38

We've gotten ahold of a couple of vehicle renders for the Van Buren (Fallout 3) project that Black Isle was working on, so without further ado:


Posted by Pope Viper - at 2:31

It appears Obsidian has been handed the reigns of another franchise, Neverwinter Nights is now in the hands of Obsidian:

Neverwinter Nights is one of the most beloved RPG's of all time and we're pleased that Obsidian has taken on the challenge," said John Hight, executive producer, Atari. "Feargus and his team at Obsidian Entertainment are the best people on the planet to take up where BioWare left off and bring this great game to new levels. They are intimately familiar with what makes Neverwinter Nights special, they know what it takes to make a great game and they have the respect of the RPG community."
Hey Feargus, is this going to be a SLAM DUNK?
Link: Obsidian Press Relates
Seen at Blues News

News for Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 10:10

Silencer of VDHP is reporting that the Trinity site is once again updated with some new info and pictures:

A brief summary: three new members have joined the team, the scriptwriter an_ge and two graphic artists - Nezz and Wichur. Possibly, you'll get to see their first works soon enough.

Probably you're wondering what are we doing right now. It may not be an engrossing task, but currently we're designing the bulk of the game. Preparing detailed documentation regarding every aspect of the game and ascertaining what will it be from the technical standpoint. At this time, models are being created for the particular locations and further work on the scenario is under way.
Also remember to check out the new concept art images.
Link: Trinity

Posted by Odin - at 9:31

Our chums over at Duck And Cover have changed domain again and the new one is now : so update your bookmarks because this is the one, well..for now at least Razz (j/k)
Link: Duck And Cover

Posted by Odin - at 9:23

Josh E Sawyer popped in to talk about some of the vehicles that was supposed to be featured in Van Buren aka Fallout 3 (by Bis), here are the different vehicles that was supposed to be in VB:

Motorcycle w/ sidecar
Dune buggy
Cop car
Semi w/ trailer

There were pros and cons to each vehicle. The motorcycle was fast, but it could only carry three people and couldn't go on severe terrain. Semi w/ trailer could carry all the other vehicles (well, except the train), but consumed huge fuel, wasn't that fast, and could only go on two types of terrain. The train could only follow intact tracks.
Also Briosafreak posted this snibblet:
- Motorcycle + sidecar: Fast, fuel efficient. Could be upgraded with a machine gun on the sidecar, resulting in less random encounters. Carries three people.

- Police car: Fast. Could be upgraded with a blower, making it the fastest vehicle in the game. Carries 6 people.

- Semi: Slow, burns through energy cells quickly. An old camper could be hooked up to it, resulting in a mobile science/mechanic lab for the PC, as well as near-infinite storage capacity. Carries 6 people.

- Dune buggy: Medium speed, not slowed down by rough terrain like the other vehicles. Could be upgraded with bigger tires, allowing you to cross areas that the other vehicles can't. Held 4 people, I think.
So there you have it, the vehicles that was supposed to be in Van Buren..
Link: JES talks about Van Buren Vehicles

Here's a shot of the infamous semi, provided by our cute and cuddly J.E. Sawyer.

News for Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 18:49

HomeLAN Fed took some time to talk to Oleg V. Yavorsky (GSC GameWorld) about Stalker. Here's a snibblet:

HomeLAN - Has the game's basic design changed since GSC Game World first came up with the game several years ago?

Oleg V. Yavorsky - Oh yes. From the original purely fictional setting and plot we've moved onto much realistic and, we believe, better realm-the Chernobyl disaster site and near future. From the concept change point on, there have been quite a few of smaller changes related to in-game features, while some things work out and some don't, especially when you create a new technology. The fact is, we've been doing our best to implement what we've promised and even more.
Not much new stuff there but a nice "status update"..
Link: HomeLAN Fed Stalker Interview

Posted by Odin - at 18:19

The crafty critters over at Mutants Rising have posted their monthly press release, here's what they said:

Yes, it's that time of the month ghouls and mutants!

A lot has happened during the last month - let´s get into the details.
  • First of all, we´re sorry to disappoint by cancelling the release of Mutants Rising demo.
    It will be released when it´s done - no more details this time around.
  • From now on, we´re known as Nuclear Winter Studios(or NWS for short).
    Check out our website at:
  • A lot of talented people have applied to work with us - We are to grow in numbers.
  • SNorth has gone through Another keyboard while cranking out dialog!
  • Talented sound actors and music composers have opened up a whole new side to our mod.
Right, well keep up the good work guys!
Link: Mutants Rising

Posted by Odin - at 18:15

Evidently PCZone managed to obtain some Van Buren info and posted a little snibblet about it, here's what Briosafreak was kind enough to scan for us:

Sulick's sister eh?
Thanks goes out to Briosafreak for scanning it for us.

News for Monday, August 2, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 23:51

Yup that's right we here at NMA have gotten ahold of a couple of screenshots of the post apocalyptic RPG that Troika have been working on, these shots are from the early development stages of a full 3d post nuclear RPG that Troika was beginning to shop around. Due to recent developments, its currently been put on hold...

Man these look really snazzy! I also uploaded them to the server if our db goes under..
Link: Screenshot 1 (733KB) and Screenshot 2 (733KB)

Posted by Odin - at 23:41

Colby “Longbaugh” Anger informed me that he had updated his LongMod for Fallout 2, here's what's been changed:

I re-edited some of the sprites and changed some of the weapon and ammo stats yet again to fix some balance issues. I’ve also put together a separate version of the mod that is meant to work with the 1.05 fan-made Fallout 2 patch.

The official nomenclature for this patch is LongMod Version 2.1, and it should be the last version on the mod I ever release.
Link: Long Mod (normal), Long Mod (patch 1.5)

Posted by Odin - at 23:00

There is a new post apocalyptic Half-Life 2 mod in progress, this one is called Warrior of the Apocalypse. Here are some info:

If you haven't already figured it out, Warriors of the Apocalypse is a gritty first person shooter mod for Half Life 2 that takes places after the end of civilization. You will play as one of many different types of people, all with their strengths and weaknessess. You will wield a large ammount of melee and improvised weapons, home mad guns, antique firearms from our time, some futuristic weapons, and some energy weapons.
I've also posted a couple of weapon renders into our new WOTA gallery.
Link: WOTA Homepage

News for Sunday, August 1, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 22:35

Mr. TeaTime of DAC informed me of a new Fbos review, this one is done by Dreamstation. They gave the game a rating of 4.5 and here's their verdict:

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel suffers from some basic timing issues and dumb AI. The enemies just keep coming one after another and you keep mowing them down. There is really nothing that sets Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel apart from the rest of the games that are out like it. As a matter of fact there are better games out there. I think they could use a lot less profane language and crudeness and better game play and smarter AI. Rental only! Maybe!
Rental eh..
Link: FBos review@Dreamstation

Posted by Odin - at 22:27

RPGVault have posted yet another RPG Roundtable, this time the various developers are talking about the upsides and downsides of making a CRPG for multiple platforms. Kevin Lambert of Gas Powered Games posted this little snibblet:

From a game design perspective, the PC and console gamer are two radically different beasts. To appeal to the average console gamer, a game will typically offer relatively instant satisfaction with good rewards for skill development using the input device and playing the game. To appeal to the average PC gamer, games often have a more transparent interface and will offer entertainment that is more spread out over time with a strong mastery available for those who put in the time and effort. To put it in terms of a semi-accurate sweeping generalization (as I often like to do), console games tend to favor those with shorter attention spans, and PC games tend to favor those who are more technically minded.
Couldn't have agreed more..
Link: RPG Roundtable 5 part 1