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News for Friday, July 30, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 18:31

Evidently Amazon are selling out the Fallout 1 and 2 bundle pack at a stunning $68.90 (which is considered low price to Amazon). Evidently it's become a collectors item now, there's even a guy selling it for $90!!
Link: Fallout 1 and 2 Bundle pack at Amazon
Cheers to King of Creation for informing us..

Posted by Odin - at 18:18

The upcoming post apocalyptic first person shooter called Stalker has been delayed, here's what was said:

"We have strategically scheduled S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl for PC, Pandemic Studios' Destroy All Humans for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and The Punisher, from internal studio Volition, for PlayStation 2 and Xbox for the fiscal fourth quarter, which we believe to be an optimal window for establishing new intellectual properties. In addition, we plan to release WWE: Wrestlemania XXI for Xbox in the fourth quarter in conjunction with the WWE's Wrestlemania promotional push," said Farrell in a statement released before the call.
Meh, wasn't this game supposed to be out by now ?
Spotted at VoodooExtreme

Posted by Odin - at 18:13

There is a new movie in town, it's yet another movie clip from Stalker. This is the ninth movie from this game, here's what the movie is about:

Shadow of Chernobyl has been released, yet again showing off the futuristic first-person role-playing action game in the works at GSC Game World. This clip offers a one minute cinematic overview (with some gameplay sequences) of the game's backstory and setting.
Damn in my days we only got some screenshots, if we were lucky..
Links:3d Gamers, GamersHell and Gamespot
Spotted at BluesNews.

Posted by Odin - at 11:01

The investors on the Raging Bull forums have yet again contacted Luke Haas, this time around they asked how long things could go on like it is now and here is his respons:

Most of what you're asking about is hypothetical, and nothing I can really officially comment on. You're right...things are strange with no offices or employees or web site...and clearly things cannot go on like this indefinitely. However, the two recent announcements, along with management's work underway now, provide at least some reason to believe things will
change somewhat soon. The definition of "soon" is what is debatable.

As I am saying far too often the past few months, sorry I cannot be more helpful or specific
Yet again the investors have a glimmer of hope in their eyes, still doesn't prove that there is hope tho..
Link: Thread on the Raging Bull forum

Posted by Odin - at 8:54

Well this is not Fallout related newsbit, but I know how many of you who love X-Com/Jagged Alliance/Silent Storm so I decided to post about this. Evidently the upcoming addon to Silent Storm called Silent Storm Sentinels is scheduled for a release on the 4th of September 2004.
Spotted at RPGDot.

News for Thursday, July 29, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 8:30

Bethesda has decided to let all Fallout talk loose on their boards, guess making a own forum is hard eh?:

The admin have decided that Fallout 3 conversations no longer need to be confined to this one constantly regenerating thread. We will now allow multiple Fallout 3 threads in the Community Discussion forum. Of course, if Community Discussion becomes swamped with Fallout 3 threads, or things otherwise get out of hand, we will probably go back to keeping it within one thread. Hopefully, by giving this Fallout 3 some more space, things will be easier for everyone.
I hope they didn't turn on the poll option..
Link: Bethesda Community Forums
Thanks goes out to Macaco and PsychoSniper for informing me about this..

Posted by Pope Viper - at 1:16

The good Saint Proverbius has taken the task of getting DAC back up and running, and progress is being made. The links are coming back into operation, and improvements are emerging daily. The Saint is in the process of forming a team to continue bringing life back to our sister Fallout site. Welcome back, DAC!!

Check 'em out.

Link: Duck and Cover

Thanks to Briosafreak for the info.

Posted by Odin - at 1:09

RPGVault have posted the 6th developers diary for The Fall, this time around it's Development Director Ronny Knauth who talks about level design:

The actual level design doesn't really begin until the other design documents are written down and finalized - until characters, factions and their backgrounds are outlined. Once this setup for a location is detailed, the game designer sketches a 2D map for it. It features basic information on the spot, such as the positions of characters and crucial objects.
There's more where that came from...They also posted some screenies of the level/world editor and such..
Link: The Fall dev diary 6
Spotted at Voodoo Extreme

News for Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 13:12

I've made some changes to the NMA site and hopefully now we won't see these mysql connection errors and it should also load faster.

I'm also redoing some of the various sections, soon to come are the character section for FOT, items section for all games and more..

So stay tuned

Posted by Pope Viper - at 3:03

Bethesda, until some point in the future, has decided to disallow any conversation regarding Fallout 3's development.

Whether this is temporary, or long term, remains to be seen.
Thanks to Briosafreak and Mr. Teatime for the headsup.

Update:: According to Kathode, an admin at the TES forums, Fallout 3 is once again open for discussion. Thanks for the heads up Kathode.

Temporary. In fact, I reopened it. So issue forth and enjoy Smile All that happened was a moderator got a bit fed up and itchy on the trigger finger. Sorry for the downtime.
Link: Bethesda Forums

News for Sunday, July 25, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 16:46

The promising RPG title called Bourgeoisie have updated their site, here's what Intoxicate said:

We updated the site a bit - we did a gallery section, in which I'll be placing concept art, artwork, renders, wallpapers, and so on. I won't be informing you about minor updates in the news anymore; if there's something I'll need to have in the site, I'll put it in the gallery.

I also placed a music player, with which you'll be able to listen to a snip of in-game ambient music.

I'll be uploading some renders shortly, for now check out some of Krezel's work.
Snazzy, thanks goes out to Wooz69 for informing me..
Link: Bourgeoisie

News for Saturday, July 24, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 14:29

The investors over at Raging Bull forums are still hoping that IPLY pulls through, here's what frymuchan said:

Luke Haase emailed me back and said that work is continuing with Interplay trying to get financing and take care of their short term problems. I get encouraged just hearing back from Luke as it shows me he is still employed by Interplay and interested in trying to communicate with investors.

My thoughts are that Interplay has figured out how to avoid all financial responsibilities right now while they go on a sales binge of intellectual properties. they might be trying to get enough money generated to convince a bank to lend them money or to convince another party to invest with them in a Fallout MMORPG. MMORPG's are expensive undertakings. I'd like to see Interplay share in the risk with another, more wealthy party. There's no way Interplay could take on that kind of capital intensive project all on their own.
Right, he also posted that Gameinformer said rumours are going around about IPLY selling Earthworm Jim and Redneck Racing to the highest bidder.
Link: Luke email thread, Earthworm Jim being sold thread

Posted by Odin - at 12:10

I've finally managed to grab almost the entire Official Fallout Tactics site (since I forgot to do that earlier), some art are missing so don't sweat it I'm still working on it.

Again this is just a mirror page until Interplay puts up the official one, all copyrights belong to Interplay and I have not changed a thing (except fix a few links and such)..
Link: Official Fallout Tactics

News for Friday, July 23, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 22:45

Our subdomain IanOut have updated their page with some new info and a spanking new design. So get on over and have a looksie.
Link: IanOut

Posted by Odin - at 22:20

Pete Hines (PR Bethesda) decided to post a small explanation to his "We're not going to suddenly do a top-down isometric Baldur's Gate-style game, because that's not what we do well" statement in a thread on the morrowind forums. Here's what he said:

Sure, that was a phone interview and he slightly misquoted me. What I said was, "I don't know if we'd suddenly..."

All the other interviews I've done were by email.

It's too early to say because it's too early to say. Nothing's been decided. Sure we have intentions and ideas, but nothing firm yet. There are certainly things we fully INTEND to do, and I could simply and easily answer those questions, but since no team has sat down and decided yet for sure, then it doesn't make sense to give definite answers, even if it's as simple and fundamental as the SPECIAL system.
So again he stresses the fact that nothing has been decided, what did they originally plan then ?
Link: Thread in morrowind forums

News for Thursday, July 22, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 20:11

There's a new Fallout project in the works, this one is called Fan Fallout and here are some info:

Demo Features:

- An involved story set 20 years after the ending of Fallout 2
- A new city named Estes, brimming with the faithful Fallout style
- The ability to play a completely new character, that is neither the Vault Dweller or a descendant of
- Numerous original side-quests and NPCs
- Immense freedom in the gameworld with multiple quest solutions
- Constant and detailed role-playing potential
- The famous S.P.E.C.I.A.L system left intact, as well as traits and perks
- Detailed and exciting joinable NPCs
- New and impressive voice acting
- Use of existing Fallout graphics as well as additional new art and sprites
- At least two city maps and two wasteland locations
- At least one FedEx quest
Link: Fan Fallout

Posted by Odin - at 17:30

The winner to the Be in the Fall feature on RPGDot has been announced, and the end of this feature. I can't really tell who's the winner, but get on over and read some of the good entries..

News for Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 13:10

I'll be doing some phpBB upgrading now, so if you get any error messages that's the reason. Hopefully it won't take more than 15-20 minutes, but it could take longer..

Edit: Done, should be ok now..

News for Monday, July 19, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 20:58

Mr.Teatime informed me of another Pete Hines interview, man these are getting famous aren't they. This time around it's CVG that has spoken to Pete and he dances like he usually does:

CVG: What's impressed you most about the Fallout series and, going forward, will this or these things still remain a core part of the third in the series?
Hines: There are a number of things that stand out. Fallout had a great setting: the environments, tone, story, characters, and so on. The role-playing aspect and the SPECIAL system were terrific. From a technical standpoint, it had great animation, voice work, lip-synching, etc. So there were a lot of elements that went into making it the memorable title it was. Our plan is to bring as much of that into Fallout 3 as possible.

CVG: And how do you foresee such features combining with Bethesda's strengths as a developer?
Hines: Well, we do RPGs. That's our genre, that's what we play, that's what we know. So there's no question that what we're interested in making is a role-playing game. In addition, our Elder Scrolls games are open-ended, offer the player lots of options to play the game as they choose... Things like that. I think those qualities are consistent with those in Fallout
Other than that it's the usual "cannot talk about specifics yet" answers..
Link: [url=]CVG Talks to Pete[/url]

News for Sunday, July 18, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 21:30

Akella who's making Metalheart have uploaded some new screenshots of the game and what looks like the cover for the game:

Looking good, looking good...
Link: Metalheart homepage

Posted by Odin - at 14:45

There is a new Pete Hines (PR Bethesda) interview on the net, this time around it's Gamesplanet that got the "scoop". Here's a couple of the questions:

Q: So, Bethesda bought the rights to develop Fallout 3. A lot of fans are worried that Bethesda won’t stay true to the key elements of Fallout i.e. the isometric perspective and the S.P.E.C.I.A.L.-system. There’s even a fan that started a petition. Does Bethesda feel it’s important to stay true to Fallout or are they just looking to deliver great game?
A: I don't think we could make a great game without staying true to Fallout. We're in the early stages of defining what exactly the game is going to look like and play like, which is why we really can't answer specific questions on what we will or won't do. At this stage, we're really just getting started.

Q: Fallout 2 was rated 15+ (not for immature audience) - will this trend continue with Fallout 3?
A: It's going to be a mature game, that's always been the plan.

Q: Are there plans to make Fallout 3 as mod-friendly as Morrowind?
A: Too early to say. Personally, I hope so. That would definitely be cool.
There are some more questions to read,so get on over and read them here.
Thanks goes out to Johan 'Wolf' Ronsse for informing me!

News for Saturday, July 17, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 1:32

Due to the amount of traffic we've had lately and the fact that several other sites on our server has gotten more traffic also, I've put up a static index page to take off some of the load.
Hence voting on the poll will not work, this will hopefully we fix fixed by next week.

Posted by Odin - at 1:27

Wild_qwerty from the Mutants Rising have made a new tutorial, this time around it's how to create those FRMs. What are FRMs?:

This is a basic tutorial on how to make a new FRM for a critter in Fallout 2. Though this tutorial will explain the steps in taking a new critter from Fallout Tactics a lot will apply to creating new FRMs for critters in general.
Snazzy, good work guys!
Link: Creating FRMs Tutorial

News for Friday, July 16, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 11:56

Glowbewohner of informed us of a new project in the works, here's what tha man said:

Fallout unlimitted is a collection of Editors which can be used to create games with the look and feel of Fallout.
It is not a moding tool of any Kind, it is a tool to create completly independent games and utilizes it`s own isometric game engine writen in Visualbasic.
All included editors are equiped with graphical user interfaces to make them as easy to use as possible. The Editors elminiate the need to create scripts for dialogs or quests and the whole game packages are created without any usercreated scripts. Even users without any programming skills will be able to create their own fallout clones.

Fallout Zero is the first package to be developed with the unlimited system. The story takes place in germany and runs at the same time as fallout1. As in the beloved original fallout parts there will be a lot of post nuclear citys and locations to visit, villians to beat, hearts to conquer and the opportunity to rescue earth from the verge of destruction.
Link: Mini Game, Fallout Unlimited homepage

Posted by Odin - at 11:49

I got this little snibblet in my mailbox:

To all members at the great NMA i run a website dedicated to a spiecial game mode which has been played in Fallout Tactics. It is known as FOT:RPG. Basically the map is a town, in which you can pick many roles and 'act them out.' However popularity in this game mode has fallen and i was hoping you could help promote the site and the game mode... Im sure all the veterans at FOT:RPG would be greatful....

Heres the site link:
So go have a looksie..

Posted by Odin - at 11:13

RPGDot have updated their Be the Fall feature, we're now up to number 10. The winner of round 9 was Michael Ford Roberts (Mizkif), who will be a male Wasteland Warrior in The Fall. Here's the question of the day:

For this last week we have a creative task:

Wasteland Newscast

While travelling through the wastelands, Chip stumbled over what was an abandoned radio station. Fascinated at first, it turned into a major project for him. After months of work he finally got the equipment fixed and the station functional again. Ever since then Chip has been broadcasting the latest news and stories he can get hold of. He doesn't know if there's actually anyone out there listening, but he keeps sending nonetheless.

Your task for this week is to write down your idea of what one of these newscasts might be like. Come up with a few headlines and stories Chip may have encountered and is reporting. Keep it scandalous, entertaining, and post-apocalyptic. Style-wise it should be similar to the local news a radio station of your choice is airing. Not more than 200 words!

The most entertaining and in-character entry will win this round. We'll publish this last winner along with five outstanding entries next week.
Go here for more info..

News for Thursday, July 15, 2004

Posted by Pope Viper - at 21:36

Interplay files 8K, with the following:

Interplay Entertainment Corp. (the "Company") has reached agreement with AtariInteractive, Inc. and Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.("Vivendi") that will allowVivendi to resume North American distribution, pursuant to its pre-existingagreement with the Company, of certain Dungeons & Dragons games, includingBaldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II.
Link: Interplay 8K
Spotted at Raging Bull.

Posted by Brother None - at 16:47

Carsten Strehse of SSE, who we all remember both from the Fall and from his own dealings with the Fallout license, did an interview with the German Fallout/the Fall website Supermutant. RPGCodex translates:

SM: Does Bethesda have the potential to produce a true sequel to the previous Fallouts?

CS: In any case (-- Or maybe just "For sure!". Originally Carsten said "In jedem Fall" which is a german phrase to underline the faith in a certain thing and to make clear that there is no doubt whatsoever. --). The question is, will they go a purely commercial way or will they also try to implement content that isn't very popular amongst the masses, but true to the original series. As a gamer, I wish that they try to stay as close as possible to the original FO1.

SM: The american Fallout-Fans aren't very positive about the license deal with Bethesda. What do you think is the reason for that?

CS: The FO-Community is well know for being very critical. I don't believe there's a fanbase more loyal and direct. Of course, as a gamer I have concerns just like the fans. It would be truly sad if FO3 wouldn't be recognizable as a Fallout game. But as a designer I'm much more open to new things. I don't think that everything automatically gets worse as soon as you start thinking about changes. Maybe Bethesda manages to convince the fans of their (-- Bethesda's --) good ideas, which they will hopefully have. This is the only way for them to get the fans on their side.
Link: newspost on RPGCodex (full interview, translated
Link: interview in German on

Thanks Frankenstein

Posted by Brother None - at 16:42

In light of a lot of complaining about the negative reaction of the Fallout fanbase to Bethesda's vague announcements about their Fallout plans, I thought it a good idea to copy the venerable Saint Proverbius' words on the matter (thanks Teatime) into the news (hope you don't mind, Saint):

You know, the obvious thing is that so far, this has been a PR nightmare. Let's recap this thread's take on history to put it in perspective.

Interplay announced Fallout 3 after Bethesda passed over a check to them, which supposedly catches Bethesda with their pants down. I'm not even sure this is true because the press release I got was from Pete Hines himself rather than from Interplay. Pete Hines emailed several sites about this. If you even read the press release, it starts out with "Bethesda announces". Now, you can argue whether or not Interplay wanted this, but you really can't argue that it was Bethesda that did the announcement.

At this point, people start thinking about Morrowind and Pirates of the Caribbean, their two most recently released CRPGs. This tends to get a few people a little worried and they have some doubts about whether or not Bethesda will make a Fallout 3 similar to what Fallout and Fallout 2 were considering PotC and Morrowind are nothing like the Fallout CRPGs.

Bethesda then procedes to give three interviews with various big name sites about what's going on. In those interviews, you have snippets like, "We're not going to make a top down isometric game because that's not what we do best." and "We don't know if we're going to use SPECIAL or not." Right there, you remove a lot of doubts people had about what Bethesda is going to do with Fallout.

Fans react, and not just the vocal hardcore people that every wants to think this is. I've been around the Fallout community for years now - since 2001. I've never even seen a lot of these people, and they're reacting negatively. But the point is, these people reacted because those interviews basically confirmed their fears. Before those fears were confirmed, it was pretty much a wait and see thing for a lot of people. Some people reacted quickly and violently before this, but after the interviews, more people reacted because they had ammunition.

So, next up, you have Bethesda folks also reacting to the fans reacting, and that's not pretty at all either. That only fuels the fire of the fans that much more. Really, this kind of thing is not going to stop because the fans won't stop on their own. There's no hive mind governing them nor any control in place to stop the lot of them. Bethesda on the other hand could tell their people to keep a tighter lip on what their people are saying, because that's what's really fueling this right now.

In hindsight, Bethesda probably shouldn't have announced. We can say that maybe, just maybe Interplay forced them to announce. That's fine and dandy. It's possible given that Interplay needed something good to show it's shareholders. However, Pete Hines did give those interviews to people, as did Todd Howard. Those are clearly the fault of Bethesda. Interplay can't force them to give interviews.

Sure, people have reacted poorly to this, but that's to be expected considering the history of dealing with the Fallout franchise. It's been a dumping ground for quickie buck titles since the turn of the decade. However, Bethesda employee's reaction to the situation is very, very poor and hardly constructive. In fact, it's very destructive.

What I'm basically saying is this is a viscious cycle right now, and there's really no way to get one side to stop, the larger side with no controlling body in place to tell them to stop. Fallout fans won't stop, but the Bethesda people could stop themselves or be told to stop doing things like what triggered this news item. All that does is fuel resentment.
I'd like all of the newscomers to our site, people observing from others site as well as people joining up here, to keep the above in mind before judging us harshly. Opinions are welcome, but a lot of people have no real right to judge us as harshly as they have or state we're just plain wrong for reacting like we did. It's a big mess on both sides of the court, but the easiest way to fix this has always been on Bethesda's side.

Also, I'd like to add to Saint's thoughts that the assumption that the announcement of the Fallout license trade is Interplay's doing has to be pretty correct, as Interplay is a public company and can't keep such a deal a secret, since it's such "positive news" (notice how the stock's failing again now that the initial boost has died down). To announce that the game is "in pre-production" and to let very bad-sounding things about the game slip is all Bethesda's choice, tho'

Posted by Pope Viper - at 15:56

Gamingsource have also contacted Pete Hines (PR Bethesda) concerning the aquisition of the Fallout Franchise, and here's a snibblet:

Gamingsource: The Fallout series has a large fan following. Was this one of the main reasons for Bethesda confronting Interplay for the rights to the game or were there other reasons (such as a personal love for the series) which sparked the decision to ask for the rights?

Pete Hines: I think it was more about our internal discussions about what kind of game we thought we could do, and do really well. There are any number of available RPG licenses out there, as well as the opportunity to implement any number of our own original ideas, but at the end of the day we really wanted the chance to make Fallout 3, so that's what we're going to do.
Get the rest, here.
Thanks to DarkOne for spotting this.

Also, Game Source has a new domain:
Gaming Source has purchased and will soon begin developing Fallout Source, a new fansite for the new game, Fallout 3. If you are interested in getting in on the action and helping to work on this new fansite then please drop Rob a line.

Posted by Odin - at 14:49

Strange title for a news eh ? Well I thought that we needed to clarify what we, here at NMA, are saying by speaking out to Bethesda.

We at NMA (and alot of our followers) have the distinct impression that Bethesda aim to change our beloved Fallout to something it wasn't meant to be, which is something we grunt at. One thing to remember in all this is that alot of companies have earlier tried to change a known franchise and they have all failed, one example is the X-Com series.

A future Fallout 3 should have the following:

  • Isometric view (3D ala Silent Storm or 2D ala Fallout/Metalheart)
  • Turn Based Combat
  • The same setting
  • The same openness of the earlier games
  • A story that fits the setting/history
  • Dialogue Trees
Sure you might want to debate all this but believe me when I say that we have debated this over and over again here at NMA, check our forums for all those threads.

Other things to remember is that this is the time to change Bethesda's plans/ideas, later on it will be too late to do that.

I wish to stress that we, here at NMA, have no objections to Bethesda as a developer and do not think they suck (as many of you believe). But we do however reserve the right to be critical and judge them by their own words/actions.

Secondly a happy news, since the official site of Interplay is still down we decided to mirror the Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 official sites here on NMA. We have not changed a bit on these pages (except links) and remember that Interplay owns these pages, we're just mirroring them until IPLY can put them up themselves.

Posted by Brother None - at 12:04

Several of our posters pointed out that one of Bethesda's devs is working hard on the Something Awful forums, giving us the only thing that can calm us down, info on what the game would be like...oh wait, no he isn't:

Hardcore Fallout fans are already registering accounts on the Elder Scrolls forums for the sole purpose of telling us how much we suck, and that this is the worst decision in the history of the industry. Hooray!

I felt a little guilty posting this, knowing that ropekid was going to see it. I certainly understand his frustration, and I hope that we don't let him down.

To the folks asking us to not make Fallout just like Morrowind:
Gee, thanks. We never would've thought of that, had you not mentioned it. I was already writing up design docs that included entire plot lines about cliffracers; I guess maybe now I'll get rid of those, thanks to your quick thinking.

Edit: I tried to register an account at NMA to tell them how much we appreciate their support, but I never got the confirmation Email. Looks like their forums are down now, so no big loss I guess.[...]
I am desperately trying to keep up with everything being posted here, on the official forums, NMA, and a few other places. (I stopped reading RPG codex because it made my head hurt.)

I also need to find time to play through Fallout 2 now, which is a game I never got to. Don't know when the hell that's going to happen, as I'm a little behind on work as it is.

Edit: personal thought - I find it fascinating that so many people simply assume we're going to re-texture Morrowind, change a few lines of dialogue, and release a new game. Aside from the fact that I've already said we recognize that the Fallout world is one QUITE different from the Elder Scrolls, I know all too well where Morrowind fell short, and I assure you that we're quite capable of learning from it.[...]
Thanks for all the words of support, folks.

The SuperNerds are already demanding answers about how the game's going to play (they're clogging up my oh-so-pristine, military-state-run, official forums right now, with their fluids and diseases) and the fucking ink on the deal isn't even dry yet.

Based on the fact that I had to keep this secret, you can trust that even if I knew any details on the project, I wouldn't really be able to talk about them. I imagine at some point, we're going to be doing some hiring. I also imagine a lot of decisions are going to be made - some of which I have no doubt will piss people off.

I guess all I can say for now is that I really hope we can put together something that lives up to (realistic) expectations. I, for one, am very excited to have a chance to work on something that's so fundamentally different from Morrowind.
Yeah, you'd think the Gamespot interview would've calmed them down some, but now they're more angry than ever. NERD RAGE!
I'm guessing Bethesda's infamous "we listen to the fans" follows that age-old Interplay addition "as long as we agree with them". Can't take the heat? You shouldn't have bought the license then. Maybe the only reason we "Supernerds" are getting so worked up is because nobody is telling us anything?

And nobody be asinine enough to pretend that fans have the same responsibility towards devs in polite behaviour as vice versa.

Posted by Odin - at 2:05

Our very own host Telefragged decided to ask Pete Hines (you should know him by now) about Bethesda's plans for Fallout 3. Here's some bits:

Finger: The diehard Fallout fans are demanding that Fallout 3 take place from a top-down view and that its combat will be turn-based. I've read many comments that say it's not Fallout without these elements. What can you say to those fans right now to ease their minds?

Pete Hines: Until we show the game itself, nothing we say will ease their minds.

Finger: While you haven't announced any specific console platforms that Fallout 3 might be delivered on - nor even whether they'll be on the current- or next-generation consoles - we can probably guess it'll be next generation. What do you think of the rumors about these consoles and their power compared to the PCs of 2005? If you are developing for next-gen consoles, do you think you can deliver a "full" Fallout experience onto a console?

Pete Hines: I think future consoles are going to be insanely powerful. When looking at bringing a Fallout game to something like that, well, I don't think it's an issue. If you look at the original Fallout when it came out in 97, it was one of the most technically advanced RPGs of its day. It had the best animation, the best resolution, the best dialogue, and more. It's important that we accomplish the same things with Fallout 3.

Finger: Finally, is there anything you'd like to say to the legions of Fallout fans who aren't so sure about Bethesda taking the reins of the Fallout franchise?

Pete Hines: We're very serious about bringing Fallout back to the forefront of RPGs in a major way.
Right so what did we learn, erm...nothing really.
Link: Telefragged interviews Pete Hines

News for Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 20:48

The guys working on the post apocalyptic Half-Life mod called The Wastes have updated their site with some new location screenies, here are some:

Looks good..
Link: The Wastes homepage

Posted by Odin - at 20:34

The post apocalyptic BF1942 mod called Dead Cities have been updated to version 1.2, here's some of the things that have been fixed:

- Scoreboard fixed!
- Parachute bug fixed!
- Easy installer!
- Many different weapon tweaks. No more "impotent weapons." Just about everything has been given a face lift.
- Vehicle overhauls have been done as well.
- Various little art bugs have also been squashed. It's easier to see map locations now, and various HUD art has been fixed.
Sounds good, I'm only ashamed that we overlooked this news by a month..
Link: Dead Cities homepage, Gamershell download link, Fileplanet download link...

Posted by Brother None - at 19:28

The infamous Tycho of the PA duo jotted down his thoughts on the recent Fallout 3 developments to go along with their latest comic:

As far as whether or not I think the glory days of Fallout are back, would ever be back, that is not something I expect out of this new series - and that's not an insult. The original games strike me as such oddities that I have a hard time believing they ever existed, even in retrospect. I think of Fallout as a wonderful accident of history, not some endlessly refreshed fountain, I don't believe that The Fallout Spirit projects from some eternal, unsullied coordinate in the heart of man. The SPECIAL system, that old warhorse, and the post apocalyptic yet somehow naive world they baked at Black Isle is to me emblematic of a different age of PC game development, epitomized in Planescape - and it's no coincidence that both of these games emerged from the same development house.
Link: rant on Penny Arcade

Posted by Brother None - at 18:21

During the recent chaos, we've all been forgetting one essential thing: the Fallout license is not the SPECIAL license, just because someone has the right to use Fallout, doesn't mean he actually has the right to use SPECIAL. A bit concerned, we approached Bethesda and asked them some questions. While they could not answer everything, they did give us this:

Q: Have you purchased the right to use SPECIAL for any and all Fallout games from Interplay?
A: yes, we have full rights to SPECIAL.
I want to avoid too much crazy speculation here, but remember that SPECIAL is completely seperate from Fallout. If they bought it alongside Fallout, Interplay will have probably charged for that priviledge too. And since they're willing to pay for it, it's very like they'll use it.

Posted by Odin - at 4:43

We've updated the NMA's Fallout 3 index page with all the new interview and links, so if you want a quick overview of the latest happenings to Fallout 3 go there.
Link: Fallout 3@NMA

Posted by Brother None - at 3:42

Gamespot managed to get more interesting stuff out of Bethesda's Todd Howard than most gaming sites did in their short Q&A about Fallout 3. A few important bits:

GS: Was it just the Fallout brand that attracted you, or are you a fan of the series itself? Have you played either of the first two games?

TH: I've played the first two many times, but only dabbled with Tactics and Brotherhood of Steel. What I really love about the first two is the overall atmosphere, tone, and role-playing. Those two games really let me choose to play a certain character--and the level of immersion was outstanding. I was that guy on the screen wandering the wastelands trying to survive and helping humanity survive. And you could play it so many times, and in so many different ways. The character system and the choices you could make were fantastic.
GS: Will Interplay's retention of "all online gaming rights for the Fallout franchise" affect whether or not Fallout 3 has an online component?

TH: No, they only keep rights for a persistent online massively multiplayer game. We could still have a multiplayer or online component to our titles.
GS: Will Bethesda's Fallout 3 retain any elements of the "Van Buren" game that was in development at Black Isle Studios? Reports are it was nearly complete.

TH: No, we're going to start fresh.
GS: Do you have any plans to involve any former Black Isle Studios developers in the game's development?

TH: No firm plans, but anything's possible at this stage.
GS: Morrowind was a first-person, real-time action-RPG. Fallout and its sequel were isometric-view, third-person turn-based RPGs. What will Fallout 3 be?

TH: To early to say, we're looking at many options.

GS: Fallout had many unique elements for an RPG, including its extensive (and iconic) perk system and darkly comic tone. Will those be present in the sequel?

TH: Oh yes. Most definitely. "Bloody Mess" is the best perk ever, where your enemies die in ultra-violent ways.
GS: Fallout is one of the most beloved franchises of all time--are you worried about meeting gamers' high expectations?

TH: I worry about meeting our own expectations. We take this stuff as serious as anyone and are more critical of what we do than the fans. We're very careful in how we handle franchises. I think people can look at how we've treated the Elder Scrolls and know that we'll give the same care to Fallout. We pride ourselves in keeping franchises relevant and bringing something fresh to the market with each game. That being said, I'm sure there's a vocal minority that wants to kill us for even attempting to do it--but they wanted to kill Peter Jackson too, so you have to ignore that and just do something great that you'd love to play.
GS: There is some concern in the PC gaming community that if Fallout 3 is developed for both PC and consoles, it won't have the same depth as other PC RPGs. What can you say to allay their fears?

TH: Play Morrowind on PC, and then play it on Xbox. Anyone who says a console game can't have depth hasn't played enough of them. The platform is 100 percent irrelevant.
It started out good to begin with, but bethesda judging itself harder than the fanbase would? Console having the same depth as PC games? Also, I have to point out that Elder Scrolls is their own franchise, so that's hardly relevant to how they'll treat Fallout

Link: Q&A on Gamespot

Thanks kumquatq3

Posted by Odin - at 3:00

RPGVault also took some time to talk to Pete Hines (Bethesda's Head PR guy), they asked when the deal came about and why Bethesda was interested in the license, here's what the man said:

Fallout is something we've talked about internally for a long time. I'm pretty sure we made the initial approach. I don't remember when. I believe it was something we talked about with our president, Vlatko, at one point, who probably made the initial contact. Again, it's something that has been brought up internally, every now and then, for a long time.

We're big fans of the Fallout franchise and think it's a good fit for our skills and what we do well. Simply put, we think we can make a great Fallout 3 that lots and lots of people will want to buy.
Being fans doesn't mean you can do it justice, but we'll see tho won't we..
Link: RPGVault talks to Pete

Posted by Odin - at 2:54

We here at NMA contacted Pete Hines, Bethesda's PR honcho, and asked some questions about this Fallout 3 they're making, but got the regular PR dance:

We certainly have ideas, but nothing concrete. The only reason we made this announcement was to announce the deal. We had no intentions to talk about specifics because we're not ready to do that yet, and to do so now would be fruitless. We have a lot of work to do and things to accomplish before we start talking to Fallout fans and the gaming public about the game itself.

We have some ideas. We have folks here that have been thinking about and talking about it, some longer than others. But, we're not announcing something we've been working on for two years. We're simply announcing a licensing deal that was recently signed.

It will be a while before we start talking about the game. It should give folks plenty of time to calm down a little and stop killing us and what it is they think we're doing before we've even gotten started.

Posted by Roshambo - at 1:23

Apparently a lot of people are interested in a Fallout CRPG or are still left wondering how Bethesda will treat the license.

Now that Slashdot has a news item about this, and we're one of the top Fallout sites, we're naturally going to have a bit of intermittent downtime as the server tries to cope with the traffic.

My suggestion: Unless you're beating the naive like little fast food chefs who think they know game design because "x feature is {"Kewl"? My native language is retard.} and the wave of the future!", keep tabs on the news during off-peak hours. Then there will be plenty of amusing material to read. Smile

News for Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 22:56

Our very own Rosh have posted a nice summary of this whole Bethesda doing Fallout 3, he puts it nicely and gently for all you devs out there:

It's funny that some morons try to take this "you're just trashing Bethesda" route. That is really just a sad plea for attention by someone who desperately wants some relevance to the discussion and use some trolling method to achieve such (or really haven't read a damn thing and posted their own hallucinogenic-induced version of events), as they are mentally unable to comprehend that we're commenting on the fact that Fallout and Morrowind are leagues apart in design. I'm not talking good or bad here. The design, on so many levels, is extremely different. While I could imagine a TES game that was developed like Fallout, it wouldn't be TES. The same could be said about Fallout being made into an action game...well, we've seen FOT and F:POS.

Does Bethesda need to try for strike three, where the franchise is likely completely killed off because Fallout now resembles Morrowind, is no longer the CRPG that they expected from the title name, and the Morrowind fans would rather have Morrowind? What Pete said has a lot of more substance than the vague "It won't be Morrowind with guns" claim another Bethesda person made. I've heard enough "It will be Fallout, don't worry"

Give us the truth instead of the vague crap, Bethesda. Why did you buy the license, when it wasn't something you seem to prefer in development? Are you intending on keeping to Fallout's style, or should we just stop bothering to cover up this next example of "developers too naive for their own good who try to change a formula from what the fans like". Ultima 8 wasn't too far ago, folks, and neither was Ultima IX. Neither were the examples in the X-COM series as well.

If it was to make a quick buck, you might get a few sales from the more curious Fallout and TES fans, but if you haven't paid attention to the Fallout license lately, you're in a world of hurt if that's so. Fallout fans still remember FOT and F:POS. If you're going to try and interest them with the same tactic, or try to bring in "new blood", we've already seen what happens and it isn't too impressive, thank you. You would have probably saved yourself a lot of money by making a post-apocalyptic world of your own than raise the suspicions of everyone who has played the CRPGs with their eyes open and a good sense of game design.

Hmmm, notice why so many news sites picked up quickly upon this? It's because people do want Fo3, but they don't want a mere Morrowind mod, or anything of the similar. They are expecting the next Fallout CRPG, and it's not just lame easter eggs (Monty Python jokes were lame in the second one, for class in easter eggs, check out the first game instead), a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and being able to kill people that makes up Fallout. Fallout's design is distinctive and people enjoy it for what it is, they aren't like the Final Fantasy kiddies that will gobble up every release with the name in the title. Many of the news sites, including HomeLAN, remember the bullshit that was shoveled with F:POS by the devs.

I could easily name a plethora of design additions that would improve the Fallout world, including making the world interactivity more like Arcanum's, but none that would so drastically affect the Fallout franchise like changing the core aspects of the game. TB combat - the character system depends upon this, as does the playstyle and the point of calling it a CRPG; the isometric or maybe an iso-locking/adjustable viewpoint, to preserve the graphical pulpish feel to the game; the SPECIAL system, which is integral to the Fallout universe as anything; the fact that Fallout is a CRPG, not an action dungeon crawler like Morrowind. When I say "CRPG", I don't mean a publisher or game store's idiotic "definition" of increasing stats. I mean like a P&P RPG, as was intended.
(Hell, even those responsible for True Crime have a load of bullshit on the back of their box. Spot the funny, when the "RPG-style" is by playing a mini-game and getting a prize...just like most of every other action game out there.)

It's not just a setting to throw around, Fallout CRPG implies many things, and if you think I'm bad, at least I am polite enough to point out how someone has or might have their head up their ass.

The ball's now in your court, Bethesda.
Well Bethesda, do you step up and explain what the master plan is or not ?
Link: Forum Thread@NMA

Posted by Odin - at 18:53

Another Bethesda dev speaks on the Elder Scrolls forums and here's what he said:

Actually the press release was announcing that Bethesda had secured the rights to create Fallout 3 and subsequent sequels. The press release does not announce the game nor any specifics about it -- it's a business announcement. And it had to be made, because it is important and affects more than one company.

This information is all brand-new. It's something that only became known to many of us at Bethesda a couple weeks ago, and only became official last week. We have also been very busy working on non-Fallout related projects. Any thought that has gone into what a Fallout 3 developed by Bethesda Softworks is minimal at best, and it is going to be quite some time before you hear anything else about it, because quite frankly we haven't even had a CHANCE to think much about what we're going to do with this new franchise.

Anything that's said about the game now -- features, game systems, camera style, gameplay style, platforms, etc. -- is 100% speculation. NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE. So have patience. As soon as we know more and are prepared to make a detailed unveiling, we will let you know. But don't be surprised if that day is a ways off.
Right, still... LISTEN TO US!
Link: Forum thread

Posted by Odin - at 16:32

Pete Hines (Bethesda's PR honcho) have talked more about Fallout 3 and Bethesda's plan for it. This time he talked to GameGestapo and here's some Q&A's:

Q. Is the SPECIAL system going to remain intact? What changes are planned?
A. Again, too early, although I will say that as a general rule we plan to remain as true and faithful as possible to what made Fallout such a great and memorable experience.

Q. While I was overjoyed to hear that Fallout 3 is being given a second lease on life, I am curious about your target ESRB rating. Many gamers still remember that Morrowind was developed as a Teen rated sequel to a historically Mature series, and there is a growing concern that you may do the same to Fallout. Considering that the Fallout franchise has been mature themed in the extreme, what are currently your plans for the game as far as content (ESRB) is concerned?
A. Right now we aren't prepared to talk about specifics. I wouldn't worry about the ESRB thing.
Link: Pete talks to GameGestapo

Posted by Pope Viper - at 6:06

IGN also grabbed ahold of Pete Hines (PR Bethesda) and asked some questions regarding their upcoming Fallout 3 project and here's a quote:

IGNPC: Can we expect something similar to the work done on Morrowind, in terms of that style of game experience?

Pete Hines: Again, it's early to say, but it wouldn't be a leap of faith to say that we plan to use technologies in development otherwise. You could make some fairly safe leaps of faith that it would be similar in style. We're not going to go away from what it is that we do best. We're not going to suddenly do a top-down isometric Baldur's Gate-style game, because that's not what we do well.
This does not bode well for the Fallout we all know and love.
Link: IGN Interview
Thanks to RPG Codex.

Posted by Odin - at 4:44

The recent news about Fallout 3 being developed at Bethesda and the fact that what Peter Hines have posted doesn't actually comfort us, someone started a Fallout 3 petition and here's what it's all about:

We, the real Fallout fans, would like Bethesda to make Fallout 3 properly, i.e keep the key elements such as:

-Isometric view
-Turn based combat
-S.P.E.C.I.A.L system

and NOT make Fallout 3 into an FPS released on consoles.
So git on over and now..
Link: Fallout 3 petition

Posted by Odin - at 3:43

Gamespy also contacted Pete Hines (Bethesda Softworks Public Relations head) regarding the latest news that Bethesda is going to develop Fallout 3. Here's a snibblet:

GameSpy: Since you now have the rights for the franchise on console, is Fallout 3 also coming to consoles?
Pete Hines: Our intent is to develop and publish the game for a number of platforms.

GameSpy: So are you working with the previous Interplay "Van Buren" assets and developers, or are you starting from scratch with a new engine and assets?
Pete Hines: Too early to talk about that kind of thing.

GameSpy: Finally, will Fallout 3 be from a first- or third-person perspective like the Morrowind series, or isometric, like its predecessors?
Pete Hines: Too early to say, but I imagine it'll probably lean towards using technology that we're developing.
Ack! Too early to say when it's a fundamental thing and multiple platforms ?!?!
Link: Gamespy - Fo3 interview

Posted by Odin - at 3:22

Some of our worries regarding Bethesda doing a future Fallout game might have been satisfied both in the Bethesda forum and the Gone Gold forum. Gavin Carter (Associate Producer at Bethesda) posted this:

Just a few things in general -

1. We won't be talking about any specifics any time soon. We're in early pre-production, which means we're doing more talking than anything else. I'm sorry, I can't even hazard a guess as to when we might begin talking about it.

2. Right now we're not opening a new forum. You should feel free to talk about the game and your ideas in here and in Community Discussion. We usually lock threads around 200-250 posts, but we're going to let this one go a while longer. Please don't throw a fit when it does get locked, as very long threads can slow down the database.

3. We're not making Morrowind with guns People who think we will never progress beyond Morrowind are going to be in for one hell of a wake-up call.
I hope I can say puh... Still doesn't confirm TB/Isometric view tho...
In the meantime, the people of Bethesda are more than welcome to use our Fallout 3 forum to gather and discuss ideas.
Link: Bethesda forum thread, Gone Gold forum thread.

Posted by Odin - at 2:20

Briosafreak informed me that a Bethesda developer named Gary Noonan (Graphics guy) posted his 3 cents on this whole ordeal and here's what he said:

Being a developer at Bethesda, I am also a big Fallout fan. I played all of the titles from FO1 to FOBOS. Not so much a fan of FOBOs or FOT, but I did play them through. To this day, FO1 is still in my top 5 fav games, not just RPGs. The campy humor, the grotesque action, and the integrated pop culture, as well as Pip Boy (can't leave THAT out!) are what allow FO to stand out from other titles. I agree, without these, it is simply NOT FO.

Now, the fact is, this news is just that.... NEWS. I have known about this for some time now, and I have been excited about it since the deal was still in the making. I AM a fan of FO. Who better to have working on a game than a FAN.... someone who knows the game, knows what it's about, knows the mood, knows the setting and atmosphere. Now, as a new development even here in the office, it's still quite a welcoming shock and we are ALL eager to be a part of it. I can't put into words how much I am dying to be a part of it.

So, for all the existing Tes fans, welcome the FO fans. Everyone has their opinions about titles and developers.

For the FO fans joining us, give it a chance. Everyone (well, I really speak for myself) here is excited about this opportunity and it is talked about quite a bit.

And for all, let's keep it cool. As everyone who has been here for a long enough period of time knows, we developers listen to what the fans have to say. The forums are our link to hearing your thoughts and input on aspects of the titles.
So keep it isometric and with TB combat and it'll all be fine..
Link: Bethesda dev talks about Fo3

Posted by Odin - at 2:00

HomeLAN Fed got a "interview" with Pete Hines (Bethesda Softworks PR head) about the recent Fallout 3 news:

HomeLAN - How much input will Interplay have in the development of Fallout 3? Can they say "yes" or "no" to things like game design, story, etc?
Pete Hines - We have complete creative control over the development of the game.

HomeLAN - Will any team members from the previous Fallout games be involved in Fallout 3?
Pete Hines - Too early to talk about stuff like that.

HomeLAN - Ok. Final question..has development of Fallout 3 actually begun and can you give us any idea of a release date?
Pete Hines - I'll take the last one first. WAY too early to talk release dates. Yeah, we've started pre-production on Fallout 3 development.
Link: HomeLAN Fed interviews Bethesda about Fo3
Thanks goes out to Mr. Teatime for informing us..

News for Monday, July 12, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 23:32

Interplay announced today that they have made a deal with game developer Bethesda Softworks, who are best known for the Elder Scroll games, to develop and publish Fallout 3 and any future Fallout sequels on PC, console or handhelds. Here is the full announcement from Yahoo:

IRVINE, Calif., July 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Interplay Entertainment Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board: IPLY - News) today reported it has entered into a licensing agreement that will allow Bethesda Softworks to develop and publish Fallout 3, a sequel to the highly popular Fallout role-playing game franchise. The deal awards Bethesda exclusive worldwide rights to publish the title for PC, console, and handhelds with the rights to develop and publish future sequels. Interplay retains all online gaming rights for the Fallout franchise, as well as ownership of the Fallout intellectual property. The company announced last month its intent to enter into Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming with titles including Fallout.

Commenting on the announcement, Interplay Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Herve Caen said, "This is a good agreement for both companies and for gamers. Although we had a high level of interest in licensing Fallout among several parties, we are most impressed by Bethesda's execution of role-playing titles. Bethesda is an ideal steward of the Fallout franchise."

"We're extremely excited about this opportunity and what it means both for Bethesda and for Fallout fans around the world," said Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks. "Fallout is one of the great RPG franchises. Millions of Fallout games have been sold worldwide, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of a Fallout 3 title.
Link: news on Yahoo
Bethesda rapsheet on mobygames

Thanks orionquest

Posted by Brother None - at 16:32

Don Reba posted a translation of a Stalker Q&A chat from on A bit:

Q: Personally, I am currently most interested in whether there will be some kind of demo version, or when there will be the release, after all.
A: Unfortunately, there will be no demo. We simply have no time to make it right now. We are working on the game. About the deadline, we have not made any changes - autumn 2004. It is possible that testing will take up some more time, but everything is complicated here.

A: The game is approximately 86.456 percent ready.
Link: thread on forum

Spotted at bluesnews

News for Saturday, July 10, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 3:42

One of the notorius shareholders at the Raging Bull forums, frymuchan, has gotten word from Luke Haas that there might be some news this week (probably next week) about IPLY. Here's what he posted:

Luke Haase had told me to expect some news this week. I'm frustrated that he told me that and again there is no word from Interplay or any credible rumors from ongling gaming sites. I've been trying to get back ahold of Luke, but have been unsuccessful so far. This waiting is becoming maddening.
Waiting? Try waiting for Fallout 3....
Link: Raging Bull forum thread

News for Friday, July 9, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 14:26 have posted an article about the upcoming fall of IPLY and Acclaim, there's not alot of new info but here's a quote:

Things aren't looking good for two of the oldest names in the industry at the moment. Interplay's problems are well-publicised, and the demise of the publisher has looked inevitable since Titus began stripping off the valuable assets of the company some years ago - although nobody quite expected the bizarre turn of events which saw CEO Herve Caen claiming that building a Fallout MMORPG was going to turn the firm's fortunes around. That his frankly mind-boggling announcement came in the same fortnight that saw both Ultima X: Odyssey and Warhammer Online being cancelled only added to the surreal nature of the claim. Nobody is happy to see a one-time standard-bearer such as Interplay in such deep trouble, but Caen does at least seem determined to keep entertaining the audience until the fat lady sings.
Cheers to Briosafreak for informing me..
Link: How the mighty Fall

Posted by Odin - at 13:05

Our latest Fallout Developers Profile is Charles Deenen who worked on the audio aspect of Fallout 1,2 and Tactics. Here's a quote:

How was it to be a part of the Fallout team?

Tim (the lead programmer and producer) was a great person to work with. I think he was one of the only producers at interplay that really knew what he wanted to hear and see. I really like people who have a vision.
Hence the reason many of us want Troika to do a future Fallout title..
Link: Fallout Developers Profile - Charles Deenen

News for Thursday, July 8, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 18:41

We're reaching the end of RPGDot's Be in the Fall competition series, where each week you get a chance to place your own character in the fall. This week's question is pretty friggin' easy: This week we would like to know: what was used to generate power in Bartertown (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome)?

Link: Be in the Fall #9 on RPGDot

News for Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 16:48

A set of new "Behind the Game" movies are now up for grabs at several websites. Darryl Williams narrates this inside look at the upcoming Stalker game.

Link: Stalker movies on 3d gamers
Link: Stalker movies on Actiontrip
Link: Stalker movies at gengamers

Thanks to blues for the links

Posted by Odin - at 12:53

It's time for another Fallout Developers Profile and this time it's the man with the plan, the man with the art and the lead artist on Fallout 1 Leonard Boyarsky. Here's a quote:

If you could make any computer game that you wanted, which would it be and why?

I’m fortunate in that I’ve already had the opportunity to make whatever game I wanted to not just once, but twice in Fallout and Arcanum. At this stage in my career, I’d really love to have the opportunity to do another Fallout game, to be honest. Oh, and let’s not forget the politically correct answer: my dream game is my next one.
We also want you to do it !
Link: Fallout Developers Profile - Leonard Boyarsky

News for Monday, July 5, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 15:21

VDHP reported on two PA mods, one for UT2004, one for HL2.

The first is quasi-PA fun-stuff for Unreal Tournament 2004. You can find the award-winning (semi-finals of the Nvidia $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal Contest's Best FPS Mod) Clone Bandits over here.

The others is a mod in the works for HL2, and has more of that doomed PA feel we all know and love Check out Warriors of the Apocalypse over here

News for Friday, July 2, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 15:37

It's that time of the month again, time for the monthly MR press release. Here goes:

Well another month has rolled by all to quickly, and we seem to have crept closser to our goal of completing MR. The team is excited and eagar to get the work done. So here are some of the highlights for the month gone!

Whats happening at MR?
* A new structure and possibly name is in the works for the MR Team.
* We've completed a few new movies for the mod
* Over the next few monthly updates we will be releasing some of our custom moding tools to the public. These include an awesome web-based dialog editor created in house by Nightstalker and Trolle.
* Altrawave, our old PR guy has retired and was last seen walking out into the wastes with a mangy dog...
* SNorth has gone through another keyboard while cranking out dialog.
* Snake is also looking for some new custom music for the mod, so if you can help please post on MR forum.
* Oh and there was that other little thing. The demo should be released this month. Due to focussing on the demo's release we have put a temporary freeze on new memberships...

This months free give aways:
Spr2Frm: This little baby will convert your FOT sprites into FO2 critters. The current version only supports critters.
Link: MR Monthly release thread on NMA

Posted by Odin - at 14:10

It's time for a new Fallout Developers Profile and this time around it's another Van Buren/Fallout 3 developer. It's time for Chad 'Briareus' Nicholas and here's a snibblet:

What’s your favourite Fallout memory?

Getting a follower with a minigun to NOT shoot the player in the back. I had wanting that since working on Fallout 2. Josh jokingly mentioned shedding a tear after witnessing the non-event. I actually did.
Ah, the anger, the despair, the drama....
Link: Fallout Developers Profile - Chad 'Briareus' Nicholas

Posted by Odin - at 13:27

The famous Penny Arcade once again posted about Interplay and posted a new strip about it:

And Tycho also talks about the recent press release from IPLY:
Anyway, reading Interplay's press release it's easy to picture them writing their optimistic missive from the bottom of a dark well. The document makes it seems like they're trying to ride a massively multiplayer Fallout game out of debt, they'll hitch it up to us and we'll pull them out. I don't have an opinion on their nonexistent Fallout MMO, there's nothing to know. I do take issue with them swinging that license around like the solution to all their problems. I've heard things are finally looking up for them, though - they've begun hiring organisms they can pay only in garbage.
I've got a problem with a Fallout MMO, it just doesn't work.. A PA MMO on the other hand..
Link: Penny Arcade

News for Thursday, July 1, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 20:22

This has been up for some time on Bourgeoisie, but it seems they're having no luck finding extra graphic designers:

One of our best designers, namely Michael Daniels has gone on vacation to Germany. He did a great job during these two moths. You’ll see it for yourself on few screenshots which we’ll post soon enough. Wink
Michael specializes in designing advanced objects (characters among others).
We URGENTLY need someone to fit his place for the time being. Someone who has talent with character modeling/texturing. If You feel up to it, then MailMe. You would help us to create “Bourgeoisie” at least during the summer holidays (July and August).
Spread the word.

Link: Bourgeoisie

Posted by Brother None - at 0:08

RPG Vault put up their 5th dev diary. This time it's the turn of
Carsten Strehse to speak his mind, and he talks about the technical aspect and visual appearance of the Fall:

Along with the basic game mechanics, it is surely good quest design that keeps the RPG fan playing a game. In the long run, even the best graphics can't compensate for mistakes made during content creation. Embedding the tasks in the setting in a logical, understandable way, offering multiple solutions and steering clear of annoying inconsistencies contributes to the overall motivation. And it won't be very long anymore until you can see the result live in action.
Later, you can meet this character in a different location and find out whether he achieved what he intended to do or not. However, not everyone will actually meet this NPC in the first place as he will not settle down at that location if it took you too long to finish some other quest earlier in the game. Maybe you'll meet him for the first time as a successful publisher later in the game. This means that when there are two players talking about The Fall, it's not unlikely that one of them will have encountered some situations and characters the other didn't get to see, and vice versa.
They also have an exclusive screenshot and editor image.

Link: RPG Vault Dev diary #5

Spotted at VDHP