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News for Saturday, January 31, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 20:13

EDBIS is the latest to piss on Fbos, they gave it an overall score of 45% due to it being stupid, immature, unfunny and lots more:

The most compelling thing about Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is the question it raises: What the (*(#^*! was Interplay thinking?!
You got that right, next the verdict:
If youíre a Fallout fan, do yourself a favor and donít go within twenty feet of this game. If youíre an action-RPG fan, try a Dark Alliance game or Champions of Norrath instead. The game gets an ďMĒ rating, but itís the least mature game Iíve ever had the displeasure to play. Since Fallout 1 and 2 were the most mature games Iíve ever played, I am seriously displeased.
This one goes out to Chuckie and Chris P: NICE JOB!
Link: EDBIS Reviews Fbos
Spotted at RPGDot

Posted by Odin - at 1:00

Metacritic have posted an overview of the various reviews of Fbos on both Xbox and PS2. The average score for Fbos now is at 68 on PS2 and 71 on Xbox.
Link: Xbox reviews and PS2 reviews

Posted by Odin - at 0:57

Into Liquid Sky is the latest to review Fbos and they didn't like what they saw, here are some quotes:

.....this is exactly the same game you played 2 years ago in BG:DA. From the interface, to the traits/skills you learn, to the quest types, everything feels like it was just ripped from that game and given a new name to sell more copies.
And the judgement:
If you've never played a Fallout or hack-n-slash game before, don't start here. Go out and pick up the first two Fallout games for the PC, they are vastly superior and can be found together for around $10 (and if you're reading this, your computer can likely play them, the requirements are quite small), and the original Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is only $20. If you are a die-hard hack-n-slash fan, this might tide you over until the other games in the genre come out, but once you get those you'll likely never play through Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel again, so a rental would be best. In fact, I can't recommend buying this game to anyone, especially at full price. Maybe when it drops to the bargain bin, it would be worth picking up if you're in dire need of another hack-n-slash, but until then, rent or stay away entirely.
They gave it an overall score of D+, Haha, well execs at IPLY...NOW WHAT ?
Link: Fbos Review

News for Friday, January 30, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 18:30

I got word that Gary here is working on a Fallout book for the D20 Modern rules, well here's what he said himself:

Hi, my name is Gary Schultz, and I've been working on a Fallout book for the D20 Modern rules. Right now I've got around 48 pages of material, covering weapons, armor, drugs, items, a bestiary, and much more. If people are interested in seeing what I've done and want to throw me some feedback, I have a Yahoo group set up:

I can also be reached at
So for those of you interested in that, go on over..

Posted by Odin - at 18:26

EGMs review of Fbos can be seen here:

Thanks goes out to Arkhamresident for scanning these for me, I hope EGM don't mind us posting these.

Posted by Odin - at 1:34

Electronic Gaming Monthly is the latest to piss on Fbos, in their magazine nr 176 they reviewed Fbos and gave it a (ass)whooping 4.0/10. Here are some bits:

What a thermonuclear disappointment. To someone like me, who loved all three Fallout role-playing games on PC, this is a power fist to the face -- an insult, Brotherhood's setting has neither the bleak, epic feel of Fallout's post-apocolyptic Wasteland, nor any of its characteristic '50's retro-futurism. Its mutants and ghouls are merely monsters, not the irradiated subcastes of humanity they were in previous games. Worst of all, its gameplay offers nothing but rote combat, nearly devoid of strategy, story, or purpose.

What's left is a tedious trek through a vapid version of Mad Max. You'll waste your first three hours wandering and hunting vermin. If you make it through that, you'll graduate to boring fetch quests and more extermination missions. The plot improves eventually, but even so it'll seem dumbed down to Fallout fans, while newcomers unfamiliar with the series' story will dismiss it as derivative and campy.
I suspect that, because of financial problems, Interplay had to ship this baby half done. But half-cooked babies just aren't palatable, even in the Wasteland.
Ah, that brought a tear to my eye.
Thanks goes out to Arkhamresident for emailing me about this..

Posted by Odin - at 0:39

Well the first ever preview/review of Metalheart:RR has arrived and it's short, the writer has seen the beta version of Metalheart and written his impression of it. And here is his conclusion:

Even after such a quick look, it seems that the developers are keeping their promises so far and the game looks intriguing. Of course, I did not see the variety of implants, guns and other objects, and the plotline is a mystery still but there is a very solid core here.

If this trend continues, then in a few months time we will see a good game that will be worth several dozen hours spent playing it. As such, I wish the developers best of luck and hope for the timely release of Metalheart: Replicants Rampage.
Thanks to Chikitos of, they have also posted some new screenshots which I have uploaded to our Metalheart:RR gallery.
Link: Metalheart:RR beta review

News for Thursday, January 29, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 16:55

HomeLAN decided to interview Alexander Shcherbakov (pr at Akella) for more info about Metalheart: Replicants Rampage, and here's an interesting snibblet:

HomeLAN - How are the quests handled in Metalheart?

Alexander Shcherbakov - You got the storyline. Thatís the main part. Talk to somebody, do this, go there, think for yourself, get the information and lots of other things. All defined by the plot. But of you want to start the exploration of the gameís world, just to walk around, do the things, well, youíre welcome. For this case we have additional quests, made by quest generator. These quests are less sophisticated, more straightforward (itís obvious), but the variety is impressive. Quest generator can produce about 14.000 different quest, so just talk to appropriate person, get it and move on.
I'm still not sure how I feel about quest generators tho, especially if the quests are so similar then it would only lessen the joy of playing the game.
Link: Metalheart interview@HomeLAN

News for Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 20:57

Glowbewohner informed me that the official website for The Fall have been updated with some new characters and also a new Wallpaper.

Posted by Odin - at 17:56

I noticed that RPGDot reported of another Fbos review, this was is done by GamingWorldX. And this guy believes only the hardcore fans will buy this game, what?
The overall score was 6.5/10, here's the bottom line:

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is a competent game. It wonít win any awards, but itís a fun time- assuming youíre playing through with a friend. The combat and gameplay isnít as enjoyable or polished as Dark Alliance, but fans of the genre looking for a setting other than medieval fantasy should give this one a rental. I canít recommend a purchase to any but the biggest Fallout fans, however. Itís a damn shame, too, considering this is probably the last product weíll ever see with the Fallout name on it.
Erm..let me make a correction, the hardcore/biggest Fallout fans will NOT buy this title. Heh...Nice job on Fbos Team Chuck, no one seems to wanna buy it..

Link: review

News for Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 22:51

Pope Viper informed me that there is a new CRPG/Tradesim in the works, it's called ZoneTripper. Here's what the maker said on the DAC Forums:

right now im working on a CRPG/TradeSim called Badlands:ZoneTripper. Its nothing official yet, but i would like your comment on this. Alot of the game works right now, but there is some things that donīt. The world is the same as "Badlands"(My old game, still working on that too). Its the old post-war Europeand the player starts out in whats left of northen Germany/Polen, and tries to survive by trading or killing. Its kinda mix of old Elite and Wasteland, you will see what i mean. Right now im working on the questpart, and of course all the freaking graphics. The player will be able to save his/her character online. This game is nothing official yet, but i really want your feedback on the issue.
Looks promising!
Link: ZoneTripper

Posted by Odin - at 19:49

We've had some problems with the sendmail function lately, so that might mean that some of you who registered didn't get your email. If so email me and I'll fix it.

Also the avatar upload/URL upload problem is fixed, so now you guys should be able to upload those avatars.

Posted by Odin - at 18:54

The official web site for The Fall has been updated with 6 new screenshots, here are some of them:

And there are more in our The Fall section of our gallery.
Thanks goes out to Dunja (PR at Silver Style Entertainment) and papryk for informing me about this..

Posted by Odin - at 17:45

Yup, I'm in the pimping mood today. Gunslinger informed me of a thead in our forums where rad-X informs us of of the Fan Fiction section at Scotty the Great's Fallout Community, where you can upload your stuff..

Posted by Odin - at 17:39

Tsramina wanted me to pimp out his site called Ashford City, so take a look at that one (even if there's no content, but a spanking new forum)..

Posted by Odin - at 17:34

The first ever screenshots from the Fallout Yurop project has arrived, behold the wonders:

There have also arrived a new rendered image of a new character you might meet, I've uploaded them all to our new Fallout Yurop section in our galleries.
Thanks to Briosafreak for informing me about this update!

News for Monday, January 26, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 20:39

The all famous magazine called Maxim have also taken a look at Fbos and they seem to like it, because they gave it a 4 out of 5 stars:

Imagine a world teeming with ghouls, mutants, rogue computers, and mercenary scum (i.e., your office) set in a near-future, post-nuke wasteland that would make Mad Max soil his leathers, and youíve got yourself a premise for a delightful video game. Choose between mutant freak, obligatory hottie, or wizened badass, ignore the ordinary, top-down perspective, and navigate maze-like levels through nonstop action. Play consists mostly of stopping rival factions from their nefarious plans by blowing up giant rats and killer robots and collecting loot to upgrade your arsenal and armor. The deadly combination of shopping for new murder gear and completing missions of mass destruction make this game more addictive than caramel-coated OxyContin.
You know what, stick to gals Maxim!
Link: fbos@Maxim

Posted by Odin - at 17:17

Coach informed me that the Fallout: Wastes United mod is still being worked on, here's what he said:

I've updated the Wastes United site with some new screenshots for a couple maps.

Plus I set up some new forums for our site that are great for discussing the mod.

Now that we're running on my new server there wont be any more pop ups, other than from dottk, and there won't be any more bandwidth problems.

We were forced to take a little break because of school but we're back to work now that we have more free time so expect plenty more screenshots very soon.
Sounds good, but I still got a popup ad Very Happy
Link: Fallout: Wastes United

News for Saturday, January 24, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 21:18

Some people wanted to clear a few things up about the plot of VB. Shouldn't be anything earth shattering, but it explains some of the details more indepth and alleviates some of the "oh, this is just this-and-that game over again"-burdens:

The player more or less gets "jumped" by a bunch of robots while minding his own buisness at the start of the game. When the player comes to, he is in a strange prison with many other people. Your not some unique magical guy that these robots were hunting. Your just some John Doe character who gets caught up in things. Your guy is just another unlucky bastard the robots picked up. You don't have amnesia, so no Planescapey thing there either, though obviously you were blacked out for a bit.

Now the player starts to work on his escape plan, and right before his plan is complete the prison is attacked. This is not a "Unknown force rushes in to miraculously save the PC" situation. You *already* had things in hand; it's just that these dudes
happened to inter! fere with *you*. Furthermore, the people attacking the prison don't specifically care about you. Unlike in Lionheart, you aren't on the run from powerful opponents and you don't necessarily need the help in escaping - it just so happens that someone else beat you to it.

Once the attack has occurred, the PC's free to leave or stay.The prison's mainframe will eventually self-repair and start sending out retrieval bots to go grab any prisoners who wandered off (including you), but it's not a life-or-death situation. The prisons still busted up, so you can get out again if they drag you back. The robots coming after you are there just to remind you that there is a main plot. Meaning, eventually you might want to go see if you can stop these robots from coming after you or find out why they are grabbing people in the first place. Its not like they keep coming after you all game, or even most of it. So I hope you can see how its not like Lionheart or PS:T.

Although the story has familiar elements, extra care was taken to make it feel different with lots of cool twists. After all, the venerable Fallout started out as a simple "Retrieve the one artifact that will save us all" quest, which has been done to death in just about every fantasy game out there.

So the player is not "some special hero", nor is he being hunted by "evil forces" that are after him specifically, nor does he suffer from amnesia.

Posted by Odin - at 18:17

I just wanted to show my respect to a very dear friend of mine, who lost her mother today. There isn't much one can say about these kind of things except:

I'm sorry for your loss..

Atle 'Odin'

Posted by Odin - at 13:58

Reviews of Fbos is running wild these days eh? Well the next in line to post a review of Fbos is and this guy seems to be under the impression that we don't like it because the gameplay is different, allow me to laugh: HAHAHAHAA.ok, here's the "411", as they say:

Two headed cows, machine guns, playable undead, and more four letters words than a drunken sailor convention. And yet the game still manages to be fun and witty. A game Iíd recommend to just about anyone. Sure itís ugly. But ugly babies need the most love.
This has got to be one of the worst reviews I've seen, the guy loves the music, loves the controls and thinks the game has a 7/10 replayability. Jesus man, how old are you ?
Link: Fbos review@411Mania
Thanks to Mark for informing me about this!

Posted by Odin - at 13:25

Here's another batch of some Trinity art that Kaczor posted:

Snazzy, keep up the good work guys!
Spotted at VDHP

Posted by Odin - at 13:23

The Ground Zero team was contacted by Sword & Sorcery Studios, it seems the name Trinity was already taken and they were demanding that they change it. So:

So what do you think? It's not exactly sure, but probably we will have to change the name, and now I'm talking to You - everybody interested in the Trinity project. I'm announcing a contest for the best name for our project. Requirements: the name has to be catchy, easy to remember and international. What's the prize? Well, we can't offer much. But there will be a honorable entry with your name (or nick) in the game credits for sure (but don't expect cash), and you will take part in the Trinity's world as one of the important NPCs. I don't know if you'll like it or not, but thats all we can offer. The contest will last for 5 days, including Wednesday. We do not guarantee that the name which will win, will be used (but the prize is guaranteed). Simply, maybe we will be able keep the Trinity name.
Well there you have it, send your entries to
Spotted at VDHP

Posted by Odin - at 3:20

Another Fbos review is done this time around it's GamersHell and they evidently didn't like what they saw:

I wanted Fallout 3. I really, really wanted Fallout 3. In my opinion itís unfortunate that Interplay wanted to go with consoles and 3D instead of continuing what we all know kicked ass on the PC. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel isnít a bad game, but itís far from memorable. Itíll keep you entertained for a good 10-12 hours, but beyond unlocking harder difficulties thereís not much replay value. I think this is a game for those who thought Fallout was too hard, or too weird, but if you were a die-hard fan of the games, then a rental will be enough. Those simply looking for a new action game might like the game for its good arsenal of weapons and foul language, but in my opinion itís not a game worth owning.
So Andreas if it's not worth owning then why the gaming hell (pardon the pun!) did you give the game an overall rating of 7.4/10. That just doesn't make sense!
Link: Fbos review@GamersHell

News for Friday, January 23, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 19:18

Our beloved Krazikatt is also moving away from IPLY and on to greener fields, here's what she wrote in a forum thread in the Winter Wind forums:

I had to start a thread to tell everyone that I am leaving Interplay! My last day is next Tuesday and then I will be off to become Web Producer at Sammy Studios. EXCITING!

And I'm buying a new car! YAY! I've never had a new car before... I went to and I'm paying invoice for it and they are delivering it to my house... they're even taking my truck away at the same time (as a trade in)! They found the exact car I wanted and are shipping it down from San Francisco... and they are even financing me. CRAZY WHAT YOU CAN DO ONLINE THESE DAYS!

Anyhow, I'm excited. Oh yeah... I'm getting a little blue VW Golf GLS. w00t!
Good news Leather Godess, but I still say you would look better in my Audi TT Wink
Cheers to Briosafreak for emailing me this..

Posted by Odin - at 12:43

Spazmo from RPGCodex have posted a review article about the year 2003 and he of course mentioned Inertplay and Fallout:

Without any doubt, Interplay is King of the Shits for 2003. They've been fucking up a lot over the years, but they seem to have developed a chemical process for extracting the essence of fuck-ups from undistilled time and have taken a fatal dose this year.


Anyways, work on Van Buren grinded onwards. As the team started asking fans silly questions on the Interplay boards, hints started to emerge as to the nature of Van Buren. Add to that some concept art discovered at a BIS artist's personal site and J.E. Sawyer's constant tidbits and it wasn't long before it was common knowledge that Black Isle Studios was finally working on Fallout 3. Once again, development of the game was proceeding smoothly. Even if it might not please all the fans due to its plot, Fallout 3 was bound to make some money for Interplay.

But, of course, it was not to be. Any Fallout fan worth his salt really hates Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, known as "FOPOS" or "Fallout: Enforcer" in referece to the action spinoff that killed X-Com. But beyond FOBOS being horrible, there's an extra good reason to hate it:

It killed Fallout 3.
well there's more where that came from..
Link: 2003 in review@RPGCodex

News for Thursday, January 22, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 23:21

Well the lates review comes from Gaming Media and they give Fbos an overall score of 68%, which evidently gives it a silver medal in their! Here's a quote:

Why the Dťjŗ vu? Because Fallout: BOS when it comes down to itÖ is Baldurís Gate: Dark Alliance, with Fallout Skins. Yep thatís right, if you already played the hack Ďn slash fest that was known as BGDA you, in way, have already played this. The game basically recycles, the gameplay and graphics engine, and uses it to produce this latest Fallout title. You can even unequip your characterís amour had have them run around fighting in their underwear, just like in BGDA. This provided several minutes of entertainment when doing with this with the female character. However as fun as the Dark Alliance engine was, this came as a bit of a disappointment, we were expecting at the very lest, a modified version of the pervious Fallout games, or just something original. But after all the time spent on working on this, this is what we get?
Still the reviewer actually thinks we should want this, we the fans of the RPG Fallout!
Link: Fbos review@Gaming Media

Posted by Odin - at 9:47

The move is now complete for our site, they are still doing some stuff to the server so expect some slow responses for atleast 2-3 hours from now.

So far so good..

Posted by Odin - at 1:22

Well it's that time of the year, we're gearing up for a server change today at 7 MST. It will probably take around 2-3 hours, so expect some problems around that time.

The server change should fix alot of the problems we have been having on the forums, like threads being marked as read, logout does work etc..

News for Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 18:50

Our host Telefragged is the latest to try out Fbos and post their review of it, Finger actually does a good review but it still is baffling that he gave it an overall score of 66%:

Interplay's Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is an action/RPG title that seems like it's less than the sum of its parts. Not only is the action disjointed, but it's just a bit too much of a chore to bash your way through it. While the Fallout atmosphere is hit-and-miss, the voice acting really hurts the feel of the game. It's just not worth your gaming dollar, especially when the similar but superior Baldur's Gate: Dark Allaince 2 is already out in stores.
And there are some other good quotes in there too.
Link: Telefragged does Fbos

Posted by Roshambo - at 2:15

It seems that Derek Smart wasn't the only one who apparently went to a diploma mill. Oh, silly me. I forgot that a journalism degree and background research were both optional when doing a review. Or at least it is according to John Pippen.

[Fallout] caught on quickly with many gamers because of its use of intense profanity, violence, and the type of witty humor that would make an old lady cry.

The above says a lot for the journalistic skills of the reviewer.

It says: fertilizer.

While the review first starts out like a press release (almost like "Special Ed" Lewis), it later ends with a wonder of how the hell this fellow can make some of these claims while having little familiarity with the Fallout setting at all.

This is where Brotherhood really shines, yet at the same time greatly falters. The musical score to the game, set to the tunes of Slipknot, Skinlab, Society One, and the like are more than fitting for its truly dark, gritty setting. However, music is oddly placed most of the time left out completely, facing the player with numerous awkward silences that invariably add to the boredom. From the squeeks of oversized rodents to the howling of the deathclaws, these sounds are literally lifted directly from Dark Alliance.

While it's good that you can spot the more obvious flaws, don't quit Taco Bell just yet, John. You've got a long ways ahead of you.

Check out the rest of the article here, and I left some other good ones in there. But I have to add this bit of amentia-inducing comment of his:

Brotherhood of Steel retains the same spirit of its predecessors (though slightly toned-down), but offers a whole new gameplay experience altogether.

What? I thought it was just said to be a rip from BG:DA and that "you'd be better off saving your cash for Balder's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 or Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest."

Thanks again to jr. for pointing this out.

EDIT: Here's some general site fun.

games like this one:
Eternal Ring

News for Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 20:26

Seems DAC wasn't dead after all, the site is back up again...Here's what Killzig said:

It never happened

It was all just a bad dream, now go back to sleep children.
stay tuned for another episode of Glamour..erm..I mean DAC...

Posted by Odin - at 19:50

Penny-Arcade talks about Fbos in their latest update and here's what they said about it:

Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel, which is either a miserable piece of shit or okay, depending on who you ask. It made no friends among the largely PC oriented gamers that built the franchise for its "dumbed down" console action, but since the same things were said about Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and that game was great, so all by itself a break with tradition doesn't really convince me of anything. I haven't heard much good spoken of it, though - but any game with co-op can be enjoyed under the right circumstances, and it also has submachineguns, you know, which I'm sort of partial to.
Alrighty then....
Cheers to Staatz for emailing me about this!

Posted by Brother None - at 19:44

Kazcor of VDHP informed me of a eulogy for Black Isle Studios on Gamers with jobs. The author, while saddened by BIS' dissapearences, seems to be of the opinion that it is better for Fallout 3 that BIS dissapeared:

What it all comes down to is this: Fallout 3, if it is to be produced, deserves the full attention of a confident developer with a cohesive team and the well funded backing of a supportive publisher. As it stood when the axe finally fell, Black Isle Studios had none of those things.

I didn't just want to play Fallout 3. I wanted to play a great game that followed in the traditions of the previous two Fallouts. I don't know that Black Isle was capable of producing that.

(insert flame here)

Link: article on GwJ

Posted by Dan - at 18:04

Some of you might remember the little news item we had a while back about Wired's Vaporware contest.

Well, guess what? Enough people sent in e-mails for the game to be number two on the list:

Fallout 3 was supposed to be the sequel to the two highly regarded mutant shoot 'em ups that preceded it. Alas, publisher Interplay fired the entire development team at Black Isle Studios but neglected to tell anyone about it.

Despite it being widely known that the game is dead, the company continues to pretend the project is still alive and well.
Reader Damien Foletto said, "If Wired News has a dipstick maneuver of the year award, Interplay should get that one."
Well, alright the writer said Fallout 1 and 2 were mutant shoot em ups... But it still is nice to see Fallout 3 there.

Cheers for the heads up, JJ86.

Posted by Dan - at 15:47

The fine folks over at the 'Codex have a new interview about Metalheart, the new sci-fi cRPG from Akella:

3.) Previously, Akella has mainly made real time CRPGs. Can you tell us why you've decided to make a turn based game? What about turn based combat should people look forward to in this title? What does it add to the gameplay?

Why not? We also mostly produce Ďnavalí titles. But we have games like Axle Rage which is definetely not naval. Real-time is great, but we need diversity, new ways of developing our skills, our ideas. New experience. Doing the same thing over and over again is boring.

Turn-based combat in Metalheart is close to what can be called Ďclassic styleí in CRPGs. You know, APs and all that stuff. We are following the traditions of games like X-Com and Fallout. Classic and effective battle scheme.
It's a good read, so head on over there and read the rest.

Posted by Odin - at 0:43

We earlier posted about a new project called Phase:Exodus which was a new Post Apocalyptic game in the works by RussoBit-M, well they have been interviewed by RPGVault and here is a snibblet:

Jonric: What kind of combat system are you implementing, how important is it, and are there other forms of gameplay such as stealth, diplomacy or puzzle-solving?

Konstantin Kapustin: Phase: Exodus uses a type of turn-based combat system, and APARpS allows more characteristics, skills, more killing methods (quiet killing), different tactical techniques (like using shadows for camouflage, shelters, etc.) The battles in Exodus make up the largest part of the gameplay time, and fights for one individual's life or another's are often accompanied by bloody actions. Only tactics, calculations and some luck matter.

The tasks the player has to deal with can have different ways of solving them, for example, fighting or stealing something. A balance exists between simply using force and other ways. In most cases, there is another possible decision; you can, instead of killing somebody for some item, steal it, make it yourself, or buy it.
Interesting project, remember to look out for this one.
Link: Phase Exodus interview
Spotted at VoodooExtreme

Posted by Odin - at 0:03

Akella have posted the official webpage for Metalheart : Replicants Rampage and they have posted several new screenshots and concept art images, not alot new info but.. I also found some "hidden" ones this time too:

And there's more where those came came from..

News for Monday, January 19, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 23:33

Cardil (yes, really, Cardil, not Bobbin) made another Falllout 3 tribute wallpaper

Link: wallpaper

Posted by Odin - at 21:27

The Fallout Bos team have posted a little snibblet in the end credit of Fbos, here's what it said:

Thanks for the laughs and
Mr.Teatime brought this to our attention in a thread in our forum. I was hoping that someone could get ahold of a screenshot of this for me, so please send it along to me if you can do this.

Posted by Odin - at 16:53

Kaczor posted about a new Fallout Tactics mod in the works, it's from the makers of Awaken. This time around they are calling it Darkfall - this time it'll be more tactics than quest-style game, here's what DargH had to say about it:

Firstly I wanted to do action based on wartime, but poor soldier in rain of nuclear bombs will not have much to do, so I moved action time to 20-30 years after war. The world is still heavily contaminated. We start our campaign as mercenary. Our first job is to guard caravan, which gather remains of old world from wastelands. There is only one city, which survive the war - Forsayth. Peoples live there as they can, mainly in feudal way - as farmers and craftsmans.
As for the game, in general we start classical. Handful quests based on this city. Game will be divided on episodes and chapters and will be more tactical (but it doesn't mean, that it will be dumb hack n' slash). Yes, ladies and gentleman, from long time I wanted to do something tactical (it is Tactics after all and beside "Millennium" and "RealFT" there is nothing for FT smash up). It doesn't mean automatically that Darkfall will be as simple as Fallout: Tactics, but don't expect Awaken of it (I don't have much free time, as I have when working on Awaken - it took me about 1000 hours from my life + time of rest team members). Quests will be divorced and I'll try to mix Fallout and elements from Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Delta Force or Operation Flashpoint. I'll add to it small quests in Jagged Alliance 2 style. I want to create quests, which will make use from all skills. To say shortly, I want to create my own vision of Fallout: Tactics.

As to gameplay, combat will be based on Awaken's engine (a bit improved). Location: somewhere in USA.
Guns and items of course from Fallouts + some of new, real toys. We have currently about 60 small guns, 8 big guns, 6 energy, 15 melee, few unarmed, 7 throwing and few explosives.

I added, after hard work, sound improvement. Namely, every weapon will have different shot sound + burst will sound depending on amount of fired ammo.

We finished about 15% of the game. I just debugged firs episode (the most susceptible for bugs, because it's in Awaken, cRPG style) and I set about doing tactical missions.

I thought up that, it will be two endings and in fourth episode our PC will have opportunity to turn to good or evil path.
Alrighty then...
Link: Discussion at Shamo Forum (only in polish).

Posted by Brother None - at 16:21

psx2 reviewed Fallout:BoS and gave it a 7 out of 10 overall (highest 8 for sound, lowest 6.5 for controls). Here's what they had to say:

More focused on action than story progression and deep character development, Brotherhood of Steel comes dangerously close to being called a Fallout game in name only.


If Brotherhood of Steel can snare a few more people and get them interested in the PC games, so much the better. With the closure of Black Isle and the general thinning of the talent that went into creating the first couple games, thereís little reason to think that magic of those mid/late nineties PC classic will ever really be fully renewed, and as it stands, Brotherhood of Steel will probably be the last Fallout game kicked out under the Interplay banner, making it at least rental worthy. As such, itís a bit disappointing to know this is the seriesí swan song, but for fans and those looking to get a basic introduction to the series, this isnít a bad way to say goodbye. Just donít expect people to get all misty-eyed when they think of the series like they used to.

Link: PSX2 review

Metacritic also made note of a non-online review from Cheat Code Central Platinum. It was given a 7/10. They posted this bit:

A weekend rental. On the easy level it should last no more than 12 hours. Weapons, health, auto aiming and leveled-up attributes are featured prominently throughout the game and made very simple to access and acquire.

And last, ferrarimanf355 made a post on the Fallout:PoS forum about a review of Game Informer for both versions of Fallout:PoS. They gave both version 8/10, here's some bits:

What we're witnessing here, people, is the merging of two seperate groups of people: Fallout fans who will slit the throats of those who betray their franchise, and action/role-playing fans who would rather slay radioactive spiders than dragons.


...those who pick it up will enjoy it's campy appeal...


...strangely engrossing despite it's merely average show in many regards...

Link: post

Posted by Brother None - at 0:07

Deeko reviewed Fallout:BoS, and also concluded the game's damn unoriginal

The new style of gameplay, which is best described as Baldurís Gate: Post-Apocalypse, could have been interesting, but simply falls flat on itís ass in terms of overall quality and should be apprehended for identity theft.


Iím not oblivious to the fact that change is inevitable and I certainly wouldnít fight it. Weíve seen many game franchises change formats over the years and most of them have seen some success. Fallout: BoS is not one that I feel has not successfully achieved this goal and I really didnít find much within the game that I liked. Itís almost a crime to call the game Fallout, because it bears so little a resemblance to past titles. Sure, it was a big changeÖ but it was a big change that simply went wrong. The lack of a coherent and interesting storyline is perhaps the biggest issue one could have with the game, which is sad considering the hack and slash element is pretty fun. Iím not happy with the identity theft, either. Itís as if someone took Dark Alliance and created their own Fallout mod, forgetting to insert the trademark humor and capable plotline. With Baldurís Gate II on the horizon, I canít honestly say Iíd recommend this game. It has some fun moments, but in the end, Fallout is simply a bastardization of a series that maintains no sense of integrity to its original roots.
5.5 out of 10
Interplay really should put these reviews on the cover of BoS

Link: review

News for Sunday, January 18, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 23:37

Etoychest reviewed BoS, and burned it into the ground

If there was ever a game whose release was rife with controversy and predicated with disdain, it was Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. While perhaps unbeknownst to the general public, those entrenched in the battlefield of the gaming industry decided long before this game's release that it was to be the very embodiment of something vile, and it needed to be cast out in a funeral pyre like a scapegoat dying for the sins of the industry as a whole. Of course all of this is senseless babble, the calling card of the gaming zealot, but there is some conventional truth to be found here as well. The original Fallout titles were incredibly deep, open-ended PC role-playing games. However, while that series has been buried under a mound of red-tape half-truths, fans have been given a comparably shallow action RPG that shares little in common with the original games save for the title. It is fun, but it could have just as easily been called 'Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 20XX' for all that it has in common with the Fallout franchise. Brotherhood of Steel is is Baldur's Gate with guns.
And another rating article? If he hated it that much, why the 3 out of 5 score?

Link: article
Cheers to Pope_viper for the info.

Posted by Odin - at 13:08

For those of you who have followed the Fallout3d project you will remember that they said this project might end up being a licenced Fallout product. Here's what they said:

"The ball is already rolling, and it just gets bigger. Let's just say that there are alot more people and machinations going on behind the scenes I just cant let you in on... BUT what it could come down to is a full fledged licensed FALLOUT release, Ron Perlman AND Michael Dorn intact. Everyone just keep your fingers crossed."
After a little debate on the Dac forums MeatPoPsicKle clarified:
What I am approaching Interplay about is the license to the Fallout name. I believe Micro Forte did this for their Fallout Tactics release. Everyone is speculating about who should get the license, I figured it was about time someone knew just exactly what that entails. I am not trying to finish Fallout3. My game is a completely seperate entity. Since it is set fully within Fallout canon, and it does not take place in the timeline of any of their current or future releases (technically it is set in the past, since it takes place just after Fallout.), it could stand alone as a seperate Fallout title. I am finding out how much the use of the name Fallout and it's associated trademarks cost. I know how much it costs to license the Unreal engine for a release that technically is competition for Unreal. That is a set amount.
Spotted at RPGCodex

Posted by Odin - at 12:51

Kaczor informed me that he had posted some more Trinity concept art images:

Snazzy, Thanks Kaczor!

News for Saturday, January 17, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 21:07

Next Level Gaming is the latest in reviewing Fbos and this review is funny, the reviewer doesn't really give a judgement based on his lack of time:

Folks, this is probably the one Fallout game you want to think twice about. One of the reasons that I have reviewed this game so late is because I really wanted to give it as many chances as possible. I've had the review build as long as most of the other online sites, and I know I'm the last one to write about it. But I really like Interplay and have enjoyed many of their games. And for that, I wanted to take the extra time. But unfortunately there isn't enough time that would get me into Brotherhood of Steel. Especially with Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 right around the corner for the Xbox. And on the PS2, I can't think of anything else but Champions of Norrath because it's online. Fallout fans might want to rent this just for the storylines, but I really think it's worth waiting on this one.
Now where did that 68/100 score come from ?!
Link: Fbos Review@NLG
Spotted at RPGDot

Updated: In all fairness, after reading this review a second time it does seem like the reviewer hints about this game being bad and he tried and tried to like it due to the Fallout name and IPLY/BIS name on it..But still...68/100 ???

Posted by Odin - at 21:03

One of the latest gaming sites to review Fbos was GamesDomain, they talk about the profanity, how braindead the single/mp campaign was:

Brotherhood consists of an entertaining, but fairly brain-dead, single- or two-player story/campaign mode.
And the overall judgement:
Overall, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is an interesting and energetic -- if not-terribly-bright -- translation of the adventure favorite, and does more right artistically than it does wrong. This is essentially a stylish "Day After" dumb-and-gunner, with even less brainpower required than Dark Alliance, and it's safe to say that if you enjoyed that game, this will have some appeal for you. Purist adventure nuts devoted to the original Fallout won't find their ideal follow-up here, but it's a nice, radioactive snack in the meantime.
The reviewer actually hints about how less/bad development was done on this game, ie it was short in gameplay, familiar setups (from BGDA) and so on..
Link: Fbos ps2 review@GamesDomain
Spotted at RPGDot

Posted by Odin - at 0:02

Well those are the selling lines of Gamespot for the Xbox review of fbos and the reviewer has some..err..well look:

Fallout fans will find that this game is fairly faithful to the spirit of the series, except for the relentless use of profanity in its dialogue, so it's basically a simple, mildly entertaining, and somewhat uneven quasi-futuristic dungeon crawl for one or two players.
So it's sucks, who wants a mildly entertaining when you can have good entertaining game. Strange that they gave it an overall score of 7.3, this still blows my mind..
Link: Fbos Review@Gamespot
Thanks to Rise for informing me about this..

News for Friday, January 16, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 19:21

I spotted in a thread on our boards that Sean K Reynolds proposes that we start up a Pay-Pal account and start donating money towards a Fallout 3, eh:

Then why don't _you_ set up a paypal account, grab a lawyer, write up some sort of legal document stating that all donations will go to Interplay if Interplay agrees to use the money to fund Fallout 3, and that if Interplay doesn't agree by a certain date then the money will be returned to the donators. See how much money you get. If you actually manage to collect $100,000, I'd be very impressed (and that would only be from 10,000 of the "30,000" people who signed the petition) and _that_ would mean a lot more to Interplay than a petition (which is easily inflated by posters using aliases and such).

And if Interplay refuses, then everyone gets their money back. No harm, no foul.

What do you think? Willing to skip a pizza delivery this week in the hopes of getting the game you want?

Tell you what, start up that account with the proper legal notification as I stated above, and I'll put in $10. Crazy!!!

Disclaimer: This crazy idea is just my idea and not the official suggestion of Interplay. Me posting this is not any sort of binding agreement from Interplay that they'll consider this offer. Personally, I don't think you'll be able to put together enough people willing to put their money where their mouth is.
Well I'm still not sure what I think about it, for once who would control it..etc..etc.. End of the line, IPLY wouldn't start up Fallout 3 for a sum around $100.000..
Link: Pay-Pal Sean thread

Posted by Odin - at 16:07

It seems Titus has decided to close down it's own Titus Interactive Studio, along with the fact that they got Bis closed. This small tidbit in a French magazine called "Joystick", says:

Rough translation here thanks to Ugly John:
To Celebrate Christhmas as it should be, but also to face increasing financial difficulties, the publisher Titus just decided to close it's Titus Interactive Studio division and in the same step to fire a whole lot of people. At the same time, Black Isle (Fallout, BG), who is one of the big guns of the publisers also closes it's book. Yes we knew that they were working on a top secret project, which was FO3. The small image up there is from the dev version.
You're feeling hatred now, no ? It's bugging you eh ? Don't worry, we too are disgusted........
Thanks to Briosafreak for emailing me that image, cheers mate!

Posted by Odin - at 14:20

Well duh! Gaming Age have also gotten their hands on a copy of Fbos (ps2) and their verdict is a C+ (which is about 50-60%) on the overall score, the reviewer wasn't baffled by the game due to it not being original, dull and short, here's the end quote:

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel may appeal to fans of this genre that just canít get enough of that hack and slash stuff. For you I say this game is worth of the purchase, even with BG2 coming out at the same time. For the rest of us, the game is fun and entertaining, but after a short while youíll get that, ďbeen there done thatĒ feeling. If you were planning already on buying BG2, then rent this one. If you want a BG title with an edgier feel, then buy this title. The choice obviously in the end is yours. Fallout by all means is far from bad; itís just far from original.
With all this going against it I find it mind boggling that they are giving it a C+.
Link: Fbos Review@Gaming Age

Posted by Odin - at 0:57

The site for the Fallout 3D project has been updated with several new info and pictures, here's a good map overview:

There's also some screenshots from the Alpha test.
Link: Fallout 3D

News for Thursday, January 15, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 22:28

GameOver joines the lines of gaming sites to review Fbos and they seemed like they can't make up their mind, yet they give the game a score of 80%. Here's a quote:

Roughly all of the problems I have with Brotherhood of Steel are either minimized or eliminated entirely in Dark Alliance (not even Dark Alliance II, mind you; Dark Alliance; the first one), which truly boggles my mind.

Brotherhood of Steel can be described like this: Dark Alliance minus encumbrance minus magic minus feats plus guns plus grenades. It's Dark Alliance for dummies.

I played Brotherhood of Steel, and thought to myself, boy, it'd be nice if the characters had more individual skills, that only they could use. It's in Dark Alliance.
Nice quote actually..
Link: Fbos Xbox review, Fbos Ps2 review
Spotted at RPGDot

Posted by Odin - at 1:30

Saint Proverbius is reporting that Gamers With Jobs has announced that Fbos is their Game of the Week. Here's a quote:

Looks like we have a few actual games coming out this week, something from Star Trek I've never heard of and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel among others. For lack of a better choice, Fallout: BOS is our game of the week! Shipping on Tuesday, it will cost $49.99 and see release on both the Xbox and PS2.
Remember to read the comments, some funny stuff in there.
Spotted at Duck And Cover

Posted by Odin - at 1:24

Special Ed from IGN is at it again and he still haven't quite learned, but I'm not going to point out all his flaws in this Ps2 review of Fbos, so here's his judgement:

F:BOS is a fun, if flawed, hack'n'slash game that provides a good 10 hours or so of shooting, explosives, and plenty of mutants to dig into. The lock-on system enhances the action and makes things more exciting even if the poor camera work tries to work against you. For a change of pace, all of this action takes place in a toxic Mad Max environment rather than the usual AD&D world with mythical creatures and fanciful spells.
If you want a good adventure to have with a buddy, F:BOS is a good choice even if it does feel a bit rushed. The music was barely worked on and the camera could have used a lot of fine-tuning, but there's still a lot of beasts to button mash your way through. If this type of action appeals to you, this is far from the be-all-end-all, but a worthy entry in the genre of action games with a bit of an RPG flavor.
Link: Ps2 Fbos review@IGN
Thanks to Alex M for informing me about this !

Posted by Brother None - at 0:15

BIS employee Sean K Reynolds started a thread on the BIS feedback forum stating his bit on the BIS downfall and other things, and requesting a nice, polite conversation. Ineviteably the question "What is the direction of BIS now?" arose. Sean had this to say:

Well, I don't know about long-term future plans, but right now the team I'm on is working on a console title. I know the execs like PC RPGs, and that they were very impressed with the demo we did of VanBuren. It was just a matter of economics: if they kept working on VB, the cost of the salaries of the people on the VB team meant the company would run out of money before the project was finished, and everyone would be out of work.

... That's a bad outcome, so they let go a bunch of people, and with the money "saved" from that, they'll be able to survive longer by working on titles that require smaller teams (namely, console games). And hopefully in the time between now and when those console games come out, Interplay will be in better financial health (and thus can start making the more personnel-heavy PC games).

There's also the possibility of licensing some of Interplay's PC franchises, it's just a matter of finding a group with the money (and hopefully the proper respect for the franchise being licensed).

The stuff about PC and console titles are the usual bullslinging we've heard come from Interplay, but that list bit seems promising. It seems Interplay is looking to license out some of its PC franchises, let's just all hope and pray it's Fallout 3

Link: thread

News for Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 23:59

The last couple of weeks RPGDot had a competition on what was the most looked forward to game that wasn't announced. The winner, which was indeed never officially announced, was Fallout 3:

There are lots of CRPGs out there but the reality is that many of them don't actually allow a lot of genuine role-play. With a brilliant character creation system that allows almost unlimited freedom and more importantly, a design that makes those character choices meaningful, Fallout offers true role-play. Add a unique setting and style, non-linear gameplay, turn-based tactical combat and more and it's no wonder our readers voted Fallout 3 their dream game. Would the Fallout 3 that was in development meet our expectations? I guess we'll never know.

The runner ups are, interestingly enough, two other (former) BIS titles: Baldur's Gate 3 and Planescape: Torment 2. Huh. Guess Interplay made the right decision in discontinuing BIS; work in this field. Even RPGDot acknowledges this:

It is remarkable though that the top 3 of the dream games were either in development or should have been developed by Black Isle Studios. A studio that only exists on paper now and paper doesn't create games so I'm afraid our dreams might not come true this time.

Thanks go to Pope_Viper for pointing this out

Link: Dreamgames 2003 on RPGDot

Posted by Odin - at 23:46

RPGVault have posted the second part of the Metalheart interview, still with some "exclusive" images (strange that we posted all those in our former interview, eh?). Here's a good quote:

Jonric: When did the idea for Metalheart: Replicants Rampage first arise, and what is the current status of development? What's the target release date, and will you hit it? In which territories will it be available? Do you have a publisher for the Western markets?

Alexander Filatow: The idea of the game as we can see it now came to us in May of 2003. At the moment, we are implementing very last features to start the balancing phase. The release date is set for the end of March, which means we'll spend February and March testing and improving it. This date is very realistic. It's absolutely possible to play the game now, running around and solving generated quests. The rest of January and February will be a very text-intensive period where we'll script the story.

One of the primary target markets is Russia, which is obvious. The game also will be released in Western markets, but the name of the publisher will be announced later.
March eh? looking forward to it..
Link: Metalheart interview part 2@RPGVault

Posted by Brother None - at 19:59

kumquatq3 informed me that Gamespy is running a top 10 video game sidekicks, and guess who made it to number 2? You know him, you love him:

He's a mutt! And what a mutt! Of all the dogs in our countdown, only Dogmeat comes in at number two. You meet him shortly into the game, where he is easily lured to your side with the help of an iguana on a stick (if only dating were that easy.) Dogmeat is fiercely loyal to you, to the point of abject stupidity -- throwing himself selflessly at minigun-wielding mutants, for instance. This could lead to some touching moments

And for the Planescape:Torment fans out there, Morte get a mention in "didn't make the cut" under number 3.

Link: number 2; Dogmeat
Link: Number 3; Murray, with Morte under "didn't make the cut"

Posted by Brother None - at 18:13

1up reviewed Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel and chose to agree with the general opinion that BoS is very uninspired and unoriginal in gameplay, and it's badly implemented RPG features don't make up for it. A big quote here, but it's worthwhile:

Of course, all this could be forgiven if Fallout was still an engaging RPG, the same way Dark Alliance was. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only feature of DA the developers didn't copy. After that first scorpion hunt, you're sent off on a seemingly endless series of fetch quests and extermination missions, one after the other, without much to break the tedium with. You're faced with graphics that show polish in some spots, but all sorts of slowdown and splotchiness in others. You've got characters that move jerkily and have nothing near the pretty animation of Dark Alliance. Most importantly, though (especially for fans of the PC Fallout), you've got an RPG without any sort of enticing story. You can forget about the castes of mutants you saw in the original -- here, they're all fodder for your spiked gloves or machine gun. Fallout's trademark humor is replaced with pointless cursing and boring dialogue that goes nowhere. The music is also nonexistent, save for wholly inappropriate heavy metal during the boss battles -- didn't Interplay learn their lesson with the bad metal they used in Run Like Hell?

This, in a nutshell, is why Brotherhood of Steel feels like a disappointment -- not only does it offer nothing exciting to Dark Alliance fans, but it will also serve to alienate fans of the original Fallout games, possibly spelling the end of the series as a whole in the process. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but the only things flattered by BoS are Dark Alliance II and Champions of Norrath -- its main competition. If you want an RPG bash-'em-up, wait for the other two games. You'll be glad you did.

They gave it a whoppin' 4 out of 10

Link: review

Posted by Brother None - at 18:05

King of Crooks pointed out to me Gamespy has sent around word on the release of Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel, meaning they managed to release the piece of crap on the announced date:

Fallout: BoS Ships
Interplay's weekly content newsletter revealed that Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox began shipping today in North America. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is a third person action game set in a post-apocalyptic world, based on the popular RPG series, Fallout.
Pray for release, people

News for Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 19:52

jr. pointed out another review of Fallout:BoS, this time from TeamXBox. The review is, sadly, fairly positive gettin fairly high ratings. The end conclusion:

Overall, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is a solid RPG/action title worthy of accolades. The argument over this title will surely center on if this title is still advanced enough with a two plus year old game engine to hold up to other games within its genre. I feel that the answer is yes, but there are surely some improvements that could have been made. Since the game engine is directly taken from the Baldurís Gate title it is hard for me to score this one high in the next-gen category or recommend it to those who have already been there and done that in Dark Alliance. Those encountering BoS without ever playing BG will definitely find some sweet RPG style gameplay and some nifty real-time action to boot. Whether Brotherhood of Steel seems dated or not is pretty much a moot point until something much better in the genre is released. Until then, pick your RPG/action flavor; medieval or post-apocalyptic.

Link: review

News for Monday, January 12, 2004

Posted by Dan - at 21:27

Jumping jimmies! Yet another Fo:BoS review.
Unfortunately this is from the moronic brand of reviews, but I'll let you judge for yourself:

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is an old RPG, which was first released on the PC in the 90ís. It was also set in the uninspiring sci-fi universe of the classic 50ís films. Now being brought into the 21st century of gaming and on the consoles, this older series is getting a total makeover.
There's some more random shit on that review, so if you like that kind of stuff head on over to that site.

Spotted over at RPGDot.

Posted by Odin - at 21:19

Kaczor also informed me about a new update on the Trinity project, here's what's new:

- sketch of "locked city", seen from far distance
- sketches variations
- sketches variations for two positions chosen from the "TODO Obiekty" list

- extension of documentation about scripts, dialogues etc.

- wallpapers

- work resumption

- actualization in document about society [Psionics]
- analysis and conclusions related to the document about climate
- document about shelters
- finished climate description
- preparation for building the first location [foundations]
- better Psionics description
Goodie, can't wait to see those screenshots later on...

Posted by Odin - at 21:14

Kaczor informed me of a new article at GameBanshee, this article is Damien 'Puuk' Foletto talking about PC vs Consoles the RPG aspect of it and he of course talks about Fallout:

Quietly, yet hot on the heals of a reborn PCRPG market came another game that would prove that PCRPG's could not only be fun, but also open-ended, thought provoking, and provide a pretty accurate model for displaying consequences for one's actions. Fallout took gamers out of the dungeons of old and slapped them into a subtly campy, 1950's interpretation of a post-apocalyptic future where the player was tasked with a basic endeavor' survival. But it was not only his survival he had to worry about, but the survival of his fellow vault dwellers. Moral choices were strewn throughout the wasteland and the player could tackle quests in pretty much any way they saw fit. Fallout was a true role-playing game and fans of the genre could not have been more pleased.
And he also draws some strange strings together, but all in all it's a good read.
Damien on CRPGs@Gamebanshee

Posted by Odin - at 20:38

Papryk emailed me a winamp skin which has the looks of the upcoming game called The Fall, so if you need a change in winamp skin grab this one:

Grab this suckah here (3ddownloads) or here (NMA)

Due to some problems with the files section, I couldn't add it..

Posted by Roshambo - at 14:11

That is a tad harsh to put it, but the PS2 version really seems like the person wasn't going for a copied article and wrote it anew and voiced what really bothered them. The first sounds more like a press kit, but the PS2 review was particularly...brutal. They even take swipes at Interplay, although there's some questionable parts. The overall score was 3/5 stars, but from reading the PS2 review, they get down to business.

XBOX Article
PS2 Article

In the PS2 version, they even go on to say:

The Dark Alliance engine receives a sci-fi makeover -- and almost nothing else -- as Interplay confusingly introduces a defunct PC franchise to console gamers.

Wow...GameSpy pointing out such collossol screwings of the pooch in the game industry? There IS hope for the game industry after all!*

I was going to wait for someone else to post about this news item and to notice their shock, but after a couple of more submissions, added it. I'm still quite surprised.

* - But apparently not for Interplay.

Posted by Odin - at 2:58

I got word from a hed who had spotted that there is a new Fallout inspired game in the works, it's called Outcome, here are some info:


The role playing game with elements of tactics immerses the player in the world of a post apocalyptic future, inspired by a works of Strugacki Brothers, games "Fallout" " BAD Blood " "Burntime", movies " Mad Max " " 2019 after fall of New York ".

In the game there are no deadlock story situations, as well as a basic storyline. The player can adhere to performance of the main task, as well as simply wander in the universe of the future, studying it, entering in the gangs, establishing his own, fighting with enemies. Complete freedom of actions: from set of accessible quests the player carries all or nothing, works with rough force or cunning and arrangements!
And there's more info on the web site and screenshots which looks similar to The Fall, I dunno what it is but these european games have a specific look in the graphics..looks promising..
Link: Outcome,

News for Sunday, January 11, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 17:29

RPGCodex is having a contest and it's all about winning a copy of Silent Storm (World War II themed tactical, mission based CRPG), here's what the Saint (Proverbius) said:

Make a World War 2 themed propeganda poster advertising Silent Storm, then email it to me by next Thursday, January 15th 2004. We'll pick the winners on Friday, gather their addresses up, and fire them off to Encore Software. They'll then send you the copy.

The rules would be not to use any trademarks other than Silent Storm stuff. Nothing involving naughty bits, either. Entries are to be in JPEG format. Only those living in the United States and Canada are eligible due to shipping stuff.
Oh be sure not to miss out on this one, Silent Storm is a great title!
Link: Contest Page and Contest Gallery

News for Saturday, January 10, 2004

Posted by Roshambo - at 14:23

"Special Ed" Lewis decided to post a preview for the PS2 version of F:POS.

Sorry, it's not much better, mostly just a rewrite of things I mentioned in my e-mail. The article is still chock full of stupid. You can compare where the differences are in each, but here's a good example:

XBOX Article:
The same guys that brought us Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and the upcoming Dark Alliance 2 are using their skills for a completely different world: the wasteland future.

PS2 Article:
The same publisher that brought us Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (the original developer was Snowblind Studios) and the upcoming Dark Alliance 2 are using their skills for a completely different world: The wasteland future.

While changing "guys" to "publisher" might technically make you correct (oh, and you found out about Snowblind, eh?), your statement is still quite laughable as a publisher is who publishes the game. Yes, they are using their mad "publishing skills", as those who have been following this have noticed. Oh,'s the developer that shows their skills in making a game. Silly me, and here I thought it was the toaster.

I also notice that a lot of erroneous crediting was also removed.

Sorry to break it to you, Ed, but you're better off just rewriting both articles as your edit doesn't do you any more favors than the first. I thought the e-mail might have sparked off a clue that you might be a little ignorant, but too bad you ignored it. Much like you ignored the required background information before you posted your "articles". What, did BIS suddenly not do all the things you claimed and still have in your first "preview"?

Posted by Dan - at 11:06

Gamespot have had the honor of being the second* (which is much better then first) to review Fo:Bos. Here's a couple of the fun bits:

Brotherhood of Steel is clearly inspired by and closely resembles Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance--Interplay's outstanding 2001 action RPG--but it's not as impressive. Fallout fans will find that this game is fairly faithful to the spirit of the series, except for the relentless use of profanity in its dialogue
Good to know this game is faithful for us fans.
Players assume the role of initiates in the Brotherhood of Steel, a faction of futuristic "knights" attempting to bring some order to a postnuclear world-gone-wild.
Right... Faithful to the series.
In addition to attacking, you can jump (there's a good bit of bottomless-pit-leaping in this game)
Jumping puzzles! What genius design!
The action-oriented gameplay is occasionally interrupted by dialogue sequences, which seem overly drawn-out--you'll probably find yourself skipping over the speech and skimming the text so that you can proceed to the next fight posthaste.
Literacy is apparently not a luxury team chuck were thinking about.

Head on over there to read the rest of the crap.

*It's been brought to my attention by Saint Proverbius and Ausir of the 'Codex

Posted by Roshambo - at 2:58

As noticed by jr. and others in our F:POS forum and elsewhere, Interplay has finally licensed out music that will fit Fallout setting and style. The choices were so masterfully done, I'm speechless.

Check it out for yourself.

/me adds Gene Semel's name to the list of potential Interplay pod people and/or complete idiots.

Also, there's more on the music selection here.


Posted by Odin - at 1:31

I spotted over at RPGCodex that they posted about a new strategy game ala X-Com, now sure this isn't your average Fallout news but alot of the Fallout fans do love the old X-Com series (well before the third of course). Here are some info about the game:

UFO: ALIEN INVASION is a strategy game featuring tactical combat against hostile alien forces which are about to infiltrate earth at this very moment. You are in command of a small special unit which has been founded to face the alien strike force. To be successful on the long run, you will also have to have a research team study the aliens and their technologies in order to learn as much as possible about their technology, their goals and the aliens themselves.
And it doesn't look that bad either...
Link: UFO: Alien Invasion

News for Friday, January 9, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 19:10

I spotted that Killzig of DAC had posted a snibblet about a new Review for Fbos, this time around a site called XboxAddicts posted their verdict over Fbos:

Iím sure some may like Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, but for me it was dejavu. Been there done that, and as much as I truly hate comparing games when doing a review, Iíll leave you with this final example. In Baldurís Gate DA, your first quest to get the key to unlock whatever is to rid the cellar of rats. In Fallout your first quest as you roll into town is from the mayor, who will give you a key after you rid a warehouse of scorpions. Not to mention the levels are also just mazes that just wind you around and around just like you know who. I wanted Fallout to be good, I love Road Warrior type stuff, and as much as I hate to say itÖFallout is Baldurís Gate in disguise.
Sigh, yup..Real innovation!
Link: Fbos review@XboxAddicts

Posted by Odin - at 18:54

There will be some maintenace on the server today and our site will also be moving from one server to another, so expect some problems today till tomorrow..

Posted by Odin - at 18:37

RPGvault interviewed Alexander Filatow (Cheif Programmer) about Metalheart: RR, here's a snibblet:

Jonric: With Akella known for naval games, why did you decide to make an RPG, and what attracted you to make this particular type?

Alexander Filatow: The greatest inspiration for an isometric RPG was Syndicate, which we all loved a lot. Unfortunately, Syndicate 2 had a different atmosphere, but the idea of improving the body with mechanical parts is very attractive. Since then, Deus Ex used it, but it's 3D, which creates a different feeling. All the people on the development team are the big fans of isometric games like Diablo, Fallout and Jagged Alliance, so the way and the direction of development were clear for us.
Also notice the *exclusive* screenshots that IGN got Eyebrow
Link:Metalheart Interview@RPGVault

Posted by Roshambo - at 12:09

As posted by jr. in our "Interplay sez, Fallout: Please Buy Our Shit" forum, it seems that Interplay has taken the dreaded step and spoon fed the mindless press whores at IGN this little tidbit. Or they may just be absolutely mentally incompetent, which also wouldn't surprise most of us.

Ed 'I Write Stuff For Free Gamez!' Lewis:
Black Isle Studios sets the tone immediately with a dominatrix leading a marauding group of raiders and the hero describing the town with words that we can't use here. It's obvious from the beginning that the tone is the same as the previous Fallout games that have come out on the PC. Prostitutes are in the street and are up for a chat and maybe more. We didn't have enough money yet to find out just what the best services were, exactly. Filling out the town are some bedraggled humans, two-headed cows and open sores galore. It's not pretty, but it's definitely unique.

Don't worry, it gets even more stupid. Spot the media whore's mistakes, kiddies!
Link :Article

News for Thursday, January 8, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 7:08

Well I've fiddled around with the site for quite some time now and made some improvements and probably some problems also Razz

Either way, I wanted to introduce you to our new Articles/Features page, hopefully you'll read some of them (the screenshots in some of the articles don't work yet). Enjoy

Update: I've moved the "navbar" to the left, for those of you who have 800x600 in resolution (I would urge you to change to 1024*768, since our design is based on that).

News for Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 22:00

I totally forgot to write about this yesterday, Kaczor from VDHP posted a new wallpaper from the Trinity project:

You can also download this wallpaper in resolutions: 1152x684 and 1600x1200.
Great stuff!

Posted by kumquatq3 - at 6:16

John Deiley talks about all sorts of FO and BIS related topics. A must read, heres a few bits:

-GB: Although the title may or may not ever exist, can you tell us what the concept and background was behind Fallout 3? What did BIS have in store for Fallout fans in this next chapter?

John: The game would begin with the player in a prison cell. Because of this the player was given a choice. He could be an innocent that was imprisoned because of some misunderstanding, or he could choose to be a criminal and take bonus traits that would bolster some of his skills.

The player would awaken in a prison cell, but not the one he remembered falling asleep in. Suddenly the floor rocks violently from an explosion and the player is knocked unconscious. When he awakens he finds his cell door open and a hole in the wall leading outside. Leaving the prison, he is under attack by some unknown assailant. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, the player flees into the night to explore his new world.

Unfortunately, his new found freedom may be short lived. The player is relentlessly pursued by robots who want to return him to the prison. As he explores the world and tries to outwit his pursuers, he begins to uncover an underlying plot. Why was he in a different prison than the one he fell asleep in? Why can't he remember being transferred? What was the attack on the prison about in the first place?

Really, check it out.


News for Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 23:15

Gamespot have posted the second part of the Feargus Urquhart interview and here's a little snibblet for you:

GS: When you left Black Isle Studios in April 2003, you said it was because "[BIS parent] Interplay has a direction that it wants to pursue concerning projects and I have a direction that I want to go." What was that direction?

Feargus Urquhart: Interplay wants to focus on console titles and I don't think that the future of gaming is entirely on the console. I enjoy developing games for both the console and the PC and abandoning one completely for the other is not a direction that I would like my career to go.
Well put FU, well put!
Link: FU Interview part 2@Gamespot

Posted by Odin - at 23:05

Not likely, but this is what the previewer from HomeLAN Fed of Fbos posted in his "preview" of the game:

Fans of the Fallout franchise will likely be a hard sell for this game but if you like console action-RPGs with a bit of a satirical humor theme, then Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel may be something that could be up your alley. Interplay plans to release Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel in both its PS2 and Xbox versions later this month. Who knows? If this game sells well, it may be enough of an incentive for Interplay to start up development of Fallout 3 again.
Guess this guy doesn't get it either, if the title sells then it's obvious that they will produce another Fbos title.. IPLY, in it's all knowning wisdom, have decided to start another fbos title without testing the waters first.. go figure!
Link: HomeLAN Fed Previews Fbos

Posted by kumquatq3 - at 22:00

On his boards, Sean has made some comments in regards to BIS and FO. Here are a few bits:

-Just because all of the Fallout fans are pissed because Van Buren was (according to Damien) shelved doesn't mean that _all_ of BIS' fans are pissed

-Yes, a lot of people were laid off (a LOT). But the people who remain are just as committed to making good games as when we were hired, and saying that BIS is dead is unfair and/or uninformed.

-I think you're exaggerating the proportions of some of the BIS fanbase "factions." BIS fans are not just Fallout fans. There are a LOT of people who bought BGDA, and are looking forward to BGDA2, and would probably be looking forward to a BGDA3 if there ever was one

-I'm not saying that there aren't a number of vocal, ardent fans who make themselves seem more numerous than they actualy are. Even D&D has that problem (most commonly recognized by them saying "Well, everyone I know loves Setting X and won't play in any other setting...").

Check it all out here: LINK

Thanks to zorrelak69 for pointing this out on the Iply boards.

Posted by kumquatq3 - at 12:15

This shouldn't surprise anyone. From the SS news letter:

We're glad to welcome Game Designer Damien Foletto in our team!
Formerly he worked at Black Isle on Hits like Baldur's Gate 2 or Fallout 3. He will support Lead Designer Carsten Strehse on the development of "The Fall - Last Days of Gaia".
Link: Thread@Silver-Style
Good Luck Puuk!

Edit: pardon the pun, Puuk.. (Odin)

Posted by Brother None - at 1:45

Gamespot posted a great interview with former BIS-head and now boss of Obsidian Studios Feargus Urquhart. Feargus is pretty careful in what he says and doesn't say throughout most of the interview, but it's interesting. Some bits:

GS: Several screenshots from Fallout 3 have emerged, as have some plot details. Looking at both of them, do you feel that BIS was taking the franchise in the right direction?

FU: Actually, one of the screenshots--the vault--was a test we did in 2002 while I was there. At least the background art [was], the vault dwellers must have been added by the now-defunct Fallout team. I am very impressed with what the guys put together for the town level and from the looks of that screenshot, they were on the track to come up with a great successor to the first two Fallouts.


GS: Some rumors are saying that a group of former BIS developers are trying to buy the game from Interplay and finish it themselves. How likely do you think that is?

FU: Well as can be read in many of Interplay's SEC filings, Interplay needs money. If a group of people could put together enough funding to interest Interplay, they could probably get the license.

GS: Does Obsidian have any desire to buy Fallout 3 from Interplay?

FU: We are very new company and do not have the financial resources to buy a license like that. However, if a publisher were to be interested in us making the game after they acquired the license, we would be more than happy to talk to them. We have a number of people here at Obsidian who worked on Fallout and Fallout 2 including Brian Menze who perfected the PiP Boy look and Chris Avellone who many saw as Fallout until he left Interplay to found Obsidian as one of its owners.

Link: interview

Tomorrow, in Part Two of the interview: Feargus comments on the future of Obsidian, Interplay, and the role-playing genre in general.

Great work, Tor Thorsen, two thumbs up

Thanks go out to both Mr Teatime and Bobbinfor pointing this out. Cheers, guys.

News for Monday, January 5, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 19:51

Cardil posted a tributary wallpaper he made on the Silver Style Forums. Take a look:

Fallout 3 wallpaper, 1024 x 768

Posted by Brother None - at 18:47

While we're kept waiting for the English-language version of Trinity's website, Kaczor of VDHPposted an about Trinity thread here on NMA.

What is Trinity?
1. Trinity is an project to create a virtual world after a nuclear war.
2. Trinity is a computer game designed on PCs. It's a complex cRPG with very ambitious foundations. It takes place in a virtual world, changed by the detonation of nuclear bombs.

Link: What is Trinity?

Posted by Odin - at 0:43

For all you Rocky Balboa's out there, you can now play Fallout 2 all in italian. This is all done possible by Ragfox, here's what Tifereth said:

Well, but the Great News now is that on it's available the Italian Translation of Fallout 2 (all the game!), made by ragfox ( ) who also name your site in the credits of the Italian version.
Great work Ragfox!

News for Sunday, January 4, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 21:11

VDHP posted another Trinityupdate


- lacking files for "MP7, Steyr AMR, AAAV"
- 3D models (bottle, door, tulip, barrelsv2)
- models chosen from the "TODO Obiekty" list
- plotting a bottom interface with some example buttons or information on the existing "screen"
- sketch of a lonely signpost.
- sketch of an advertising board
- sketches of some homemade weapons. [10 position]
- sketches of a warrior (fanatic), farmers, children.
- special task from R.

- foundations and work plan

- script for graphic artists needs.

- analysis and conclusions related to the document about shelters
- climate, support for Kaczor and Piotr
- another legend about the "locked city", much darker.
- opinion about the "Q10" system
- desription of a patriotic oranization.
- first, specific description of the Psionics.
- correction and actualization of documentation (world description, graphics foundations, organizations).
- the structure of population of a location in a specific time.
- english version of the website

- introduction to considerations about actions and objects.

Cheers, VDHP.

News for Saturday, January 3, 2004

Posted by Brother None - at 23:21

jr. informed us that WorthPlaying posted an interesting and worthwhile preview of Fallout:BoS. The summary at least is an interesting read:

To sum it up in so many words, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel feels like one of those games where the developer wanted to "try something different, while keeping it in the same franchise", aka a potentially good idea marred by gameplay that is both flawed to various degrees and alien to the very fans it is targeted towards. The sad part comes when you realize that Black Isle Studios, the masterminds behind the Fallout universe, have been cruelly removed from their trade and craft and that Fallout: BoS is likely to be the last game in the series, and the first to break its mold of top-notch quality.
The article has some indepth discussion of the flawed gameplay and camera angle works of Fo:BoS
Link: article

Posted by Odin - at 4:41

In a thread on the RPGCodex, Feargus Urquhart talked about developing console titles vs pc titles:

Some comments about the return on the investment in making games when you compare PC vs. consoles.

1) When a new console comes out generally everyone has to spend a lot of money just figuring out how to now make games for it, while on the PC the engines generally evolve. I can't really quantify this, but I would guess this to cost most publishers $10M to $20M in new technology and cancelled projects every time the new consoles come out.

2) All console games require about a $10 licensing fee, which includes your packaging and DVDs. This can be two to five times the cost of packaging for a PC. When the Whole Sale Price is around $36 (most people will say $40, but I've never found that to be true with all the special dealing that happens). The PC game can start out 20% ahead on the actual net cash you get.

3) Marketing for console games can be a lot more expensive since they have to derive more units to make the same money - so more people need to buy them, which means more marketing. Plus console players have traditionally been less tuned in - so publishers have had to use more mass market marketing like Maxim and TV, which cost a crap load more than websites and ads in Computer Games.

4) Development systems for console development can run upwards of $100K to $200K depending on the size of the team and that is on top of the normal hardware people need like PCs and Monitors.

I have also found that you can make PC games somewhat cheaper as a whole compared to console games. If I budgeted a product like Fallout right now and I had a technology base (like an engine), I would say someone could get it done for between $3M and $4M. It could even be as cheap as $2M or $2.5M with some careful re-use of assets. Now that is just the development budget though, that doesn't include all the other costs of getting a game on the shelf like QA, Audio, Localization, Marketing, PR and payoffs to the mob.
So those $5 mill that Titus "stole" from IPLY could have finished Fallout 3...

News for Friday, January 2, 2004

Posted by Dan - at 19:01

Glowbewohner, from Supermutant informs me they now have a intro for the Black Isle mod available for download. You can get the intro here, but the current version is in German only.

Also, he asks for people with some art skills to design and send him a logo for the project.

Cheers Glowbewohner, and keep up the good work!

Posted by Odin - at 16:01

Here it is for those of you who didn't believe us, per this thread Damien 'Puuk' Foletto confirmed why Fo3 was canceled (or atleast of one the many reasons):

Saint Proverbius: Partly? It's entirely the reason they cancelled Fallout 3. The excuse Darth Molitor gave was that Fallout 3 probably wouldn't be completed on schedule. One big reason it might not make it on that schedule is because Darth Molitor kept pulling people off Fallout 3 to work on Fallout Enforcer: Brothelhood of Steel.
Damien followed up with this as a respons:
Damn straight. I'll 100% confirm this.
EDITED: This news bit was edited due to certain information was incorrect/had minor falseness to it..

It seemed the Fbos team was in contact with the Bis crew, but for how long and how much they took their word further into the development in FBos..well...just look at the product and use your imagination..

Posted by Odin - at 4:33

Our hosted site VDHP have posted some more art from the project Trinity and this is looking better and better:

Great stuff guys!
Spotted at VDHP!

Posted by Odin - at 4:29

Mr.Teatime informed me of a new article on Gamespot, the piece is about Black Isle and here's a good quote:

Fallout is one of the best, and, I contend, one of the most misunderstood computer role-playing games ever. It received critical acclaim for its open-ended nature. Using the game's "S.P.E.C.I.A.L." character-creation system (an acronym that stands for the character attributes of strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, and luck), you could produce a great variety of different characters, like an eagle-eyed sniper, a heavy weapons specialist, a charismatic diplomat, a nimble knife fighter, an experienced wilderness scout, and others. It also let you travel just about anywhere across a fictitious and highly irradiated version of the United States. This included areas designated for low-level starter characters to the very final areas of the game. However, Fallout was also a highly compact game and actually had an end in sight. You had plenty of time to meet interesting characters and could solve frontier disputes in your adventures. However, most of your time was spent adventuring--not wasting dozens of hours fighting wave after pointless wave of the same monsters or walking mile after pointless mile. When you were finished (because finishing the game before getting bored of it was actually feasible), you'd want to play through it again as a different sort of character. When Black Isle was officially created in 1998, as a result of the development of the sequel Fallout 2, this vision seemed lost. Fallout 2 did preserve many of the features of the original Fallout, but it was also a long-winded, sprawling game that was, in many ways, more linear than the original game
Sniffle, sniffle..That brought tears to my eyes! For good old times sake I'm going to play Fallout 1 and 2 over again, this one is for you guys at Black Isle!
Link: Black Isle is remembered!
Thanks goes out to Saint Proverbius and Mr.Teatime for informing me about this!

News for Thursday, January 1, 2004

Posted by Odin - at 18:49

Happy New Year guys and gals, even though we didn't get what we wanted last year here's hoping this year will bring us what we want !!

Posted by Roshambo - at 2:17

Due to someone's wounded pride, I will just post the link to it.

You may provide the laugh track.