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News for Thursday, October 30, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 18:54

In a thread about the profanity in Van Buren (Fallout 3) JE explained a little:

The VB engine uses tokens for profanity, so it's pretty easy to censor things. Even if the "naughty word" is only profane by context, it's still easy to censor. If a designer wanted to use "drok" in a harmless manner, he or she could just put the word in the string. If the designer was using it with a profane connotation, he or she could use <drok>. When the content filter is on, <drok> displays as @#!*.

I think a future Fallout title could reasonably have almost as much profanity as Fallout 2. In terms of insults, I think we have to walk a fine line. A lot of players become... agitated... when designers force-feed them lines their characters "wouldn't say".
I'm only hoping we get more audio combat taunts/insults..

Posted by Odin - at 18:09

In the thread where I earlier reported about the Fallout science explained, JE posted a follow up when asked about the FEV mutations


You're trying to make sense of a virus that takes adult humans and does the following:

* Causes effectively instant gigantism. The entire skeleton, nervous system, all musculature, the cardiovascular system, digestive system... it all grows in such a way that height of the victim is increased to 150% of the original size and the overall volume is dramatically increased... but the body is still perfectly functional.
* Causes the victim's skin to become extraordinarily thick and resilient while reducing their ability to effectively perspirate. Total body volume increases at a faster rate than skin surface area. This is as true of super mutants as oranges.

The first is seriously implausible, and the second would "realistically" result in super mutants having heat strokes while they attempt to take over southern California. We overlook these things because super mutants would become pretty yawn-a-riffic if they were regular-sized or had to "rest" after a few rounds of fighting.

You can apply this to almost any of the weird creatures in Fallout. Even giant ants. An ant the size of a dog, with typical ant anatomy, wouldn't be able to function very well. We overlook this because giant ants and insects of all kinds are classic threats of 50s sci-fi.
Not much to say about his except, Righto somthings shouldn't be explained..
Link: Thread on the IPLY boards

Posted by Odin - at 16:36

RPG Vault have posted their first interview with Carsten Strehse (Lead Designer) about The Fall, here's a snibblet:

Jonric: Having a strong story emphasis is often regarded as tending toward linearity. What will your game be like in this regard?

Carsten Strehse: Even though we place a strong focus on the story elements of The Fall, the game is non-linear. The player can move wherever he wants as long as he has the necessary information about the locations. He will meet the new President, old friends and a lot of people who look at him and see nothing but the next victim.
And there's more where that came from, not alot of new stuff about the game but....
Link: The Fall interview@RPGVault

Posted by Briosafreak - at 0:42

A new sigle-player campaign for Fallout:Tactics called Melee Meltdown is now available here for your enjoyment, thanks go to requiem_for_a_starfury for another job well done.

Posted by Odin - at 0:19

I noticed in a thread on the Silver Style forums that they had added some new screenshots, concept art and wallpaper images to the official The Fall web page.

News for Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 23:44

The Phase: Exodus chat hosted at RPGCodex is over and you can see the log on the snazzy RPGCodex site now. Here`s a zip:

[OdinNMA] so what exactly was a quest matrix ?
[MetalWyrm] Fishka, will the combat be turnbased, phasebased, or real time?
[Fishka] Quest matrix is a number of quests which are closely connected with each other.
[Spazmo] Good question from Odin: Define "quest matrix"?
[Fishka] The combat will be turn-based.
[Mad_Max_RW] are there ingame movies or cutscenes?
If so will they be animated within the game engine or done up all fancy like?
[OdinNMA] Screens:
[Fishka] Actually, there will be many sidequests, too :)
[Fishka] Right you are, Odin! I'll take you as my PR representative :)))

Link: Phase Exodus@Russobit-M

Posted by Odin - at 2:36

On the IPLY boards donkey asked a question about the actual science and history in VB (Fallout 3), here's the question/answers:

Q: Are you going to attempt to flesh out the science theorys and history in VB or will you leave it for interpretation? It'd be nice to have some definitive reference materials in-game that have been checked enough so it'd be more accurate than the fo:bible is too the fallout universe?

Damien 'Puuk' Foletto: To a certain point, yes, but not to the point of Star Trek techno-babble. Some things are best left to the imagination of the player - i.e. "It works because it does." But there is an attempt at explaining a lot.

JE Sawyer: However, it's important to remember the fiction element. If we try to make too much sense out of Fallout's world, well... some things don't work. That's okay, of course.
Bip I say!
Link: Thread@IPLY

News for Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:53

Time for a new round of developers posts on the BIS feedback forum regarding Fallout3.
First J.E. Sawyer giving a lesson to those that think Fallout3 will be second rate in comparision to BIS former and never released project with the codename Jefferson:

Doomsayer:We know that VB will have less areas than Fallout 2,

Time / # of Areas = Time per area

less text and adventuring than Jefferson

You're making comparisons to a game that was never announced, much less released.[...]Yeah, but what value is the comparison without seeing the effect of n words in the game? The King James Bible also has more words than Jefferson and Van Buren put together. Saying "less words than" doesn't mean much unless the the thing being compared had insufficent text.

and it has a smaller development time as well.

Jefferson's development time included ground-up development of an engine and all of its tools.

Now Sawyer on character customization, following these ideas we posted earlier:
More important than the afro (which really is reasonably sized, not cartoonish "Afro Thunder" style), IMO, are the presence of greaser and beehive hairstyles.

And Damien "Puuk" Foletto had this to add:
Oh yeah, pretty much any hat you can think of will be in. Someone also mentioned tattoos; I'm not sure if it's in, but it has been discussed.

And Sawyer again:
Ponytails and some long hairstyles are animated, but a short hairstyle is static.

Link: BIS feedback forum

Posted by Briosafreak - at 14:33

Just spotted at RPGDot that there`s a preview of The Fall on The Armchair Empire, here`s a zip:

Post apocalyptic worlds are nothing new in gaming, or any other story telling medium of recent years. The planet has been hit by one horrible disaster or another, and things are decidedly grim with gun-toting mercenaries walking around like 29th Century samurai, ramshackle sheet metal hovels littering the landscape, and the mandatory contingent of mutant freaks spreading fear in a heavily-armed leper sort of way. Now Silver Style is taking a stab at making a game with a similar sort of sensibility all tucked in a role-playing shell for the PC.

Also in the post-apoc world of gaming Kaczor posted here on NMA some info on Trinity:
I'll anticipate your questions:

In 99% there will be turn-based combat and quest system far more complicated than in Fallout.
Story designers (with me on board) are now working on quest and scenario. I have now 548 quests to verify and comment .

PS. More materials will be translated and available shortly.

Posted by Odin - at 2:00

I got word of a new post apocalyptic CRPG game in the progress, this one is called Trinity. Here's what j200 said:

It will be in polish language but there are plans for an english version too. So here's a little introduction:
All starts from chosing our parents. A couple of different personalities, with different traits, social status and skills. By chosing parents for your character you decide about some traits your character will recive in the moment of birth. Later all of them can be modified. You also decide how old will you start your adventure. When you will finish creating your character it's time for the creating of the world. In that case you will place the frontline and chose where the a-bombs will drop. You press [Enter]... Year 2002. War is a fact...

Main features
  • full 3d, pseudo izometric view with the ability to rotate the camera
  • FUDGE rpg system (
  • building the world by placing the frontline and chosing where the nuclear bombs exploded
  • complicated system of NPC's and quests interdependent from the world that we created
Well now, remember to get on over and check out this one..Thanks j200!

News for Sunday, October 26, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 14:13

More BIS feedback forum tidbits with ideas from J.E. Sawyer.
First on line of sight and their implementation of "haze of war":

I still think that haze should be used to show current available lines of sight. A player might believe (erroneously) that their character can see into a room from where he or she is standing, but the player is looking at the map from an isometric viewpoint up on high. The haze of war can show exactly where the character cannot currently see at any given time. It prevents a player from sending his or her character into a room he or she thinks is clear when, in fact, their character simply can't see more than a narrow strip inside.

On the idea of stealth oriented armor:
I can't remember exactly what Stealth Boys did, but I don't think they actually increased your Sneak skill. IIRC, what they did was reduce the range at which characters had a chance to detect the character. It helps stealth-oriented characters not by increasing their skill but by allowing them to "cut it closer" when they moved through areas. I think it also might have removed the automatic failure of sneak when coming within a single hex of an enemy. I might be remembering it incorrectly, though.

In any case, stealth-oriented armor doesn't need to simply jack the character's Sneak skill to help them at sneaking around.

Link: BIS feedback forum

News for Saturday, October 25, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 21:35

I'm proud to announce the old Fallout Gurps site, right here on NMA. This is what Fallout all started about, then after a little dispute with the owner of the Gurps license they made SPECIAL.

And in honour of the old Fallout, I decided to post the old site on NMA. Enjoy the memories!
Link: Fallout Gurps

Posted by Briosafreak - at 17:09

Some tidbits from the BIS feedback forum, starting with Damien "Puuk" Foletto on character customization and other issues:

Atreides:So can we have an afro?

Yep (no, I'm not joking).

Sammael:Can we have green skin and a ST greater than 10?

You can have different skin colors, but not green. The ranges are black, brown, red, tan, white, and yellow, with 3 versions of each. 10 ST will be the max. I'm not sure if chems will give a temporary boost over 10 or not.

donkey(yo!):what about beards? Games need more beards.

All kinds of facial hair designs are included. You can look luck a hobo or the Marquis De Sade if you want (and yes, there's even a Hitler mustache, if you want to go there).

kumquatq3:Can PA boost ST over 10?

That's a Josh question, really. I'd like to think it would remain the same as the previous games in that respect, but I don't know for certain.

Now let`s hear from J.E. Sawyer on interface issues:
Our automap allows several levels of zooming in and out. You can also navigate using the map as in the IE games. You can leave notes with a variety of different icons, edit them, and delete them. The automap is based off of the search map of the area with north always facing the top of the screen and the camera frustrum displayed as a quadrilateral overlay that rotates and changes shape with the camera.
A frustum is a cross-section of a cone or pyramid represented by an ellipse (oval) or quadrilateral (four sided polygon).

Basically, the area that you can see from the camera is represented on the automap as a four-sided polygon overlay.

Atreides:What do you think of a note automatically appearing on the minimap once you get the location of something important?Please make the markers editable so we can add stuff to it (something like a tooltip display)

Already in.

Posted by Odin - at 3:11

Well the Mutants Rising (a fan made Fallout mod) gang are still at it, even tho they lost some of the founders of the mod. Snake and AltraWave are now in charge and they are in need of more crew members, I'll let Snake do the talking:

M-R Needs YOU!

Are you good with scripting? Or are you a good mapper?
Or maybe you are good with stories and artwork and feel like you want to contribute something to the world, to live on after your death. Well, your in luck!

The Mutants Rising crew has decided to keep running under the new management of Snake and AltraWave and are signing up new recruits to aid them in their cause: To create the best darn FO2 mod there is using the new IanOut engine.
With your help we could not only make it a mod, we could make it a game of it's own, compared to masterpieces as Halflife, Red Alert and so on.

Fell like you have what it takes to be a modder for M-R?
Well dont be shy, sign up in this topic or send either Altra or me a pm and we will have an audition to see if you are worthy of our cause.
Remember, United we conquer, Divided we fall.
So gear up and help them make this happen!

News for Friday, October 24, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 22:15

After we got shut down by IPLY on the former Fbos forums, I was eagered to at last say my opinions to Chuck and his table of clueless, especially after the responses I got on the new Fbos forums. So let's get down to it shall we:

Rules of making a Fallout console title according to IPLY/Chuck:
  • Making a console title means you have to change a setting/story in an existing universe.
  • If you're making an action title, you also need to change the setting.
  • Sex sells, so use it big time...
  • Oh and don't bother studying the Fallout universe, it's all lies I tell you!
No but seriously I just had to do that, the actual thread almost went like this. I don't bother posting it all, so here is the truth
Is there an answer that will apease your "Why the hell change it..."?
Probably not, because when you get right down to it, we changed it because we wanted to.
Hell, read the whole thing here.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 14:09

Some Fallout3 trivia from Chad "Briareus" Nicholas:

Here are the people on the project that worked on F1 or F2 and their current positions:

John Deiley, Designer.
Scott Everts, Technical Designer.
Jason Suinn, Technical Designer(Trivia: came up with the SPECIAL acronym).
Mark Murakami, Programmer.
Tom French, Producer.
Aaron Brown, Artist.
Dany Martinez, Artist.
Chad Nicholas (me), Scripter.

Hopefully I didn't miss anyone.

EDIT: Jason Suinn WAS a production assistant. Sorry, 'bout that.

Good luck for you guys, spotted at the BIS Feedback Forum.

Posted by Dan - at 10:07

JE Sawyer and Damien "Puuk" Foletto, have both stated their opinion on fog of war being in Van Buren, over at the IPLY feedback forums:

Sawyer first said this:

I like the haze of war because it lets the player know where their character(s) can and cannot see. But I dislike the black fog of war for purely aesthetic reasons.
Puuk followed with this comment:
^ Agreed. I find fog-of-war obnoxious.
I do find fog of war really annoying, I'd be happy if they dropped the haze as well, though.

Link: Thread@Iply

News for Thursday, October 23, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 15:42

A few quotes from Damien "Puuk" Foletto on the BIS feedback forum, first some quick Q&As:

Atreides:Is the story fixed, areas planned, implementation/animations started, blah blah etc?

Yes, yes, and yes. Can't answer for blah-blah.

Then this curious reply:
Situationist:John Deiley(designer on Fallout3) worked on FO2 didn't he?

Yep, John is the dino..., er veteran, here. We wheel him up to his computer every morning and help him turn it on, after adjusting his dribble cup, of course.

Of course, eheheheh.
And now guys and girls the big news:
Who said talking heads weren't in?
Who knows? I just know that by his[J.E.Sawyer] request, I gave him a list, yesterday, of heads I thought should be talking. So did the other designers. MYSTARY!

Great news!!! Let`s dance the mambo all night long welsh Smile
Thanks kumquatq3 for the heads up.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 15:18

Some misc news, starting with the fact that the FOTgee v0.2.1: A Generalized Entity Editor for Fallout Tactics page is now up again, with PlasmaJohn offering the editor and the source in case anyone wants to continue the development of the tool.

Next RPGCodex is going to have yet another developer chat, this one might interest you guys and girls:

we're going to have a lovely chat with Russobit-M and Horns and Hooves about their recently announced Phase: Exodus, the post apocalyptic, turn based CRPG. Here's the info on the chat:

When: Next tuesday, October 28th at 8PM Eastern US Time(5PM Pacific)
Where: #rpgcodex on
Who: Russobit-M and Horns and Hooves

Post-apoc and Turn-Based? Nice, i`ll be there.

finally i spotted at RPGCodex and RPGDot that there`s a new turn-based RPG coming up, called Metalheart, from the Akella team.
Some features it will have:
* Turn-based battle system
* Multi-faceted character development
* Four different races
* A lot of interesting cybernetic body extensions
* Vast number of weapons
* Up to 6 hired characters in your party
* Free-generated story quests
* Dozens of NPCs with sophisticated intellect
* Huge game universe
* Highly detailed futuristic graphics and atmosphere
Not post-apoc but seems fun anyway.

Update: Here are all those screenshots of Metalheart, including a hidden one which I found Very Happy

Posted by Brother None - at 14:37

In between the flood of Fallout:BoS newsbits, here's a few interesting remarks from JE Sawyer on the BIS feedback forum.

First the most interesting, on expanding the little-used and underestimated outdoorsman-skill (probably the worst applied skill in Fallout 1, together with doc and first aid, though a bit better in 2):

I think that Outdoorsman could also allow the experienced character to make simple items like the healing powder that Hakunin whipped up in Fallout 2. Sure, it had side effects, but you only needed two ingredients to make it happen. If those ingredients were pretty common, the Outdoorsman would able to get excellent cheap healing with predictable side effects. Not as nice as a stim, but not as expensive. Doesn't make Outdoorsman eclipse Medic, but does make it a little more useful.

Also, I think that even without a special perk, Outdoorsman should give a chance to collect hides/teeth/scales from animals the party kills. Maybe not every gecko you kill yields a hide, but a few of them do. The higher the skill, the higher the chance. You could then turn around and use those parts to make simple weapons -- or trade them for other equipment, just like in Fallout 2.

The only other benefit I'd extend to Outdoorsman would be to allow characters to adjust their starting position on random encounter maps based on their Outdoorsman skill. Map loads, everyone in their default position, player sees what his or her characters can see from those starting positions. The game asks if the player wants to adjust the starting positions of his or her characters. If yes, he or she moves each character within a radius determined by that character's Outdoorsman.

Link to thread

Then, he posts in a thread about power armors and their implementation, repeating the same old arguments as he did umpteen times before, which boil down to this:

Actually, it's the highest rung on the ladder of military technology. It turns the wearer into a mobile tank with superhuman strength. If you're going into combat, that's the point.

Add this good argument for "no Power Armor MkIII"/"no variants on power armor":

It took the U.S. government ten years to take power armor from its prototype stage in 2067 to its proper T-51b version in 2076. That leaves one year before the bombs fell. And it took the Enclave more than a hundred years to improve upon it. Variants don't seem likely.

Posted by Odin - at 11:58

I know everyone have at least tried to read the Gamespy Fbos interview, where both Chuck and Chris stated that we, the fans, were rabid fans only out to get TB combat and RPG. So someone had to ask and Chuck dared to answer:

The only real comment I can say is this. Ben Turner (the author of the interview) spent the better part of 4 hours with members of the BoS team, the game and myself. To this date he has reported on one conversation with our audio department and one very small part of an interview that lasted nearly an hour with Chris Pasetto and myself. IMO, he reported what he knew would get the most attention. We did not spend one third of our time "complaining" of the treatment we received, he only reported it in a manner that made it seem that way. I am sure they have space limitations to consider when publishing lengthy interviews.
Yet those statemenst must have come from somewhere, so basicly you did whine. Another question came up: "Also, In hindsight do you think suggesting that "Because it's not RPG, not turn-based, and not even 2D, they seemed to just not be happy" was truly the case and was appropriate to say?"
It definitely felt that regardless of what we could have said that the Fallout fans would not be happy. To that point we should have been more forthwright with information from the beginning. It was not fair for me to state a single minded approach and I apologize for that.
So there you have it guys, Chuckie confessed some of his crimes..

Posted by Odin - at 11:51

This thread just had to be answered, mainly it was about the story/setting in Fbos compared to the original ones:

As we have stated in many interviews, this game was meant as a one off, what if story. Just one of thousands that could be going on in a post-apocalyptic world.

It was not our intention to create canon nor intentionally disregard it it. I hope that as you play the game, you would see that the story explains many of your concerns.

As for the Brotherhood being outside of California, we could offer an explanation, but again, since we will not be canon, would it make a difference?

The hardrock. I personally would have loved nothing but southern rock for this title. Thorogood, ZZ Top, Alabama etc. etc. But our budget and some creative differences did not allow for this. It happens. Not that this would be anymore acceptable to you, but it would have my choice.

The Sex. It is a shame that we use sex to sell so much in todays marketplace. But this approach to marketing is proven. I do think that once you play the game, you will see that it is only a small percentage of our world.
Well choosing southern rock only shows what you know of the setting, Chuckie..

I really love this part and it takes a man to admit it:
Yes, you are right. We should have been here and we should have spoke with you, the fans. We messed up.
Then I just had to ask: "Yet again, should you have tried to stay more true to the setting even if the story is an "off, what if" ?
Chuckie: In hindsight, with the Fallout community in mind, maybe. I still don't believe, given the setting, the story or the first attempt to bring a 2d world to 3d that we strayed unbelievablly far. You may not like what we did, but that does not mean that what has happened in our story is not plausible.
Follow up with "Why only maybe ?":
Chuckie: Maybe meaning we could have taken a different approach to the basis for our game.

We could have used screen shots from the original game(s) as the concepts for this one. But when you are creating something new (sort of), most artist choose to interpret things for themselves.
It was all in the approach. We chose to create new concepts. That is the maybe.
Puh, long post... Comments anyone ?

Posted by Odin - at 11:39

In a thread (fbos forums) it was asked what this "expanding the Fallout universe" meant, Chuckie got onboard and spoke:

I believe what was meant by this was, we are trying to expand the customer base. We want to bring this universe to the console market.

I don't think we went that far.
Again, as stated in another thread - "As we have stated in many interviews, this game was meant as a one off, what if story. Just one of thousands that could be going on in a post-apocalyptic world."
But why ruin the setting while expanding the customer base ? It should be able to maintain the setting, while expanding the customer base.

Another question came up and that was "Why use the Fallout setting?" and I know alot is anxious about this one, Chuckie also answered this one:
You want the marketing answer or the development answer. Here, have both.
MA) Name recognition. The press and many consumers have heard of this license. They may not know everything about it, but they know enough to be interested.
DA) We love the Fallout universe. It is an Interplay IP and therefore why should we not use it. It was not our intention to deliberately contradict anything.
So you did contradict stuff in Fbos?! *gasp*

News for Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 23:08

I went to the new Fbos forums and posted a couple of questions and I got some answers:

Q: Why promote the game with slogans "It's better than sex" and such ? who came up with that ?

Chuckie: Much of the creative freedom that is expressed in the marketing materials for all Interplay games comes from the marketing department. The trailer in question very much expresses what this game is about. As for who came up with the line, I do not recall, and while some of our people are out of the office this week, I will have to wait to answer that.

The Limey (Interplay Employee):That's a good question, and one that I'm sure has more than a few people out there chomping at the bit.

The 'slogans' as you call them actually come from various dialogue recordings that we have for the game, that either are used in the game itself or were left over from the many recording sessions that we had.

When creating the recent batch of trailers, we decided to insert some of these into the mix to give it some character.

Now, obviously, this is far removed from the original style of the trailers for the first two PC games (Fallout 2's Public Information trailer is still one of my all-time favourites), but then you have to remember that FO:BOS isn't either of those two games. While it does contain many elements from them, it's console action quotient is the predominant, and as a result lends itself to a certain audience - and a certain 'style' of audience.

To that end, we decided to use various lines that reflected certain characteristics of the game denizens. The 'better than sex' line you quoted comes from a lovely young lady known as the Raider Matron, whose favourite past-time is probably already apparent.

Is it a somewhat raunchy line? Yes. Did it get your attention? Apparently so. Now is it more aggressive than the first two PC games? Yes, it most definately is. But as I'm sure you must have noticed by now, we're not re-making the first two PC games.

This is a difficult topic to answer, you must be aware after all that there are many facets to something like this that you could only be aware of if you had spent as much time and effort as we have on this project, but i hope that at least answers your question in some fashion.
Chuckie ended up answering another question:
Q: Are you HAPPY that you game is marketed that way, and was it your choice to add certain material to the game? Also, why the deciesion to not go with the GC?

Chuckie:As for the direction of the marketing...

Yes and no. I think the trailers created by the marketing department are very well done. I do not always agree with the content or direction, but we are a team here, not my dictatorship nor are all things left up to development.
Well now, I didn't expect Chuckie to say this. But I must disagree with this all, and I have in that thread..
Link: Fbos Thread@IPLY Boards

Posted by Odin - at 20:17

Well as promised the Fbos forums have opened, actually three of them. Go here for them. One of them is a good one, I'll let Krazikatt (the leather godess!) explain:

This forum is the one and ONLY area you will be allowed to speak your mind (to a degree) about Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Make sure you do it maturely, tastefully, and don't break the rules while you're doing it.

This is where you can voice your opinions only. If we see you bashing, name calling, cussing, or doing anything else immature, offensive or questionable, your thread will either be locked or deleted and you will be issued a warning or be banned.

The official rules are here:
Link: Speak your mind

Posted by Odin - at 20:01

Ever wondered about the events that lead to the nuclear war in Fallouts world? JE posted this little baby on the IPLY boards:

I still want to make a pre-2077 game in the Fallout universe set in continental Europe. Fallout 2 holodiscs hint a little bit (half-joking) about what happened before the war. Oil shortages really hurt Europe, and the U.K. wound up going to war with several Middle Eastern nations for control of their remaining resources. As the U.K. waged war and seized fuel, the continent fell into chaos. That could make a great backdrop for an RPG or even a great vehicle-based action game.
Oh, yes! Now you got it! Then he talked a little more about the vehicle-based action game:
More like Interstate '76, really. Or like The Road Warrior film. A crew of soldiers from the Royal Armored Corps get stranded in war-torn anarchistic northern Italy and have to fight their way to the English Channel in a bunch of quickly degrading vehicles, scavenging replacements, fuel, and weapons as they go. Yessss.
Snazzy..But go with the RPG, JE!
Link: Thread@IPLY

Posted by Odin - at 18:40

Yup Chuckie's bastard baby has spawned, here's what Yahoo said:

'Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel' Goes Gold
Wednesday October 22, 9:05 am ET
Highly Acclaimed Fallout Franchise Makes Its Console Debut

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Interplay Entertainment Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board: IPLY - News) announced today that the highly anticipated "Fallout(TM): Brotherhood of Steel(TM)" for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft has gone gold.

"Fallout(TM) Brotherhood of Steel" will be available at retailers by Thanksgiving. For more information, log on to
Link: Fbos press release

Posted by Briosafreak - at 11:57

We have some great new files for the Fallout Tactics fans that were made by requiem_for_a_starfury.
First the Pipboy Fix:

The Pipboy you meet in a Special encounter will now be able to change stance to crouch and prone as well as duckwalk and crawl.If you've installed my P_Team starting squad mod you don't need to install this fix as it is already included in the mod.

So he send the P_Team mod too:
You'll be playing as a pipboy and you'll find 4 more pipboy squad members waiting for you in Brahmin Wood. Your character and the other squad members can wear virtually any armour but their apperance will not change when you change armours. They can also change stances. I have left the 6th squad position open if you wish to recruit the pipboy found in a special encounter. Pip can also now change stances.

Great work requiem_for_a_starfury, you can download the files here.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:58

So how is the size of the staff working on Fallout3 right now? Damien "Puuk" Foletto answers:

There are 4 content designers, three technical designers (maybe one more, not sure), a boatload of artists (now), three scriptors, and three, maybe four programmers with a couple more coming.

The breakdown of designers are:

J.E. Sawyer - Overall design lead and technical (roolz) design lead.
Sean K. Reynolds - Content Lead
John Deiley - Content designer
Jeff Husges - Content designer
Damien Foletto - Content designer

It takes a village..., er, um, tribe...

More artists, great!
He also talks about the Fallout Bible and how it still may be continued after Fallout3 is released, and that he needs a new avatar for the Iplay boards with a cross between the Hulk and Falloutboy. If anyone has the skills to do it send it to us and we`ll forward it to him and give you the credit.
Link: Thread at the BIS feedback forum
Edit: Chad "Briareus" Nicholas now told us that there are currently five programers, thanks for the tip Eldar.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:16

Important news to all Fallout modders, the TeamX site, the russian place where you`ll find many of the best modders and tools, now has a new Forum in English, it`s easier to contact and discuss modding subjects with them now.
Good work TeamX

News for Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 14:43

Chris Pasetto (you all remember the guy who always said "you know, like...then" ie Lead designer on Fbos) seems to be very talkative lately, this time around he spills his guts to TeamXbox.Here are some good points:

It addresses some of the after-effects of the events in Fallout as well as hinting at things which will become more fully developed in Fallout and Fallout: Tactics - the scattered ghouls from Necropolis, the bitter remnants of the super mutant army, the Brotherhood taking a more active role in policing the wasteland, etc.
Say what? Policing? Bos ? And it adressses some of the after-effects and also hinting at things which will become more fully developed in Fallout ?!!!
Then he saves the day by saying:
But F: BoS is also a separate story in a separate place, far removed from the characters and locations of the other Fallout games.
Nice save..

And another:
The primary goal of F:BoS is to deliver an action game experience, so fans of the Fallout franchise will be able to experience that same world with a lot more intensity - real-time combat and streamlined game systems make for a lot faster pace. But we're not forgetting all of the things that make a Fallout game, and we've included a lot of cool role-playing elements to satisfy fans of the older games as well as anyone who'd enjoy interacting with the stylized post-apocalyptic setting.
Hey Chris, you guys forgot something....STORY and SETTING! Read the rest for a good laugh..
Link: TeamXbox Fbos interview

News for Monday, October 20, 2003

Posted by Brother None - at 17:13

On the General Gaming forum at Iplay, and not speaking about Fallout3 Ewen Brown asked this question:

are there any good alternatives to leveling
all the use to improve methods i've encountered pretty much sucked the thing is leveling doesn't completely make sense
any ideas?

In the thread, when someone mentioned darklands,JE Sawyer replied by saying:

Yes. No levels and a learn-by-doing system that never seemed to get in the way of the game. It also almost never resulted in abuse. However, I'd take their learn-by-doing system a step further and reward the player more for failure than success. It would help slow the progress of a single skill.

G3N13 didn't agree with Sawyer, and stated that powergamers would just reload picking locks until they failed at it, to which Sawyer replied with:

And, properly designed, the tradeoff is that the lock now cannot be picked. Success has inherent rewards, and failure brings the potential for rewards. That's the thing. Failure doesn't insure progress, but it helps. I used this in a pen and paper system a long time ago, and it worked very well. Players wanted their characters to succeed, not fail, but failure did help them advance their skills from session to session.

G3N13 pushed his point further on the topic of reloading, to which Sawyer said:

Again, failure doesn't guarantee that the character will improve, and any individual failure need not inform the player of its effect on their chance to improve. The goal is to get players to simply play the game and sort of forget about the "gamey" aspects of it. This is something Darklands did very well.

Link to thread

This is not related to Fallout3, just an inside look on the gaming design ideas of J.E. Sawyer.
And some other threads of lesser interest:

Thread about rotating camera angles

Thread about armors, in which Sawyer again noted his intention to balance the power armor to prevent it from becoming an uber-armor

Posted by Briosafreak - at 14:35

There`s an interview with Chuck Cuevas and Chris Pasetto from the FOBOS team on Gamespy, with lots of spin, many times contradictory, here`s a zip:

More than that, because we're the action division, the action group, and Fallout was done by Tim Cain and the people from Black Isle. They wanted to stay on RPG titles, because they're RPGers. And we're action guys. There were a lot of conversations back and forth, but nobody directly had a big part in the other games because of that reason. When we told them we were making an action game, some people cringed. But you don't want them to make an action game because they're not interested.

Or maybe they just wanted to stay the hell away from that game...
And in the same interview we discover that Fallout fans are mean:
Fortunately, a lot of us here and even the guys we talked to from the PC team -- the Black Isle guys -- they said they're really a minority and to be honest they get all upset when there's something that they don't like even in the Fallout PC games. They're equally vocal and pissed off. [...]
We took our licks early on in the forums, but then we just stopped dealing with them. Because even behind the scenes it was quite evident that there was just no dealing with them. [...]
I think the audience for the two is a lot different from what we initially understood. We thought initially that the hardcore PC fans would be at least interested in learning about it, but it turned out to not really be the case.

It`s fascinating how a supposed minority destroys their forum at Interplay.
I don`t want to learn more about it, that`s true, i just wanted it to go away...
Spotted at RPGDot

News for Sunday, October 19, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 23:53

J.E. Sawyer has talked about a few issues concerning Fallout3 during the weekend, first this:

I think pop culture references in special encounters are fine as long as they stay out of the main game areas.

Now on armour:
i'd like to revise DT and get rid of DR so that more weapons remain more generally deadly, shot for shot, and the critical hits provide smaller, but still worthwhile, benefits. completely ignoring DR and DT won't be one of those effects.
i think DR sux and should be removed, instead leaving DT, which absorbs an amount of damage from half its value to its total value per hit. e.g.: frank gets shot with a bullet for 10 points of damage. the ballistic DT for his armor is 16, so it absorbs 8-16 points of damage from the bullet.

Link: BIS Feedback Forum thread
Link: SomethingAwfull forums thread (paid registration required)
Thanks go to Az from The Order.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 2:38

More news on the Fallout3 graphics engine, J.E. Sawyer told us this on the BIS Feedback Forum:

The engine used in Jefferson and Van Buren is, in fact, tile-based, but it looks nothing like Neverwinter Nights. This is mostly due to the fact that Neverwinter Nights had relatively low poly environments and a solely dynamic lighting solution.

In our engine, artists make tile sets, meta-tiles (special pieces that range from the mundane "break-up-the-pattern" sections to unique buildings and entire maps), and prop sets. Designers place the tiles and meta-tiles, then go back and populate the area with static props and dynamic useable objects (like generators, computers, doors, etc.). The level then gets imported into Lightwave, where artists light it. The lightmaps are then burned using a third-party plug-in called Microwave. Then the designer imports the level back into the editor, where the lightmaps are stitched together and the octree is built.

The result is a level that looks sharp enough that, honestly, many people mistake it for 2D until the camera is rotated. We've actually considered changing the FOV because some people complain that it doesn't "feel 3D enough".

BTW both Fallout RPGs were tile-based.

On one hand it looks that when the maps are made it may be very difficult to change them, so the engine may not be very flexible, on the other hand it looks like the engine is freaking awsome, with a Fallout3 full of atmosphere and greater chances in creating a great Falloutish visual representation with some good surprises.
Please do send us some good screenshots soon ok BIS people?

News for Saturday, October 18, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 17:01

If you check the credits from Fallout you`ll find the name Leonard Boyarsky. He`s now Joint CEO and Producer at Troika Games, where he`s responsable for the Vampires:The Masquerade Bloodlines game, and has a designer diary at Gamespot, here is a zip:

And that's just about where we came into the picture. Who are we, you ask? We're Troika Games. Created by the minds behind Fallout, Troika went on to create the critically acclaimed Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura and, most recently, The Temple of Elemental Evil (we love long names, obviously).
When it came time to do our next game after Arcanum, we decided we wanted to challenge ourselves and move from our comfort zone of making isometric-view role-playing games to trying something completely new and challenging. To this end, we had been speaking with Scott Lynch of Valve about using the new Source technology (the same game technology used to power Half-Life2) to create a brand-new, groundbreaking first-person RPG.
Good luck Leon.
Link: Boyarsky dev diary at Gamespot

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:44

There`s an interesting article on GoneGold about what makes a great game, with examples of great games on a list. So let`s read the description of the number eight game on that list:

8. Fallout (PC, 1997). From the unforgettable opening cinema (watching it made me more excited to play a game than I've ever been before or since) to the equally unforgettable ending, Fallout was a gripping experience. The post-apocalyptic environment was gritty and the world was very grim, two qualities that computer games have rarely possessed in such satisfying quantities.

Great start, great substance in the midlle and great endings, that`s Fallout alright.
Link: GoneGold

News for Friday, October 17, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:54

Damien "Puuk" Foletto has posted a bit more on questions raised by the fans on the BIS feedback forum:

kumquat3: So, there might be a perk to give you the ability to lift that guards extra PA out of his back pocket? Like the perk in FO2 that makes weight a non-factor?

eeeehhhh, no! Being able to steal someone's armor while they're wearing it is recoculous, perk or no. There will be perks to enhance your ability to sneak and steal, but nothing as "out there" as gaining the ability to steal someone's armor, clothing, assault rifle while they are equipped.
Speaking of sneaking, and building a bit more on the whole theme here, lighting and sound will play a role in one's ability to sneak around. That's all I'm going to say... for now.
No magical pick-pocketing of large items, even if someone's extra PA can fit in their back pocket (That'd have to be one really big pocket and an even bigger butt to fill it out *shudder*).

Mr. Teatime:Maybe it would be possible to swap big items? Like if you've got a rubbish revolver, and the enemy has a really nice one, you can do an exchange so the enemy still feels his gun in his pocket, but when he grabs it to shoot you he finds it only shoots air pellets, or something...

I don't think pistols are the problem here - they should be small enough to swipe. I'm talking about big, obvious items like PA, leather armor, machine guns, spears, super sledge, etc.

Link: Thread at the BIS feedback forum

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:40

The Fall website, for the upcoming post-apoc game beeing made by Silver Style Entertainment, is inviting you girls and boys to take a look at their new Making off section, where you`ll find new concept art.

Link: The Fall

News for Thursday, October 16, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 20:28

In the BIS feedback forum Leop has asked these interesting questions:

How will stealing/planting stuff work?In VB if I steal something will they recognize it if I try and sell it back to them? Will I be able to use shadows to my advantage when sneaking? Will it matter in what direction the NPCs are looking? Will I able to set up decoys that guards will go to check out? Will there be things like smoke grenades and night vision goggles? Will I be able to backstab with an advantage without the use of any perk?

Here is the reply from Damien "Puuk" Foletto:
In VERY general terms, it will not be possible to steal someone's rifle, armor, helmet, etc. whether they have it in their inventory or especially if it is equipped. Small items, like money, keys, etc. are fair game if you "gots da skillz."
As for homes. If you wander into a home uninvited, the NPC will probably inquire as to what the hell do you think you're doing. If you start sifting through their belongings without permission, they'll probably beat you in the noodle with a sharp or blunt object, that is if they do not have a gun.
This is one area of game play where a certain degree of realism is fun.

Link: BIS Feedback Forum thread

Posted by Briosafreak - at 20:20

I just spotted at DAC that Silver Style’s Carsten Strehse gave an interview to Homeland Fed on the subject of their upcoming post-apoc tactical combat/RPG The Fall. Here`s a zip:

HomeLAN - How will character generation be handled in the game?

Carsten Strehse - Every character has 6 attributes (strength, agility, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, charisma) and 14 skills (close combat, light weapons, heavy weapons, sniper weapons, special weapons, throwing weapons, explosives, survival, stealth, pick pocketing, lock picking, engineering, driving, medicine). The player can give points to them (some to the attributes, more to the skills).

Depending on the value a skill the player gets different perks that fit especially to the skill (like headshots or fast loading for Light Weapons). The player can also choose what life experience and what body feature a character should have. Both have influence on the attributes and skills.

HomeLAN - What sorts of locations and environments will The Fall have?

Carsten Strehse - The game takes place in the southwest of the US and the player is confronted by a real wasteland. He can visit locations like usual villages or towns, enclaves, huge caves with hundreds of people living in or a town made out of ships. We have some dozen locations in the game, too much to list them here.

HomeLAN - How will quests be handled in the game?

Carsten Strehse - The Fall has more than 150 quests. Some of them are very important for the story, some are sub-quests. Mostly the player has different options to solve a quest which gives him very much freedom. However, sometimes it’s necessary to show some guys who have the biggest gun under his robe. Smile

Link: Interview at Homeland Fed

Posted by Briosafreak - at 19:55

There`s an interesting piece on the Orange County (registration required) site with an interview with Herve Caen , CEO of Interplay, and info on the past, present and future of the company.
Here is a quote:

69 days until Christmas - not a good time for video-game publisher Interplay Entertainment Corp. to lose its distributor.

But Hervé Caen, Irvine-based Interplay's chief executive of two years, says he isn't worried. To make sure "Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II" and "Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel" games are on retail shelves this holiday season, Caen vows to distribute them himself if need be.

"The way I do it doesn't really matter," said Caen, 42, who co-founded Titus Interactive, a top game company in France that now owns 71 percent of Interplay. "(Retailers) already know the titles are coming out, and these games are big enough that retailers want to get them on the shelves."

Being without a prime distributor so close to Christmas would wreak havoc on most companies. But Interplay is a survivor. This latest trouble appears to be just another in a long line of headaches for the veteran game publisher, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.

Irvine-based Interplay, one of the hottest game companies in the 1990s, is half the size it used to be, with 200 employees. On any given day, developers are working on a half dozen games, instead of the 15 they were producing during its heyday. Nasdaq delisted its stock last fall because the price fell below $1. Interplay shares, which now trade on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board, closed Wednesday at 10 cents.

And now, it faces a lawsuit from former distributor Vivendi Universal Games, which says it will seek an injunction to prevent Interplay from signing a distribution deal with anyone else. Interplay dropped Vivendi as its North American distributor last month, saying that Vivendi owes it more than $3 million.
Even with the Vivendi lawsuit pending, Caen has moved on. He's busy talking to potential distributors to make sure the games are on store shelves by November. After all, Caen said, "Profitability is contingent on the fourth quarter."

Vivendi, which became Interplay's exclusive North American distributor in 2001, contends that Interplay is trying to get out of a multiyear contract by claiming Vivendi hasn't made all of its payments. Vivendi denies the claims, according to its lawsuit.

"The heart of the dispute is all over money," said Caen. "I'm certainly willing to work it out with Vivendi. My goal is to get the games on the shelves."

Vivendi declined to comment.

Interplay has the advantage that retailers are expecting its games, said DFC Intelligence's Cole. Getting them to retailers in time for Christmas will be a hassle, he said, but not impossible. It could use independent distributors or handle the distribution itself, as it formerly did, though that might delay the games' arrival in stores until after Christmas.

If Interplay does get the games in front of customers by Christmas, sales are likely to be strong, said Richard Ow, an analyst with market researcher The NPD Group. Previous "Baldur's Gate" and "Fallout" titles have sold around a half million or more copies - not a bad number for any game, Ow said.

"They've achieved something that more than 50 percent of games don't achieve," Ow said. "More than 50 percent of games don't even sell 50,000 units. (Interplay) is definitely in the higher percentile as far as games go."

Nationwide, console games and hardware reached $4.5 billion by August, not including computer games, according to the NPD. Fifty percent of the year's sales are made during the fourth quarter so, if that trend continues, the video-game industry is on track to top last year's $10.4 billion in revenue.
That's what Interplay is counting on, Caen said.

"My goal is to get back on the Nasdaq and to continue (financially) what we're doing," he said. "I'm here to make the company successful."

Well why did we post this? Because of this article on the Spong site, with incorrect information, that has sparkled a lot of rumours in the last hours.
As you can see in the interview Interplay isn`t dead. But we went deeper and after a few hours checking all this info we can say that:
-Interplay is not defunct
-There will be no Fallout2 to consoles
-Interplay is in contacts with other companies to distribute in the USA their upcoming titles Baldur`s Gate: Dark Alliance2 and FOBOS, but we can`t confirm if they are in talks with Acclaim or not.
-Checking what sources tell us is important...
Link: Interplay Investor Discussion forum

Posted by Dan - at 13:08

The Dead Cities post apocalyptic mod for Battlefield 1942 has been updated again:

We have recieved a message hastily written in charcoal on a scrap of yellowed newspaper, informing us of the latest news in the barren badlands of the modern world. The content pages have all been updated to give you more information about the deadcities world, including more screenshots and fantastic concepting, courtesy of the never less than amazing Mark Seydewitz. We also are in the market for one or two new scripters/importers, and a vehicle modeller capable of exporting their own creations (texturing skills not required). If you feel you have what it takes to be a part of a small, highly skilled, professionally run team, feel free to email Tom at and introduce yourself. Now, so that I dont leave everyone empty handed, we give you the Nighthawk motorcycle ingame shot (in all its glory).

This is looking better and better, it's always nice to see frequent updates from these mods.

Posted by Dan - at 12:25

We'll keep this one simple. Damien "Puuk" Foletto has made this comment about the chanches of us seeing a Fallout online game:

You're more likely to be abducted by aliens than see a Fallout Online.
Well, I was pretty sure the marketing guys over at IPLY weren't that stupid as to approve it anyway, then again...

Link: Thread@IPLY

News for Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:34

Some misc news from the last days now. We start by pointing out that the InExile dev chat log on the #RPGCodex channel on Gamesnet with Brian Fargo can be read on the snazzy RPGCodex site. A brief quote taken from the log:

[Saint_Proverbius] I kind of agree with Dhruin there. You have the Bard as the character, and a few references.. But what else is there that's "Bard's Tale" about this one?
[Dhruin] Thanks for wording it a bit better, Saint. Smile
[Brian1] The scottish heratage, the Bard, music and the summoning. The original BT was very shallow compared to todays standards. There were like 6 quests in the first game.
[Brian1] Games have just come so far since then... compare a Fallout to BT.... worlds apart.
[Dhruin] Can we ask about Wasteland?
[Saint_Proverbius] I wish.
[Brian1] I can't say much about that yet...
[Saint_Proverbius] Wait.. 1987's Wasteland?
[Exitium] What about the voice acting, Brian? Anyone we've heard of?
[Brian1] We are still casting for that...
[Saint_Proverbius] If so.. Brian.. What the hell were you thinking with that laser chess board maze?
[Brian1] you mean in Wasteland?
[Saint_Proverbius] Yeah
[|Ausir|] the same thing the Fallout 2 people were thinking with that electrical floor
[Brian1] OMG that is too much trivia for me but I did not do that map. But we promise there are no laser chess boards in BT!

Next DAC is reporting that Shattered Oasis UT2003 mod is alive and kicking, with bot support, new sounds and weapons and many other new things, just go and check their work.
Congrats to Ozrat that has won the "Find what Briosa really means contest", but he also brought to our eyes some unfortunate news: there`s a NMA reference on one of the FOBOS trailers.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 17:56

The nice Just Adventure site, devoted to the adventure games genre, has posted a list of the ten best non-adventure games of all times. You can find games like System Schock, Ultima VII, Wasteland or Return to Krondor, an interesting selection.
Here is part of their description of the best non-adventure game in their opinion:

You can play as a man or a woman, you can be a good guy or a bad guy, you can use your intelligence, blast everything to bits or choose a stealthy approach. A very wide variety of weapons is available, from knives and spears to laser and plasma rifles. The combat is purely turn-based, hence there is no need for fast fingers.

Yes you`ve guessed it, Fallout is number one for them too.
Spotted at RPGDot

News for Sunday, October 12, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 20:27

Carsten Strehse (lead designer/CEO) was kind enough of shipping us two exclusive high resolution shot of their project The Fall (their new post apocalyptic RPG).

Cheers Carsten, looking forward to this title.

Posted by Brother None - at 19:02

Josh is having a period of hyper-activity, apparently, and made some posts about setting up base camps in Fallo...Van Buren:

First, over here, Atreides makes the following post:

^Could we take over someone's territory? For example if the player takes out Metzeger, depending on whether the player's good or not you could get

1. (Good) Liberate the town of slavery (yay).
2. (Bad) Halfway through the battle after killing Metz you use taunt (make a suggestion to stop in the middle of battle, check vs. hostility) and if you're badass enough the slavers will decide to follow your leadership. So you're the new slaver lord in town.

The latter's an example of a "stronghold". You now run the town etc. Depending on your travels you can strengthen your gang by getting more ammo or making deals with other powerful allies (say Reno families).

Ps: Would putting more money in stores be acceptable? Lots of the time my car boot was full of weapons I meant to sell off but I could only sell one or two off at a time (taking into account I bartered for all the stims etc).

To which JE replies:

To a certain extent, I think stuff like that is possible, but I worry about taking too much attention away from the main plot/action of the game. Let's say you take over Metzger's slaver joint. Okay, what now? I'm sure we could think of plenty of things to do with the slavers, but how much? And if you don't take over the slavers, or decide to get back to the main plot, all of that development time gets wasted for that player. Obviously, a little "gets wasted" for any player that doesn't do everything in the game, or takes one of two mutually exclusive choices, but I think this takes that a step forward. It's a lot of time to commit.

And he notes the same in this thread

Posted by Briosafreak - at 17:07

requiem_for_a_starfury is in need of a few beta testers for his latest Fallout Tactics campaign:

technically it's a mini-campaign and works from the custom campaign screen. It's not very fancy (no plot) just a cage fighting tournament, once I get some feedback I'll be able to provide a final version.

So if you are interested in helping out please download the beta from here.

Now let me just congratulate the nice folks at that have their site finnaly working pretty well and already passed the 10000 visitors mark, if you know how to speak german give them a visit too, cheers Glowbewohner.

Posted by Odin - at 13:56

JE also answered a question about using a gun as a melee weapon, if you run out of ammo:

I previously suggested a perk called Biff! that allowed characters to use one-handed pistols for pistol whipping (melee skill) and two-handed rifle weapons for butt smashes (melee skill) without changing weapons. A butt smash probably shouldn't do as much damage as a ripper in the gut, but it would provide a nice alternative for people, and could have a good chance of knockdown.

While you could make all such weapons have that property inherently (without a perk), I think it makes them a little overly flexible. The perk requires them to spend something for the benefit.
I really don't see the need to have a perk for doing these actions, you should be able to do this without a specific perk.

Posted by Odin - at 13:29

Here's the real treat in JE's talk on the IPLY forums last night, about guns and ammo in Fallout 3:

I've decided to contribute to this thread by not contributing and instead clarifying something. I think guns should still be the most powerful weapons in the Fallout world, but they should carry with them enough problems that they are situationally superior, not inherently superior.

Ammunition, penalties to hit when used against adjacent foes, and the increased chance of problematic critical failures all contribute to this.
Melee is a skill that can use many different weapons. The Bozar is one weapon with one type of ammo. I think certain types of ammo should be relatively common and other types of ammo should be extremely rare. Firearms can still be very viable without one or two weapons being the answer to every violent conflict.
The discussion went on and on in this thread, basicly is boils down to this:
Do you think ammo scarcity should be used as one method of limiting the power of high-end firearms in a potential future Fallout game?

Well, I say yes! But, there's always a but. I'd like the chance to have a steady flow of ammo if I'm associated with a faction that can supply that specific ammo (but they wouldn't have it in abundance). Remeber to post your comments and vote on the new poll!

Posted by Odin - at 13:21

In regards to the poison system being used in Fallout, JE said this:

I think 3E's poisons are really bad news (in a good way). Instantly doing multiple dice of stat damage to someone, then potentially doing more in a few minutes is pretty awful. I'm not sure how it could/should fit into a Fallout game, to be honest. I think it would make the most sense on special pre-poisoned primitive weapons like spears and knives. Also, needler ammo could have poison a-plenty.

Posted by Odin - at 13:19

JE has been active and also posted in a thread about called shots:

I'm not that keen on the general idea of restricting the targets at which a character can shoot either in turn-based or real-time (it would require a bit of work and I'm not sure how much it really adds). However, I do like the idea that if you miss the target you're aiming for, you may hit another, adjacent, body part.

But -- and this is a big but (so to speak) -- I do think that the same should be done for uncalled shots. That is, even an uncalled shot hits a specific body part, but that body part is very likely to be the torso, less likely to be the legs, even less likely to be the arms, really, really unlikely to be the head, and almost never the eyes. I think this keeps called shots useful, but doesn't make them the no-brainer over uncalled shots. Unless I'm missing something...
Keep it up JE!!

Posted by Odin - at 13:14

JE answered a question about ammo and reload rates.

I think reload rates should depend on the weapon and the ammo being loaded. Revolvers should take longer than semi-automatic pistols, miniguns should take longer than revolvers, etc.

I also think that some weapons can and should have multiple types of ammo, either for basic use (a minigun taking conventional rounds and small energy cells) or multiple firing modes (an assault rifle with .223 rounds and 40mm rifle grenades).
Also on a follow up question JE said this:
I would like to address this topic, but doing so involves an interrupt system which isn't fully thought out yet. Hopefully you can wait a while.
Sounds all good and we would love an interrupt system!

News for Saturday, October 11, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:38

There`s a new mod for Fallout:Tactics called tom_david mod made by player1:

This mod for Fallout: Tactics replaces Farsight and Stitch with two new recruits at start of your first single player mission. They are super mutant Tom and former vault dweller David. They also start with different equipment then usual.

You can download it from JJ86's Tactics Tutorial Page.
Thanks JJ86 from JJ86's Tactics Tutorial Page for the heads up.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:04

The results of Nurk Happy-Happy Apocalyptic Fiction Contest are out, with Draconias Galactica wining the The Best Overall Fiction award. This is what Locke Taelos had to say while announcing the winners:

Yes, it's true, I have the results and after you read this post some of you will laugh, some of you will cry, and some of you will decide for yourselves if I was paid off in bottlecaps.
There were so many wonderful elements that I had pulled out of these stories. I could create so many categories that each story won in its own right and I think that it's true, every story did have something special about it that stands out in my mind.

You can check the list with the winners on all categories here.
Thanks go to Bitterman for the heads up, you can check some of the work by Draconias Galactica on the NMA fan fiction forum.

Posted by Odin - at 7:59

In a thread about the unarmed combat in Fallout 3..err.. Van Buren, Je posted this little thingie:

Different kicks for different situations. Ultimately, I think the various unarmed strikes in Fallout should all have enough variation that a player has reasons to use many of them throughout the game in different circumstances. A spinning heel kick might take more AP and be harder to do (penalty to hit) than a roundhouse, but might have a greater chance of knockdown and it might cause the knockdown to push the character to the side instead of back (for example).
No shocking news, but...

News for Friday, October 10, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:47

I just saw on RPGDot that Baldur`s Gate:Dark Alliance 2 for the X-Box and PS2 release date has been delayed until the Holiday season, quoting a post by the normally well informed Capelworth on the Interplay boards.
So why am i posting this here? Because the official announcement of project Van Buren (that we all know it`s Fallout3) could only be made after a few artists from the BGDA2 team would join the FO3 team, making it possible for them to have enough material to show us all while announcing it, at least that was what the BIS devs have told us several times.
With this delay the chances of that happening soon now seem weaker, we`ll try to get some word from BIS about this issue soon.

Edit: We got word that there is no delay at this point, and work is going smoothly, good.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:19

GameGuru made an interview with Carsten Strehse to learn more about Silver Style's project The Fall - Last Days of Gaia, here`s a zip:

GGMania: What can you tell us about the enemies in The Fall? Can we expect some mutants?
Carsten Strehse: Yes, but special ones. We don't have those classical “The bell-ringer of Notre Dame"-mutants. Our mutants have it's own special look, behaviour and also a history. But I won't break the whole secret of them yet.  Besides mutants the player will meet different gangs, end-time Indians, task forces of reavers (called Seekers) and a lot of other interesting groups. If he wants to fight against them is up to the player.

First spoted at RPGDot

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:08

Just read on DAC that the Post Apocalyptic Media site, a great resource center for everything post-apoc is back with a new look and the promise of more regular updates. Go and check the new php layout.
And speaking of post-apoc stuff go and check this nice page at the PBS site that octa has showed me, interesting if you want to know what would happen if there was a nuclear blast close to you.

News for Thursday, October 9, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:08

Again on the BIS feedback forum Ewen Brown asked how much of your actions in a game should effect the final outcome of the general plot , to wich Damien "Puuk" Foletto replied:

Actions and inactions will have major affects on the story throughout the game. Can't really give details (obviously), but your character is important and the story(s), both major and minor, develops around how you play.

Damn i wanted details...
Spoted on this thread

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:01

Let`s go back to Fallout3 news now, starting with this idea by Spider on the BIS feedback forum:

I understand that maybe not all the options available in a turn-based game (thinking of ToEE here) can be readily available in RT without some pausing, especially considering all the unarmed manouvers that have been considered. But with a GUI with the same level of customizability as IWD2 or just Diablo 2 it can be made to work.

J.E. Sawyer had this to say on the subject:
You're still going to need to specify the part of the body you're attacking. If you're clicking on the interface, you're losing time. If you don't care, don't pause. If you do care, use the pause button. Lionheart gave you quick access to many/most of your abilities, but a very large number of people still wanted the option to pause.
I see this is going in the direction of, "Some things will be harder to do in real-time without pausing." Yes, you're right. That's because things are happening in real-time. Again, this does nothing at all to affect the viability of a turn-based mode of play. If you don't like IE-style real-time with pause combat, chances are you're not going to like Van Buren's real-time with pause combat. We're not setting out to make people wildly enthusiastic about RT combat in a way they've never seen before.
A long time ago, I said that VB's combat would focus on the turn-based implementation for both balance and features. Looking for something with the smooth precision and ease of use of Diablo 2's well done fully real-time combat? Sorry, look down the street. We're not going to sacrifice the quality or features of the TB component so that VB can have the most tubular, radical RT combat ever.

Spotted on this thread at the BIS feedback forum .

Posted by Odin - at 1:01

Well I decided to add some "new" mods to our files section, this time around I've added:

The 14 SFX mod is a new one, this one is done by Ivanova. Here's a little description about it:
I've decided to pull the old SFX out of Fallout (the origional) for the 14mm/.223 pistol and replace the "new" SFX which I quite dislike.
Goodie, goodie! Nice job Ivanova!

News for Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:22

DarkUnderlord from the Fan Made Fallout project has a request for our help:

Perhaps you know what a positive void coefficient of reactivity means?
Perhaps you don't! Either way, as of right now, the FMF Project has some questions we'd like to ask about nuclear reactors. Yes, we could google (and we have) but we'd (I'd) like someone who actually knows something about them so that we can ask some rather specific questions and hopefully get some overly general answers.

Some questions are:

1. How big/small can a nuclear be? Is it feasible to have a small underground reactor that's quite 'powerful' (but perhaps not as powerful as a full-scale reactor)?
2. What can be done to make a reactor explode? Can it be over-heated, cooled too much, what kind of things could someone do to it to make it go boom?
3. What happens when a reactor goes critical, or rather, how does one of these things explode? What happens, what does it do? Would an underground reactor produce a fancy big mushroom cloud? If not, is it possible to make a reactor that does (IE: what stupid design decisions would need to be made)?
4. What kind of terminology is used in dealing with a nuclear reactor? In terms of operating it and keeping it going, as well as the terminology used when it starts to explode.
There's also a chance that we'll have some more questions as time goes on.

If you have answers for this please go to the Fan Made Fallout site and leave them a message, or instead mail your replies to or yet again just pm DarkUnderlord.

Posted by Odin - at 18:11

Worthplaying have posted a couple of new trailers (one gameplay+one trailer) and some new screenshots from Fbos, one of the screenshot show what looks like an End Boss (Jikes!). The trailer was horrible, at first it started out with an old song (which surprised me) but it fast went over to Chuckies playlist (hardrock). Fallout fans, stay away from this blasphemy!
Linky: Trailers/screenies@Worthplaying

Posted by Odin - at 1:50

Well I posted a new poll on the main page, "Should we cover more of these post apocalyptic games?". Fair enough question, eh?

Posted by Briosafreak - at 0:52

I just saw on the snazzy DAC that the english version of the Fall: Last Days of Gaia site is now up, with tons of information on the game:

* Innovative 3D role-playing game illustrates a haunting, non-linear story of epic dimensions
* Simulation of a complete post-catastrophe world with realistic character behavior, plausible flora and fauna as well as a stirring end-time atmosphere.
* Up to six party members, each with their own characteristics, interact with the other members.
* Day- and night-cycle effects plus lifelike daily routines for every single NPC enhance realism.
* Novel fight system for real-time and turn-based battles and countless tactical options develop replay value.
* New possibilities of interaction with the environment such as digging for water, hunting and gutting animals bring unexpected experiences to the genre.
* More than 300 different weapons, armor and other items provide extensive freedom in combat.
* Players have direct control of vehicles like pick-ups or buggies.
* Intuitive game control and menu-driven user interface make for easy pick-up-and-play.
* Free-roaming zoomable camera allows many different perspectives, from ISO to 3rd person.
* Three difficulty levels from beginner to hardcore appeal to gamers of all backgrounds.
* Stunning 3D sound and speech for all in-game texts bring the deep storyline to life.

It seems to be Real-Time with Pause though, not true Turn-Based combat, shame
Link: The Fall official site in english
Spotted on DAC

News for Monday, October 6, 2003

Posted by Dan - at 21:40

Deadcities, the upcoming post apocalyptical mod for the popular BF1942, got a site update with some new screenshots and vehicals.

Greetings weary travelers. After a long period of silence, a spark of life comes from the surreal landscapes of civilizations long past. Deadcities is becoming stronger and more feature complete by the day. The vehicle and feature list has been completely rounded out, and a fully fleshed out design strategy has been realized. Its a very exciting time out here in the wastes, as always. I leave you with the lovingly crafted Junker Car, Armored Truck, and Motorcycle- all by the unfraggable Artem. Also, we've included a few tantalizing shots of the new Deadcities player models, and sniping scope in action. Enjoy, fellow survivors.
And here's a couple of screenshots:

Be sure to check them out for more screenshots.

Posted by Odin - at 18:36

In an interview about the newly announced title called The Fall (by Silver-Style), Carsten Strehse (Lead Designer/CEO) revealed some of the story in The Fall:

The Fall - Last Days of Gaia is a post-apocalyptic 3D RPG. In terms of comparison, the scenario is similar to Mad Max or Fallout, the Look & Feel to Morrowind or Gothic.
The story is about a climate cataclysm caused by mankind itself. In 2062, so called Terraformers blow enormous amounts of CO2 in earth's atmosphere. Primarily, the machines were meant to be used on Mars to manipulate its atmosphere and make it habitable for humans. Due to an assault of a fanatical sect the Terraformers go out of control. The CO2 inflicts a radical change of climate on earth: The average temperature increases by 10° (C, equals 18° F) resulting in storms and floods of biblical extents. Mankind is thrown back in its evolution several centuries. There is little food and even less water, there is anarchy.
Our hero will be in this scenario. The loss of his family drives him out of his home village in the south of the USA. Reportedly, a new government is being formed in the region of former New Mexico. Word is, that even a president was named. We shall see the truth in this…
So no nukes did this world over, there's also more info in the interview..
Link: Interview@RPGDot

Posted by Odin - at 13:15

As promised Silver-Style have posted the webpage for The Fall - Last Days Of Gaia (Their new Post Apocalyptic RPG in progress). Actually there isn't much content on the site yet, but some screenshots.
Thanks to Chris Krueger and Richard for emailing me about this!
Link: Screenshots at NMA

Edit: Finally the official announcement:

The Endtime has begun: THE FALL - LAST DAYS OF GAIA

The Berlin/Germany based studio Silver Style Entertainment develops THE FALL - LAST DAYS OF GAIA for PC, an innovative Post-Apocalyptic Role Playing Game with tactical combat and a highly original, disturbing storyline. The game is scheduled for Q1, 2004.

THE FALL will be the first 3D-RPG set in an endtime scenario on the market. Current Project Status is about 70% completion.

THE FALL guides the player into the post-apocalyptic world of 2083 where mankind has fallen back into a primitive anarchic state. The player will explore a huge territory which was formerly part of the south of the US and is now a fascinating place full of danger. A dramatic, novel-like plot unfolds in twists and turns and captivates the gamer from the first minute of playing.

THE FALL is easily accessible for the novice and literally draws the unexperienced gamer into the plot while at the same time the game offers a level of deepness and detail which excels existing Core-RPG standards. The top notch in-house developed engine of THE FALL displays an unbelievable realistic 3D world as well as highly detailed characters. Each and every of the more than 1000 NPC in the game has its own look and its own social life and daily schedule.

THE FALL gives the player a high degree of freedom. Besides the main plot there are more than 150 sub-quests. However, the player never gets lost in the game world; he is very well guided through the story.

THE FALL comes up with an unique combat system. The traditional difficult spot of 3D-Role Playing Games, the often dull or repetitive combat is actually one of the main strengths of THE FALL. Battles are scalable so that the player can choose any level of involvement: Combat can be accelerated and automated by the players who are mainly interested in the story and the character development. Vice versa, the tactical player may make each and every combat decision himself. He can fight every battle as a challenging tactical game in itself which may be several hours long.

Carsten Strehse CEO of Silver Style comments:
THE FALL will inspire every RPG fan. The unique features, the very deep story and our very strong in-house engine are perfect qualifications for a stunning gameplay experience. Because of the quality of the game and the fact that THE FALL will be the first endtime 3D-RPG on the market we feel absolute confident about its success.

About Silver Style Entertainment

Silver Style Entertainment ( was founded 1993 and is based in Berlin/Germany. CEO and Lead Designer Carsten Strehse has more than 15 years experience in game development. The company worked together with mayor publishers like Activison/NBG, THQ, JoWooD or Atari in the past. Silver Style`s latest game Soldiers of Anarchy ( was highly acclaimed by the worldwide press and got many awards.

Thanks to Saint_Proverbius from RPGCodex for the heads up.
Also many thanks to Carsten Strehse (lead designer/CEO Silver Style) for emailing the press release to me !

News for Saturday, October 4, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 18:19

According to this article at Gamespy, someone thinks that we ruined Fallout Tactics:

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel has to go down in history as one of the only times having a beloved brand name attached to a good game was a mistake. It seemed like a no-brainer for Interplay -- create a squad-level tactical combat game set in the incredibly beloved post-apocalyptic universe popularized by the Fallout 1 and 2 RPGs. The game itself, while quite good and garnering a lot of critical praise, was torpedoed from the get-go by most unlikely of people -- Fallout fans. A hardcore contingent of Fallout fans (angry that Tactics wasn't the long-awaited Fallout 3) proceeded to flame the heck out of Fallout Tactics almost from the minute it was announced, savaging every feature of the game on message boards all across the Internet before they'd even had a chance to play it. In the end, a solid strategy game was killed by the very people it was created for. If you can find Fallout: Tactics in a bargain bin, it's worth picking up.
Damn, and I thought that we tried to help them at first, but the story/bad tactical combat system ruined Fot! Go Figure!

News for Friday, October 3, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 17:58

Well I've installed the new gallery section here at NMA, there are some hidden secrets in there. Some never before seen images that the FOT Team used for their T-Shirts and also a Fan Art section where registered users can upload their images (which will be approved later on). So get on over and have a look.
We are adding images as we go along..

Posted by Briosafreak - at 14:16

First for our portuguese speaking readers i got word from The_Chosen that the brazilian Fallout fan site Fallout Resources has been updated, looking pretty good now.

Next F:GAB sends word that they have a new location for the Fallout Guns and Bullets TC for Max Payne , and that they`ve added some new weapons models and textures to their gallery.

Finnaly Krazikatt from Interplay has some sad news:

The [FOBOS] forums will also be opening sometime soon! Note to all people who are ready to flame and spam... it will not be tolerated when the forum is opened back up... and we will be real hard asses about it... so this just a fair warning.
We will get rid of and give warnings for anything we feel appropriate. If someone is in there just to bash the game we will not tolerate it.
Because this forum will be on probation it will be open only for questions, answers and the like.

No comments...

News for Thursday, October 2, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 22:25

JE answered a question about Called shots, "Should called shots unavailable when you have an enemy in melee range?":

I've stated this idea previously, and still think it's good. Either that or a general penalty could be applied, greater for two-handed firearms than for one-handed firearms.

BTW, scopes in Fallout 2 gave a minimum range to the weapon. Firing at a target under the minimum range put huge penalties to hit on the attacker.
Link to thread. Sounds ok enough..not much to say..

Posted by Dan - at 19:56

Troika's new game, as loveable as it might be, is featuring a pretty impressive amount and mixture of bugs.
there is already an offical patch in the works by now, but the work on this fan patch started before it and besides fixing the bugs it adds stuff like the brothel which Atari has kindely taken out.

So, anyway, download it from any of these mirrors:

Full details at this NMA thread.

[pimpage]Oh, by the way, this patch was created in the Circle of Eight, "a cool site for cool people".[/pimpage]

Posted by Dan - at 19:38

Yeah, that's right, I got tired of writing tidbits, so I came up with a new word.

If any of you guys remember Fallout or Fallout 2, you'll remember two weapon slots. On a completly unrelated note JE commented on what will happen when both slots contains the same weapon in project Van Buren:

This is what I was thinking: if you have two identical one-handed weapons in hand 1 and hand 2, a small lock icon appears between the weapons hands in the interface. Clicking them flips the weapon hands panel over and shows one long panel with both weapons united. Anything you can do with one weapon, you can do with two, but it will either take longer (reloading) or you will suffer large accuracy penalties (firing). Clicking the lock again or going into inventory and dragging a new weapon onto one of the hands separates them again.

In another thread altogether, Yan asked if VB's going to be more of a party based game, or revolve around a single charecter. JE replied with this:
One person + pals.
I'm pretty sure this was already asked, answered and disscussed enough for me to summerise it by saying: good.

Posted by Odin - at 11:02

That right folks! Max-Violence has updated his site with lots of stuff, here's what tha man himself said:

That's right, ladies and germs, I have new sprites AND tiles to share!

On the tiles front, Requiem has made some rather awesome-looking Desert Stone tiles. Don't take it from me, see for yourself!

On the sprite front, Requiem and OnTheBounce have made a LOT of new stuff! Destroyable doors (Requiem), an extendable bridge (also Req), and every single sprite from Fallout and Fallout 2 (OTB) are just a few of the multitudes of new sprites! Go have a look!

That's all for today. However, next week, I shall post some MORE tiles and some (*gasp*) screenshots of my current project, Revenge 3.
So grab your gear and travel on over to Max-Violence's Map Hub.
Cheers to MV for emailing me about this!

News for Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Posted by Dan - at 23:37

In this thread over at the forums at DAC, Chad "Briareus" Nicholas made the following comment:

When you attack someone, only those individuals that can detect the combat will come running to your target's aid. So, if you can lure someone to a nice dark alley and kill them quickly and quietly, you should have no problem getting away with it.
Atoga then replied with the following comment:
Of course, Briareus, that depends on you having a well done system for others detecting combat. Which I hope you will. Care to give some details?
Getting this response from Briareus:
Detecting combat is a pretty simple deal -- either the NPCs see you in combat or they hear about it (via cries for help, or a gun shot, etc.). Whether or not an entity actually ends up hearing the action's sound will depend on how loud the sound is and their perception.
Sounds pretty good... It opens up all kind of options for the sneaky roleplayer.

Posted by Odin - at 21:27

The forum has been upgraded, I'm in the progress of fixing the different mods we had installed. So be a little patience and I'll install them again..

Update: Finished modding and upgrading the forum, it should work like a charm now. I'v also added a spell checker, so if you're unsure do use it!

Posted by Odin - at 19:31

The NMA boards will be unavailable for a couple of hours this evening, this is due to an upgrade and some minor tweaking with the forum. I hope to have it up quite fast, if all goes well..

Upgrade in progress, please don't post any new posts..

Posted by Odin - at 11:10

Brian Fargo have been interview by Gamespy, the interview is about his time at Interplay and his new InXile production company. Here's a goodie:

GameSpy: How was your departure from Interplay? Sad, amicable?
Brian Fargo: It was a frustrating time, you know? It was a little bit like a relationship that wasn't working, and then you're sort of sad that it ended but glad to be out of it all at the same time. I felt at the time that the world had been changing, in terms of the costs of being a full-blown publisher and run television and buy goods and everything else. We just didn't have the financial wherewithal. So I wanted to sell the company, and had a couple different deals, and my major shareholder had differing opinions about it. After really beating my head against the wall for a couple of years, you just finally say, you know, enough's enough.

I had more mixed feelings because of my people. I liked my people a lot, but it was becoming way too much. And I wasn't being able to do anything that I used to be able, to want to do. I play a lot of games, and love the creative side, and putting the teams together and working with the teams and working on the games. And I wasn't getting to do any of that. So it was more positive than negative in terms of my leaving, in terms of the difficulty of it. Was it amicable? Eeeeh. It was difficult with those guys, but that's, you know, I guess that's normal. Once I got out, took a break, I couldn't wait to get going again. Couldn't wait. Some people want to leave the business and do other things, but I love this industry.
Hansome little devil that Fargo, eh.. Just remember to make Wasteland GREAT!
Linky: Fargo interview

Posted by Odin - at 10:30

A NMA board member called Psycho_egg posted this little thread in our forums, evidently he has made a new FRM (Fallout 1&2 graphic files) Editor called FrmWorkshop:

I didnt want to create a new Paint-like newbie App like every newbie tutorial teaches you to so after ten days of code struggling I came up with this neat little app baptized FRM Workshop and as a sidenote I know a bit more about VB
Basically it's a render-weak Frm Editor that lets you:
  • Export and import to and from BMP (supports multi orientation / Multi frame Frm's)
  • Create your own brand new Frm from BMP files
  • Adjust the X and Y shifting Data and display your changes in real time.
  • Load and display Custom palettes in *.act and *.pal formats
Snazzy! Great work Psycho_egg!
Link: FrmWorkshop @ NMA

Update: if any of you are getting: "missing mscoree.dll" error the problem can be solved by installing Microsoft Framework 1.1 (from Windows Update)
Thanks to Platon for the tip!

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:22

A member of the NMA Forums called Michael showed us a few interesting posts regarding a new Wasteland game in here:

Yes we have acquired the rights to Wasteland but it has not been officially announced. Due to the trademark offices it became public knowledge which is why I'm willing to discuss it at all. Although I would like to have some candid (not public) conversations with you guys on this forum so I can make it a better game.
[...] Someone asked why I didn't consider Wasteland sooner:
I wanted to do Wasteland sooner but unfortunately EA would not let the trademark go even though they had no intention of using it themselves. But fortunately for trademark law you cannot sit on trademarks indefinitely without using them. So the mark expired
and then Konami grabbed it for their Yu-Gi-Oh series. And fortunately again, the people at Konami were friendly and decided they were not going to use the mark so they let me get it back.
[...]you will be happy to know that it will be very much an old school RPG that uses the skill systems, open ended nature of design, and puts the player into a world that is not black and white but shades of grey. This Wasteland will be darker in nature in the first one...
[...]I've read some really useful things out here from people who have articulated as to why they loved WL so much. I'm in alignment with 95% of what I've read. Post apocalyptic material is my favorite, I love the dark and bleak world to work with.

Thanks for all the input.....

Brian Fargo

So i`ve asked Brian Fargo on a thread about Bards Tale on the snazzy RPGCodex if it was indeed him posting there, and got a response:
LOL... so much for the candid conversations on Yahoo Wink

So the first info on the new Wasteland game first made public here on NMA, hope it will live up to the expectations, good luck Brian Fargo.
Link: InXille Entertainement