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News for Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 15:05

The guys over at IPLY have made a new mini game, this one is called Vault Dash (it's Fallout Frogger) and here's what IPLY said about the new game:

It's a race for your life as you navigate Cyrus past deadly toxic sludge and giant radioactive beasts. Use your Bonus weapon to kill the little enemies, and your quick reflexes to avoid the big ones. Do you have what it takes to be a part of the "Brotherhood of Steel"?
Link: Vault Dash and more

News for Monday, September 29, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:28

Just head to this site, and then tell me if it isn`t incredibly cool!

CONELRAD is the creation of writers who grew up in the shadow of the BOMB and all its attendant pop culture fallout. We wish to share our collected interest, experience and obsession with this strange era and thereby provide as much information as possible to the public. In addition to our own writing on all things ATOMIC, we aim to provide a comprehensive clearinghouse of atomic links. There is a lot of material out there and we will continue to update this section frequently. Furthermore, we extend an open invitation to those of you out there who share our passion for Atomania to send us your suggestions and submissions.

Thanks go to Neuromancer for pointing out this sweet atomic place.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:13

There`s an update on the Fallout: Guns'n Bullets-Max Payne TC:

4 New weapons, re-made flamer and "micro fusion cell" ammo box added to media section. New weapons are: laser rifle, sniper rifle, plasma grenade and plastic explosive.
Site is upadated with completely new media section , legal notes and updated Team Members list. Also I'm looking for animators to join the team.

You can see the new screenshots in the Media Section of the site, thanks again to Kaczor from Vault Dweller`s Homepage for the heads up.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:01

Good news from the Ian Out front, Chronus has an announcement to make:

A beginner’s guide to IanOut-modding:
I whooped togheter a little guide on how to make a map and convert a fallout map.
I might follow up with more guides in the feature dealing with more complex stuff.
Anyway I'm assuming of you readers that you know how to use a computer good and, thought it's not neccessary, but quite useful to have modded Fallout before.
This is just a guide for Dummies so it's very simple
Tools Required:
- IanOutEd, if you don't know what this is then you shouldn't be reading this guide.
- Mapper, Dims Original
- MapView, A program needed to convert old Fallout .MAP to new IanOut .MAP
Great work Chronus, thanks go to Kaczor from Vault Dweller`s Homepage for the heads up.

Posted by Brother None - at 1:04

I'm not sure if he's pulling our leg or not, but J.E. Sawyer started a poll on the BIS feedback forum:

What did you lose in the magical Fallout 2 trunk? This is an important question, with serious ramifications.

Feel free to add anything you want to the thread. Maybe if Sawyer gets enough "nothing's wrong with the trunk, it's the rest of the car that keeps dissapearing"-complaints, we'll get a special encounter in Fallout 3 that goes: "You encounter: a trunk, the rest of the car appears to be missing"

News for Sunday, September 28, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 2:32

There`s a very interesting discussion happening on the snazzy RPGCodex with J.E. Sawyer.
This particular moment cought my attention , Whipporowill from Eye-on-Troyka asked this:

Btw JE, if you want to do a TB game, leave the sinking ship before it drags you down with it. I think you have some good ideas, but they´re wasted were you are. Just my honest opinion, that´s all.

He got this heartfelt response by J.E. Sawyer:
If I abandon my team, I don't know if I'd be able to respect myself. It can be very hard, at times, but what we are working on now is something that many of us have fought to work on for many years. It's something for which we have endured a great deal. We've had to make games that we weren't always proud of. We've had to try to deal with the fact that a lot of gamers either hate us or hate the company we work for, and don't respect us (which is understandable). We've had to watch some of our best friends and co-workers leave the company.

Personally, I had to accept that a game I worked on for two and a half years, that I put more creative energy into than anything else in my life, was indefinitely shelved. And I had to accept the responsibility of taking over the lead design position on Van Buren after Chris Avellone, who has far more respect among developers and fans, left the company. It's hard, but obviously, if I didn't think the trade-off was worth it, I wouldn't still be around.

I'm not a great designer, but I try, and this is what I've wanted to work on since 1999.

So NMA newsie Dan asked this:
I know you are working on a project JE, and as such probably feel devoted to it, but I wonder after all the decision being forced upon you, would you leave BIS if you had another option?

Great reply from Sawyer:
I've had a few other options. Maybe someday I'll tell you guys about it all.

But really, I just can't wait to say, "This is what Fallout fans have been waiting for since TORN!"

I`m very glad you are staying for now Sawyer, hang in there, i hope we all can pull this through.
I have a feeling that if the game ever goes out, it will be the best RPG in years, and a great Fallout game.

News for Saturday, September 27, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 14:16

In the BIS feedback forum Doomsayer/Visceris asked why should we be hoping for the success of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steal for the X-Box and PS2 systems, he got this answers , first from Damien "Puuk" Foletto:

Gosh, I don't know, maybe so we can have the funds to finish Van Buren? God you're thick, Vis. I like you, Vis, but sometimes even you can wear on my nerves with your narrow, short-sightedness. Let's cancel FOBOS, now. And when IPLY folds because we have no revenue from shipped products, I'll remember your beautiful words of wisdom when I'm getting my unemployment checks and take solice in the fact that the people at IPLY maintained artistic integrity (which, of course, is subjective)..

J.E. Sawyer added this:
What's even better is that this is essentially the scenario:

1) BoS is in the final stages of testing. It's effectively done. It will get released.

2) If BoS does well, that makes the likelihood of a future PC RPG Fallout title better, and gives it more resources.

3) If BoS does poorly, that makes the likelihood of a future PC RPG Fallout title worse, and takes resources away from it.

Basically, BoS doing poorly basically insures that what Doomsayer doesn't want to happen will actually come to pass. Sound thinking!

So Interplay is dependant of FOBOS to survive? I think we can pack our things and leave then...
And i won`t buy the game, neither i will recomend it to someone else, so i`m officialy on the shortsighted club now...

Posted by Briosafreak - at 13:49

The first comments on the Vivendi/Interplay crisis from within BIS have been made in this thread at the BIS feedback forum. We start with Damien "Puuk" Foletto speaking on the possibility of BIS going to another publisher if Interplay goes down:

BIS and Interplay are the same company, we're a division of Interplay, not a separate entity. If Interplay goes belly-up, then so do we. Pretty simple, really.

J.E. Sawyer also talked about the possibility of leaving Fallout3 to restart the work on Project Jefferson (also known as Baldur`s Gate3: The Black Hound), even if that would take them to tone down the mature content in it:
1) I'm not going to work on anything else at Interplay until my current project is finished.

2) I'm not going to change Jefferson's content for rating purposes. Jefferson's content, when designed, was on par with the maturity of the content presented in books like Lords of Darkness. And when I write that, I don't just mean that the types of things were similar, but that its presentation was similar in "maturity". There was nothing in that game that a teenager couldn't see or learn about on public television pre-9 p.m.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:27

The financial news site
is reporting a statement by Herve Caen, Interplay Chairman and CEO on the Interplay/Vivendi crisis:

In the interest of our company and its shareholders, we had no choice but to terminate this agreement. After several notifications to Vivendi of its failure to perform in accordance with the terms of our agreement and in particular, in refusing to pay Interplay certain monies due following our latest release, Lionheart, we still did not receive the payments owed to us. We are currently evaluating several other distribution options. We fully expect to release two of our strongest titles, Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2 and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel for Xbox and Playstation 2 in the fourth quarter.

Again in the same site we found that Interplay also announced it is considering legal action against Vivendi to recover the payments it believes it is owed, as well as to address various other claims as a result of the alleged failure of Vivendi to perform under the terms of their agreement.
Link: site news bit on the Vivendi vs Interplay legal battle

News for Friday, September 26, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 15:03

JE posted a new avatar in the IPLY boards and lookie, lookie... Does it looks like something we've seen before ?

I think it looks older than the Power Armour in Fallout, could the story for Fallout 3 be before Fallout 1 ?

Posted by Odin - at 9:37

The Badlands2003 site has been updated with some new art, this time it's some postcards. For those of you who don't know what Badlands2003 is all about:

The Badlands is an Computer Role Playing Game set in the same post-apocalyptic universe as Wasteland. This is not an sequel to that game, its more like an parallel story and instead of playing in North America, this game is set to what is left of Europe.
So remember to look out for this one!
Link: Badlands2003
Spotted at DAC

News for Thursday, September 25, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 22:14

A "bomb" has just been released over our heads, read this news bit taken from

LOS ANGELES, Sept 25 (Reuters) - Vivendi Universal's (nyse: V - news - people) video game arm has sued one-time partner Interplay Entertainment Corp. , alleging Interplay breached a distribution deal between the two.
The suit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, accused Interplay, which is controlled by French publisher Titus Interactive <TITP.LN>, of trying to get out of a product distribution deal by making claims of unpaid payments under the pact.
An Interplay spokesman was not immediately available for comment.
According to the suit, on Aug. 6 and 7, Interplay sent letters to VU Games claiming VUG was in breach of a distribution agreement between the two from August 2002. Those letters, VUG said, claimed it had withheld payments from Interplay and improperly deducted from a reserve fund.
VUG said it sent letters denying those claims, but on Sept. 16, it said, Interplay sent a letter terminating the agreement.
The suit asks for a determination of each side's obligations under the distribution deal, damages, interest and an injunction preventing Interplay from gaining another distribution deal with a different company.

This suit may be the last coffin to the shaky Interplay finances, and may stop Interplay games of beeing distributed, like Fallout3.
They may win the case though, and find another distributing partner, so we`ll have to wait and see.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 19:24

In the BIS feedback forum ornahum asked "Is it just me or is Van Buren going to be focused more on the skills part of the PC and not the stats?" getting this answer from J.E. Sawyer:

In my opinion, future Fallout titles should condense all "skill++" perks into one perk called "Specialize" with sub-perks, much like Gain. They're pretty boring perks, and there's no need for a zillion of them.

So Doomsayer/Visceris made a pertinent question:
Kind of like the "+2 to and +2 to " feats in d20 Modern/DnD 3.5e?

Sawyer replied this:
I would rather have one perk called Specialize, similar to the 3E feat Skill Focus, than a few dozen little sub-perks that give bonuses to a couple of skills. Perks that actually allow the character to use their skills in a different way are usually more interesting than a perk that justs raises your skill; that's what skill points are for.

Link: Thread on the BIS feedback forum

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:06

Carsten Strehse from Silver Style, the developers of Soldiers of Anarchy has joined our NMA boards to post some good news regarding the post-apoc game they are now making that we`ve talked about earlier.
Here is what he had to say:

Hi guys!
Just wanted to let you know that our new game will be a true RPG. 6 Attributes, 14 Skills, more than 1000 NPCs, more than 150 subquests and a really great post-apocalyptic story.
However, one focus of the game are the tactical battles. If you take a look at other 3D RPGs the battles are often the weakest point. We decided to change that.

The title + website will be released not until next week, but if you have any questions I would be glad to answer them on this board.

Good news then, if you have any questions just ask them in the comments here or here, or go to this thread on the SoA forum.

News for Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 22:25

It seems the new game that Silver-Style, the ones behind Soldiers of Anarchy, is doing is not only inspired by Fallout, but very much post-apocalyptic. Here's what Carsten Strehse (Lead Designer) posted on the SoA boards:

Q: Will this game take place in the same world setting as SOA? (in the future)

A: Future yes, same time no. The setting is more far away in the future, but mankind was thrown backwards for hundreds of years because of a catastrophe. The scenario mixes modern and even some futuristic technique and weapons with a very poor lifestyle. No electricity, nearly nothing to eat but rats and insects and incredible storms on the earth's surface, which had already blown away the most biggest towns in the US. The world the player is living in is more dangerous than the one of SOA. People are living in enclaves with palisades made out of cars, trucks or tires. They have flamethrowers on their roofs and barwire around their houses. Everybody tries to protect himself against the brutality going on.
And here is a follow-up answer:
Mutants yes. But very special ones and different to the ones in Fallout.

Generally I have to say that we all love Fallout 1 + 2. Personally it's one of my favourite games. Also SOA was inspired by these milestones of computer gaming history. If you want to, our new game can be described as a 3D Fallout with the best elements of SOA and a new, really amazing battle system.
3D Fallout ?!hmm....Thanks to Slaugther from (ok it's a little old news, but is slow...)
Link: Thread on the SoA boards

Posted by Odin - at 19:05

Stone-D posted this little thread in our forums about a new mod he had done and this one is a good one, here's what the man said:

I've always felt that the two 'nuisance' NPCs in Modoc, Davin and Miria, were a wasted opportunity. I've played through Fallout 2 four times now, thrice when the game initially came out and post-patch, and again very recently. I intend to do so again this evening.

This time, however, I want to go through the game roleplaying a married couple. To this end, I've beefed up Miria's character by A) giving her the ability to level up and B) giving her a huge amount of floating-text style speech possibilities.
Good Work Stone-D!
Link: Miria mod

Posted by Briosafreak - at 4:42

The good folks from RPGCodex had a developers chat with the Troika crew regarding Temple of Elemental Evil and other issues. Tim Cain said it wasn`t going to announce any new games, at least until next week, so we still don`t know what these pics we reported earlier are.
He did reply to a Fallout related question by kumquatq3 :

Since FO3 is often hinted to be in devolpment, what are your feelings about possibly having to toe to toe with it, as well as your feelings about seeing it continued?

I have always looked forward to playing FO3 as a fan, knowing nothing about its plot or characters. I don't think I will ever really go head to head with it, since release dates are so woggy. I do want to see more done in that universe, if it's done well.

Link: Dev chat log@RPGCodex , Unedited Dev chat log @NMA Troika Forum

News for Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:13

We start a round up on what is happening in the BIS feedback forum with J.E. Sawyer replying to an idea from Gangor:

My proposal: make wounds basically another form of crippled limb (the crippled limb for the torso) and make them more common than garden variety crippled limbs.

I don't think many people want SPECIAL's combat system to approach FNFF from Cyberpunk 2020. If you want to go the route of realistic wounds, the first place to start would be trashing the hit point system. I don't think that's necessary. When the first Fallout was in development, it did have a more "realistic/gritty" hit point and damage system, but the testers simply didn't have fun with it.

Besides, the critical hit result for the torso could simply be "broken ribs", which is a common injury resulting from severe trauma in that area.

He also replied to aquestion by Thalandor:
J.E, what do you think of ToEE turn-based combat ?

I think the turn-based combat is very good, but I really don't like the radial interface (which is used very often in combat). You could have the same level of functionality in a locked bar interface at the bottom of the screen with vertically listed and horizontally expanding menus (like Windows' Start button). Then you'd also have GUI familiarity, repetitive muscle memory, and short mouse travel in your favor.
The radial interface often expands off of the screen (since it's centered where you click it), your mouse movement travels in a number of different directions, and it just seems to involve a lot of motion.
But I've always been in favor of more traditional interface designs. That's just my bias.

Then regarding a question made by ninjanitor:
Will BIS make a MMORPG/Game?

We don't have the resources to make a MMORPG.

That means no FOOL, you can get back now Rosh.
Link: BIS feedback forum

News for Monday, September 22, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 13:48

The usual BIS Feedback forum round-up is back, now with posts by J.E. Sawyer. First about a question by Ozymandias "Will VB have Icons or Labels on the interface?"

Icons suck for everything but inventory items.

On my question if he wanted to put us at NMA out of business for not giving many info and ideas on Fallout3 in the last weeks he replied:
I took two days of vacation at the end of the week and played ToEE for most of it. It's my leisure time.

Hmmm ok then, he deserves some leisure time...

On using other forms of producing energy in Fallout3 he had this to say:
If people can make small fusion reactors and extremely powerful battery technology (which they obviously can in Fallout's universe), there's no reason to use hydrogen as an energy storage medium.

Posted by Odin - at 13:23

I got an email from Steve "Grifman" Griffin/Eye-On-Troika and it seems Troika is supposedly planning to do an "unconventional sci-fi game" and by the looks of these concept art images, it looks like it's going to be a post apocalyptic one. Even the artist wrote: "post-apoc_01 :: Series of concepts revolving around a barren location. Can't say too much about it. ":

There's more concept art images where these came from at the artist web page.
Is this the point where I'm supposed to start chanting: "Go Timmy, Go Troika...Go Timmy !!!" ?
You can now discuss all about these pics and the other Troika games in our new NMA Troika forum, thanks to Gunslinger and Montez for helping out with the new forum.
Cheers Grifman!

News for Sunday, September 21, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 22:52

Congrats goes out to Snake, modder/mapper on the Mutants Rising team. Hope you get all that you wish for and finish that damn campaign already !!

Posted by Odin - at 15:58

Well I managed to find some time to put almost all the files online in the database, hopefully there won't be many errors now. Some files haven't been added yet, but I'm working on it (mainly modding, fan fiction etc..). For now you can all go to our download section where most of the files are listed, report errors in the comments.
Link: 3Ddownloads (where all the files are listed, but without descriptions and so on).

Posted by Briosafreak - at 3:02

I just got word from Kaczor that Fallout Tycoon is completed and there`s an english translation for it.
So what is Fallout Tycoon:

It is going on about a building-up strategy situated into the word destroyed by nuclear war, that a lot of you knows from games Fallout, Fallout 2 a Fallout Tactics by firm Interplay. Even because of that environment is not original the game is going to be distributed as FREEWARE. You can play a campaign for each Fraction (and enjoy with Ghouls,let’s say Holy War about Necropolis ) or just by coincidence - build somewhere a town , without intention and just for the relax...

O.k. then, you can see screenshots here, read more about the game here, and download it here.
Do give us some feedback on the game, thanks Kaczor from Vault Dweller`s Homepage for the heads up.

News for Thursday, September 18, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 19:00

The results of the "Fan Fiction Contest - RPG Style!" contest on Interplay are up:

Thank you for all of you who participated in this contest! Here are the winners!!

* 1st Place - Matt Engelhardt: New Reno at Midnight
* 2nd Place - Raymond Erikson: Moonlight
* 3rd Place - Jason R. Finley: The Final Foe
* 4th Place - Raymond Erikson: Mirror
* 5th Place - Roy Roper: The Quest
* 6th Place - William "Choyrt" Galaini: The Tribal
* 7th Place - Mara Robertson: The Mighty Boo
* 8th Place - Carl Anderson: Loss and Again
* 9th Place - Kevin Lin: Folds in the Sky
* 10th Place - William "Choyrt" Galaini: The Truth about Minsc

Posted by Briosafreak - at 13:37

Coach from The Wastes United project has send some news:

I've updated the site for our fallout sequel mod, Wastes United, with a couple of new screenshots for some of the cities we're currently working on.
Also we now have a FAQ on our site to answer the questions that we've been asked and we re-wrote the story to be a little clearer on whats going on for the plot. Plus we've got two new members on the team, Gus and Edge_Braak.

Good work guys, it`s starting to look great!
Link: Wastes United

News for Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 17:06

Dims have released the sourcecodes for all his Fallout Tools, so for those of you who would like those, go grab them while you can. His Fallout tools include:

  • Mapper
  • DatExplorer
  • FrmEditor
  • ModRunner

Link: Dims homepage

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:38

After the Eye on Troika ToEE chat fiasco the good folks of Troika, with the Fallout guru Tim Cain, are going to attend a new chat, this time courtesy of RPGCodex:

Well, one down, one more up. Next week, we're having a developer chat with Troika, about Temple of Elemental Evil as well as THE FUTURE... Here's some info:

When: Tuesday, September 23rd at 8PM EST (GMT-5)
Where: #rpgcodex at
Who: Tim Cain and five assorted other Troika folks
Why: Because we can!

Link: RPGCodex

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:22

Good news from NMA veteran DarkUnderlord, concerning the Fan Made Fallout project:

Super |33+ haxx0rs took down KCP and therefore took down us. In fact, as far as I know, the haxxor was so super-leet he actually got the admin codes for KCP. Which he probably got because he was an admin... Yeah, those boys at KCP, funny lads.
Anyways, we're back up (unfortunately) which means we haven't died (unfortunately) which means we actually have to make some kind of neat Fallout mod which we hope everyone (except Saint_Proverbius) is going to like (unfortunately).
Yay. Also, if you notice anything broken or missing, it's meant to be like that. It's that cool new "OMFG our site was pulled down by a haxx0r so we have to upload all the smilies, avatars and other shit again" look that's all the rage in Europe right now.

There are still many broken links, but at least they are online again, godspeed DarkUnderlord.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 0:11

J.E. Sawyer made a very interesting question on the BIS feedback forum:

A number of RPGs these days feature robust item creation systems as part of the gameplay. Arcanum had tech schematics, D&D 3E has item creation feats, and several MMORPGs like Star Wars Galaxies have similar systems.

What do you think makes or breaks an item creation system in a CRPG? Access to resources? Finding the proper formulae/schematics? Time to build? Interface issues? What games have you played where you really like or disliked how item creation was handled?

I can see it happening in Fallout3, what do you guys and girls think?
Go on and post your views in this thread or post them here on the comments and i`ll post them.
Thanks Sammael for the heads up.

News for Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:50

Eye on Troika will be hosting a dev chat with Troika about The Temple of Elemental Evil, in the same day the game is schedualed for release.

Eye o_n Troika and GameStop are proud to bring you the 5th Temple of Elemental Evil Dev Chat this next Tuesday, September 16, at 4 : 00 p.m. PDT (GMT -8 ). The chat will take place o_n the GamesNet IRC Network, in the #eye-on-troika channel, which you can access though mIRC.
Members of the ToEE development team will be present to answer your questions regarding their soon-to-be-released role-playing game, The Temple of Elemental Evil: A Classic Greyhawk Adventure. And, as an added bonus, we will be giving away copies of the game - which Atari has generously donated - among those in attendance (details will be given during the chat).

Why are we posting this, you may ask, the answer is simple, because Tim Cain will be there of course.
Spoted on Circle of Height
Link: Eye on Troika

Edit: A quote from DarkUnderlord says it all:
... and now it's been cancelled because have Troika been G-lined.

Very Happy

News for Saturday, September 13, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 23:41

DJSlamák passed word that the latest "Fallout: The Real Story" is up. So what is "Fallout: The Real Story"?

Fallout TRS is a cartoon without a punchline. It's up to you to suggest a punchline of your liking. Every two weeks (I'll make it one week if interest is big, but there's not a fat chance), the best punchline (according to ME Wink ) will be chosen and a new strip put up. The winning punchline author will get... will get... ugg... the patented lifetime-warranty Warm And Fuzzy Feeling (tm); that's really all I can offer.

So head over here and participate!
Link: Vault of the Future

News for Friday, September 12, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 9:52

While we wait for Fallout 3 to be announced and come our way, I thought you guys might like to see what other games are out there could tickle your fancy. So here is a small list of games that are either in production or getting finished:

Lots to look out for, I would advise you all to especially look out for TOEE and Silent Storm!

Posted by Odin - at 9:22

Worthplaying have posted yet another Fbos trailer and this one is exactly like the first trailer. Hardrock pumping in the background, some clips from the game and a narrator which is probably Chuckie's idol.The only good thing about this one is actually the sound effects which sounded good, if anyone still haven't figured out the target audience: 14 and down, oh and Chuckie... (who is around 30?)
Link: Fbos trailer@Worthplaying

Posted by Dan - at 8:41

Jackalmonkey asked five interesting question over in this thread at the Interplay boards, and got five equally interesting answers from JE Sawyer:

Q: Will the player be able to see the related modifiers of having, say, the Unarmed skill (or any other), at a certain level? For instance, will modifiers to damage, chance to hit, crit. chance, crit. hit table, and so on, be displayed to the player?

Q: Awareness perk still in? Will the "awareness" status be default?
For a future Fallout title, I think a character's ability to see the equipped items and general health of a character should be based off of distance, lighting, and straight PE. For purposes of seeing how wounded a character is, I think along similar lines, however, I believe that extremely detailed information should still be related to a Perk with Medic skill and PE prerequisites. Something like...

Prerequisites: Medic 100 and PE 7
Ranks: 1
Benefit: You see the exact hit points, fatigue, natural damage thresholds, primary statistics, and special health status (broken limbs, using chems, etc.) of any living creature you examine.
Q: When sneaking, will there be any feedback as to the level of risk involved?
Potentially. We're still working out the feedback that the cursor gives on objects when using skills.
Q: Will there be feedback when an event is caused by a specific perk or trait? For instance, if the Jinxed trait pushes a to-hit roll into the critical failure zone, will the player be notified that the the Jinxed trait was responsible for this particular outcome?
There are no specific plans for this. I'm sure it's possible, but there are a lot of things that potentially contribute to any given skill check or crit check. Assigning responsibility for success or failure to any given element is akin to lauding a basketball player for making a shot in the last second of a game that helps their team win by a point; it ignores all of the things that came before that event.
Q:During conversations, will the player be notified when a skill or stat check is being made? If so, will there be a pre-emptive notification? And will the player be informed of what skill/stat is being checked?
I'd like it to, but there's some "tricky" stuff involved in it. It's fairly easy to make our dialogue scripts give feedback when you've successfully made a check. We can do this by placing a token at the end of the string. If the reply string gets displayed, the token could appear and notify the player. E.g.:

Reply Text: Of course I'm the prince of Wallachia! Can't you see my noble bearing and the line of impaled people behind me? [D]
Condition: GetTotalSkill(PCSpeaker(),SKILL_DECEPTION) > 74;

If the condition is met, the string is displayed and the [D] token becomes [DECEPTION]. Thus, it would appear as:

Of course I'm the prince of Wallachia! Can't you see my noble bearing and the line of impaled people behind me? [DECEPTION]

However, if the reply conditions are not met, the entire reply function is skipped, so there isn't currently a logical way for the dialogue script to tell the player that they missed out on something because they didn't meet the requirements of one or multiple checks within the reply function.
A lot of info there...

Richard Akari Taylor Talked about combining weapons in this thread:
Support for combination type weapons like described is in the code.
As well as support for using firearms to whack someone up close and personal like. Smile

Basically, with how I designed the weapon code, any one weapon can be made to do any kind of attack mode. I don't know what exactly the designers will be doing with this though.

News for Thursday, September 11, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:27

A new update on the Fallout:Yurop site, the place for that interesting project to make a Fallout total conversion:

Aside from few new pictures in the gallery and updated page about the team, you can find a new section here - The Library. It is a computer system of a RAE's University Library, where we'll be thoroughly publishing different pieces of interesting texts, which you might as well find once you'll be playing Yurop. And our progress status report : The first part is basically waiting just for finishing a few texts, and complete the scripts, which hopefully won't take too long.

You can find some new concept art too, nothing big though.
Link: Fallout:Yurop

News for Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 19:35

WorthPlaying have interviewed Chuckie and for the first time ever, Chuckie got a straight up question (but he did avoid most of the question):

Q: What is your reaction to some of the negative Fallout community outbursts? Are you going to adapt the game in any way to negate some of the criticism?

Chuckie: When the title was announced, we had already completed the design and functionality of the game. We did get a few suggestions that we took to heart and included in the game.

We knew that we’d face some pretty serious criticism from the PC faithful, and we’ve continued to maintain that our goal isn’t to forsake them, but rather invite the console gamer to the world of Fallout, but with a game reflective of their tastes and gameplay styles. It just made sense to us that a more fast-paced action game would be more suitable for the console crowd rather than the turn-based style in the PC games.
So basicly you didn't make a game for us *shocker*..
Link: Chuckie speacks@Worthplaying

Posted by Odin - at 0:37

I noticed a fellow by the nick of GMA posted a "thread" on the newsgroup about a new project in the works, it's called AscII Fallout 3 and here are some info:

Hi Everyone and welcome to my newly opened web site about a roguelike game called AscII Fallout 3. There's almost nothing so far, but for now the main goal was to create a site to provide info for interested people.
Well there isn't much info on it, but since news is kinda slow these days I thought you guys might drop by his new site.
Basicly this a Fallout ascii game in the works..

News for Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 11:23

Sztupy informed me that a major bug was discovered in the 3.0 version so go and download the latest (Beta 3.1) version. Secondly he also wanted me to clarify some things about IanOut, I'll let him do the talking:

Next, lot of people think, that IanOut is a simple mod... Here is a small FAQ for them:

What is the difference between a simple Fallout mod and IanOut ?
When someone creates a Mod for Fallout he only changes the data files of the game, but the engine remains the same. IanOut does the whole thing differently... It not only changes the data files, but the engine too...

Why is it good to have a new engine?
It's simple... The old engine is closed down... you have to use the old possibilities of the engine. You won't really get support from the creators, etc.
The IanOut engine has already some new things which didn't exist in FO (like higher resoulitions, and color depths).

Okay, I've got it, but I didn't like the game...
Well... the main-mod was only inteted for demonstration purposes... it shows you what the engine can, and can not do. It is _you_ who should create the modifications to the game... Think of it like something similar to NWN where you spend most of your time playing the fan-made modules not the original.

So IanOut is a tool for modder, right?... But I miss a lot of features...
Of course there are a lot of features missing... that is why the game is only in a Beta stage... If you want to change from Fallout-modding to IanOut-modding feel free to post your wishes, and they will be considered to be put in the engine...

Ahem... I like it... but I'm already doing work under Fallout... Are the files compatible with each-other?
Nope... only the FRM files are the same, IO uses a different script and MAP system (you could ask why... the answer is easy: The modding system of FO is too old... we had to renew it).
But work has already begun on a Fallout2IanOut map converter, so one day, you might even play the original Fallout1-2 story on the new engine...

So... how can I help the project?
If you are a mod maker for Fallout then simply tell me, what you miss from IanOut... because we want to make an engine at least as good as Fallout there is a big chance your ideas will be put in the game...
If you are a programmer and you've found some code that you can optimize, then you can help improve the code...
Link: IanOut Beta 3.1@NMA/IanOut , IanOut Screenies

News for Monday, September 8, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 22:16

JE talked about the character development statement MCA had the other day and here's what the man said:

Will this feature be in Van Buren:
To the extent that they were to be used in Jefferson? No, not even remotely close.
Why not in Van Buren:
It was my decision. The dialogues in Jefferson were extremely complex -- not in terms of sheer displayed text, but in terms of the number of nodes, node texts and replies that made the dialogues up. Dialogues varied according to a huge amount of tracked information: ability scores, skill scores, deity, race, (and sometimes skin color, hair color, and hairstyle), positive and negative reputation with six factions, and the positive and negative reps with each of those six factions' two sub-factions... and also the positive and negative reps in regions. Oh, and then the sixteen or so epithets. It was a lot to track and a lot for the designers to deal with. At times, it was overwhelming.

Van Buren will still track a lot of data, and its dialogues will still check that data frequently, but not to the same extent as Jefferson. Just keep in mind that "the extent" of Jefferson was, IMO, greater (though not necessarily "better") than any RPG I've ever seen.
Then Gromnir ilKhan asked this: "Is the reduction a matter of choice or a matter of necessity? is you streamlining to improve quality or just to save time and resources?"
This is a sliding scale. Given a fixed amount of time and effort, the more things you have, the less attention each thing gets. Jefferson had a projected development cycle of three years, and even after extensive revisions, still had more areas on the list than BG2. On top of this, every area required extraordinary effort to get done. Even Avellone, who generally likes writing dialogue, was getting burned out on the "second" (largest) area of the game.

More content at a lower quality is not something to aim for, IMO. This includes things like sliding scales tracking repetitions of subtle behaviors. I worked on Jefferson for two and a half years. Many of the other designers had been working on it for over a year. It's hard to throw the passion of every day and night into something new after that. This is one of the reasons I am involved more in the technical aspects of Van Buren than the creative aspects; I just don't have much more to give. And when it comes to technical aspects, I'm usually the first person to recognize logisitcal problems in how things are set up. Tracking all of that stuff in Jefferson drained a lot of the flow out of writing dialogues. So much attention went into how they were set up and engineered that it wore the designers down. I'd much rather have them deal with less technical stuff in their dialogues and focus on making them solid in terms of writing.
Too bad this feature doesn't see the light of day in Van Buren..
Link: Thread@IPLY Boards

Posted by Odin - at 21:34

Gaming Illustrated have interview good old Chuckie about Fbos and it warms my heart to hear that skills like Bargaining Power, endbosses and a world where the Brotherhood is

The Brotherhood of Steel is a society of post-apocalyptic knights, the unofficial law enforcers in a world where there are no laws.
Erm..Law enforcers? Here's a nice little quote:
PC fans love the Fallout series for the style inherent in the universe – a grim post-apocalyptic setting with touches of humor around the edges. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is a balls-out action game that offers console gamers a taste of that loveable wasteland world, where life is hard, mutation is rampant, and the closest thing to law and order is the fusion-powered pistol that you carry on your hip.
or should that have been "a sell-out action game"?
Link: Gaming Illustrated probes Chuckie

Posted by Dan - at 11:58

It's been a while since we last gave you a report of what's going on in the BIS forums, so there:

First, a comment about Van Buren having a multiplayer component by JE Sawyer:

I'd certainly like it to be, but no. Neither Van Buren or Jefferson were intended to be SP-only.

Having one combat mode and having no multiplayer component would make our jobs and our testers' jobs much easier, believe me.
JE talks about VB's engine:
All stuff? No. Dynamic objects? Yes. Our engine isn't like the Ultima VI engine, where everything in the world is an object you can interact with.
And, finally, Puuk talks about Van Buren's development time:
We have A LOT more time to develop Van Buren than we did with IWD2 (I've mentioned this several times in the past). I'd say roughly 3X more time. So relax and have a Guinness.

Posted by Odin - at 9:19

Sztupy informed me that his IanOut proejct has reached a new milestone, the Beta 3 for it is done and you can all download it here (We're putting it on NMA soon, is the English version, is the sourcecode).

Sztupy also said that the project needs some help, from Fallout mod makers, and from programmers too. He was going to post some more info about this in our forum.

News for Saturday, September 6, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 16:34

Mr Chris Avellone is back on the internet talking about RPGs, only too bad he's not talking about Fallout 3 eh?. In a RPG Roundtable at RPGVault he answered a question about Character development and lookie here:

I want to see development outside of stats, and more related to the character's personality developing. Granted, you can't throw out stats without ruining the enjoyment a lot of players have with stat crunching, but I'd love to see a system that blends a PC's personality and stat development together in one package, and then dumps them in a world where both are important. For me, the key moment of a role-playing game (at least pen and paper) is the interaction you get from other player characters and NPCs and any changes that occur in your character as a result. I would like to see more games that take advantage of (and track) personality types and traits to help a player define a character and give them more tangible benefits (some of this was done in the SPECIAL system in Fallout, and it was a refreshing change, though there was no tracking throughout the game). Before I left Black Isle, Josh Sawyer had worked up some nice personality-tracking mechanics for the Jefferson project, which were a breath of fresh air.
And there's more where that came from, go here for the rest!

Posted by Odin - at 16:28

It seems good old Feargus has not only been busy with setting up his new Obsidian Entertainment studio, but he also have find time to produce an offspring.Congrats Feargie (and your wife) on the birth of your daughter, Katherine Lucia, my guess is she's going to be a gamer!
Spotted at RPG Vault

News for Friday, September 5, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 23:11

Since things are a bit slow in the Interplay forums all the action moved to the NMA news forum.
Chad "Briareus" Nicholas posted this in reply to questions from 4Too:

Will "Science Guy'' survive the gantlet of RT melee rushes?

Sure, due to better equipment (weapons, armor, tools) and he'll have "TEH UBER" robot cnpcs.

Will FO 3 survive the market demands of "FEATURES" a computer game SHOULD have?

I believe so since we knew from the get-go that we'd have to include MP and RT. This has allowed us to plan ahead for it rather than trying to tack it on at the end -- which would be far more costly in terms of dev time and quality.

Wait! Robots? Montez had to ask:
Are you joking around, or will "science guys" be able to build and/or upgrade robot NPC's?


Then i asked him this:
Tim Cain once said the original Fallout was made in a peculiar way, with an early real-time combat mode that was used as a base to make the Turn Based combat.
Since you are working on both modes now is that the same way you are operating?

No. While we do have more RT functionality than TB, this is only due to RT being far, far easier to implement than TB. All of the programmers are coding everything with TB in mind now. You'd be suprised what has to take TB and RT into account. Shocked

Thanks for the replies Chad "Briareus" Nicholas, and keep the info coming.
Link: Thread on the NMA news comments forum

Posted by Briosafreak - at 0:55

This time it was asked if with a RT combat system, will the combat descriptions have to go?
J.E. Sawyer replied:

I believe it should remain similar to the other games: simple messages if you have Combat Messages set to Brief, long messages if you have Combat Messages set to Verbose.

Also the question if Real-Time combat would influence the existence of called shots got this reply from Chad "Briareus" Nicholas:
RT has no influence in regards to the number of body parts you can target via a called shot.

News for Thursday, September 4, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 17:54

Toleot has updated his RealisticGun mod for Fallout Tactics, you can now download a Multiplayer Version (439 kb)
or the Full Version (6.92 Mb).
Here are the changes in the new versions:

- Now split into 2 kinds of Mod:
Full Campaign Mod
Multi Player Only Mod (much smaller filesize)
This is because not all Fallout Tactics player are using this mod for playing the campaign, so I suggest it is NOT necessary to download the complete one if you are going to use it only in multiplayer. But if you already downloaded the Full mod, you don't need to download the Multi Player mod, coz it's already included.
- Fix some descriptions.
- Change back the FN P90 sprite to the original.
- Change back the PIPboy, so you can choose which one is better.
- Raised all guns statistics, after spending 5 hours in the internet about ammo & guns used in the game. *Phew*
- Unlocked "Bag" item, Chemical Grenades, Tangle Grenades, & Smoke Grenades.
- Finished ammo check for all campaign missions.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 17:12

I just spoted on the snazzy RPGCodex a new post-apoc game competing in the the Independent Games Festival. The working title is Project Salus and Matt Brown, from the team producing it has this to say:

While most RPG's focus on the fighting aspects of their roles, we are trying to push the boundaries of role-playing in the opposite direction by stretching the non-combat aspects of role-playing. That isn't to say you can't play the game like you're Rambo, shooting everything in sight, but we want to provide the opportunity to play the game however you want.

So good luck for the contest, you guys and girls can see more about the project here.
Here`s a pic of the current early version of the game

Posted by Dan - at 14:44

Another year has gone by, and DJ Slamak's Fallout site is already three years old:

Upon us is the third of september two thousand three, and the third birthday of yours truly. I mean, the site's three years old today, not me. If you're expecting any huge celebrations, you're in for a major letdown - I only remembered this two weeks ago and for a while, it seemed there'd be nothing for me to offer to you.
The rest of the news is not as sad so check out VoTF, The site has a new design and a new Fallout quiz.

Cheers, Slamak!

News for Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 12:51

We start our daily round of the BIS feedback forums with this statement from Richard "Akari" Taylor :

Support for Seamless building transitions (With the FO tradition of vanishing roofs) is in the engine according to my understanding.

On the question if a character goes into some stranger's house uninvited, how should the inhabitant treat him in an RPG Chad "Briareus" Nicholas had this to say:
Consistently. I hated how in some RPGs one townie won't even notice you going through their shelves and the next townie in the adjacent house will pull out a bazooka for even looking at his chest and set every townie as hostile to you. People can act differently and still provide consistency for the player. For example, the player tries to loot a chest. TownieA might say, "Do that again and I'll shoot your hand off." TownieB might say, "Get outta here or I'll call the police while screaming like a baby!" Each reaction is different, but the player can quickly realize that looting any chests in this town will result in combat unless he is Cotton Fingers McStealthersons.

Link: BIS feedback forum

News for Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 20:25

In the NMA Fallout3 forum the question made by Gustav Drangeid on if to save time why not just drop the Real-Time combat from Van Buren had this response from Chad "Briareus" Nicholas:

Actually, dropping multiplayer would give far, far more dev time savings than dropping RT.

So why not drop both?
It's not the dev team's call to make. We HAVE to have MP. We HAVE to have RT. Beyond that we're pretty much free to do what we want I think.

Speaking of Briareus, he had this comment on the BIS Feedback Forum about the thought of anything that increases skill desireability is a good thing:
Not always. The desired goal should be that each skill is just as desired as the next, but no skill is believed to be required. People should not feel the need to get SkillX to RankN each time they play the game, even if they're not playing the archetype that uses SkillX.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 17:07

A message from our own JJ86:

My Tactics Modding Page has quite a few updates if you haven't stopped by recently. I added tons of new sprites in the Sprites Downloads by Macbeth, Requiem_for_a_starfury, Seraglio, and myself. Check them out and see the tons of other useful links and information to get up to date with the Tactics modding scene:

JJ86's FOT Modding Page

The place rocks, good work JJ86

News for Monday, September 1, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 20:37

Bitterman has a message for those with enough talent to write:

The Nurk Fiction Contest starts today. Email the stories to Locke at and also send a copy over to me at
See the contest thread, on our board, for a full set of rules.
All submissions must be in by September 30th. Voting will begin the week after. Good luck, everybody.

So what are you guys and girls waiting for?

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:24

The Fallout:Wastes United project has an update for us, here is what Coach from that total conversion team has to say:

I've updated the site for our fallout sequel mod, Wastes United, with a bunch of new screenshots for some of the cities we're making. Plus we've got a new member on the team, Paradox. The modding is going along smoothley so new screenshots may become a common update.

Now it`s starting to look really nice, thanks Coach and good luck for your project guys.