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News for Monday, June 30, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 10:44

Well I just wanted you all to welcome and give a huge thanks to Briosafreak for doing such a great job at posting news here at NMA, I know you all appriciate his posts! I really appriciate it and I think he's doing a great job!

Post your comments and make him feel good about what he's doing!

Posted by Briosafreak - at 2:37

We all know by now that the next Fallout game will have Turn-Based and Real-Time combat. So how will the RT combat be? Sawyer has a few comments on that:

The biggest stumbling block in Fallout TB -> RT is movement and AP. So far, the best movement translation seems to be this: high AP characters move faster since, for practical purposes, they do in both TB and RT. A 10 AP character will move 10 hexes in TB over one round while a 6 AP character will move 6 hexes in TB over one round. If that is converted into real-time, the 10 AP character will move 10 hexes in six seconds and the 6 AP character will move 6 hexes in six seconds. That's an analogue.

However, the general tendency in RT combat systems is that movement can't "really" cost anything. When characters move hurky-jerky around the battlefield, stopping to pause for precious APs that they immediately burn, it becomes a little... bizarre. So, what then can be the cost? The best answer I can find is: AP regeneration. A moving character never regenerates AP. He or she can run and run and run all the live-long day at whatever rate is dictated by his or her base AP, but he or she won't gain a single AP back until he or she stops (or perhaps the regeneration rate still exists, but at a pitiful fraction of its total value).

Higher AP characters would still catch up to fleeing characters in less time and either attack or easily re-accumulate APs that will eventually result in an attack into the fleeing character's back. A character who gleefully shoots a submachinegun burst and then runs for the hills will have to stop and wait for a full six seconds to get his or her AP pool back. If two characters with expended AP pools run the same distance, the higher base AP character will arrive at the location first and regenerate the equivalent AP for time saved by the time the slower character arrives.

This is not a perfect analogue, but it's really not horrible, and again, it has no effect on the TB component of the game. People playing using the RT system will find that certain scenarios play out easier, and some scenarios play out with more difficulty. Ultimately, though, it still has more fidelity to TB SPECIAL than any RT D&D game has to TB D&D.

But he stresses that:

As previously stated by me (several times), whenever RT conflicts with TB, TB will be given priority as it is typically the combat mode choice of our more discriminating players.

On a side note this is what he has to say about NMA veteran Roshambo:
When even the angriest and most rabidly unruly Fallout fans at satellite websites produce more useful feedback than you are, something's wrong. Rosh would probably blow my foot off with C4 as soon as look at me, but even he has given me more useful feedback on the development of this project.

C4? Really?
Very Happy

Spotted on the BIS Feedback Forum.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:02

Now J.E. Sawyer has news on improving the Science heavy characters:

One of the big "new things" intended for a Fallout sequel is the creation of a viable Science Boy path through the game. Item assembly is a significant component of that gameplay path. The idea is that items can be made at certain "labs" (conventional weapons and armor at a Mechanics Lab, ammunition and energy weapons at a Science Lab, drugs and medkits at a Medical Lab, etc.) with a high enough skill and the right found inventory items.

A toned down Arcanum system is what he seems to think it`s the way to go.
What do you guys and girls think?

Posted by Briosafreak - at 0:40

In order to update the Fallout3 section here at NMA NCR_Ranger thought of us making a F.A.Q. to Van Buren, the project name for Fallout3. Here it is a template showing how it would look like, made with material gathered by NCR_Ranger:

Van Buren FAQ

What’s the ESBR rating?

We're making Van Buren as an M game.

I was just wondering what the time table is for our promising VB. Greyhawk
mentioned the 10 month production time period for Icewind Dale 2 and
frankly, it scared me. Will VB be under the gun as well?

We have longer than the IWD2 cycle, even after it was postponed.

What about a Fixed isometric camera perspective like the originals?

The camera is locked at an angle. Moving the mouse to the edges of the
screen results in panning. Right and left arrow rotate the camera around its
focus on the terrain by 45 degrees. Up and down arrow go to directly
overhead and back down to 38.5 (IIRC) degrees, respectively.

What about a zoom function?

Yes, you can zoom in and out within constraints. It can be as close as NWN
or almost as far out as an RTS like Age of Mythology.

What about fog of war?

I am hoping that we will not have a fog of war, but a "dim haze of war" --
areas slightly dimmed where your character does not have line/extent of
sight. The haze of war would hide NPCs, but that's about it. So, you can
always zoom out to the same distance, but what characters you see is always
limited by the haze of war.

So based on real replies from the developers we would set up things as if they were replying to questions we could ask.
I`ll only have the time to really work on that in a couple of weeks from now, but i`m gathering material already, as NCR_Ranger.
We could use some help, so if you`re interested just mail us or put something here on the comments section.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 0:07

J.E. Sawyer now has a new request for Fallout fans:

People generally seem to still think that Barter isn't very useful. I'd like to hear even more comments on the Barter skill and its implementation. I appreciate it.

You can comment on this thread on the Black Isle Studios forum or just use the comments feature and post it here at NMA.

News for Sunday, June 29, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 13:21

I just added two more files to the download section, these are

Now there are some errors in the download section, you can also download all the files from this location.

News for Saturday, June 28, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 12:10

Gage has posted an update on The Wastes site, they have now released the RC3 for The Wastes, here's what he said:

The Wastes RC1.3 has just been released. This release is half bugfixes, half balance tweaks. Speak your mind of the balance changes in the Feedback forums. Happy hunting guys!
Well now, for staying quiet for quite some time they do catch up quite quick.
Link: The Wastes

Posted by Odin - at 12:06

Bitterman emailed me that they had updated the Wasteland 2042 site again, here's what the man said:

First off, I did a new wallpaper for you people, by the request of a community member. I call the work "Little Star" and you can find it on the Downloads section of our site.

But I imagine you people are starting to get fed up with wallpapers. You've come to expect more out of us. So we deliver.

Today marks two important things, to me. Firstly, the eleven month anniversary of my Post Apocalyptic art and fiction site, Nurk! Secondly, it marks the launch of a new feature in our regular weekly updates. You may wonder what these two have in common. Read on.

Today we launch "Personal Apocalypse" Nurk's first, and the official Wasteland 2042 comic. You can find it hosted, every week, in the comics section, over on Nurk!

Posted by Briosafreak - at 2:57

This time J. E. Sawyer, the Lead Designer on Fallout3, i mean Project Van Buren, is asking for feedback on several issues, just read what he posted at the Interplay message boards:

Hello. As I wrote earlier this week, I'd like to throw up some ideas for broader applications of what are often called "Charisma Boy" or "Diplomacy Boy" skills. In Fallout and Fallout 2, such characters could focus on two skills with good, but fairly limited, applications: Barter and Speech. Barter affected buy and sell prices, Speech affected dialogue options (along with attributes).

Combat boys not only have skills but tools to help define their characters. Three characters who focus on Melee can all use different weapon sets for different purposes. This gives a level of depth to match or exceed that character type's skill breadth.

In my opinion (though some may [read: will] disagree), the Charisma Boy has neither depth or nor breadth in character development. He's got two skills, one with no depth, one with slight depth. Barter is pretty flat. It's just a score that goes up and changes store prices. A player can't do much with it to change his or her gameplay experience other than dump points into it and save money. Even the perks available for Barter don't really allow the player to do anything new with the skill.

Speech opens up a lot of dialogue options, but that's its whole point. It doesn't go beyond that. Attributes can be checked with Speech in dialogue, but ultimately those static checks are just pass/fail. Randomized checks in speech are easily overcome by the ol' "uncontested reload", so there's not much point to them -- they need to be static checks because of the environment in which they appear.

For these reasons, I would like to keep Barter, but divide Speech into two skills: Deception and Persuasion. However, this division is harmful unless the Deception and Persuasion skills have a broader application in the game outside of standard dialogue.

Barter: As in Fallout and Fallout 2, this skill does affect store prices. However, it also represents a certain level of knowledge about the caravan houses and trading in general, giving it a small role in dialogue. The intended depth to Barter development comes in the perks available at higher skill ranks. Though I have previously posted ideas for a few of these, I'll repost them here for ease.

Bulk Trader
Prerequisites: Barter 100
Ranks: 1
Benefit: Quantity is the name of the game, and you're holding all the cards. When you buy and sell goods, you get a better deal for larger quantities of a single item.

E.g.: John has Bulk Trader. When traveling, he notices that all of the Blackspear tribals carry spears along with their assorted equipment. He goes out of his way to save up a few dozen of them for a rainy day. When he has about fifty, he and his companions haul the load down to the weapons dealer for a bag of cash.

Junk Merchant
Prerequisites: Barter 75
Ranks: 1
Benefit: All items you find that have a base value of 1-5 bottlecaps are worth three times as much when you trade them.

E.g.: Frank searches every damned container and corpse he comes across. A lot of them have tidbits of old world nostalgia or technology that's effectively worthless and practically only worth a few caps. However, most bits weigh almost nothing, so he collects it all, knowing that he can sell even a broken little doll to some poor sap for a decent amount of money.

Mental Catalogue
Prerequisites: PE 4, Barter 150
Ranks: 1
Benefit: You can get the identified name and description of any item you examine, even if you don't meet the other skill requirements.

E.g.: The Fallout world is a big cesspool of ignorance unless you're part of the FotA, BoS, the Enclave, or a similar group. Though you can get the basic statistics and description of any item you pick up, more detailed and useful descriptions often appear for characters with right stats (Science for energy weapons, Medic for super stims, etc.). This is especially helpful for builder characters who pick up random pieces of salvaged technology in the wasteland. To know what tech elements make up any given piece of equipment, characters need the right statistics. However, a character with Mental Catalogue has so much experience with and knowledge of trading that he or she always gets the detailed description of an item.

Deception: This skill is used in dialogue, but it is also used as a limited building skill as means to an "alternate" stealth route. As with Speech in Fallout, Deception is checked in dialogue along with stats. But Deception's dialogue options all take the form of bluffing, misleading, or otherwise flat out lying to the other person in the conversation.

Deception can also be used to "sneak in plain sight" through the use of disguises. Disguises can be either found or created with a Disguise Kit. A disguise is a single item that a character wears, though it may occupy several equipped slots when necessary. Disguises may include things like: NCR Ranger Outfit, Hubologist Outfit, Viper Raider Outfit, etc. When a character uses a disguise, the character's effective reputation and identity become invisible. As far as AI is concerned, the character is part of that disguise's "team" as long as the NPC's PE doesn't see through the character's Deception skill (affected by range, lighting, etc.). Of course, for practical/gameplay purposes, a character's disguise does not hold up once he or she enters combat or attempts to initiate dialogue. And some disguises just don't work for some characters (no super mutants in BoS Scribe disguises, no humans in Night Kin disguises).

Characters can also manufacture disguises from individual disguise elements through the use of a disguise kit. Placing all the elements of the intended disguise into the kit creates the disguise if the character's Deception skill is high enough. E.g.: Joe wants an NCR Ranger Outfit. This requires an NCR Ranger uniform, NCR Ranger boots, and an NCR Ranger pin (I love that pin). He finds the uniform on a dead Ranger, buys the boots at a surplus store, and trades for the pin with a group of unpleasant but businesslike raiders. Dump them in the kit and -- voila -- NCR Ranger Outfit.

Sample Deception perk:

Body Snatcher
Prerequisites: Deception 100
Ranks: 1
Benefit: A few blood stains and bullet holes never stopped you from making a proper disguise. When critters with outfits die near you, you will often be able to salvage a piece of their outfit for use with a disguise kit.

E.g.: Ted has his own Blackspear Tribal disguise, but he wants to take his CNPC pal, Destructo, into the bunker as well. A random encounter finds him watching a group of Blackspears fighting raiders. Ted and Destructo sit the combat out until the Blackspears get annihilated. Ted then walks up and gingerly searches the bodies, finding a Blackspear headdress, gooey black facepaint made of... something, and one of their patchwork brahmin-skin outfits.

Persuasion: This skill is the other half of what Speech encompassed. It is used for friendly diplomacy, subtle manipulation, and outright intimidation. Also, as previously discussed, I believe it could be used to good effect for attempting to control CNPCs (companion NPCs) during combat. Though CNPCs would be computer-controlled by default, I believe that giving the high-Persuasion character a chance to control their followers is sensible and good for the purposes of expanding Persuasion's usefulness throughout the game.


Some CNPCs are really agreeable, and some are belligerent jackasses who don't listen to anything. Some also go crazy when they see certain types of creatures or otherwise are annoyed by local behavior. A wounded CNPC can also be extremely difficult to control, as their life tends to take precedence over your desire to be a big winner. Persuasion can be used to offset a CNPC's tendencies to do exactly what they want, when they want. The higher the Persuasion, the more likely it is that the CNPC will allow the player to control them, even under duress.

Sample Persuasion perk:

Suicide King
Prerequisites: Persuasion 150 and CH 8
Ranks: 1
Benefit: When standing within your area of influence, CNPC allies always ignore how wounded they are when you attempt to control them in combat.

E.g.: Ted and Destructo are fighting deathclaws. Destructo's got nothing against deathclaws, but he isn't too fond of the gaping wound that's left him with 28/100 hit points. Normally, he would head for the hills, even if his enemy was pretty wounded. However, Ted's a Suicide King, so Destructo knows that his pal will get him out of this mess somehow if he just follows his lead. (i.e., Destructo ignores his wounds for purposes of comparsion to Ted's Persuasion). Ted exercises manual control over Destructo. He has him attack the deathclaw, killing it, then has Destructo move down next to Ted. On Ted's next turn, Ted uses a Super Stim on Destructo, and everyone is happy until the other three deathclaws get in melee range.

Comments are welcome.

You`ve heard the man, comments are welcome.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 2:38

Well J.E. Sawyer has challenged NMA veteran DarkUnderlord to reply to this:

You want to know where these ideas are coming from? In 1997, I played Fallout, and I thought, "Hey, this is pretty cool." Then I played it over and over and over again and thought, "Still pretty cool, but these aspects of the system suck." Then I got offered a job working at Interplay and I took it, thinking, "Someday I will get to work on Fallout 3." Four years later, I started working on Van Buren. I replayed the Fallout games and watched other people with a variety of different levels of FO experience play the game. The results weren't too surprising: players with loads of FO experience waltzed through the game without any challenge whatsoever. They avoided all "worthless" perks and skills, and dominated everything. Players without that experience often made "mistakes" because either the system or the tools used by the system in the world had a secret pattern to them that they were not aware of. So, in short, many of the things I thought in 1997 still seem broken to me in the SPECIAL system.

Also, you never answered my previous question: if you were designing a post-apocalyptic RPG for the first time, would you divide up skills exactly as they were in Fallout? Why or why not?

Well i think we can join in, what do you guys and girls think about the way skills are divided, what could be improved, or what items should remain the same?

News for Friday, June 27, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 17:09

The Fallout:Yurop project has some news for us, first they added a Gallery with screenshots of some art and renders, and then they also oppened a new Forum, in Czech and English.
Looking good so far, i really hope they will be able to finish this total conversion.

News for Thursday, June 26, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:47

J.E Sawyer clarified what he sees as the way to go when dealing with NPCs that tag along with our character on Fallout3:

The way it is likely to be:

1) By default, CNPCs (companion NPCs) are controlled by the computer.

2) CNPCs have an options screen similar to the one in FO2 that allows the player to define broad behavior patterns for the CNPC.

3) Outside of combat, the player always has access to the inventory of a CNPC. Their inventory screen looks like the main character's inventory screen.

4) The CNPCs have scripts that, among other things, define idiosyncratic behavior for those characters. E.g.: Sulik hates slavers, so when he sees characters marked as slavers, he gets LUDACRIS and ACTS A FOOL, possibly attacking them and definitely devoting all attention to them in combat. Battery gets angry at robots and machines, and being around them makes him generally belligerent, likely to beat people with a huge wrench rather than evaluate the situation sensibly.

5) When CNPCs are in the party, they get their own selection buttons on the interface as in FO:T. Selecting them allows the player to have basic movement, inventory, and skill use control over them. ONE AT A TIME. CNPCS not under current control out of combat follow the leader as usual.

6) Also, one button appears next to the CNPC tabs that is a toggle: AUTOMATIC/MANUAL. It can be clicked at any time, though its effects only come into play when it's a CNPC's turn to act. If the toggle is set to MANUAL, the CNPC's script and the current situations are then compared to a PC's speech skill in a check. If the CNPC is generally easygoing and is not flipping out due to wounds/intense hatred for current enemies/being high on psycho, the level of the speech skill required to exercise control is relatively low. Otherwise, the requirements get pretty high. At any time, the player can attempt to control his or her CNPCs manually as individuals, but they aren't required to, and they simply may not be able to due to their own shortcomings as a leader or the inherently independent/crazy nature of their allies.

So that leaves us with what?
I'm not suggesting BG2, PS:T, or (heavens to Betsy) Jefferson levels of CNPC interactions. CNPCs are, generally speaking, along for the ride in Fallout. They are your pals, you are the Man/Woman.

If you have any ideas on this just post them here on NMA or go to the Black Isle Studios feedback forum.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:21

It`s time for J.E. Sawyer to comment on the ideas that members of NMA have been posting. Here`s a zip (Sawyer comments are in italics):

But there's many types of two-handed swords, just like there are many types of rifles. A katana is basically a two handed sword, as is a claymore. Very different swords, but both would fall under two handed swords just like the bozar and hunting rifle seem to fall under Big Guns under JE Sawyer's proposed idea.
Saint, you either don't understand how D&D weapon proficiencies work, or you're pretending you don't to prove some weird point. In D&D, if you take the greatsword martial weapon feat, you ONLY gain proficiency in that weapon. But -- this whole comparison is kind of ridiculous because in D&D, base weapon skill is based off of class levels, not skills that the player chooses.

It does when that new game is part three of an established series. Tweak it, sure.
All we're talking about is three skills. That's it. Three skills that have to do with combat alone. There are fifteen other skills in Fallout that have to do with combat and "all those other" paths through the game. If moving three skills down to two or, god forbid, one, is razing the village and sowing the fields with salt, I can't really imagine what you guys would think of a true system revision. The things I'm suggesting probably wouldn't even qualify for a new edition of a pen and paper system.

You mean like 3rd Edition D&D has multiple speech skills?
No, actually, I mean like almost every pen and paper RPG system has multiple speech skills. GURPS Basic has about eight. Stormbringer has four. Vampire has four or five. Champions has five or six. Call of Cthulhu has four or five. Ars Magica has seven. Even In Nomine has four. In fact, D&D, with three, has one of the lowest ratios of social skills : other bought skills of all those games. People who want to play "Charisma Boys" in FO and FO2 don't really have to do jack other than tag Speech, have a decent cH and IN, and float through the game with whatever other tags they want. Even "Stealth Boys" have more decision making involved in their development. As a "path" of development, Charisma Boys are pretty shallow. They don't even have to make important tool usage decisions like Combat Boys do.

As for the Science routes, good. In fact, I think all the skills in Fallout should have a non-scripted function as well as scripted ones. Doctor making drugs would be a side effect of a High Doctor skill. Making new trinkets or improving existing devices might be the result of a High Repair. Tracking enemies, finding plants and identifying them might be the result of High Outdoorsman. Things like that.
Yep, that's the general idea.

The problem with this would be piecemealing power armor. I prefer armor as a suit as well, just for things like power armor.
That's actually easily accomplished. In the Power Armor data, set that it is equipped in the torso slot, but occupies the head, arms, legs, etc. slots as well. If anyone wants to equip piecemeal armor, dropping the armor piece into any of the PA-occupied slots causes the PA to unequip.

EMP damage? Ummm.. Imagine a future where the transistor had never been invented. I wish I could remember which Fallout developer said that to describe Fallout's setting, but it's a fairly major concept! EMP really only works well on integrated circuits, re: transistor stuff, which aren't part of Fallout's setting.
Let me know if you found out which dev said that, because EMP grenades wreak utter havok on robots all over Fallout and Fallout 2. I walk into the Glow, throw an EMP grenade, and robots drop like flies in a blast furnace. It's pretty clear that ICs are used in robots all over the Fallout world. However, I think that a future Fallout title should take into account that some models of our traditional friends like Mr. Handy and Floating Eye Bot should be made with vaccuum tube tech to reflect the necessity of robots operating in the wake of atomic EMP blasts.

I think JE's major problem is that he wants to change the system, at all costs.
Three skills != SPECIAL. Combat subsystem != SPECIAL.

What gaming precedents are they basing these balance tweaks on?
Outside of streamlining the engine and locking in a LINEAR character path
to dun down the gameplay.
Are they fixing FO for Real Time?
What in the name of all the saints of the ancient world are you talking about? Did you play the same Fallout that I did? The one where the designers actually intended characters to move from Small Guns to Big Guns and then Energy Weapons? Is this not linear? How does what I am suggesting promote less flexibility than that?
And real time? What does the number of firearm skills have to do with turn based or real time? What possible effect could... Huh?

The funny thing is that Small Guns is still quite viable through end game for both Fallouts. A sniper rifle does a lot of damage, especially in the hands of a skilled person and with the right perks.
Even the best small guns (2mm EC) are inferior to the best plasma weapons except range, which is farely inconsequential more than halfway through the game in 90% of all combat situations. Something can be viable and still be inferior.
A sniper rifle does half the damage of a pulse rifle for 2 AP more with +15 range that's almost never practically useful. Basically, whatever damage a sniper rifle can do with a high skill and the right perks will be eclipsed by someone wielding a pulse rifle with equal skill and the same perks.

And he finishes with this statement:
I've addressed a few more firearm questions for the sake of our delayed-response satellite associates, but, as previously stated, I think we're just spinning our wheels discussing this more right now.

So it`s time for us to comment on other issues, maybe NPC/PC control, or Real-Time/Turn-Based combat?

Posted by Briosafreak - at 3:09

Real Time and Turn-Based Fallout3 remains an issue to many of us, so here are a few quotes fro J.E. Sawyer explaining why he thinks putting both combat modes on the game will be a good idea:

In TB Fallout, you have precision movement over one character. In RT Fallout, you would have precision movement over one character. But, the more important question is: why do you care if you're never going to play that mode of combat? When someone who thinks real-time combat is inherently flawed complains about the implementation of RT combat, it's hard to seriously look for a way to appease them. What answer could I possibly give when you think there is no sufficient answer short of removing the mode? Why does it matter if the TB mode you play is the main focus and RT is given less emphasis?

When I have asked these questions to TB fanatics in the past, their responses have tended towards, "Well, we would like 100% effort to be on TB so that it's balance is 100% of its potential." That's a great sentiment, but ultimately ignores the fact that there are some people, like Sammael, who are honestly very enthusiastic about RPGs but are not enthusiastic about combat in RT, TB, PB, or any other mode. There are also loads of people who are only interested in combat and will only rush through dialogue to get vital information, then move on to the next area full of killing. You can say, "Well, I don't care about those people." That's fine, because you're a consumer, and that's as far as your concern needs to go. I can't think that way.

And how would he liked it to be implemented in the game?
I would rather have a toggle in the game options menu with three options: turn-based, real-time, and ask me. This toggle can only be set when there are no characters in the engine's combat manager. If you're in TB mode, the instant someone enters the combat manager (combat begins), it goes into sequential turn-based mode. If you're in real-time, it just goes right into combat. If you're in "ask me" mode, the game pauses at the beginning of combat and forces the player to choose real-time or turn-based for that battle (as long as creatures are in the combat manager).

There should be no switching of combat modes while combat is in progress.

This was spotted on this thread.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 2:35

Well i just found out that the Post-Nuclear project is alive and kicking.
Here are the latest news on their site:

We have created a new game editor. Now we are using LUA for scripts instead of our own script language. Also we have added some new screenshots from game and from new game editor. It shouldn't be long from now as we will release techdemo1. Also I have updated game status and FAQ.
BTW we are searching for some graphic artists:
# 3d models with textures (3d Studio Max, Maya or Lightwave)
# 3d models with animation (3d Studio Max + Character studio)
# 2d images - mostly interface
and some people who could translate from Lithuanian to English or ar least correct English texts.
If you are interested just write us.

Thanks Kaczor for the hreads up.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 2:21

The Tutorial master ColJack has a new one, now on how to set up a script compiler to work on Fallout2 mods.
Again great work ColJack.

News for Saturday, June 21, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 3:17

Well my delete button seems to have gone wild last night, I managed to both delete the Fallout Bible section both on the server and at home, but have no fear I put up a temporary page (will update it more later on)..
Link: Fallout Bible

News for Friday, June 20, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 18:47

The Wastes have been updated to RC1.2, here's what Gage wrote:

The Wastes RC1.2 is being uploading as we speak. Right now the 1.1 to 1.2 patch is online, which can be found here. I will update the side bar and download page when all files are done uploading. For server admins there is a linux version of RC1.2 which I will be uploading as well. Hopefully we can get some more servers for people to have fun on. Happy hunting guys, and remember to bring your geiger counters!
Great stuff!

Posted by Odin - at 5:09

Well, the new files section is up and running. There will be some changes to it later on, but for now it should work like a charm, do let me know if there are some problems with it.

News for Thursday, June 19, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 18:23

Once again J.E. Sawyer took the time to reply to a few posts made here on NMA. The replies are in italics.

Quote from Saint_Proverbius:
Well, okay, then I'll say that is how it is, not how it seems. Two handed sword profficiency, two handed gun skill, pretty much the same thought train there. Both are realistically based since pistols are different from rifles and long swords are different from claymores, but..
A two-handed sword proficiency lets you skillfully use a two-handed sword, that's it. An appropriate analogy would be a skill just for Bozars.
Quote from Saint_Proverbius:
To put it in a Fallout perspective, this would be like one character having pistol skills for SMG, and another having rifle for sniping. It takes two characters to make up for both ranged and devastating up close fire. The big problem now lies in that Fallout isn't a party game. Party game dynamics, even though they're based in realism, need to be tossed in favor of something that will allow a player to SMG the bad guys up close and switch to longer range if need be.
I think you're assuming a lot to say that any combat character "needs to" be able to do both long-ranged sniping and close up heavy destruction. Short of chasing down wounded opponents, unarmed characters could do fairly well in FO2 with no ranged capability at all.
Quote from Saint_Proverbius:
The way Fallout's gun skills are set up now actually works. The only problem with them is that there are no Big Guns and Energy Weapons for low level characters. Make a few low tech energy weapons and big guns for lower-mid level characters, and go from there. A blunderbus would be a great Big Gun for low levels, for example.
It sorta works. Even with energy weapons and big guns available early on, you still run into strange inconsistencies that seem more implausible than even weird skill crossover between my proposed big/small guns categories. Sniper rifle vs. laser sniper rifle.

An important thing to remember in all of these discussions is that "it worked and you're messing it up" doesn't really apply in an entirely new engine and new game. We're not building off of any old data or assumptions about how things are placed in the world. It's not like changing any of these skill categories affects, for good or ill, how people play Fallout and Fallout 2. There's a lot of stuff in SPECIAL that doesn't need to be changed at all. But you and I and anyone else shouldn't balk at critically examining the system as though it's going to go into a game for the very first time. Because, from a literal standpoint, it is. We're working with a clean slate, code-wise.
Quote from 4Too:
Certianly not to climb a rich and rewarding Speech tree, and sample the FORBIDDEN FRUITS [*] of untraveled pathes of new

Well no evidence there, so too early to judge.
Only if you discount me saying things like, "I think there should be more speech skills" and "I think that science skills should open a new 'science boy' path through the game and be useful all over the place."
Quote from 4Too:
Do they anticipate a "third" slot for use of Stealth Boy device in combat? Or. Going to have a "paper doll" inventory screen to dress up like the fantasy RPG's?
Piecemeal armor demands more inventory slots, as much as I hate to say it. To be honest, I like the fact that previous Fallout games only had three equip slots, but locational armor requires flexibility for the user or it kind of sucks, in my opinion.
Quote from Dragon Warrior:
Please tell me what you all think of my idea, I'd like some feedback.
In terms of your damage categories, I do think there needs to be a few more. EMP, in particular, is different from electricity in a way I believe is significant in a game with robotic enemies. I also think that ballistic damage and armor is different enough that it demands it's own category. I don't necessarily see the benefit for making a character right or left handed.
Quote from papalegba:
I notice Fallout 2 wasn't mentioned in the discussion, but you might have heard of it. It's the one that everyone raved over and whose sales dwarfed its predecessor's. It included fun things like Bozars, Gauss Weapons and H&K G11s. With such advantages, energy weapons no longer had a huge advantage.
I noticed you missed me talking about Fallout 2 weapons. As Saint_Proverbius wrote, the Bozar has no single-shot capability. Also, as I wrote, it eats through ammo really, really fast. .223 ammo, which is sort of plentiful, but nowhere near as much as, say 5mm. Standard miniguns kind of stink in Fallout 2, and the ammo for the Vindicator and G11 are really rare except for a few late game areas.
Thanks guys, keep them coming, you can see the rest on this thread.

Posted by Odin - at 18:17

Well since we don't officially know that Van Buren is Fallout 3, but all evidence lately points to it, here's another quote from JE Sawyer that implies that it really is Fallout 3:

An important thing to remember in all of these discussions is that "it worked and you're messing it up" doesn't really apply in an entirely new engine and new game. We're not building off of any old data or assumptions about how things are placed in the world. It's not like changing any of these skill categories affects, for good or ill, how people play Fallout and Fallout 2. There's a lot of stuff in SPECIAL that doesn't need to be changed at all. But you and I and anyone else shouldn't balk at critically examining the system as though it's going to go into a game for the very first time. Because, from a literal standpoint, it is. We're working with a clean slate, code-wise.
Well coupled with all the other statements lately, who still doesn't believe ?
Link: Thread

Posted by Odin - at 17:44

Yet again has the Wasteland 2042 site been updated, this time around they're showing the Gyro Copter and Pipe Bomb. They've also updated their FAQ, busy little bees aren't they.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:01

Corpse has a new mod for you guys and girls that have Fallout2, it`s called []Cpt Corpse's Cheating Tools[/url].
Here are some of the features:

-Add to party: adds any NPC or item to your party, this can also be done during combat (bypasses the dialog screen) to add or remove any NPC from your party, the script will automatically recognise if the target NPC is in your party and will add or remove accordingly.
-Remove from party: does just what it says.
-Give armor and wield: creates a suit of Adv Power Armor MkII on target NPC and places it in the armor slot. (Useful for giving Marcus or Goris armor)
-Remove armor: causes target NPC to remove their armor.
-Change NPC's appearance: does just what it says; if used on player, appearance will change but if you access inventory screen the player will return to its original state.
-Create Item: lets you give target NPC or player, any item in the game.
-Destroy scenery or wall: destroys any scenery or walls blocking your way.
-Heal Player or NPC: Heals all HPs and crippled limbs on target.

A warning:
This Utility is still not finished, will post any updates on NMA and DAC.

You will need to run the dat file from FAME or ModRunner for it to work.
And you can give feedback on it here.

Posted by Odin - at 0:07

Well I've finally managed to upload the Fallout 2 Quest list, I want to thank Dan for compiling the list for me!

I'm also making the finishing touches on the new download section, hopefully it'll be up in a day or two. So stay tuned !

News for Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 20:28

Well as I posted before I've managed to retrieve some of the old news archives and have posted them in our News Archive, I've uploaded all of the ones I've found. But you'll notice that there are about 7-8 months of news that's missing, if anyone finds these somehow do send them to me.

Posted by Odin - at 19:21

Well as promised the guys working on the Fallout Yurop mod/TC have uploaded their FAQ, here's a snibblet, "Where will the game take place":

The game will take place in the middle of Europe - parts of Germany, Czech Republic and Austria and probably parts of other surrounding countries. The maximal worldmap size is already set, it's about 600x600 kilometers (about the size of the original Fallout 2), so we really can't add some more distant countries. Sorry. Maybe in sequel :o)
and here's another one, "when will it be done":
When it's done, it's done. All of team members are working on the Fallout:Yurop in their spare time, so you cannot expect the finished game just after few weeks of work :o)
Snazzy, I'm really looking forward to this....if it ever sees the light of day.

Posted by Odin - at 18:39

The guys that's making the Wasteland 2042(a Wasteland/Fallout inspired mod for Battlefield 1942) have posted the little present they promised, it's a new movie and this one shows off the buggy in action:

Last week i promised you a little present and here it is. Nothing much, just a little extra candy to suck while waiting for the weekly update.

It is a movie that shows off the buggy in full speed through the tight roads of Gazala. Try to beat that with a willy!

The video is also a sign of a new cooperation. The bf-clan i am playing in and the clan that the creator of the movie Acid999 comes from have merged. The new clans name is Kamikazer0 [Kzer0] and can be found in #Kzer0 on quakenet. Zer0hawks that are part of the clan are previously know for great movies like Zer0maha and Prisoner Of War and off course the earlier Wasteland 2042 trailer.

[Kzer0] is also the official testing team of the mod.

This movie is a statement that we will bring you more high-quality videos about the mod in the future.

Now go check it out in the download section!
Remember this mod if you have Battlefield 1942.

Posted by Odin - at 18:12

I wanted to ask you guys some questions, should we here at NMA post a daily update on the IPLY forums. ie all comments by the developers into a news post or should we only post about the "important" ones?. Post your comment in the news comments.

Posted by Odin - at 17:39

JE Sawyer replied to a thread about Turn Based or Real Time for Fallout 3, and he ended up talking about the size of Van Buren (latest Bis project in the works):

However, at the beginning of Van Buren, we sat down for a few weeks and made outlines of the various areas you could explore in the game. It was pretty damned big. So, I went back and I looked at Fallout. Fallout only had 13 areas. Fallout 2 had 23 areas. Does Van Buren really need to have 23, or even 20 areas? Personally, I think it would be better off with 15-17 very good areas than 23 really rushed areas. And if, in those 15-17 areas, you can get better gameplay balance than you would have been able to in 23 areas, I think that's a good thing. I would rather have crazed lunatic people complain that 100 hours of gameplay isn't enough than have the majority of people quit the game because the first 10 of its 300 estimated hours just suck.
And just behold this quote from JE:
Perhaps I am showing an improper bias, but I am more inclined to err in favor of a good TB system if RT and TB clash on some aspects. Generally speaking, people who don't like combat in the first place would rather play real-time. That doesn't mean that people who DO like combat only enjoy TB, but... I think you see where I'm going. The TB fans tend to be more discriminating about the implementation of their preferred style of combat.
We lub y00 JE!

Posted by Odin - at 4:12

Well it seems IPLY also sent out some info along with the latest Renders that were released a couple of days ago, here's a goodie:

Spitting Radscorpions - Spitting Radscorpions are a step sideways on the evolutionary ladder from normal radscorpions. They have developed the ability to spit radioactive venom at distant targets. As a result, their claws are severely under-developed, used only for protecting the spitting radscorpion’s head. Spitting Radscorpions are usually yellow in color with a bright red coloring on their back and legs.
Great imagination on varied enemies, what's next? Spitting Deathclaws?
Link: Renders Info at Gamezone

Posted by Odin - at 3:50

Well the latest addition to the Fallout Brotherhood of Steel (PS2,Xbox title) previews is's preview of Fbos, what's funny about this preview is that the guy who wrote this article doesn't really take a stand about the game. Here's his final statement about the game:

Xbox Nation has yet to try playable code, so it's uncertain as to whether Brotherhood will be a fun little action-romp with the Fallout license, or an actual piece of PC to console fallout.
Seems people are afraid to say what we all want to say, prove me wrong Chuckie!
Oh it does say the release date is set to October 28, this year of course.
Link: Fbos preview at

Posted by Odin - at 3:30

Gameinfowire have posted some new screenshots/artwork of Fbos. According to EvilAvatar they have:

Lots of radioactive spiders, scorpions, and other twisted flora and fauna are portrayed in the series of screenshots on the site.
I can't see the damn images, due to all the ads, popups and who knows what. So basicly screw it! If anyone manages to view/download these images, do send them to me.
Link: Fbos Artwork/Screenshots

Posted by Odin - at 3:14

Well I've managed to retrieve some of the old NMA news, actually almost everything. So get ready for some NMA nostalgia, all the way back to 1998! It's excitement, it's thrills, chills and err.. well quite old news, but it's a fun read!

I will be adding more news as I find the time to do it, seeing that these things take time... Enjoy people, remember not all of the links work of course (that would mean almost everyone Wink )

Link: NMA News Archive

News for Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 23:24

There`s a very interesting article on RPGDot about Computer Role Playing Games in general, that has a few thoughts on Fallout and Fallout2:

So what do I mean? Removing Baldurs Gate from the equation for a moment, look at the games I mentioned, starting with Fallout and its sequel, Fallout 2. Incredibly enjoyable tactical turn-based combat, a huge gameworld to be explored at your leisure, mature but realistic themes, and endless and often surprising design creativity.
You could get married in a shotgun wedding (and it made no difference what sex you were - my first time through, I played a woman and married one as well…ah, male fantasies), and sell your spouse into slavery, or just leave them for dead in a poisonous cave (oops…). You could truly role-play, finishing quests however you felt best - and all roads led to a viable solution. And it did two things that no game I've played since has featured: first, once you had finished the game (which, it is also worth mentioning, had two main goals), you could continue playing, finding random encounters, or just enjoying the fruits of your labor, as everyone recognized you as the hero you just spent 100+ hours becoming. I've been disappointed by nearly every game I've finished since, after the credits roll and I find myself on the main menu screen, instead of back in the game world.
And second, it gave you a detailed rundown of the consequences of your actions for nearly every quest you undertook during the game. To me, it was a revelation to hear that the small city I rid of slavery went on to enjoy a thriving democracy, or that since I hadn't assassinated a certain mob boss, he took over the city in an orgy of organized crime. Both of these features combined to make the game more satisfying - to make it seem that there were real consequences of your actions, and that the world actually changed as a result of what you chose.

Sure brings back good memories...
Thanks to Greenlantern from the Interplay boards for pointing out this.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 20:30

Another day, another thread by J.E. Sawyer, this time he starts by saying:

Given the discussion of all the details of gun combat, I thought it would be a good idea to lay out general ideas for what the different combat modes and weapon types "should be" good for. If we can start to agree on that, I think we can all have a better understanding of potential goals. Looking at rule subsystems out of context is often confusing because it's hard to see what the goals of the subsystems within the system are.

You can join the discussion here.

News for Monday, June 16, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 19:00

I noticed over at Gamespy that ChicagoXbox had posted some renders from Fbos. Judge for youself!

Link: Fbos Renders

Posted by Briosafreak - at 17:17

After the news on J.E. Sawyer thoughts on weapons and skills we got a few comments that i posted at the Interplay message boards.
So the Lead Technical Designer of Fallout3, er, i mean Project Van Buren took some time to discuss those comments.
Here`s a few examples:

Dan:Fallout had a very good system... Why change it?
The Fallout system (At least in Fallout 1) was pretty well balanced, now, you can go and change it, but why?

Sawyer: I don't think it's balanced at all, looking at the weapon stats.

Dan: You have a working system, some tweaking might be in order, but changing it for no apparent reason? I don't see the point.

Sawyer: I honestly think you might need to play Fallout again and see how the weapons break down -- either that or break open a stat book and compare the weapons. The small guns are designed to become obsolete, thus rendering the small guns skill obsolete. Try to think of this from the perspective of playing Fallout 1 for the first time. You don't know where to go to get the .223 pistol as soon as you want it. You don't know all of the patterns for character building that come from playing the game over and over again.

In the past few weeks, a lot of people in the division have been playing Fallout and Fallout 2 again. A lot of them got close to the end of the game and realized that they had made "worthless" characters -- characters that for whatever reason had skills that were ultimately ineffective for dealing with the challenges they faced. Small guns fell into that category for both games. Watching someone fight the master with a small gun, even the .223 pistol, is a sad affair when compared to someone using a plasma rifle (turbo or not).

The .223 autoloader does 20-30 points of standard damage with a 30 range, 5 AP cost. The plasma rifle does 30-65 plasma damage with a 25 range, 5 AP cost. Most armor in the game either has a lower plasma DR and/or a lower plasma DT, Tesla Armor being the notable exception.

If you can explain to me how any of the small guns are as good as their counterparts in energy weapons, I'd like to hear it. Honestly, I don't see how anyone other than a masochist would try to go through the game with small guns only when energy weapons are so clearly superior, side to side. It eventually makes the small gun skill less far useful, overall.

ColJac:they do need 3 categories, just not big, small, and energy...
they need big, small, and huge guns..

Sawyer:I had considered this, but I do think that six combat skills in Fallout is one skill too many. Maybe I'm being overly concerned with that limit.

Locutus:Good idea is with the conventional, plasma and laser weapons range and also with using two guns at the same time.
But the idea with one handed weapons being small guns and two handed being big ones is... well isn't good.
And also using a big gun will mean having both inventory slots occupied. This sucks as hell!

Sawyer: I don't think it really sucks, I think it's just the price you pay for using a heavy weapon. High caliber firearms (other than energy weapons) tend to be bigger guns. Rifles are usually a lot more accurate at range. Miniguns are huge and can level town hall meetings.

Saint_Proverbius: Another thing I find problematic about his approach is that it's too much like a D&D deal. Basically, you have pistols or rifles as your choice. Either you have two handed or one handed weapons instead of a distinction based on a more arbitrary classification.

Sawyer: I'm rarely concerned with how things seem, only how they are. But I don't understand how it's like a D&D. D&D splits up every single weapon into its own proficiency type, and you often have to spend an entire feat just to decently use one weapon. And this distinction is entirely arbitrary because it is designed for convenience. When a player picks up a gun, the second they click on it in inventory, they will know that it is either a small gun (1-handed) or big gun (2-handed). A less arbitrary, more "realistic" approach would be to have skills based off of weapon types like handguns, assault rifles, submachineguns, etc.

And a very important quote from Sawyer again:
If people don't agree with my suggestions, they should feel free to question them. Just having the title of lead tech. designer doesn't make me infallable, nor does it preclude the possibility that a gamer could suggest something worthwhile.

And there are much more, go and read the thread.
So keep posting those ideas and suggestions, either at that thread on Iplay , or on the Fallout 3 Suggestions and Ideas forum here on NMA , as in the comments on this news.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 13:58

Wow now this are good news!
Just read what Locutus has mailed me:

Hey man.

Here are the 1.04 patches for the PL, US and the UK versions of Fallout2. Have fun with'em.
Done by Locutus -*- Enclave Interactive & FMC (2003)


Per Jorner - for his help and FO2 guide
Jargo - for all his help and mods
Azaelus - for the bugs list and hints
David Bastien - for info about the guns
Corpse - for the Vault 13 ending, compiling the script and the mysterious stranger patch
All people from the NMA and Shamo forums for their help

Well now you can download the Polish patch and the UK and American patch!
This is partially the result of feedback he got from this thread here at NMA, and now you can you continue to send him feedback over there or by mail to .
The list of fixes is just too huge for me to put here, join this thread at the NMA boards and you will find it .

EDIT: I just got this message by Locutus:

Due to the large number of errors in the 1.04 version patches, I recommend not using them. There will soon be a 1.05 version which will fix the bugs.

Sorry for that. Crying or Very sad

Hmmm o.k. then, go to work, we`ll wait.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 12:25

Some good news for Italian Fallout fans. Tifereth and Daeron have translated the Fallout Bible update 0 to Italian, you can download it from here.
But that`s not all ,they also translated the Fallout 2 Editor Documentation to Italian, grab it here.
Great work Tifereth and Daeron , and welcome to our boards.

News for Sunday, June 15, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 23:27

Another great mod for Fallout2 this time by the texan I Must Be Crazy 2.
But i`ll let him present it:

This MOD will effectively remove the Charisma limitation on the number of party members that your character can tag along. Keep in mind that even with this MOD, certain potential party members may still refuse to join your entourage if your charisma is too low, if you have bad Karma, or if you have earned certain karmic titles.

Now there`s a fun twist to the game, thank you I Must Be Crazy 2 , you guys can download it from here.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 23:03

Those that own Fallout:Tactics should rejoice since requiem_for_a_starfury has a nice treat for you:

Heres a FOT single player map . It's based on OTB's unfinished PsuedoSAD map from the graveyard.

The Brotherhood has been keeping a close eye on the Chosen One, searching for a GECK. When the Chosen One visits the Sierra Army Depot the Brotherhood can't afford to let this opportunity go to waste. While an agent of the Brotherhood continues to follow the Chosen One, the nearest Brotherhood patrol is sent to secure the Depot until a full team can be dispatched, unfortunately when they arrive there's already someone waiting.

The zip contains new wait and deathscreens, and includes a mod of the Fallout 2 weapons.

You can download it from here.
Good work Requiem, and sorry for the delay.

Posted by Odin - at 21:36

Well the thrills don't stop do they, the guys over at Wasteland 2042 has been updated again. This time around they are showing some new items, Bitterman email me this:

Anyway, Wasteland 2042 is back with it's weekly site update. This week brings the Crossbow and the Talson 900 XS sports car.

Within the next few weeks, we hope to have something extra special ready for release, but Lakrillo dosen't want me saying what as of yet.

And, we're hoping to have the first release of the mod done very soon.
Sounds good, we're eager to get some playtime on this mod. Thanks Bitterman!

Posted by Odin - at 21:25

I've gotten several emails about a new game in the works called Shadow Vault, it certainly looks Fallouty (well to a certain degree), there are several screenies of the game at Gamespot. I know it's no Fallout news, but a game that might be something to look out for..

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:01

Kaczor from the Vault Dweller’s Home Page needs someone to help him with the English version of the news that he posts there.
So if you like Fallout and want to help a good site then go ahead and mail Kaczor at

Posted by Briosafreak - at 0:17

Well time to move on for Black Isle Studios.
J.E. Sawyer has returned to the discussions on the upcoming Fallout3, er, i mean Project Van Buren, with a few ideas worth of a discussion:

The plasma rifle and turbo plasma rifle are, statistically speaking, far better than any other weapon in Fallout 1. Big guns are pretty powerful, but ammo weighs a ton, the weapons weigh a ton, and they chew ammo rapidly.

My general thoughts on the firearm issues are spread over a number of threads, but can be summarized as follows:

* Two firearm categories: small guns (1-handed) and big guns (2-handed). This means a laser pistol would be a small gun and a plasma rifle would be a big gun.

* Weapon categories should do different things, not be inherently "better" than each other. Thus, the following proposals:

* Big guns take up both item slots. If you want to switch to another weapon while using a big gun, you're spending 4 AP to go into inventory. Suck it up.

* Small guns, generally speaking, use lower caliber (and lower damage) rounds, but can be placed in one-hand. Though this doesn't mean OMG DUAL WIELD EVERY DAY, it means that you can switch back and forth between two types of guns, or a gun and grenades, etc. without needing to go into inventory.

* Allow people to use two identical small guns simultaneously at large penalties. Give access to a high small guns requirement perk that lowers these penalties.

* Let big guns be appropriately accurate at long ranges, but disallow the ability to make called shots with big guns when within one hex of an enemy.

* Do not make plasma > laser > conventional. Rather, make each weapon type fill a niche. Conventional weapons are good for shooting things at normal gun battle ranges, doing ballistic damage to unarmored, fleshy targets. Plasma weapons are shorter range weapons that do a high amount of heat damage and can be charged for more damaging single attacks (even without making a called shot), thereby blowing out thresholds on demand. Laser weapons are long range weapons with exceptional accuracy. They might even do less damage than a conventional weapon, but they are perfect for a sniper making targeted attacks.

* Make the chance of critical failure based off of the reliability/complexity of the weapon. Why do people still use revolvers today even though they can get a higher ROF from autoloaders?

I'm sure you guys can think of other ways to balance these elements out. The point is that I am not as concerned with how things seem as much as how things are. If you tell me that dual-wielding pistols "seems" unrealistic but I know that small guns "really" suck, I'm more concerned about the latter.

If you do know of other ways just join this discussion here.

News for Friday, June 13, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 20:12

There`s a new update at The Wastes:

1.1 Patch is now online. This patch is my attempt to fix as many bugs I could in a weeks time without bringing in a whole slew of new ones Smile. The major rework done was the weapon selection which should be easier to use. Now I'm sure alot of you guys are anxious for more servers and I have good news. Next monday Im gonna install linux on my machine here and get cracking on the linux version of The Wastes 1.1... stay tuned!

-Josh 'Gage' Coyne
Here`s the patch.

And i just saw at DAC that there`s also a Bot available for solo games now.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:42

This is the type of news i don`t like to give...

Chris Avellone, the man behind Planescape:Torment and New Reno on Fallout2, and also the man thought to be the lead designer at Fallout3, has resigned from Interplay, and left to new endeavours.
He`s one of the best. Good luck for you in the future, MCA, godspeed.

News for Thursday, June 12, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:42

And yet a new Tutorial by ColJack, now on Prototypes in Fallout2.
As usual you can check the Mutants Rising site for more Tutorials, and go to the brand new Mutants Rising Forum to give your feedback.

And now everyone together scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY ColJack!

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:12

Well let`s see what the talented Locutus just send me through e-mail:

Hi guys.

I just wanted to say that Jargo from FMC has made another mod allowing you to skin fire geckos
after getting the gecko skinning perk. You can find the mod here:


So here, a fresh and small mod for you guys and girls, good work Jargo
There are a few mods already on hold for us to put on the news, but Miroslav and Odin are working on the new files section, so the nice modders and mappers that have send them will have to wait just a bit more for their work to show up, i`m sorry about that , hopefully it won`t take too long to upload them.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 0:41

The always active Kaczor from the Vault Deller`s Home Page has made a partial translation to English of an interview made by the Wasteland Rangers team to Shigorem Birdmanem, the lead designer from the Fallout total conversion Fallout:Yurop.
Here`s a zip:

[wr]: Where will the action take place? Eastern Europe, Great Britain, Russia?
s.b.: Mainly in Central Europe, partly in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and neighbouring countries.

[wr]: Do you want to change whole graphics? Add new character models, buildings, guns and inventory stuff?
s.b.: Somewhat of Fallout art will stay (to save our time), but we will add for sure a lot of fresh look. Guns and stuff will be new (prepared almost form drafts), so new graphics are essential.

So it`s not in space? That`s good to hear, the new graphics look great by the way.
Thanks again Kaczor, and don`t forget to visit the Wasteland Rangers for the full thing, if you know the Polish language.

News for Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 22:36

Well there are news from the Titus front, the owners of Interplay. According to the site, devoted to the business side of the game industry,

French publisher Titus Interactive has successfully renegotiated a significant part of its outstanding debts, convincing bondholders to accept extensions of the expiry dates of their bonds by well over a decade to 2020

Seems good news right? Well actually there are still many dark clouds ahead, judging by this
Financial constraints have delayed the release of a number of titles from the publisher, which in turn has led to a slump in revenues - figures for the first half of 2002/03 showed a 70 per cent decline in revenue. The company recorded a 72.2 million Euro loss in the first half as a result.

Already Titus has attempted to rescue this situation by stripping the assets of its subsidiaries - just about every key franchise owned by Interplay has now been sold. The road ahead looks difficult for Titus, with apparently insufficient cash to release titles or fund further development, and no obvious financing routes open to it. Being bought out by a larger industry player looks like the best hope for the group - but whether it has anything worth buying is another question.

No cash to fund further development? Where does that leaves Fallout3, er, i mean Van Buren?
Thanks to Xiw for the heads up.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:12

Here`s an update from the Mutants Rising site:

My sincerest apologies to all who have tried to follow my Adding Maps tutorial only to find they can't get it to work.. it seems I missed a few bits of vital information.

The tutorial has now been updated and fixed, and should work.

Now if Interplay would just hire you to fix the mess the technical support for Fallout2 was...
If you have any question about this and other Tutorials from ColJack just head to the Mutants Rising forum here on the No Mutants Allowed message boards.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:00

The Fallout 2 Editors can be found on the coverdisc of this month's PC Zone magazine ( UK ).
Here`s a quote taken from the mag:

It's about time Fallout 2 got an editor. After all, it's already had one sequel and umpteen budget re-releases, with another follow up on the horizon.
While you might not be able to match the humour from the game, you can certainly get going on some better environments, making a bit more use of colour than the brown-o-vision original.

Better environments?And what follow up? FOBOS? That`s not a follow up, that`s a bad taste joke...
Anyway you can also download the editors from here.
Thanks to ColJack for the heads up.

News for Monday, June 9, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 14:08

There`s a new total conversion for Fallout2 beeing made called Fallout:Yurop,that now has a site in Check and English.
Word to the team of Fallout:Yurop:

Fallout:Yurop is going to be the total modification of the Fallout 2. We want to change almost everything. Only one thing and especially this one thing will be the same: incredible atmosphere and gameplay of the original Fallout, at least we hope so. Although the Yurop will take place somewhere else (guess where Surprised) than the original Fallout (so we won't mix up somehow with Fallout 3, which will be released one day, please, pretty please), the entertainment will be the same and we hope we'll preserve the great atmosphere, which made Fallout a legend.

Sounds nice, go and take a look at the Fallout:Yurop site.
Thanks to the mighty Kreegle from DAC for the heads up.

Posted by Roshambo - at 10:44

I really don't know where to begin tearing their article du imbecile apart. I know this is a rather harsh thing to say, but I believe it is well deserved since the author posts some incredibly misinformed garbage. I will use "misinformed" to be marginally kind. Perhaps when they go to write their second article, then they will bother to do a common thing in journalism called research.

Here is a few good tidbits:

...brings a slightly altered gameplay mechanic to the Fallout world, along with some sexy new 3D graphics.

Interplay has undergone some re-arranging and internal company shifts in recent years, but it seems that, despite all the brou-ha-ha, someone managed to remember what is perhaps the company's best-known franchise and hand it off to Vivendi Universal to develop*. And it looks like they're very much on the right track, making the needed adjustments for the console market. Not only is the world of Fallout (which is set post-World War 3) now rendered in gorgeously gritty 3D, it's also now more action oriented, with around 50 weapons to choose from, complemented with nearly a dozen types of armor. The game is aimed at the more casual market, with the goall of allowing players to jump easily in and out without having to spend time re-orienting themselves.

The RPG elements will still be in place for these characters, however, allowing you to level up as you progress through the game, which has a projected 20-25 hour playing time. This may not be much in comparison with the original, perhaps, but the beauty of the Fallout games has always been their almost infinite replayability and the way in which the player can impact his or her environment. You can customize your character, yes, but more importantly, every choice you make affects the world around you, making Fallout a game of choices.

Gone are the "Action Points" and turn-based elements, replaced with a more on-the-fly RPG feel, similar to Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance or Diablo. You'll start off with a piddling 9mm pistol, firing at evil junkers packing flamethrowers and terrorizing the local, mutant villagers.

And, luckily, the atmosphere remains extremely recognizable for fans of the series. You'll blast through bombed-out towns, infested forests and overrun factories, each with its own rusty, post-apocalyptic feel. And with the addition of the new 3D engine, these environments are looking even grittier and uninhabitable than ever.

Then again, the combat system is tried, tested and true, the graphics look great, the gameplay will almost surely rock, and it is set in the world of Fallout, so short of the two companies both being taken over by brain-eating leprechauns**, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel should certainly have a big presence and give us all yet another game to look forward to at the end of the year.
Thanks to Dule for pointing this out. Yes, the game is made specifically for stupid people like those who wrote the UGO article.

Now off I go to flush that crap out of my browser's cache...

* - The author of the article is hereby nominated for The Clueless Wonder 2k3 Award, earning said nomination for continuing one of the biggest problems in gaming journalism.

** - Two of them have been taken over already. One is called "Titus". The other one is called "UGO".

EDIT: Shortly after posting this, every page at UGO gave a 404 Error. I think, in some way, it actually makes a vast improvement to their rather laughable preview.

News for Sunday, June 8, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 21:35

Well by now you guys and girls should know all about Mutants Rising, a Fallout fan made project run by ColJack and a team of very good and creative modders.
Now they have a message board here on NMA so everyone can follow the project more closely and send them feedback.
Also they have updated the site with a few fresh screenshots.
Welcome then ColJack

Posted by Miroslav - at 1:36

For all of you item lovers out there, I have one good news, and one baddie...

The good: I've managed to figure out most of this new server, so items database for both Fallout1 and 2 were back online... well, and for Tactics, although you still can't compare items. I should be able to make an improved version of that script, but later, first to fix the download pages.

The bad: I must apologize, I haven't had time to integrate these items pages with the new layout, and they looks like crap... uh, pardon me, I wanted to say that they look like Fallout:BOS. I'll fix that in a day or year... yeah, right....

The ugly: ? Wait, I haven't said anything about ugly news... Gee, don't be such a pain, I'll post my picture and you get ugly news... happy?

News for Saturday, June 7, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 16:33

Good old ColJack of the Mutants Rising crew have posted yet another Fallout 2 editor tutorial, this one explains how to merge maps.
Link: Merging maps tutorial

Posted by Odin - at 12:28

Games Domain have looked at Fbos on E3 and they found that this game can be a good game, according to this reviewer the dialog in the game will make or break it. Funny, I always thought graphics, story and gameplay did that. Guess it's only me:

Ultimately, the dialogue is going to make or break this game. The Fallout series is known for its creative writing and witty banter. If the developers can recreate that magic with Brotherhood of Steel, the game is sure to garner a few old fans as well as some new ones.
They also posted 8 new screenshots of the game, even one with the character selection screen and on of the inventory screen. Well judge for yourself, I say these look really bad and if it's the dialog that's going to make or break this game I have to revise how I look upon games from now on.
Link: Fbos @ Games Domain

Posted by Odin - at 12:11

Since alot of people believe that Van Buren (latest Bis project) is Fallout 3, we've all been nagging and trying to get word if this really is true. Well Puuk posted this about the "mess" sorrounding Black Isle recently:

I thought we already went over this in another thread? Oh well. Jefferson is on hold (that point was made a long time ago); we are working on Van Buren. Neither of these games were officially announced, nor do we intend to announce it until we believe it's ready to be announced (we want to build a hype machine only if we really have cool things to show and support that hype machine). That's about it. We're not actively trying to *beep* anyone off or hide behind a conspiracy. When we have something we're proud to show and hype (read - announce), we will. We are working and are putting together design docs, game mechanics stuff (technical term), etc. This is what we do at the beginning of a big project. Sorry we can't be more specific, but with the rules discussions that Josh and Briarus (sic) are throwing around, you can pretty much guess what we're working on - at least I hope you can. But we cannot officially announce anything at this moment. Besides, wouldn't you rather we announce the game when it is passed the pre-alpha stage and not get burned out on the hype if we announce the game a year or two in advance?
My mouth is drooling, anyone else?
Link: Fo3 confirmed thread

Posted by Odin - at 12:02

Well as expected the guys over at Wasteland 2042 have yet again updated their website, this time around they've done a twist, I'll let Bitterman tell the tale:

This week differs from your normal weekly update, in that Lakrillo is out of town, and we couldn't get cleared up what we wanted to post before he left.

So instead, we give you four fresh screen shots, and a new wall paper. They can be found on the site, in the screen shots section, and downloads section, respectively.

We'll be back next week, with your normal vehicle and weapon update.
Looks good!
Link: Wasteland 2042

News for Thursday, June 5, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 16:29

Well if the rumours that project Van Buren is actually Fallout3 are correct then it`s time to know more of the people that are working on it.
RPGDot has an interview with J.E. Sawyer from Black Isle Studios, the Lead Technical Designer on Van Buren and world famous "guns akimbo" lover.
Here`s a quote:

RPGDot: Your favourite game, both electronical and board?

J.E. Sawyer: My current favorite computer game is Battlefield: 1942. My favorite game of all time oscillates between Fallout, Darklands, and the original Pool of Radiance. My favorite board game is, without a doubt, Die Siedler von Catan.

O.k. not bad, not bad at all.
Here`s the full interview.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 12:43

Ok here`s some misc stuff for you guys and girls to catch up on things.
First Locutus known for the unnoficial Fallout 2 1.03 patch is now asking for your help. This is what he has to say:

Hey Fallout fans. I'm working on the unofficial patches for Fallout 1&2. If you have some suggestions, questions or if there is anything you would like to see in the game, place it here. The most welcome will be info about stuff that should be in the game but was finally deleted, like missing items, graphics, NPC's and other that kind of stuff.

So head on to this thread on the NMA messageboards and post your feedback.
Next the Sweout Mod Squad has some new screenshots of their work, and Tzorcelan sends word that they reached the 50% work done target by now, looking good so far.
Finally if you have news or files that you think are interesting to the Fallout community you can now send them to me at and they will be posted here or uploaded to the NMA download section.

Posted by Odin - at 12:03

I got word that DAC had posted a newsbit about the Shattered Oasis mod (an UT2003 mod), it seems Toothless (one of the team members working on the mod) gave an interview with UnrealOps and here's a snibblet of that interview:

-dp-: Please give us a short description of your mod and tell us what your position in the team is?

Toothless: Our Mod/Total Conversion is called Shattered Oasis. It's post apocalyptic world based on a fictional world not unlike our own that will for now be played as a Multi-player. My position with the TC is Project Lead and I do some mapping for it as well, when time spent on organizing allows it.

-dp-: We see alot of "realistic" war mods being developed but you have chosen another kind of world. What are the reasons for making this kind of mod and what games/movies have been the inspiration sources?

Toothless: We really wanted something to give us a break from 'reality', but in saying that we wanted to make it believable to a certain extent. So we took our Sci-Fi lead from games like 'FallOut' and Movies like 'MadMax' ,'The Postman', 'Dune' & to a certain limit 'Judge Dredd'. We tried to make a mix of all by recreating those types of atmosphere's while ingame.
Remember to look out for this one..
Link: Shattered Oasis interview

Posted by Odin - at 11:27

I've compiled a litte list of various Fallout 3 threads on the IPLY forums, so of which have been answered by JE Saywer or Chris Avellone:

There are some more, but you get the general idea. I had originally written a larger news post, but my IE decided to crash and I didn't bother posting all the things I wrote again.

Posted by Odin - at 8:17

After almost giving up on looking for updates on The Wastes project, I finally thought I'd pop in and have a look and behold they've released the RC 1 release of The Wastes. Here's what Gage posted about it:

I think this is the longest time there has ever been between news posts. But... Wasteland HL, after so effing long, is finally done! I am updating the download section as we speak and will be adding new mirrors as I upload the file. To be blunt; this probably isnt the WHL (or TW or whatever you wish to call it) you guys have been expecting. The release notes actually go in pretty big detail; but I suppose this was a long time coming. Its not that the build is buggy, I think i did an okay job of making it stable. It is just incomplete in spots, and makes the mod fairly rough around the edges. I will try to get a community update support thing going, wether it be a bug tracker or similar, and if there is a big splurge of input I may try to fix those bugs.

Onto the source code: I'm gonna try to pack up the code into a GPL form, to both be open source, and to protect the intellectual property that binds this mod together. I figure I would offer my code up as a learning experience so others can get ideas for their projects, but under GPL I do not have to worry about blatant stealing; or if there is, I'll give Stallman a call Smile expect a GPL version of the source up later this week sometime, maybe not; it really depends on my time which is o so limited.
Oki then.
Download link: The Wastes RC1 (Fileplanet)

News for Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Posted by Miroslav - at 17:20

Font by the name of "Gothic 821 Condensed BT" (aka Fallout font) just received its Eastern European brother. DJ. Slamak of Vault of the Future made this improved version of popular font. It has special characters in use by Central Europe and Baltic codepages.

I've tested it with Serbian Latin, Croatian and Slovenian code pages and it works like a charm.

Here's a link for download: EE Gothic 821 Font.

Now, blant talk time... Gothic 821 is not the only font used in Fallout. One other font is making an appearance there; you can see it in action in character creation screen. I think NMA was the first site to make this font available online, thanks to Chris Taylor. Sadly, he could not give me that other font Sad Luckily, Xotor made a program which could potentially fix the problem; it's located in download section.

Posted by Miroslav - at 3:53

During this last week, I've manually edited mostly all files under Fallout 1, 2, 3 and Tactics sections. They should all work now (excluding Items, which should be fixed in a few days).

Also, minor change in layout, to gain some more space for usefull content.

As I was unable to personally check every page in browser, some of them could still contain some minor flaws. If you're not feeling lazy, you could always mail. Cheers

News for Monday, June 2, 2003

Posted by Odin - at 23:27

The Wasteland 2042 site is updated with some new items, this time around it's the Molotov Cocktail and the Transport Truck. If you have a better name for the truck then post your suggestion in their forums.

Posted by Odin - at 23:02

The B-Team mod is updated, here's what's new about it:

  • I used Sulik script for tests and forgot to delete some unwanted code
  • In new version when npc change armour, weapon is put away so there is no problem with invisible party members

You can get it from []FMC [/url]site or directly from here.
Snazzy, keep up the good work guys!

News for Sunday, June 1, 2003

Posted by Briosafreak - at 14:03

Another week, another tutorial by ColJack.
I`ll let him present it:

Since no one else seems to be making tutorials it one again falls on me to try and help those poor unfortunate souls...

so here is a tutorial for making ladders and stairs work..

And be sure to visit the Mutants Rising site, where you`ll find more tutorials about the Fallout editors.
Good work ColJack.

Posted by Briosafreak - at 1:08

Polish Fallout fan Locutus, known for the unnoficial Fallout 2 1.03 patch, has now released an unofficial Fallout 1 Ammo Patch.
According to Ausir, from DAC and Sierra Army Depot fame

The Ammo Patch fixes the bug with AP ammo, which should have penetrated the armor better, but didn't, and dealt less damage anyway.(...)
Locutus is now working on a 1.04 version of his FO2 patch for the UK, US and PL versions, so mail him any bugs that you spotted and haven't been corrected in the 1.03 version yet.

Good work Locutus, you can mail him at
Download link: Fallout 1 Ammo Patch